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The Funhouse Secret
The funhouse secret
Name: The Funhouse Secret
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Created by: Beds
Rating: G
Number of chapters: 8

Original run: April 2, 2013
Status: Completed

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The Funhouse Secret (or shortly abbreviated to TFS) is a short fan-fiction, created by Beds. The story follows the road-trip of Primrose Williams and her two friends who come across a troubled Alien who needs their help. This fanon is based in the neighborhood of Lunar Lakes.


The story follows a road-trip theme, following the main protagonist Primrose Williams and her two friends; Wyatt Gray and Tara Cotton. Primrose is a Fairy while Wyatt and Tara are both Human Sims.

As they travel across open-land Lunar Lakes, they discover a wrecked spaceship where they meet an Alien called Ethan Tarmac, who badly needs their help to get back to his home planet.


  • Primrose Williams: Primrose is the main female protagonist and is a Fairy. Every resident in Lunar Lakes, excluding her roommates, seems to think that Primrose is the reason for why bad things happens in town and Primrose is fed up of getting the blame and wishes to be a Normal Sim or to live somewhere where she is respected.
  • Ethan Tarmac: Ethan is the main male protagonist and is an Alien. After crashing his spaceship into open-land Lunar Lakes, he moves into The Funhouse who agree to give him some place to stay while he makes repairs on his spaceship. Ethan is portrayed as a happy-go lucky character who seems to enjoys brightening up everyones days.
  • Wyatt Gray: Wyatt is a supporting character and a Normal Sim. He is the boyfriend to Tara Cotton. Wyatt questions every possible element in life, including Ethan's existence  Wyatt also seems to think that he is in-charge of important aspects of The Funhouse. Wyatt is portrayed as a moody character who enjoys challenging others.
  • Tara Cotton: Tara is a supporting character and a Normal Sim, she is also the girlfriend to Wyatt Gray. Tara is the bubbly and cherry girl in the group, who hates arguments and enjoys talking about Bella Goth and her mysterious disappearance. Tara is portrayed as a cheery girl who enjoys nothing better than being there for her friends and loved ones.


Primrose clunked up the stairs of her old family home and headed for her bedroom. She didn't understand how Wyatt and Tara couldn't leave her alone while the two "love-birds" went on a small yet exotic road-trip for the next few days. She had just turned a Young-Adult a few days ago and was hoping to celebrate her new age by going out with friends, but instead they were dragging her across open-land Lunar Lakes for a road-trip. 

Primrose sighed as she entered her bedroom, fetching her flowery patterned suitcase as she entered. This trip was last minute planned so Primrose had to be quick as, according to Wyatt, they were leaving at midnight on the dot. Primrose sighed again and began stuffing her clothes into her suitcase, not caring if they were folded or not. She could have used a simple charm to pack it all away, yet she was too lazy to cast the charm.

Primrose was the only supernatural in Lunar Lakes; being born a Fairy had it's good points sure, but being born on a planet full of normal Sims however had its points. The residents of Lunar Lakes were not scared of Primrose, yet they feared that she would bring bad things to their peaceful planet. And Primrose having a bad attitude did not help the situation. Fortunately, things had been looking good for Primrose lately. She met Tara, who is now her best friend, when visiting the local library and one thing lead to another then they were living together in Primrose's family home, which her parents had oddly called The Funhouse. Then, Tara brought Wyatt Gray home and ever since, the three of them had been living with each other since their late teens. Primrose was the last out of the three of them to age up into a Young Adult, Tara being the first. Primrose had hoped that now that she had aged up into a Young Adult that the residents of Lunar Lakes would hopefully see that Primrose was going to be more sensible with new new age, yet she wasn't going to have the chance to show them as she was going on a dumb road-trip.

A short and quick tap on Primrose's door set her out of her thoughts and caused her to turn around. Tara was standing in her doorway, smiling to her. Primrose smiled back to her and turned back to packing her suitcase.

"I'd thought you would like some help, but you clearly have everything sorted." Tara commented as she watched Primrose pack.

Primrose sighed and nodded. She wasn't in the mood for a confrontation with her.

"Yeah, I clearly do." Primrose quietly said as she continued to pack her suitcase.

She sighed as Tara entered her bedroom and walked over to her side, touching her arm in a consoling way.

"Come on Prim, what's up?" Tara asked in a caring way.

Primrose sighed and continued to pack her suitcase, ignoring Tara's question. She felt Tara's body language changing immediately, more into a demanding way. Tara had always been tough and could get the truth out of people. She had always been like that; it was what she could do the best.

"Prim, I know what you're thinking - he does trust you, it's just you know..."

"What? His way of saying that I can't be trusted alone in my own family home. Or is it way of him saying that I can't be trusted alone at all in the crazy town!" Primrose snapped back, with a little hostility in her voice.

Tara bit her lip and stared into Primrose's eyes. Primrose shook her head and continued to pack, ignoring Tara in one of her stupid trances. Tara had once said that she would one day be able to read minds in the 'foreseeable' future. Then again, Tara has always been a bit of an airhead, getting confused with what she did or what she was going to do. But still, everybody loved her, including Primrose. The two girls stood in silence for the next few minutes, Primrose looking towards Tara every few seconds just to make sure she was alright. Another minute had passed before Tara sighed with annoyance and wandered towards the door. Before leaving she looked to Primrose.

"Just get packed Prim, please?" Tara asked her friend before leaving her bedroom.

Primrose sat down on her bed and huffed as Tara left her room. She was regretting the trip already.

Chapter 1: In the DesertEdit

The Toyota Prius sped along the vast road, deep into the mountains. While Tara was informing Wyatt on their route, Primrose watched as Lunar Lakes became a distant land. The lights were looking more like white dots in the far sky whereas the houses were all looking more like buildings. With no other houses or buildings accompanying it. Primrose sighed quietly and turned around in her seat, facing the front. Tara had stopped nagging to Wyatt about the instructions and had indulged herself in the book "Where's Bella Goth" while Wyatt focused on the road. Every so often, Wyatt would look into the rearview mirror to check up on her. Primrose understood.

Another few minutes had passed until Primrose was bored. She wished she had brought something with her to keep her from dying of boredom. Tara sighed with awe and closed her book, with a happy and glowing smile on her face. Wyatt shook his head and chuckled. Tara's mouth fell open.

"What?!" She asked with a whine in her voice.

Wyatt chuckled again and shook his head.

"It's just... I can't believe you believe in that crap!" Wyatt began laughing hysterically while still keeping one eye on the road.

Primrose leaned forward and put her head in between the two seats in the front. Wyatt was still chuckling away while Tara looked shocked down to her core.

"What's wrong with believing in what Alexander has written?" Primrose asked, in a defensive way.

Wyatt stopped chuckling after a couple of seconds had past and shook his head.

"Jeez, don't tell me you believe in the rumors too?" Wyatt asked with no manner in his voice.

Primrose bowed her head in distraught and took a few deep breaths in an out. Wyatt was challenging her, like he always did. Wyatt had always been competitive with Primrose. It was probably due to the fact of her state and his state. Primrose sucked in her breath and looked back up to Wyatt and Tara. By now, Tara had dropped into an awkward position, leaning down in her seat and blushing lightly. Wyatt, on the other hand was calm and collected, focusing on the road ahead yet still in challenge mode.

"I never said I believe it, I'm just saying that you can't speculate what has been guessed or stated." Primrose replied, with no hint of a challenge in her voice.

This caused Wyatt to laugh again, laughing for a few minutes. Out the corner of her eye, Primrose could see Tara biting her lip in a nervous way. Wyatt let out a breath of relief and licked his lip. He pushed a button on the car and cleared his throat.

"You just said that what has been suggested was a.... Look, why can't you two understand that ol' Bella was fed up with Mortimer and his 'ways' and decided to leave with another man. Aliens had nothing to do with her disappearance." Wyatt retorted.

Tara gasped and sat up vastly. Primrose whistled lowly.

"Oh boy..." She said quietly, sitting back in her seat.

Tara turned in her seat and faced Wyatt.

"How can you say that?! There is scientific proof, is there not?" Tara asked, with certain anger in her voice.

Primrose groaned, leaned forward in between the two front seats and listened to Wyatt and Tara argue over the disappearance for the next 25 minutes. Sometimes Tara would get angry and say something awful while Wyatt would do the same, neither apologising and forgiving to each other. Primrose was beginning to get fed up of all of the arguing and was about to interject when something in the sky caught her eye. A quick dot of light appeared in the sky, like a helicopter or something other. It disappeared but then reappeared, but this time it was closer to them, still in the sky. Tara and Wyatt were still arguing, Primrose wished that they would stop arguing for at least thirty seconds just to see what this thing in the sky was. Tara took one look at Primrose and bit her lip. Primrose was in a sort of trance, looking dead into the sky.

"Prim?" Tara asked in a timid voice.

Primrose pointed up to the sky, her eyes growing bigger. Tara and Wyatt looked up into the sky and their eyes began to grow too. A sort of aircraft was crashing down to the sky, making a loud and smashing noise as it fell. Wyatt pushed in foot onto the car break and stopped the car immediately. All three of them watched as the aircraft was coming closer to the ground.

"Oh my PlumbBob!" Tara squealed in a scared voice.

The aircraft made a final thud sound as it crashed down onto the ground. Tara squealed again and grabbed both Primroses and Wyatts hands and squeezed them tightly. Primrose and Wyatt didn't even bother about the pain that Tara was bringing to both of them. They were too indulged on the aircraft that was 25 metres away from their car. Some sort of door opened with smoke evaporating out of the door, causing Tara to squeal again and squeeze their hands. Primrose swallowed and bit her lip.

"What the..." Wyatt muttered quietly to himself.

An alien stepped out of the aircraft.

Chapter 2: E.T Edit

"You two have got to be kidding me! You actually believe his stupid story!" Wyatt shouted as he continued his pace around the kitchen.

Not long after witnessing his crash, Primrose and Tara had taken pity on the lonely alien and had invited him back to the Funhouse, at Wyatt's dismay. Wyatt had reluctantly agreed to driving back to the Funhouse just in-case the alien needed to rest. Yet, for the past hour, the alien also known as E, had explained what happened to his aircraft and where he was supposed to be heading for his planets mission. At first, Primrose chose not to believe his story as she had thought that it was some sort of commercial business. But the more E had told them about his mission, the more Primrose believed him. The four of them were now crowded around the kitchen, with Tara and Primrose sitting down at the table, E standing in one spot of the kitchen and Wyatt pacing frankly around the room. Tara sighed.

"Wyatt, why can you never believe in anything? I mean, are you not a little curious?" Tara asked sternly.

Wyatt shook his head and continued to pace up and down the kitchen, not listening to anyone. Primrose coughed and looked to E, who was focusing on looking around the kitchen, taking in his surroundings. Primrose coughed again and looked to Wyatt who had now stopped pacing and was instead looking in the fridge, weighing different food options with his hands.

"Look, he said himself that it will only be for a couple of weeks, a month at the most. And besides, once he has gone we can get back to our road-trip! The problem will be gone and everyone will be happy!" Primrose cheerfully explained, trying to lighten the mood.

The mood didn't lighten up, instead it felt like the mood had dropped even lower. Wyatt had stopped lifting different objects in the fridge and had turned around, staring at Primrose. Tara had buried her head into her arms and E was looking from Wyatt to Primrose. Primrose shifted in her seat. Wyatt smirked.

"You think, that after two weeks of having this thing stay in our house, everything will go back to normal?!" Wyatt challenged, taking a step forwards.

A huffing noise slipped out of Primrose's mouth as she stood up almost immediately, as her chair scraped across the floor, making a short but horrible noise.

"HEY! This is my house, you two are just friends who live here! I am the one who gets to decide who should stay and who doesn't, and I want him to stay!" Primrose yelled.

Silence fell in the kitchen. E was staring mindlessly towards Primrose while Wyatt was looking down to the ground, clenching his fists tightly trying to keep in his anger. Tara began sniffing and then started crying silently into her knees and arms. Wyatt looked from Primrose to Tara, it was almost like he was wondering who to chose; to argue with Primrose or to calm Tara down. Wyatt let out a short laugh and left the kitchen, almost quickly. Tara sniffed and looked up as he left the kitchen. Her mascara was smudged all over her face. Tara stood up.

"Wyatt!" Tara sniffed sadly.

Tara took one last look towards E and Primrose, before following Wyatt out of the kitchen. Primrose sighed and walked over to the sink. She rinsed out the glass that Wyatt had drunk out of and put it back on the rack.

"You are a Fairy, yes?" E had finally asked, moving away from the spot he had been standing on for the past hour and had moved over to sit down on the chair that Primrose was sitting.

Primrose smiled to herself and turned around, leaning against the sink. E was looking at Primrose, with his big black eyes. Primrose swallowed.

"You can't go around town, being called E.T. You're going to need a name." Primrose replied, ignoring his question.

E nodded and smiled to her, ignoring the fact that she had ignored his question.

"What did you have in mind?" E asked.

"Ethan; I have always liked that name." Primrose answered, smiling back to him.

E nodded. Primrose nodded back and walked towards the kitchen door. Before leaving, she turned around to E who was still sitting in the chair.

"I'll let you know when your room is ready." Primrose said, smiling to him once more before leaving the kitchen.

As she left the kitchen, she listened to the yells coming from Wyatt's bedroom. Primrose bit her lip. She hoped that she did the right thing, for Tara and Wyatt's sakes.

Chapter 3: The Grocery TripEdit

It had been three days since Ethan had arrived in Lunar Lakes, and his presence was not very appreciated. Ever since Wyatt and Primrose's disagreement, Wyatt had kept his distance from everyone, including Tara. Instead of getting to know about Ethan, he had been locking himself in his bedroom and only came out for meals and to use the bathroom. Primrose understood why he was ignoring Ethan and herself, yet she didn't have a clue as to why he was ignoring Tara. Even today, when it was supposed to be his shot to shop for groceries, he refused to do so and locked himself in his room. So instead Tara, Ethan and Primrose decided to go together.

Of course, they had to disguise Ethan in normal clothing as he couldn't go around looking like he had dropped from the skies. So Primrose had to dig through her father's old clothing chest and managed to find a suitable outfit. Tara had also let Ethan wear her Wonder Woman wig that she wore for some Halloween party last year. All these combined together, managed to make Ethan look normal like, apart from his green skin and big black eyes.

So far, their grocery trip was going swell. As it was still early in the morning, only a few customers were in the store, who were too busy yawning not caring that an Alien was in their midst. Tara was pushing the trolley, checking the list and the contents of the trolley saying some things to herself while Ethan and Primrose were walking slowly behind her. Ethan was looking around the store, like he was almost dazzled with the store and what was going around him. He stopped in his steps and watched as an Elder was continuously staring at a carton of milk in one of his hands while scratching his forehead and making weird facial expressions. Primrose tapped Ethan on his shoulder, startling him. He then chuckled when he saw Primrose.

"Is everything alright?" Primrose asked him, with a small smile on her face.

Ethan nodded.

"Normal Sims act quite odd in the morning." Ethan noted before beginning to follow Tara around the store.

Primrose sighed quietly and began to walk behind him.

"You have no idea..." Primrose quietly said.

The rest of the walk around the store went by quick, with Ethan reaching the higher shelves for Tara. Primrose gave Tara some minor advice on the types of cereal that Wyatt usually bought. However, as the morning began waking up the store was starting to fill up with more Normals, who had a very good eye for spotting out those who didn't blend in with the crowd. Primrose could feel that something was about to happen and that she was going to be in the center of it.

When they arrived at the till, Tara and Primrose began unloading the trolley while Ethan walked past the client, who blatantly ignored him, and walked over to sit on the bench near the window. He had only been sitting on the bench for two minutes and was minding his own business, until a little girl came skipping along. At first, she had missed the sight of Ethan, but just after skipping past him, she returned to stand in front of him and stared at him for several seconds. Ethan smiled to the little girl, which made her scream causing the whole store to look at Ethan and the little girl.

"Look mommy, it's an alien!" The girl cried, pointing towards Ethan.

Primrose and Tara exchanged quick glances with each other, then rushed over to Ethan's side ignoring their groceries. By now, a small crowd, including the little girls mother, had began crowding around Ethan, whispering to each other to each other. Primrose's presence stopped the whispers and every eye was on Primrose. The girls mother had taken a step towards Primrose and looked her up and down. Primrose swallowed.

"And who is this, Primrose Williams?" The woman asked sternly, exchanging looks between her and Ethan.

Primrose had frozen in her spot, she had no idea what to say. The pressure was too much for her to bear. Luckily, she had Tara beside her. Primrose tapped her back, causing her to make a timid noise but then cleared her throat.

"His name is Ethan, Ethan.... Tarmac!" She said, almost out of surprise.

The crowd began to murmur between themselves together. The mother was still looking at Primrose with stern eyes.

"He's a friend of Prim's, from outside of town." Tara ended rather quickly, not liking being put on the spot.

The crowd began to murmur even louder, Primrose even heard "What did she do to him?!" as one of the questions. The mother seemed to catch on, as she picked up her daughter who was still blubbering away from the sight of Ethan. The mother tutted and placed her daughter into the trolley.

"Honestly Primrose, sometimes your powers can be so excessive." The mother said, in a disapproving way as she pushed the trolley away from the crowd and towards the exit.

The crowd agreed with the obnoxious mother before continuing with their shopping. Primrose had felt her cheeks going red with anger and could sense the anger bubbling up inside her. Tara bit her lip.

"Prim..." Tara quietly said.

Primrose shook her head and began walking towards the exit doors.

"I'll be waiting in the car!" She called, before leaving the grocers.

Chapter 4: Ethan's DiaryEdit

Dear Diary,

For the past sixteen days, I have been living with three kind beings. Well, two and a half. I am staying in a house which has acquired a nickname, also known as The Funhouse, in a town called Lunar Lakes. I was intending on passing over the skies of the town but instead, my aircraft had to crash due to some malfunctioning problems.

But I am not writing in you today Diary, to complain about my broken aircraft. No, Diary, instead I am writing in you to express my feelings towards my three housemates.

I'm going to start off with Tara; sweet, young innocent Tara who has tried and tried to make me feel welcome in their home. I have been studying the way Tara moves around the place the least, as I feel there is nothing wrong with her. She's just a young woman who enjoys her life and making everyone feel welcome. Although, she has got a tendency to go off into her own little world when others are conversing about topics that blatantly confuse her.

Tara brings me to speak about Wyatt; her boyfriend, also known as the "man of the house". Wyatt is the only male member of the household and, in my opinion Diary, he has to always have his own way. For example, when I first arrived, he had speculated my existence in the household and had seemed to think that it was his choice if I was able to stay with them or not. Also, I would like to note down Diary, that he is an arrogant young man who questions everything in life instead of being open-minded, much like his other roommates.

Which brings me to my last roommate; Primrose. Primrose (or 'Prim' to her friends) is the owner of the house and is also a Fairy. Although, she does not demonstrate her abilities as much as I'd thought she would. Primrose has also been the nicest member of this household, to me in my eyes. She is also, out of herself and Tara, who can tolerate Wyatt's behaviour who tends to challenge her a lot with bickering questions. Primrose is the youngest member of the household, yet her manners and behaviour shows that she is older than you think.

Diary, my three roommates are three different people with three very different personalities, yet I still feel there is something missing. At first Diary, I had my eyes on focusing on getting out of Lunar Lakes but instead I have decided to mend this broken household and to make sure that these three friends stick together. Forever.

And I owe this idea to her.

Chapter 5: Ethan's AircraftEdit

Primrose, Tara, Ethan and Wyatt were all standing in the garage of The Funhouse, looking up to Ethan's aircraft. Ethan had said that he had been putting off fixing the aircraft as he didn't want to annoy the three of them with his tech talk, but he had decided that he had stayed with the three friends for long enough and that he had to get back to his mission.

Primrose and the others were not handy Sims, so she had wondered why Ethan had asked them to help him. She also wondered how Ethan had managed to convince Wyatt to leave his room and help Ethan. Maybe Ethan had his way with words or maybe he had convinced him that it would probably get him out of their lives more sooner. Primrose didn't know, but whatever he had said it cheered Wyatt up because now he was happier than ever. Ethan stepped in front of the three of them and cleared his throat.

"Okay, before I asked you three to meet me here I did a quick check on the aircraft. It turns out that it can be fixed in the next week. The router is basically jammed tight into the portacon. All we need to do is to find the correct computer analysis to overwrite the portacon then I can install a new version of the router." Ethan explained ever so quickly.

The three of them looked to Ethan with blank faces. Primrose bit her lips and scratched her head lightly, Tara coughed twice and Wyatt shook his head towards Ethan. Ethan bowed his head and sighed.

"Can you just follow the instructions that I give you?" Ethan asked tiredly.

The three of them nodded dumbly. Tara raised her hand. Ethan smiled and nodded.

"Yes Tara?"

"Are we going to get our clothes dirty with space dust? Because if we were, then I really want to change my top because this is my favorite!" Tara said, in a matter of fact way.

Primrose exhaled and turned to face Tara.

"But I thought that the floral shirt was your favorite, you know the one we got at that garage sale two months ago?" Primrose replied.

"Oh yeah, it ripped." Tara said in a sad voice.

"Aw, that's a...."

"Girls!" Ethan and Wyatt said together, interrupting Primrose in mid-sentence.

Primrose and Tara turned around and nodded to the two boys who were looking rather impatient.

"Are you even interested in what's going on in here?" Wyatt asked with a tone in his voice.

The two girls shook their heads.

"No, not really." Primrose answered.

"I really want to go shopping!" Tara wailed.

Wyatt huffed and turned to face Ethan who was shaking his head disapprovingly to the girls.

"Dude, without them here we can get this thing fixed ten times faster." Wyatt suggested.

Ethan nodded in agreement with Wyatt and then apologetically smiled towards Primrose and Tara who were, by now, walking towards the door.

"See you later boys, we are going shopping!" Tara called as she and Primrose left the garage.

The two girls waited until they were out of sight before they did their victory dance. Their plan had went swimmingly and now Ethan and Wyatt might get along.

"You were so good back there Prim!" Tara complemented, hugging her friend.

"Nah, you were better!" Primrose replied, hugging Tara back.

The two girls giggled and walked arm in arm towards the centre of Lunar Lakes. Primrose was hoping and wishing that the two men would get along with each other while fixing Ethans aircraft.

Chapter 6: Ethan's announcementEdit

Primrose and Tara were sitting in the lounge, flipping through fashion magazines while exchanging notes on different clothing items. Ethan and Wyatt had surprisingly gotten along with each other, over the past few days. Primrose and Tara's theory was correct; fixing vehicles and aircrafts did bring men together. As Primrose sighed and picked up another magazine, Wyatt walked out of the kitchen and walked towards the girls. He kissed Tara on her forehead and smiled to Primrose.

"Can you two spare away from those for five minutes and come through to the kitchen?" Wyatt asked.

The two girls nodded. They both stood up and followed Wyatt through to the kitchen. Primrose began to wonder why they had to go through to the kitchen, it was unusual the way Wyatt's voice went when he asked them to go through with him. When they entered the kitchen, Ethan was sitting down at the kitchen table with both of his hands resting on the table. Wyatt went to take the chair beside him, smiling to Ethan who smiled back to her. Tara and Primrose took the chairs opposite them. Primrose knew what this was going to be about. Ethan cleared his throat and adjusted himself in his chair.

"This is going to be harder than I thought it would be..." Ethan spoke quietly to himself.

Primrose looked to him and weakly smiled to him. He smiled back to her and closed his eyes. He took a few breaths in and out and then eventually opened his eyes.

"My aircraft is repaired and ready to fly." Ethan announced with a sad tone in his voice.

Tara gasped and stood up.

"Ethan, that's fantastic - I can't... Oh." Tara stopped herself in her tracks as Wyatt shook his head towards her. Tara sunk back into her chair, slowly.

The kitchen fell silent and the atmosphere filled up with sadness. Primrose couldn't believe what she had just heard; Ethan would be going back to his home planet soon. And they would never see each other again. Over the past few days, Primrose's mind had been filling up with joy, the joy that Ethan had brought her. His presence made her feel less special... and more normal. Primrose blinked away the small tears that were beginning to roll down her cheeks and cleared her throat.

"When will... when will you be leaving?" She asked as she wiped her eyes with her hands.

Wyatt licked his lips.

"He reckons in about three days. He needs to send some sort of signal to a mothership or something." Wyatt replied.

Tara looked down at the table and began to draw circles with her fingers. Primrose was still wiping away her tears. Wyatt sat back in his chair, looking towards Ethan who was twiddling with his thumbs. Ethan coughed.

"But Wyatt suggested that we could have a sort of... what was it called again?" He asked, turning to face Wyatt.

Wyatt nodded and leaned forwards.

"A leaving-do, just us four either the night before or on the night. Will you two be up for it?" Wyatt asked the girls.

Aircraft repaired, mothership message, leaving-do. The words were running around and around in Primrose's mind who was now blubbering like an idiot. She sniffed and stood up, almost immediately, shaking the table.

"Prim..." Tara called.

"I need to go!" Primrose shouted, leaving the kitchen and the house.

Chapter 7:The Last NightEdit

The four friends were sitting around a small campfire that Wyatt had built. Tonight was Ethan's last night before he would be going back to his planet of Tarmacadam. Ethan had just taken his first sip of Sim beer and was now draining down a bottle of water with no haste while the others were laughing at his disgust to the drink.

Primrose was faking to be happy, she never wanted Ethan to leave Lunar Lakes and go back to his planet as it meant that they were never going to see him again. Primrose couldn't help herself to think about the possibilities of what would happen to Ethan when he went back. He would merely just tell his planet that he was helped by three Outcasts from Lunar Lakes and that they never meant anything to him. Primrose shook her head, trying to get the thoughts out of her head.

Ethan had stopped drinking the water and was now chuckling along with the others. Wyatt began to stop laughing and began to collect his breath, the others following him. Wyatt took a drink from his beer and turned to face Ethan.

"So Ethan, what has been your favorite part of living in Lunar Lakes?" He asked as he wrapped his arm around Tara's neck who nuzzled up beside him, sighing.

Ethan smiled to the couple and swallowed.

"It would have to be this house and its inhabitants - I've never met three creatures -or Sims if you prefer- who have sticked with each other, despite the situation inside." Ethan began.

The three of them giggled, Primrose bowed her head and looked down to the ground. Ethan continued.

"I mean, you have all been through so many things together. You have all argued with each other for the daftest reasons, yet you all know everything about each other. You guys are like a family, you are all something special and you don't get to witness that much."

Primrose, Tara and Wyatt looked up to each other in unison and grinned to one another. Ethan was true, they had been through almost everything. From their parents dying to Tara's month of illness where it affected all three of them, they have been through everything. And the best thing about their friendship was they had sticked by each other, no matter what. Primrose smiled to Ethan.

"I guess it just takes commitment to build what we have." Primrose replied.

Wyatt and Tara nodded in agreement. Ethan smiled to them all and picked up his beer can and held it in the air.

"Let's have a toast; to The Funhouse!" Ethan announced.

The three of them giggled and raised their beer cans up to Ethan's.

"To The Funhouse - we love ya!" The three of them said in unison.

The four giggled as they all took a drink of their beers. This time Ethan managed to swallow the liquid without spitting it out.

Chapter 8: No More E.TEdit

The aircraft lights brightened up the entire courtyard, with its bright white lights shooting up to the sky, and its headlights covering the courtyard. Ethan was inside the aircraft, making sure that it was already to go and that everything was in tic-tac shape. Primrose stifled a yawn and sighed. It was past two in the morning and the three of them were getting ready to say their final goodbyes to Ethan before he left their lives forever. Primrose had never been good at saying goodbye to anyone, always ending up in tears, no matter the person. And she knew for a fact that she would be crying her heart out when Ethan had left.

Ethan came clamping down the stairs as quickly as he could, almost like he was eager to go home. Primrose sighed and huddled close to Wyatt and Tara, who were standing together, closer to the aircraft. Ethan walked over to stand in front of the three of them and smiled sadly to them. The three of them sadly smiled back.

"It's been fun, hasn't it?" Ethan quietly asked, looking to all three of them equally.

The three of them nodded, not saying anything. Tara half laughed.

"It could be longer, if you want to stay." She suggested, gripping tightly onto Wyatt and Primrose's hands.

Ethan half laughed and wrapped his arms around Tara's waist, hugging her tightly. Tara let go off both of their hands and wrapped her arms around Ethan's neck, squeezing him tightly. He chuckled.

"Look after yourself Tara - never change for anyone, alright?" Ethan whispered into her ear.

Tears began to roll down Tara's cheek as she managed to sniffle a soft 'yes'. They stopped hugging each other and laughed at Tara's sniffs. Ethan smiled to Tara one more time before moving to Wyatt. Tara rested her head on Primrose's shoulder, who was also beginning to blubber. Wyatt and Ethan were looking at each other in a competitive way, almost like they were having a staring contest. Wyatt cracked a smile, which made the pair of them chuckle and brotherly hug each other. Primrose swore she could see tears filling up Wyatt's eyes.

"Look after the girls - they're sure glad to have you around them constantly!" Ethan whispered with energy into his ear.

Wyatt smiled and pulled away from Ethan. The boys knuckle notched each other before Ethan walked down to stand in front of Primrose, who was now crying like an idiot all by herself. Ethan slowly tugged her into his arms and hushed her. Primrose began to calm down, her tears turning into short sniffs.

"Do you really have to go?" She asked with great sadness in her voice.

Primrose felt Ethan nodding on her shoulder. Primrose sighed and sniffed again.

"Are we ever going to see each other again?" Primrose asked.

Ethan sighed and pulled away from Primrose and wiped her eyes with his thumb. Primrose and Ethan laughed with each other. Ethan took a few steps back from Primrose and smiled to her.

"You are something special Primrose Williams - never forget it!" Ethan said out aloud.

Primrose began to blubber like an idiot at what Ethan said to her, she rested her head against Tara's who was also beginning to cry. Even Wyatt was shedding a couple of tears. Ethan smiled and waved to them.

"Goodbye The Funhouse members, I will make sure that my planet will remember you through our years." Ethan promised.

He waved one more time before climbing the stairs, entering his aircraft. The doors shut as soon as he entered, smoke clouds escaping from the gap in the door. The engine then revved up and the aircraft began to elevate up in the sky. The aircraft stayed in the air for several seconds, the wind from it causing leaves and anything else on the ground to lift up into the sky and fly away. The aircraft's engine revved one more time before it shot up into the sky.

Primrose, Wyatt and Tara watched as Ethan's aircraft flew far away from Lunar Lakes and up into the distance. As the lights became more distant, they knew for sure that Ethan was gone for good.


Dear Ethan of Tarmacadam,

Did you like how I started your letter? Wyatt told me to write it professionally, so this is me in Professional Mode!... Anyway, I hope you are well, I just wanted to write you to as it has been over 5 years since you left to go back to your home planet.

I guess I'll start of with telling you what happened when you returned to Tarmacadam.

We all decided to return to our road trip, across open-land Lunar Lakes, and you'll never guess what happened; Wyatt proposed to me! You should have been there for my high shrieks of joy. I obviously accepted his proposal and now me and Wyatt are happily married. The service was beautiful; you would have loved it!

Of course Primrose attended the wedding, but she never went alone. During our travel, we came across an Adult fairy whom Primrose fell highly in love with. Wolfgang is very intelligent and handsome you would like him - you both have so much in common!

Anyway, Primrose and Wolfgang are living together with Wolfgang's daughter, who dislikes Primrose for some weird reason. Myself and Wyatt also have two children together; Ethan and Verne! We had to name one of them after you Ethan, and we had to honor you in some way.

Well, Ethan, I don't know what else to put in this letter. Some people might find it strange that I am writing to you when you are so far away, but I honestly don't care what people think of me. Besides, I'm a member of The Funhouse!

We - myself, Primrose and Wyatt - hope you got home safely Ethan and we hope you found someone special to live with. We will never forget you, Ethan Tarmac!

Your friend, Tara Gray-Cotton

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