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The Case of the Gunshot Wounds
The Case of the Gunshot Wounds
Name: The Case of the Gunshot Wounds
Genre: Mystery
Created by: DanPin
Rating: PG13
Number of chapters: 20

Original run: July 9, 2011 - August 10, 2011
Status: Ended

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The Case of the Gunshot Wounds (a.k.a. TCotGW) is a Mystery fan-fiction created by DanPin. This fan-fiction should be read in companion with this article.


Jake Gannon - The protagonist of this story. He is one of the best Private Investigators in Bridgeport.

Matthew Hamming - Jake's husband. His and Jake's marriage is by a thread.

Charlie Colebank - Jake's maternal grandfather, who raised him when he was a teen.

Evelyn Granville - A Forensic Analyst from the Bridgeport Police Department.

Renee Littler - A murder victim and one of Jake's childhood friends.

Reuben Littler - Renee's husband and one of her murder's suspects.

Odine Perry - Reuben's mistress and one of Renee's murder's suspects.

Deidre Littler - Reuben and Renee’s daughter. She is, along with her family, neighbors with Jake and Matthew.


The Case of the Gunshot Wounds is an ongoing series and was created by DanPin and serves as a story that concludes the Jake Gannon storyline.

Chapter 1Edit

The sun was setting in Bridgeport and Jake Gannon was ready to read the book he was dying to read, "On the Margins", when his phone rang. He answered it.

"Hello?" said Jake.

"Good evening. I wanted to request your services." answered the person. That voice was familiar to Jake. It was...

"Grandpa Charlie? Long time no see, Gramps!" he answered, excited. Then he continued: "So... what is the matter? Why do you need my services?"

"Oh, I can't tell that over the phone. Please, meet me at the Overlook Point Subway Station."

"Certainly." Jake hung up and rushed down the street.

Chapter 2Edit

Jake arrived at the Subway station. There were many police cars and a lot of police tape surrounding the area. Jake showed his badge to an officer, who let him in. Charlie was talking to another officer, who was taking notes of what he said.

"Grandpa. What happened?" asked Jake.

"What do you think? Look around you!"

Jake observed his surroundings. There were some blood stains on the ground, an ambulance and a corpse near the station exit.

"So... Someone was murdered. Do you know the victim?" said Jake.

"Yes, and you do too. That woman on the ground... She is your friend."

Jake got near the corpse. It was covered in a blanket. Standing there was a paramedic who was writing something in his clipboard. He lifted a corner of the blanket. He saw a pair of feet. Wrong end. He walked towards the victim's head. He lifted the blanket and couldn't believe in his eyes. Renee Littler, his childhood best friend, was dead.

Chapter 3Edit

Jake Gannon was shocked. Renee had three holes in her chest. Those holes were gunshot wounds. He then grabbed her wrist and saw her pulse. She was dead indeed. He then told to the paramedic to send the body to the Public Services Office's laboratory.

Jake picked up his mobile phone. He dialed a number.

"Mr. Littler? Good evening, I am Jake Gannon, from the Investigation Section of the Bridgeport Police Department. I have some bad news for you. Your wife, Renee Littler... is dead."

"No! My beloved Renee! No! Why did this happened?" cried the voice in the other side of the line.

"Mr. Littler, I know this may be hard on you, but I am doing what I can to solve this case. Okay?"

"Ok, Mr. Gannon. But let me know when you find who killed my Renee." asked Reuben Littler.

"I will. Stay well." replied Jake. He then hung up. He also called home.

"Hello?" said a voice.

"Matt, I had to check on a crime scene. I will be home in time for dinner. Okay, honey?" answered Jake.

"Alright, sweetie." Matthew then hung up.

Jake filled some forms and then headed home.

Chapter 4Edit

"Honey, I'm home!" said Jake.

"Hi, darling!" replied Matthew. "Oh, I forgot to tell you... Look at what I bought!"

Matthew grabbed Jake's arm and brought him to the downstairs living room. There was an abstract sculpture made of white stone, with sharp ends.

"So..." continued Matthew. "Do you like it?"

"I'm not sure. Remember that talk we had last week?" replied Jake.

Matt's mind went back seven days, to that Thursday night in which he and his husband had an important conversation.

"Honey, we've been married for eight months. I think our relationship is ready to go to the next level." said Jake.
"The next level? Are you talking about..." replied Matthew, terrified.
"You got it! CHILDREN!"
Matthew got even more scared. "Are you crazy? I don't want any kids! All I want is you."
"But I want a child. Someone you can hold in your arms and teach how to live..."
"Well, I'm not ready yet." Matthew stormed out of the room.

"What I'm saying is that if we get a child, this sculpture isn't appropriate." continued Jake.

"But can we have it, at least until we're ready?" asked Matthew.

"Okay, then." answered Jake. "It's getting late. We should probably get some sleep."

Chapter 5Edit

A new day had arrived and Jake was in the Public Services Office's laboratory. Jake was examining Renee Littler's dead body. He was paying a lot of attention to her gunshot wounds. He then got a measuring instrument.

"This looks like she was killed using a 9 mm." thought Jake. "A 9 x 19 Parabellum. This recalls some field work."

Jake left the building and rushed to the Landgraab Marine Science Facility. He knew there was an exhibit about Ballistics and that some of the best Forensic Analysts in SimNation would be there. He entered the building and quickly found the exhibit and the analysts. Unfortunately, all left before he got a chance to talk to one. Fortunately, a woman in a lab coat entered the building. She had a Bridgeport Police Department badge. Jake approached her.

"Good morning, I am Jake Gannon, from the Investigation Section of the Bridgeport Police Department." He showed her his badge. "I need your assistance on a case."

"Hello, my name is Evelyn Anne Granville from the Forensics Section of the Bridgeport Police Department. I am very surprised that you, a Private Investigator, need assistance on a case." said the analyst.

"I never saw you in the office."

"I am relatively new in here. I just graduated from La Fiesta Tech."


"Yes, Summa cum Laude. Anyways, what do you need my assistance for?"

Chapter 6Edit

Back at the Public Services Office's lab, Jake was telling Evelyn, a young, African-Sim in her mid-twenties, the things he knew about the case.

"Well, according to my Ballistics class and the Ballistics Department in here, these bullets were fired from a Glock 19. Can you see the pattern here, Mr. Gannon?" said Evelyn.

"Yes. And please, call me Jake. Good job, Miss Granville."

"Thank you. And I prefer to be called Evelyn. 'Miss Granville' makes me look like an old lady!" Evelyn laughed. Then she continued: "So, there are also some minor wounds in her wrists, which indicate a struggle. I also realized that she had WooHoo the same day."

"Alright. Does she have any SimFluid in her underwear?"

"Yes. I can test it for DNA. I will finish examining her body and I will get her some X-rays."

"Okay. I will search the database for who owns a Glock 19." said Jake. He then left the building.

Chapter 7Edit

Jake rushed into the lab. Evelyn was looking at some X-rays.

"Evelyn! You aren't going to believe in what I found out!" shouted Jake.

"I have to say the same thing. You go first." replied Evelyn.

"The victim's husband, Reuben Littler, owns a Glock 19!"

"Your thing is better. I also read in a magazine that he proposed to Odine Perry yesterday."

"Yesterday? Wow, news reach the tabloids in a jiffy."

"And... Isn't it odd that a mourning husband moved on too fast and proposed to another woman the day after his wife died?" asked Evelyn.

"Yeah... Kind of. Anyways, what did you find out?"

"I am still examining the X-rays. If I find out anything, I'll call you. And regarding to the SimFluid in the victim's underwear... She had WooHoo with two different men."

"I see. I am going to interrogate her husband. I'll see you later."

Chapter 8Edit

"Mr. Littler!" said Jake as he rang the doorbell in the Littler family home. "Open up!"

Then, a female voice came from the gate's interphone. "Who is it?"

"I am Jake Gannon, from the Bridgeport Police Department. I am currently in charge of an investigation regarding Renee Littler's murder."

"I'll open the gate. My name is Odine Perry, the nanny."

Inside the Littler house, Jake was sitting on an armchair, holding a notepad. Reuben Littler ad Odine Perry were sitting on the couch next to him.

"I just want to ask a few questions about the day in which Renee was killed" said Jake. "Mr. Littler, did you have WooHoo with your wife?"

"Hmm... Yes, Mr. Gannon, I did. We had a huge fight the day before, when she caught me sneaking to Odine's room in the middle of the night. A few hours later the fight, we had a talk and then had reconcilliation WooHoo."

"Okay, then. So, you and Miss Perry are having an affair, right?"

"Were. We were having an affair. We are now engaged!" said Odine, showing Jake her engagement ring. It had a huge diamond.

"Mr. Littler, were you aware of a possible affair on your wife's behalf?"

"Yes. She told me she had an affair with two men. One was called James. I don't remember the other one."

"Also, the bullets that killed your wife were shot using a Glock 19. My sources tell me that you own one, Mr. Littler."

"Yes, I do. But I lost it last week. You can check my house. There isn't a gun in here."

"Hmm... I may check your house indeed."

Chapter 9Edit

Three days after the murder, Jake entered the laboratory. He was wearing a lab coat.

"Hi, Evelyn. Did you find out anything?"

"Yes. When you and half of the Bridgeport Subsidiary of the SFBI checked the Littler home yesterday, I discovered an amazing thing. Remember the packet of bullets you found?"

"Yes. Four were missing."

"They are from a special edition. Only 100 boxes of these were made, with a different (but similar) pattern in the bullet. Renee's wounds have traces of this pattern."

"Also, I discovered that the 'Abandoned' warehouse has some storage units - possibly used by criminals to aid the infamous task of hiding evidence."

"I see. Jake, you should check the crime scene. Renee's body has three wounds. Maybe the killer missed a shot."

"I will. Evelyn, would you please monitor Reuben's banking account and check his history?"

Chapter 10Edit

The sun was setting as Jake crossed the Bridgeport Bridge. He arrived at the subway station. The transportation system was closed until the investigations were finished. The station was still surrounded of police tape. He grabbed his magnifying glass.

"Hmm..." he thought. "There are no gun-made holes in the ground. Oh... What's this? A hole in a tree?"

Jake approached the tree.

"Awesome. This tree is tough enough and the bullet stayed in here." He then got a pair of tweezers and took the bullet out. "Crap. No fingerprints. I'll ask Evelyn to analyse this."

Meanwhile, Evelyn was checking Reuben's banking account. There wasn't a trace of rental history. She then thought of someone else. And she typed on her computer... Bingo. A transaction made for the Abandoned warehouse. She picked up her phone and called Jake.

Chapter 11Edit

Jake’s phone rang, but he didn’t answer it, because he was driving. When he reached his destination, he answered it.

“Hi, Evelyn” said Jake.

“Hello, Mr. Gannon. Where are you?”

“Right outside the lab.”

“Oh. Could you please come in?”

“I was about to do that.”

Jake opened the door and got into his lab coat. She was next to a screen, with a remote in her hand.

“Evelyn? What’s this?”

She pressed one of the remote’s keys.

“This is Odine’s banking account. Can you come closer, please?”

Jake got near the wall-mounted screen.

“Yes, I see now. I guess Odine’s our new suspect.”

“I agree. Reuben hasn’t got any reason to be a suspect now. Odine’s rental of this safe matches our timeline” continued Evelyn. She then looked at a bag Jake was holding. “What’s that, Jake?”

“It’s the fourth bullet. Would you analyze this for particles, fingerprints and other things there may be in here, please?”

“Yes. Yes I would.”

Chapter 12Edit

Jake headed home. As he passed the Littler family home, he saw Deidre Littler crying outside her house. He pulled over in front of his house and then went down the street.

“Hi, neighbor! What’s the matter?”

“Mr. Jake… Hello. I’m… a little sad.”

“Is it about your mommy?”

She nodded in sign of agreement.

“Well, I am in charge of finding out what’s behind of your mommy’s death. And the person who killed her? Well, that person is going to jail for a long time!”

“Really?” Deidre’s eyes got filled with hope. “Are you sure?”

“Yep! Don’t worry. It’s getting late. You should probably go home.”

“Okay.” She wiped her tears to her sleeve and she went inside. Jake also went to his house.

“Jake! You’re home!” Matthew ran and hugged him.

“Sweetie. So… how are you?”

“I am fine. C’mon, let’s go upstairs. I got an ingot of Woohooium!”

“Matt, I’ve been messing with a corpse. I’m just… not in the mood.”

“Oh. I see. I just miss you and when you do that thing in which you…”


Chapter 13Edit

A new day arrived and the sun was rising. Jake entered the lab, wearing his favorite lab coat and holding a cup of coffee. Evelyn was examining something, using a microscope.

“Good morning, Evelyn.”

“Hi. Is it already morning?”

“Yes. And we’re out of coffee in the vending machine.”

“I was up all night in here, scrutinizing this.”

“Nice vocabulary.”

“Thank you. Now, let’s get to what I found out: This bullet has some rubber particles.”

“The killer was wearing cleaning gloves?”

“Strangely, yes. And… these are only sold in the criminal warehouse.”

“Okay. It looks like I have to check the warehouse.”

“Yes, indeed.”

Chapter 14Edit

Jake and a SWAT team from the Bridgeport Police Department (BPD) arrived at the warehouse. While the team was arresting criminals en masse, Jake went to the “Lil’ Burglar Store” to get information.

“Good morning. Are you a cop?” said the clerk, who looked like he had used drugs.

“No. Can I check the purchase records?”

“Yeah, sure. Want to buy some ‘oregano’?”

“Hmm… No” replied Jake. Then he shouted to an undercover agent who was looking at the goods available for sale: “Get him!”

While the clerk was being arrested by the officer, Jake was taking a look at the sale records. He found only a small file, because the store had just opened two weeks before. He put that file in his bag. He then saw a sign pointing to “Storage Units”. He followed that direction and easily found Odine Perry’s unit.

Jake picked up his master key and opened the door. A small gold statue was there. Jake put on some gloves and picked up the statue.

“Hmm… It says ‘Reporter of the Year’ in here. This was Renee’s. Apparently Odine is a Kleptomaniac. I should get this to the lab” thought Jake. He put the award in a plastic bag with “Evidence” written on it and left the warehouse.

Chapter 15Edit

Jake entered the Lab. Evelyn was looking at some X-rays.

“She didn’t know that she was about to get killed, Jake. She hasn’t got any fractures or bruises. Only the gunshot wounds.”

“Okay. I found this in Odine’s storage unit” said Jake, as he showed her the evidence bag. “It’s Renee’s. Odine didn’t like her. I also have the people who bought the gloves in this file that smells like marijuana.”

“High clerk?”

“Yes. I’m… going to check this file.”

At home, Jake was reading the file.

“Matt!” Jake shouted. “Come here, please!”

“Yeah, honey?”

“Were you having an affair with Renee?”

“No. Renee asked me for help because she wanted a divorce from Reuben, but she wanted to be abandoned, so she could get most of their possessions. So, we made up the affair story.”

“I see. I am going to check this file for clues. You can go.”

“Okay. I love you” said Matthew, as he kissed Jake.

“I love you too.”

Chapter 16Edit

Jake was reading the file.

“Okay… Let’s see” thought Jake. “There must be here something about gloves. Hmm… Burglar tools, dynamite… Here it is! Rubber gloves! Only one box of these was sold. Last week. It was sold to… C. Jack. Who is C. Jack?”

It was lunch time and Jake Gannon was going across the Bridgeport Bridge, to check the inhabitants’ names. He was hungry, so he had a pretzel sticking out of his mouth as he was riding The Beast. It didn’t take long until he arrived at the City Hall. He entered the building and quickly found the files. He opened the folder.

“A floppy disk? What kind of file sorting is this?” said Jake, a little angry.

“Oh, I heard the files are coming to the digital era” said an old woman. She looked like a librarian. “Now nobody is going to feel paper again.”

Jake approached the computers. They were already on. He inserted the floppy disk and typed “C. Jack”. An error message appeared, that said “ONLY ALPHANUMERIC CHARACTERS ALLOWED.” He then typed “C Jack”. Two matches. One was Columbus Jack Rippus, Jr. and he was deceased. The other was in his eighties. He knew that man. And then, Jake started crying for the first time in fifteen years.

Chapter 17Edit

Jake couldn’t believe his eyes. He stepped away from the computer and took out the disk, before placing it in its place.

He then ran to the lab.

“Evelyn, I know who the killer is!”

“Great, because I didn’t have anything to do besides playing with the corpse.”


“Nothing.” Evelyn then looked to the sides, looking a little suspicious.

“The killer is…”

Jake was interrupted by a portal that opened next to him. A man he loved came out of there. Matthew Hamming was in the lab.

“Jake. I came from the future to help you with the final battle with this horrible man.”

“Were you messing with my things?” asked Jake.

“No! Charlie keeps running around the house.”


“That doesn’t matter. I am here to help you.”

Chapter 18Edit

“Jake. You are in a serious risk. You have to be careful. I am here to mend the past. I mean, my past, your future.”

“What will happen?”

“I can’t tell you. I just want to tell you to be careful. And to tell you that that man also killed your parents. He is...”

Matthew got near Jake and whispered something in his ear.

“I knew that. I found that out ten minutes ago.”

“I see.”

“Who killed Renee?” asked Evelyn.

“Who is she, Jake?”

“She’s Evelyn Granville” said Jake, as Evelyn waved. “She is helping me with the case.”

“Okay. Evelyn, The man who killed Renee is…” Matthew whispered the same thing in her ear. “Anyways, I have to go. Jake, I love you.”

As he said these words, Matthew left.

"Do you know the story of Sarah Peasant, from Sunset Valley?" said Evelyn.

"Certainly, I am familiar with it." replied Jake. "She was having a war with fast-food restaurants and then she disappeared."

"Yes. That is the short version. Her fight went too deep and she is now deceased. Take care, Jake. Don't be the male counterpart of her. Dead, because of your sense of adventure and your need to know every detail. Take care... please.”

Evelyn approached Jake and kissed him on the lips.

“Evelyn” said Jake. “I am married.”

“And I love you.”

“And I’m gay.”

“Oh. Okay. Get ready for confronting that nasty man.”

Chapter 19Edit

Jake went to the Subway station where Renee was killed. There, a man approached him.

“Jake…” said the man. “I am aware of your deep knowledge about my involvements in the Littler murder.”

“I know. And this ends now. Charles Colebank, you’re under arrest for the murder of John Gannon, Mary Gannon and Renee Littler!” shouted Jake, taking out a pair of handcuffs.

“I am not that sure.” Charlie entered the station, followed by Jake.

A chase started in the subway tracks. A train was stopped near the station, so they both ran through the tracks, travelling through the river that went through the city. When they reached the next subway stop, Charlie ran up the stairs and left the station.

Jake followed him too. When Jake realized they were outside The Prosper Room, the place where his parents were killed, he shouted:

“Stop! This is the end of the line!”

Charlie looked back. Jake was pointing a gun at him.

“Ha, ha! Do you think you can stop me? I don’t think so…”

Chapter 20Edit

Charlie pulled out a gun. It was Reuben Littler’s Glock 19.

“Yes, I killed your parents. I got addicted to illegal drugs and I killed people to get money to buy them. And when I realized that it was you who I was going to kill, I ran away. I also killed Renee because she ended our affair.”

“YOUR affair?”

“Yes. And now, I am going to do a thing I should have done fifteen years ago!”

Charlie pulled the trigger. A bullet crossed Jake’s heart. He fell, dying. As his soul started to leave his body, he remembered the thing he wanted the most at that moment. Matthew. Then, another gunshot was heard. Jake opened his eyes, to find a dead Charlie with a hole in his head. Then, the man he loved kneelt down next to his dying body.

“Matt… Look in my pocket.”

Matthew picked up a gift certificate. It said “Clone child – A child you can love with your DNA!” he then nodded his head.

“Matt… I will always love you.”

“Jake… I will always love you too.” Matthew then kissed Jake.

“I want my son to be called… Charlie…”

As he said this sentence, the rest of Jake Gannon’s life left his body and Matthew closed his eyes. He then dialed 911 and sat on the ground, in the middle of the two dead bodies.


One year later, peace had returned to Bridgeport. Matthew enjoyed life with Charlie Gannon, Jake’s clone who was produced using some hair. Evelyn reached the top of her career track – as did Matthew.

Reuben married Odine in a huge ceremony, but Odine was arrested for theft during the reception and served two months of community service. Deidre and Charlie are now best friends, and there is a spark of love in the middle.

Jake’s funeral was the biggest in Bridgeport. The whole city attended the funeral and now he rests in the local Cemetery, in the new Gannon Family Mausoleum, along with his parents and his grandfather, who raised him.

Charlie also likes to invent and wishes to be like his deceased father.


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