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[[File:The Gallagher Family|670px|link=|The Gallagher Family]]
The Gallagher Family
The Gallagher Family
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Gallagher family
Name Gallagher family
Number of generations Four generations
Family connections Parker family

The Gallagher Family
Lawrence Gallagher 2
Despite telling you otherwise, Lawrence isn't fine. His hot-headed temper got the best of him. He's divorced from his wife Maggie. He hasn't spoken to his daughter Karissa since he kicked her out for getting pregnant as a teenager. And who knows what his son, sister, and parents think of him now. So, yeah. Nothing is fine.
Name The Gallagher Family
Members Lawrence Gallagher
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
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The Gallagher Family
Maggie and Barney
Maggie has loosened up since her divorce. While she has made amends with her daughter, Karissa refused to return to her mother. Maggie accepts this fate. Now, her sole responsibility is taking care of Barney in his final years.
Name The Gallagher Family
Members Maggie Gallagher, Barney Gallagher
Lot Bargain Bend
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
World Willow Creek
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The Gallagher Family
Gallagher Junior Part 2
Dennis and Maria's family is growing! Their children, Trevor and Celeste, are aging up quick. They even have a new son named Tucker. It seems that this side of the Gallaghers have things figured out.
Name The Gallagher Family
Members Dennis Gallagher, Maria Gallagher, Celeste Gallagher, Trevor Gallagher, Tucker Gallagher
Lot Rio Verde
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
World Oasis Springs
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The Gallagher Family
Gallagher Extended
Leroy and Gladys were blessed to have two wonderful children in Sylvia and Lawrence. Too bad only one of them can take the time to take care of them.
Name The Gallagher Family
Members Leroy Gallagher, Gladys Gallagher, Sylvia Gallagher
Other information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
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The Gallagher family is a large family that lives throughout the world. The patriarchs of this family are Leroy Gallagher and his wife, Gladys. They have twin children together named Lawrence and Sylvia. While Sylvia takes care of her parents, Lawrence begins his own family at a young age with his wife, Maggie Gallagher. Lawrence and Maggie have Dennis and Karissa.

Eventually, Dennis would have his own twins Trevor and Celeste with his wife, Maria Gallagher. On the other hand, Karissa's eagerness to grow up results in Barney's adoption. However, when Karissa gets pregnant herself, Lawrence kicks her out. This results in Maggie and Lawrence divorcing and Lawrence having a strain relationship with the rest of his family.

Family HistoryEdit


The Gallagher family is most likely a blend of Europe. The surname itself has Irish origins while a couple of members have names of Latin origins. Another couple of members even have names of Greek origin. Twins seem to be a common occurrence in their family as well. It is also unknown if the older generations are interracial and blended like the current generations.

The Sims 4Edit

Lawrence Gallagher, along with his twin sister, Sylvia, are born to Leroy and Gladys Gallagher. It is implied that Lawrence meets a woman named Maggie while in high school. They date throughout high school while maintaining a sexual relationship as they date. However, that type of relationship leads Maggie pregnant with Lawrence's child. Despite the unexpected child, Maggie chooses to stay with Lawrence. She eventually marries him as well as has his son with him, Dennis. Whether they got married before or after Dennis's birth is unknown. Maggie and Lawrence raise Dennis together before eventually welcoming their second child into the world. Their second child is a daughter named Karissa.

Maggie and Lawrence continue to raise Dennis and Karissa together. Although, Karissa seems more eager to grow up compared to her older brother. Meanwhile, the Gallaghers most likely adopt Barney as Karissa's dog during this time. Dennis then meets a Hispanic woman in Oasis Springs. Her name is Maria. Dennis moves in and marries her in no time. Not too long afterwards, Dennis and Maria are ready to start a family of their own. They soon welcome their twin children, a son named Trevor, and a daughter named Celeste.

Karissa continues to be raised by her parents, Lawrence and Maggie, but she still is very eager to grow up, much to her parents' dismay. One day at high school, Karissa meets Jacob Parker and they instantly become best friends. Their friendship increases so greatly, that Jacob trusts her with his big secret by coming out to her. She learns that he identifies as a woman. Karissa promises Jacob that she'll keep it a secret, but she heads to the Parker home to talk about a little further. As they play a game of basketball, Jacob explains his situation a little deeper while Karissa suggests that he should tell his family sooner rather than later.

After the game, Jacob heads in for a shower while his twin brother, Jared Parker, comes outside. He flirtatiously introduces himself to Karissa and they instantly hit it off. Although, Karissa leaves before Jacob learns of her budding romance with Jared. However, Karissa becomes so infatuated with Jared, she asks him on a date at the XP Mont, an experimental food restaurant. He accepts and Karissa goes to meet him there. Although, unknown to both Karissa and Jared, Karissa's father is also there after he overhears Karissa and decides to spy on his daughter.

On her date though, Karissa learns that Jared has a crush on her, something she already knew. Near the end of the date, Karissa has her first kiss when Jared awkwardly kisses her. They then decide to make their relationship official to all their friends. However, Lawrence also knows of this relationship, but has yet to tell Karissa or his wife.

A little while later, Karissa gets a call from Jared to go on another date with him to the XP Mont restaurant. However, Maggie hears of the conversation this time and decides to get to the restaurant first to spy on her. After they eat their dinner at the XP Mont, Karissa receives a promise ring from Jared, promising that she'll be his only love as long as they date. Karissa accepts the ring and kisses him, promising that he'll be her only love as long as they date. Jared also asks Karissa to meet his parents soon. Although bombarded by this question, Karissa accepts his offer. However, Maggie knows everything that happened to Karissa on her date, but has yet to tell her or her husband.

Several days after the second date, Karissa receives a call from Jared. He asks her to come over to meet his parents. While she agrees, Karissa is saddened by the fact that there's a chance his parents will hate her. However, Jared gives the reassurance that it will be opposite. Hearing Jared's younger brother, Jordan Parker, crying, Karissa goes up to take care of him. She is then caught by Joanna Parker, Jared's mother. They meet each other and instantly hit it off. Karissa then meets Jared's father, James Parker, while she is still caring for Jordan. Although, she goes home not knowing if James and Joanna liked her, she is confident enough that they did like her.

Karissa eventually receives a text from Jared saying that his parents did indeed like her, resulting in some happiness. Later, after school, Karissa heads over to the Parker home to do homework with the Twins. She then gets asked by Jacob about how and when he should come out. Karissa suggests that he do it now to get the weight off his shoulders, but Jared's suggestion about waiting just leaves Jacob more confused. Karissa then meets the Twins' Aunt Jackie when she comes into the kitchen and interrupts the conversation. Just like with James and Joanna, Karissa hits it off with Jackie.

Sometime later, Karissa visits Jared on an unusually warm fall day. After Joanna and Jackie leave them alone, Karissa is reminded by Jared that she already met his family and wonders when he will meet her family. Karissa merely responds with a soon. Later that, Karissa is pulled aside by Jacob. He explains he is having trouble in finding confidence in order to come out to his family. Karissa explains back that she isn't the right person to be asking, but advises he come out to his younger siblings first. She is later informed, along with Jared, that Jacob took her advice and came out to Julia, Jenna, and Jordan.

A couple days later, Karissa calls Jared to tell him that she's going to tell her parents about their relationship. However, when she does, Lawrence and Maggie immediately yell at her. They explain they both already knew about her secret relationship and they told each other, but not her. They also say Karissa is too young to be dating and that she will break up with Jared. Karissa argues back by demanding independence and says they can't keep her a child forever. Maggie and Lawrence tell her otherwise. Angry, Karissa storms into her bedroom and calls her brother, Dennis, and asks him how their parents reacted when he told them about him and Maria. Dennis explains they reacted normally and assumes Karissa is calling because she wants to do the same. As such, Dennis advises Karissa to do what she thinks is best.

The next day after school, Karissa finally decides it's time for her parents to meet Jared. She invites him over and while they wait for Maggie and Lawrence to return from work, Barney meets Jared before he joins Karissa in doing homework. Maggie and Lawrence return home and they are very rude to Jared. They tell him that he is also too young to be dating. Karissa yells at them both for saying such things and suggests to Jared that he should leave before things get worse. After dinner, Maggie mentions to Karissa that she and Lawrence will be going to a costume party the next night for Spooky Day. Still peeved at her, Karissa ignores her mother. Lawrence yells at Karissa again, stating he's had it with her rudeness and insolence. Karissa once again storms into her bedroom angrily.

Karissa's realizes on Spooky Day itself that she can throw a party if her parents aren't going to be home. She decides to plan one, but Jared shows up several hours early under the impression that Maggie and Lawrence weren't going to be home all day. Karissa sends Jared home until the party proper. Meanwhile, Lawrence dresses as a pizza delivery man and Maggie dresses as a cleaning maid. They show their costumes to Karissa who pretends that she cares. Maggie and Lawrence eventually leave for their costume party and Karissa's secret party officially begins.

During the party, Karissa compliments Jared's attire, talks with several friends and classmates because they decided to come, she has a dance off with Jacob, and she even makes out with Jared. Later on, Karissa changes into a cheerleader's outfit and seduces Jared with it. This leads to the both of them finally deciding to have sex for the first time. They do it and the party ends not too long after. Maggie and Lawrence return home, unaware that there was a party. A couple of days later, Karissa feels sick until she realizes that she is pregnant.

The first person that Karissa tells about her pregnancy is Jared. He is initially shocked and wonders what her plan is. Karissa simply tells him to keep the pregnancy a secret until after she has told her parents. Karissa decides that the best time to tell them is during her grandparents' anniversary party because most of her family will be there. On that fateful day, as Lawrence prepares a meal for his parents, they arrive along with Sylvia and Dennis. Maggie, Lawrence, Karissa, and even Barney, say hello to their relatives. Then, they eat. After the meal, Karissa decides to pull each one of her relatives into her bedroom, tell them about her pregnancy, and seek advice from them. Dennis is told first and he says that their parents never discussed with him the fact that he was born while they were still in high school. He advises Karissa that she tell Maggie and Lawrence sooner rather than later. Sylvia is the next to know. She recounts to Karissa that Leroy and Gladys were furious when Lawrence told them about Maggie's pregnancy. However, Sylvia adds she doesn't remember much more than that because the event made her look like the perfect child and says that she isn't the best person to seek advice from. Karissa's grandparents, Leroy and Gladys, are the final people told. They explain while they were furious with Lawrence, they eventually came around on him and Maggie. Leroy and Gladys both assure Karissa that her parents will do the same thing. Karissa thanks them and decides to hold her grandparents' advice to heart. However, she is unable to tell her parents during the party.

A couple days later, Karissa receives a call from Jared where he asks if she told her parents about the pregnancy. Karissa explains she was planning on telling them at Harvestfest, but decides she'll tell them sooner because her whole family knows about it. She tells him that she'll get back to him soon. That night, Lawrence, Maggie, and Karissa decide to have a family dinner together at the XP Mont. Karissa works up the nerve to reveal her pregnancy, but she fails. The next morning, Karissa enters her second trimester, making it more difficult to keep the pregnancy a secret. She finally reveals it to Maggie and Lawrence in the living room. As expected, they get angry with Karissa. While Maggie attempts to quell Lawrence's anger, he just goes on a rant about how Karissa should've known better because they didn't know better, which Maggie completely agrees on. Lawrence ultimately kicks Karissa out of the house, something which Maggie is complicit with as well. Not understanding her parents at all, Karissa leaves.

Karissa heads to the Parker house where she tells Jared what happened. While he is comforting her, Jared mentions that it's time to tell his parents about the pregnancy as well. Karissa agrees and James, Joanna, and Jackie are informed. Karissa also explains her situation and James and Joanna agree to let her stay as long as it's needed. Jackie also gives Karissa her bed to sleep in. Later that evening, James and Joanna tell Karissa that they plan on meeting her parents, which ires her. The next evening, Maggie and Lawrence finally meet James and Joanna. James lets the Gallaghers know that Karissa is staying with them. However, Lawrence cuts James off to say that Karissa is banned from home forever because of what she did and Maggie agree. Despite Lawrence claiming so, Maggie remains silent on the matter. Joanna decides there is nothing else to discuss and leaves with James.

Karissa, along with Jared, are informed about the meeting with Maggie and Lawrence and the result that she can't return home from James and Joanna. They then allow her to stay with them for as long as she wants. James adds that, despite the pregnancy, she should focus on school until she decides what to do with the baby. Karissa decides right there that she's going to keep it. Joanna asks if she is certain, to which Karissa responds with yes. She also thanks the Parkers for all that they're doing. Karissa is still mad at her parents the next morning, but that doesn't stop her from thinking of baby names with Jared during breakfast. She even gets some parenting practice in by bathing Jenna and changing Jordan before school.

With Harvestfest approaching, Karissa swiftly enters her third trimester. On Harvestfest itself, Karissa pleases the Gnomes with a future cube, tells her whole family except for Lawrence a Happy Harvestfest and her situation, and is thankful for the Parkers for providing her a home. It is unknown how the family reacted to Karissa being kicked out. Half a week following Harvestfest, Karissa goes into labor on the way home from school. While Jared freaks out, she remains calm and plans on having a home birth. Joanna quickly finds and cleans a couple of old bassinets just for her. Surprisingly, Karissa gives birth to twins, a son named Brody and a daughter named Nicole. Meanwhile, ever since the meeting with James and Joanna, Lawrence and Maggie have been arguing with each other nonstop. As a result, Maggie files for a divorce and kicks Lawrence out. She then heads over to the Parker home to apologize to Karissa and to tell her about the divorce. Karissa accepts Maggie's apology, but she refuses to return home because of Lawrence and asks Maggie to take care of Barney. Maggie accepts that before asking to see her new grandchildren. After meeting Nicole and Brody, Maggie runs into Jared and apologizes to him as well. Jared also accepts the apology, stating that Lawrence's hot-headedness was the real blame.

Several weeks later, Karissa is able to graduate on time with Jared and her old friend, Janet. Karissa says goodbye to Janet as well as Julia as they are about to leave for Oasis Springs and Windenburg respectively.



  • Gallagher - Of Irish origin with the first part meaning strange or foreign and the second part meaning help or support
  • Lawrence - From the Latin word laurus/laurel
  • Maggie - A Persian name meaning child of light
  • Dennis - Of English origin from the Greek god Dionysius
  • Maria - Latin form of Mary that means either sea of sorrow or wished-for child
  • Karissa - Greek name meaning very dear
  • Trevor - Derived from the Welsh surname meaning large farmstead
  • Celeste - A French name based on a Latin word meaning heavenly
  • Barney - An English name meaning strong as a bear
  • Brody - A name derived from the Gaelic word meaning ditch
  • Nicole - Greek word meaning victory of the people
  • Tucker - Old English word meaning cloth softener

Family TreeEdit

To see the family tree, please go here: The Gallagher Family Tree


The Sims 4 GalleryEdit


  • Just like the Parker family, the Gallagher family has seen their fair share of multiple incarnations, mostly through The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. For more information, please see the trivia section of the Parker family.
    1. This first version debuts in The Sims 3 with Karissa's introduction as the Parkers go through their fourth version. Karissa dates Jared in high school and they marry and move to Isla Paradiso where they have triplet daughters named Jade, Jasmine, and Jessica.
    2. The second version debuts in The Sims 4, this time without Karissa. Instead, Dennis is married to Maria and they live in Willow Creek rather than Oasis Springs. They have polar opposite twins, Trevor and Celeste, a rambunctious third child, Tucker, and later on a fourth child named Brendon. Trevor marries his girlfriend Alana and moves out while Celeste flees to Oasis Springs when she learns she's pregnant from her boyfriend, Glen.
    3. The third version coincides with the final version of the Parkers. Karissa returns and marries Jared and they have a son named Brody together. Karissa also has her parents, Leroy and Gladys, a deceased aunt named Sylvia, an older sister called Sophia who is divorced from a man named Joe Rodriguez, and Sophia's son, Ethan Rodriguez.
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