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The Case of Sarah-May's Murder
Name: The Case of Sarah-May's Murder
Genre: Mystery
Created by: Bakerychaz
Rating: PG13
Number of chapters: 8

Original run: 6 July 2012 - 9 July 2012
Status: Ended

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The Case of Sarah-May's Murder is Bakerychaz's second fan fiction. It revolves around the life of a police officer, Romeo Rake, trying to solve the murder of his cousin Sarah-May Wilson.

Characters Edit

Romeo Rake - the protagonist of the story. He hates the fact that the girl he is friends with, Li-Anne Sun, is the main suspect in Sarah-May's murder.

Li-Anne Sun - the main suspect in Sarah-May's murder. She is friends with Romeo.

Fleur Brun - Li-Anne's French distant cousin from Champs Les Sims. Romeo's new co-worker John Barwick is in love with Fleur.

John Barwick - Romeo's new co-worker. He is in love with Fleur, and would give anything for her. John is an ex-police captain from Riverview, who has recently been relocated to Bridgeport.

Diana Jones - she is married Johnny Jones, a suspect, and she is having an affair with Romeo.

Sarah-May Wilson - Romeo's murdered cousin.

Thomas Wheelwright - a police captain at Bridgeport Police Department.

Johnny Jones - Diana's husband who also had an affair, with Sarah-May. He is a suspect. Diana is not happy with him.

Chapter 1 Edit

Police officer Romeo Rake is sitting at home with Li-Anne Sun, his best friend. Romeo hears the phone ringing and answers it.

"Hello?" said Romeo.

"Sir, this is Bridgeport Police Department's police captain Thomas Wheelwright. Your cousin, Sarah-May Wilson has just been murdered" replied the man.

"No!! What happened?!" said Romeo, saddened.

"She was murdered next to Matthew Hamming's house a few hours ago. She was shot in the stomach" replied Thomas.

"I'll be at the police department in ten minutes" said Romeo.

Romeo ran out of the apartment and Li-Anne ran after him yelling "Romeo! What is it?".

Romeo stopped and said "My cousin's been murdered, I'm going to the Police Department".

Li-Anne and Romeo ran to his car and drove to the Police Department.

When they got there, Thomas was standing outside waiting for them.

"Come inside" said Thomas.

The two came inside and Thomas gave them the report of Sarah-May's murder.

Li-Anne said "I was friends with her, as children. I didn't know she was Romeo's cousin. We became enemies when w had a terrible argument".

"Oh, ma'am, I'm afraid we'll have to make you a suspect" replied Thomas.

Chapter 2 Edit

The next day, Romeo was sitting in his chair with Sarah-May's report, pondering her death. He realized that Li-Anne could have killed her. This made Romeo feel awful. His sweet, kind, beautiful Li-Anne could be a murderer.

Meanwhile, Li-Anne was picking up her French third-cousin-once-removed, Fleur Brun, from the airport. Fleur was moving to Bridgeport from Champs Les Sims, her hometown. Li-Anne and Fleur arrived at Li-Anne's apartment shortly after.

The next morning, Romeo had a friend around, John Barwick. He was a police captain in Riverview, and moved to Bridgeport for a new life.

Li-Anne arrived at Romeo's house with Fleur.

"Oh, I didn't know you had company. May I stay?" said Li-Anne to Romeo.

Romeo replied "Of course. Who is this?".

"This is my third-cousin-once-removed, Fleur Brun."

John said "I'm John Barwick, Romeo's co-worker".

"Pleased to meet you" said Fleur.

John looked like he was attracted to Fleur.

Romeo invited Fleur, John and Li-Anne to go to dinner at the restaurant next door.

When they arrived, Romeo looked depressed. He was thinking about Sarah-May's death. The others were just chatting very happily.

Chapter 3 Edit

The next morning, Thomas called Romeo and said Romeo can be in charge of solving The Case of Sarah-May's Murder. Romeo accepted and got to work instantly. He leant that Li-Anne could be the murderer, which made Romeo very sad.

Fleur and Li-Anne came through the door.

"Romeo! Thomas came to my house and told me they had a new suspect! They were just about to call you" said Li-Anne.

The phone rang.

"Hello?" said Romeo as he answered the phone.

"Mr. Rake, this is Thomas Wheelwright. We have a new suspect. Sarah-May's ex-boyfriend, Mike Indigo."

Romeo replied "Li-Anne just told me there was a new suspect. Why could he be a suspect?".

"Sarah-May broke up with him two hours before her murder. Apparently, Sarah-May doesn't break up well"

"Let me speak to him" said Romeo.

"He's here now, if you want to come to the Police Department, you can talk to him".

Romeo went to the police department and met the suspect.

"Romeo Rake, investigator" said Romeo as he was introducing himself to Mike Indigo.

Mike explained the relationship, saying that he was devastated by the breakup and loved her very much. He also said that Sarah-May was cheating on him with Johnny Jones.

This gave Romeo more information. He wanted to meet Johnny. He knocked on his door and met Diana, Johnny's sweet wife. Romeo was immediately attracted to her, and she was too.

Romeo was very flustered, and asked to see Johnny. Diana introduced Romeo to Johnny.

Romeo and Johnny sat down in Johnny's living room, trying to not mention the affair when Diana was in the room.

While Diana was away, they talked about Sarah-May.

"I loved her, but she ended it", said Johnny.

"I'm afraid you'll be a suspect" replied Romeo.

Romeo walked home, and he was baffled. So many suspects, confusion, mystery and too much murder.

Chapter 4 Edit

Romeo walked in his front door, and he heard the phone ring. He ran to the phone and answered it.

"Mr. Rake?" said Diana.

"Who is this?" replied Romeo.

"Diana Jones. I'm in love with you."

Romeo, stunned, replied "Me too" and waited for her reply.

"But I'm married" said Diana.

Romeo replied "and I'm too ethical to start an affair".

"Romeo, we could always try it"

Romeo said "I just love you so much that I have to".

This is when Romeo and Diana started their affair.

The next morning, Romeo is sitting with John in Romeo's living room.

John confessed to loving Fleur, and Romeo to loving Diana.

They were so confused about everything.

Romeo was trying to think about who is the most likely suspect, and he decided it was Johnny.

Romeo went to Johnny and Diana's house to confront him, and he said he didn't do it. Romeo was still suspicious, and still thought Johnny murdered Sarah-May.

Chapter 5 Edit

The next evening, Fleur and John have started dating, and are out on a date.

John says "Fleur, I love you."

Fleur replied by saying "I love you too".

John decided that the kind French girl was the love of his life and that he wanted to marry her.

"Fleur Antionette Brun, will you marry me?" said John.


The next day, Fleur and John arrived at Li-Anne's house to deliver the good news.

Li-Anne was more than happy for them and offered to pay for their wedding.

"Thanks you so much!!!!" screamed the couple.

Chapter 6 Edit

3months later, at John and Fleur's wedding on an apartment building balcony with a gorgeous view, John and Fleur are exchanging rings. Romeo and Li-Anne went to the wedding as dates, because they didn't want to go alone.

After the ceremony, Romeo and Li-Anne are congratulating the new Mr and Mrs. Barwick.

"We're so happy for you two", said Li-Anne.

Romeo said "we are".

Fleur now spoke perfectly fluent simlish.

"Thank you so much, you two".

"How is adjusting to Bridgeport, Fleur?" said Romeo.

"Perfect. I've just changed homes instantly. Actually, we're going to my hometown, Champs Les Sims, for our honeymoon"

As Romeo drove hinself home, he felt unfulfilled and lonely because the only woman he liked is married.

Chapter 7 Edit

Romeo and Diana were sitting in Romeo's apartment. Diana had just told Romeo that she was 3 months pregnant - but she didn't know who by. Romeo or Johnny? Romeo was confused by the fact that he might be a father. Diana also told him that she knew about Johnny's secret affair.

"He never wanted to talk to me when he was having the affair. I knew about it and I was annoyed so much" said Diana.

Romeo replied "Did you start the affair with me because you wanted to get revenge?"

Diana looked like she thought he was crazy and said "No! Of course not!"

Romeo still didn't believe her and said "I don't believe that. This affair was a terrible idea. I'm ending it".

Romeo stormed out the door, leaving Diana feeling alone.

Chapter 8 Edit

The next morning, Romeo's attempts to find Sarah-May's murderer had failed and decided to analyze the bullet that killed Sarah-May. The analyzation indicated that he killer was...Johnny Jones! Romeo immediately arrested Johnny and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. 3 months after Johnny's arrest, Diana slipped on some water and miscarried her baby. Just before the miscarriage, Diana took a paternity test. The father was Romeo! She was devastated upon her child's death. She went to the prison to talk with Johnny.

"Johnny. I've got news. I had a miscarriage" said Diana.

Johnny immediately started crying and as he was crying, Diana announced that Romeo was the father. Johnny started yelling at her and he broke up with her. She was happy about this. Two months later, the divorce was finalized.

Romeo then proposed to Diana and she accepted happily. They ran to Riverview and eloped.

After they returned, Romeo was walking down the street when he saw Mike holding a gun. Romeo pulled out a gun and held it up. Mike was pointing it to him.

"Romeo. I murdered your cousin, and I stole Johnny Jones' gun to pretend that he did it" said Mike

"You idiot" replied Romeo.

Just after Romeo said those words, Diana came to the scene, protecting Romeo. But she was too late. Mike pulled the trigger, and Romeo was shot dead. Diana took Romeo to the hospital, where he died of his injuries.

9 months after, Diana gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, fathered by Romeo, named Romeo, Jr. and Anna.

Johnny was released from prison and Mike was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Fleur and John had three children, named Rose, Nicole and Graeme.

THE END Please comment!

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