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The Beach House
Name: The Beach House
Genre: Murder mystery
Created by: Carman39

Original run: November 28, 2014
Status: Active

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The Beach House is a murder mystery fanon by Carman39. a group of teenagers are being killed in a beach house one by one, the murderer is part of the group and knows each one. After more and more people die, the clues become clearer. Who is the murderer? And is it somehow linked to the true story of two young parents who were murdered, and how their child disappeared.


Detective Zara Peloski - A detective who arrives to help solve the mystery

Opal Starr - A fun loving teen, she dies first by suffocation.

Felicity Velo - A slobby girl who is dating Tina

Tina Bo - A fancy posh girl who is in an unlikely couple with the slobby Felicity.

Farrah Marina - A girl of Indian heratige, she is extremely easy to scare.

Timothy Starr - Opal's brother and Farrah's boyfriend

Samantha Baum - A nice young girl who tends to blend in with the crowd.

Chapter 1: SandEdit

Opal couldn't sleep, she was popular but always the scaredy cat of the group. She was the only one who wasn't sharing a bed. Felicity and Tina were sleeping and cuddling in the bed on her left, and on her right Timmy and Farrah were kissing. Samantha was no where to be seen, she probably went to get a cola. But no one else was out there on the beach. Opal and the rest went to rent a beach house and get away for a week. She was scared because of the story that was told at the campfire. It was about a man named Connor Bain who (along with his wife Shalonda) were killed, and their daughter Samara disappeared, Timmy told the story and then said "The murderer could be anywhere!".

Opal finally slept but woke up 2 hours later to everyone except Timmy. Opal got up and put clothes on to go put and clear her head. It was 5am but she needed the walk. But when she got out she saw a masked figure stealing Tina's bike.                                 "Hey, what are you doing!" Opal shouted. The person punched her. A shocked Opal grabbed her bike and rode off. The person riding Tina's bike managed to hit her quickly. Opal flew off the bike and landed on the sand. No one else was out. She screamed as the person in the mask grabbed her by the throat then hit her hard on the head with a shovel that was lying nearby. But Opal was only knocked out, not dead...yet.

The next day no one noticed Opal's disappearance. They all assumed everything was fine. They went to the beach and ran about, playing volleyball. But then Tina tripped over something in the sand. She investigated and found the outline of a hand. She gasped, the hand was cold as ice.                                                       "Call the police!" She shouted. Samantha got out her cell phone and dialled 911. People gathered round as Tina dug around. She then saw blonde hair dirty with sand. She uncovered the face and to her horror found Opal lying there, her mouth open and filled with sand. The crowd gasped.                                                                          "It's Opal!" Tina shouted. Samantha, Timmy, Felicity and Farrah gathered round and stood there with their mouths open in horror. Opal was dead, there was no mistaking it. The police dug her whole body up and put her in a coroner van.                                                 "We think the cause of her death would be suffocation by sand, either she got drunk, fell in the sand and got covered by the sand blowing in the wind, or someone knocked her out and buried her alive. We are going to send someone to question you about her death. The more likely cause of Opal's death is murder. " said the policeman. So then the remaining five teens went back to the beach house, shaken up horribly by the events of that morning.                   "Who would murder Opal?" Timmy asked. It was his and Opal's parents who paid for the beach house, they have been notified and now want to take the teens out the house.                                           "We leave tomorrow. Whoever murdered Opal knows where we live, and any one of us could be next." Tina said. Looks of fear were placed on everyones faces.

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