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The Good Ones
Name: The Good Ones
Genre: Fantasy, Fiction
Created by: Pidgeoraptor7
Rating: 13 & Up
Number of chapters: Unknown

Status: Continuing

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The whole story revolves around the accounts of a vampire from Bridgeport, Pierce VanPyre. The events of the story all build up to how all of the original vampires of Bridgeport have grouped together to destroy all of the vampires who have used their powers for evil, instead of good.

There are multiple members of the group, consisting almost entirely of the original vampires at the start of the game. There are some examples, such as Bianca Rubble, the fiancée of Beau Merrick, Rafael Striker, the fiancé of Jessica Talon, and of course Pierce and his family. Whether or not Garth and Morgana will join is undetermined as of yet.

The story also focuses on the family life of Pierce and Brigit, their relationship, and the birth of their daughter Contessa. It highlights the tension between Pierce and his father, and in some scenes it also gives a glimpse of Pierce and Contessa in the distant future.

In Reminisce, it is revealed that Pierce has a son, and that Brigit has died before him.

The Good OnesEdit

A list of all of the vampires enrolled as Good Ones.


  1. Pierce VanPyre
  2. Dunstan VanPyre
  3. Wogan Hemlock
  4. William Fangmann
  5. Vladimir Schlick
  6. Beau Merrick
  7. Rafael Striker


  1. Brigit VanPyre
  2. Nisha Slayer
  3. Leila VanPyre
  4. Morrigan Hemlock
  5. Belisama Hemlock
  6. Erika Talon
  7. Jessica Talon
  8. Elvira Slayer
  9. Flo-Flo Chique
  10. Bianca Rubble



As we know, Dunstan has been presented with a conflict. I haven't made up my mind on how it will play out, so I'll let you decide: What should Dunstan do?

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