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Tamera Gerardo
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Tamera Redfield

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A shy, cute little girl next door. Everyone likes her for her pureness.
Name Tamera Gerardo
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Alma Mater School High School
Grade B
Major Communications communications
Writing skill icon Novelist
Gerardo Family
Parents Lynn Gerardo, Anton Gerardo
Sibling(s) Andrew Gerardo Male
Romances Chris Redfield Married
Child(ren) Christine Redfield Daughter
Trait Shy small Shy
Trait Good small Good
Trait Angler small Angler
Trait Loves the Outdoors small Loves the Outdoors
Trait Nurturing small Nurturing
Fav Chinese Chinese
Fav Sushi sushi
Fav Purple purple
Social Standing
Celebrity status
2 Celebrity stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
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Tamera Redfield (née Gerardo) is a Sim featured in A Sim's Tale series. She was first introduced in A Sim's Tale: Book 2 as a major supporting character and one of the main characters in Book 3. She returned in Book 4 as a supporting character.

She is daughter of Anton and Lynn Gerardo and sister of Andrew Gerardo. She is also wife of Chris Redfield and mother of Christine Redfield.


The 10 years old-Tamera was among the scouts who participated in the camping event for three days. In the last day of the event, Tamera became acquainted with Chris. Tamera knew Chris despite never meeting him directly, thinking that he was cuter than she thought.

In one day, Tamera went fishing with Chris. She felt curious when seeing Chris apparently whispered to himself. At the end, both her and Chris fell to the pond after her rod pulled by an unknown big fish.

Tamera later helped Chris to search the Rainbow Gem in order to turned Chris' imaginary friend real. She brought him to her old acuqaintance--a fortune teller--and learned that the gem was located in Sunset Valley's old mine.

Accompanied by Alex Curtiz, Chris and Tamera went to the old mine. During their search, the three encountered Big Steve Underwood. Jean and Leona arrived in the mine as well. Big Steve chalenged them to play Poker if they really want to get the gem. Alex accepted the chalenge, and won after tricking Big Steve to gave up.

In some point later, Tamera would be introduced to Charlie and became the only one outside the Redfield family who aware of Charlie's true identity.

Four years later, Tamera, who was 14 years old, would finally graduated from elementary and middle schools, becoming a high school student at last.

Tamera's relationship with Chris became closer, even though it was just a friend, which somehow saddened Chris since Tamera didn't know his feeling on her and Chris himself had no courage to tell her.

After a long vacation, her first day as high school student finally here. Tamera was in same class with Chris. Tamera later be acquainted and get along with new student and teen idol pop star Lance Lewis. However, this made Chris jealous.

Eventually, Lance would confessed his feeling on her, enraging Chris, despite Tamera had not giving her answer yet since she claimed she wasn't ready for a relationship. However, when Chris and Lance fought, their secret for putting a bet on Tamera revealed, enraging Tamera. Disappointed, Tamera forbid them to ever talk to her again.

However, Tamera would still attend Chris' band competition, alongside Sandi and John. It was revealed that Tamera also had a feeling for Chris. Even though Chris' Sunset Riders and Lance's Red Underground tied, Tamera already knew that Chris' band would be the winner of the competition.

As the competition over, Tamera and Chris were not only reconciled, since Tamera decided to accept Chris' feeling on her, the two officially became a couple.

Ten years later, Tamera, now 24 years old, would became a famous novelist. She had written many novels which became popular in SimNation. Not only became a novelist, Tamera also wrote articles for magazines and newspaper.

At the end, after the dine with the Redfields, Tamera happily accepted Chris' wedding proposal on her.

Two years after their marriage, Tamera and Chris finally got a child, a daughter they named Christine.

12 years later, John Redfield died from old age. Tamera and her family attended John's funeral. Tamera asked Christine to comfort Chris to gave him strenght.

Tamera was now between 45-46 years old. She was seen waiting for Christine who returned home for summer vacation. Several hours later, Tamera found that Charlie was returning to the town and so happy to see him again.


Image Name Relationship level
Lynn adult Lynn Gerardo Mother
Anton gerardo Anton Gerardo Father
Andrew teen headshot Andrew Gerardo Brother
Chris rockstar headshot Chris Redfield Husband
Christine young adult Christine Redfield Daughter
Charlie adult Charlie Redfield Good Friend
AST Sam young adult Sam Sekemoto Good Friend
Sim's Tale sandi headshot3 Sandi French Good Friend
Lance Lewis Lance Lewis Good Friend


  • When I first made her in CAS, her name would be Tamara, but I decided to change it into Tamera since there was already a sim with the same name.
  • Chris had a has crush on her.
  • She also has the "Angler" trait just like Chris
  • Tamera knew that some myths in SimNation were actually real since she claimed that she saw many supernatural creatures when visiting Moonlight Falls.
  • Tamera is Latin-Arabic-Chinese descent.
  • When she grown up as teenager, she originally had genius trait, but I changed it with Loves the Outdoor.
  • Tamera had got several re-designs just after she grown into a teen.
  • Tamera had thicker eyebrows when she was child.


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