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Henson Wedding (Part two)
Name: Henson Wedding (Part two)
Series: The Sunsets Today
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 6/11/12

Previous chapter: Part One

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Bodyguards and grandkids? (Matthew's POV)Edit

I didn't have time to sit down with John but I had to speak my mind on the family's assets. John was too caught up on his vows and how he should dance at the wedding that I didn't want to disturb him. I had to speak to someone and that someone had to be Isaiah at the moment. Isaiah was at this new opened karaoke bar down by the Crumplebottom's so I called him and asked if we can talk there.

Isaiah: What is it Matthew? Don't tell me you want me to give you my share of the fortune when dad dies right?

Matthew: *scoffs* As if he was going to leave you any, but seriously brother...this talk isn't going to be about the money...more about security on the family.

Isaiah: What? We don't need no back up! Besides, no one isn't interested in our money. This town is the only one with the last three high ranking families in history. Our family has more money stowed away in mines and banks than the Goths that we can take them down with a swish of our pinkies.

As ridiculous as it sound he was right. The Goths are rich but have been slacking on their businesses that the Landgraabs had bought two of their own companies with in two months. We felt a bit bad for them, seeing our rivalries go down so pathetically was a bit painful to watch. But the Goths always seem to have plan to get back on top so I really didn't care too much.

Matthew: Well lets see....the Landgraabs are our biggest competition in the markets and those stupid Altos have been trying to smuggle into our stocks as well.

Isaiah: Yeah but there is no reason to get any bodyguards....Unless we pay them to watch out for the wedding, then we got something.

Matthew: Ugh, I don't care about John's wedding now. Dear brother have you not heard what I was telling you before? Our lives are at stake if we don't knock down the Landgraabs!

Isaiah: *sipping the small amount of nectar in a cup* Mmmmm.. No. *Getting up and heads out the back door*

Matthew: *catching up from behind* Isaiah! I know you don't care for the money but at least think about the future of any of our grandchildren!

Isaiah: Who said I was having kids?

Matthew: *face palm* You idiot!

Isaiah was never going to understand me, he was a foolish person to speak to. I was just going to take matters into my own hands.

Dresses and Manny (Joana's POV)Edit

Joana: Mother!

Ulanda had spend the whole day annoying Joana helping her pick out her dress and making plans for her future.

Ulanda: Jo Jo hold still!

Joana: Ow! Those pins are getting into my skin!

Mom seriously needed to calm down with those pins, I mean I know she just wants to make my wedding dress instead of buy one but she's over doing it! Poofy dress?! I hate anything poofy!

Ulanda: Jo Jo hold still, I need to sew this side up and then it'll be finished.

I felt like a marshmallow, but a very proud one. This dress is too itchy as well...I'm gonna take it off.

Joana: Mom I need a break, how about sewing up the dress with out me?

Ulanda: Alright *helping me undress* But when your break is up then come back, I need to see if it fits.

I walked off to the kitchen and grabbed a rainbow icy out the fridge and sat down. This was a long day and you know what....that wedding takes place the next day! I still needed to know if the guests will be there and the honeymoon plans were ready.

-Phone rings-

Joana: *answers* Hello? Oh hi Manny...

It was Manny...the hugest slumlord and biggest Repoman around, what does he want?

Manny: Joana Ah yes I heard you are getting married and your planning to have the wedding at my church!

Joana: Its not a's a chapel, and why would you call me for this?

Manny: Um...let's just say there was an incident and it caught fire and two men weraing bunny outfits are going to jail for a long time.

Joana: WHAT?!? How an this be I need that CHAPEL!

Manny: Relax honey, I have another place you can get married at, it is close by and you'll love it. I can tell where it is located at and you can see for it yourself.

Joana: If this place is a dump and close by arsons then I swear you'll get- *Phone cuts off* UGH!

I guess I'll just have to go check this place out and hurry up quick to change the locations on the invitations.


We hopped in the car and sped off, I hope Manny didn't do this because he wanted to charge us more for renting the place.

I Do....and Don't (Frank's POV)Edit

-The day of the wedding-

Man the place was beautiful, that Manny boy really out did himself with the place. I was surprised he had this vision of his to create such a lovely chapel. But that really didn't make me cry and feel happy inside. I saw my daughter in her wedding dress, my baby was going to walk down the isle and marry the man of her dreams. I was going to let her go and watch her have kids and live a life of her own. I was full of heartache and sadness I didn't want to let her go...I truly didn't want my baby bird leave the nest...I already lost one.

Joana: Daddy don't cry...*wiping my tears with a handkerchief*

Franklin: Don't tell me what to do girl! *puffed up my chest and walked away* I'm a man...and men don't listen to women! We do what we want and when we want to!

Ulanda: Excuse me?

My wife was now standing behind with this look on her face as if I was going to get smacked into the Grim Reaper's arms.

Franklin: Ahem.... *walking away*

I sat in front on the bride's side and watched everyone enjoy talking to each other. My mind raced on what was next for my life, what should my wife and I do next....should we retire and move? I didn't want to leave until my daughter was settled at her new place. John was a nice boy, he spend the nights at our place and even offered to pay for my daughter's intuition to college. I knew he was perfect for her, he even offered to pay for my son's funeral and still to this day thinks he should have. Joana was going to marry a fine gentleman, I think I'm ready to give her away.

The wedding was about to start and Joana was out in the back with Katherine and the other two bridesmaids.

Katherine: Ya know I hate that dress....

Joana: Shut up! My mother made me this dress and I'll wear it if I want to!

-Ulanda running into the room-

Ulanda: Joana quick! *throws me a new better looking dress* There is cameramen out there and they are going to take pictures! Wear the dress my mother gave me!

Joana: What?!?!? How come you did-

Katherine: Shut up and put the dress on! *laughing*

Joana: Saints really take lots of pictures of their weddings?

Katherine: I'm gonna marry one soon so I guess so....

-Organ playing begins-

I headed in back and went and walked her down the aisle to her husband's side. The two exchanged vows and then kissed, Joana seemed to look like she glowed. My wife was bawling her eyes out, the bridesmaids were fighting for the bouquet except Bella and Katherine who were having their own fight in the corner. John was being congratulated by his family and his brothers kept teasing him about having children and the possibility of my daughter becoming fat an unattra-...HEY!

The wedding ended up being a success and those pictures came out well. Both John and Joana hope you enjoyed their short wedding story, now read the others if you have time! :)

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