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The Degenerates
Adapt to modern life may be easily, may be not easily, Ruyue and Valentin already left the secluded cave. Now they live in a place where similar to them and full of human, Ruyue probably not need to sneak attack human for drinking.
Name The Degenerates
Members Ruyue Xiao, Valentin Vicious
Number of generations 1 generation
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Midnight Hollow
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The Degenerates is a mysterious, tragic, wuxia style family that consists of vampire Ruyue, and her ghost boyfriend Valentin. They actually was villains from ancient time, Ruyue was a eastern cult thug, Valentin was a heresy assassin, After Valentin was killed, Ruyue found his "western heresy esoterica" what took by someone and to turned herself. According to Ruyue's appearance and name, she is obvious Chinese descent; Valentin is relative inapparent, according his name and the related to vampires, he may be Romania descent.


Ruyue(如月): Elegant and archaic "moon-liked". Xiao(萧,蕭):A Chinese surname, mean "desolate" or "dense". Valentin: Variant of Valentine, from the Roman cognomen Valentinus, which was itself a derivative of the cognomen Valens meaning "strong, vigorous, healthy" in Latin. There also a festival called Valentine's day.

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