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Henson Wedding (Part one)
Name: Henson Wedding (Part one)
Series: The Sunsets Today
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 4/6/12

Next chapter: Finale

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Before the big day of John Saint and Joana Saint's wedding, some alterations happens and behind the scenes of the people aren't looking too pretty. What will happen on the day of wedding?

Chapter One: Will you marry me? (John's POV)Edit

Today is the day I'll ask her! John kept repeating this thought in his head, he planned on marrying Joana after the end of school and today was the day. He was a bit nervous to even think what he should say or do to make it wonderful. I'm marrying my best friend! I thought we would never fall in love....John was at home sitting the living room with his hands on his face. He was tired, he had worked an 10 hour case on a mystery about a missing Sim from Starlight Shores and coming to realize the missing Sim was just on vacation. What a waste of time, I think I need a shower before I head back off to the station.

In came Matthew who was keeping his head in a book as he maintained his posture walking like a snobbish gentleman.

Matthew: Oh, headed back to work are you?

Matthew was a bit of a snob but he would never admit this. He was the middle child but also the brains out of the three boys, their parents always relied on him with money and business. Matthew closed the book and settled in on the coffee table.

Matthew: Can you do me a favor brother? I need to drop off these papers at City Hall but I have some other tasks to deal with and have no time to drop them off myself.

John: What?! I just got home AND I have to go straight back in about an hour! I can't do that go ask someone else!

As I made my way out the room Matthew stopped me and pulled me around by my shoulders. He looked a bit tense and glared at me like he did with others who didn't respond to him like he wanted. Why was I afraid of him? We were just two years apart, he wasn't as strong as I was. I couldn't help but to be frightened by him, Matthew was a political man and was also loved by the community through charitable donations to local shops and small businesses.

Matthew: Listen to me, I just asked for you to drop off some papers. You don't have to be so...UGH! Just do this for me before things become much more difficult than it is!

John: Fine, now get your hands off me.

Matthew let go of me and proceeded to read the book he placed down again. I was frightened that he was going to become a Political monster like our father was. Matthew was already running the family's secret, neither Isaiah nor I was told about this and yet it seemed that out parents favored him over us.

After 12 I had left the mansion and arrived at the station, Justine Keaton was leaning over an officer's desk scooping out his computer just to be a bit nosy.

John: Hey! What are you doing? You know you can get into trouble for snooping around! *placing my hand on her shoulder*

Justine: *turning around quickly* Oh John! Psh, I'm not snooping around!

She was head of the department but never set a good example for others. Justine's temper was the only thing that made us from going up against her, she was chief for a reason. She was well suited for the job than Hank Goddard.

Justine: Listen John, I heard from someone you're planning on proposing to Miss Henson.

John: *giving Justine a blank expression* Boss.... you gossip?

Justine: I may not like being around others that much but still I am a woman, and us woman like to hear some nice gossip.

John: Yeah well its true, but work seems to keep getting in the way.

Justine: Than run off an go do it now, I'll cover for you.

John: Really? Boss your awesome! *shaking her hand*

This day was getting a little better, all I had to do now was drop off the papers Matthew gave me and head off to meet Joana. At City Hall I headed towards the Mayor's office but was stopped by security and just handed off the papers to them.

John: Please give theses to your...master.

The two officers gave a serious look as if they said 'Get out you simpleton!' I wanted to laugh but forgot I had to find Joana and meet up with her to announce the engagement. I called Joana who was just getting out of work and told her to meet me at the pool behind the working friend's house. She agreed and I drove as fast as I could to the meeting spot. It was dark but I could tell this was the perfect time, the sky was full of stars and pool water was crystal clear and shined of those stars.

Joana: John? Hey whats up? *walking right up to him*

I was nervous and my hands trembled, she was so beautiful. If she said yes she would make me extremely happy for the rest of my life. I kneeled to the ground and started to say the words.

John: Joana, will you marry me?

She was shocked and began to cry, I knew she had said yes.

Chapter Two: The Spider and the Praying Mantis (Katherine's POV)Edit

Katherine: How dare you say such foul things Bella!

Another argument between the now bitter Frenemies, Bella and Katherine escalate into more drama in Bella's backyard.

Bella: How dare I what? You certainly think I want to marry Mortimer for his Simoleons? Woman you were my friend! I would never do such a thing!

Katherine: You said this to me a month ago and now you repeat yourself again and lie in my face about it! Bella you have no intention on marrying Mortimer because of love! You just want to be close to money!

Bella: Oh and your dating Matthew for his money huh? Don't make accuses towards others when you haven't looked at yourself Ms.Heart.

Bella walked away back into her house and slammed the door. Bella you miserable piece of sh-. I was cut off by Micheal who was coming out from the door Bella slammed with a box of old clothing he used to wear.

Micheal: Ah Kathy!

Katherine: Micheal...*with little emotion*

Micheal: What is with the tone of your voice? You seem a little down.

I couldn't tell Micheal about what his sister was doing, it was none of his business and I didn't want to upset him.

Katherine: Oh...nothing. *walking away inside the house*

Micheal turned to watch me leave and went back to his box. I walked in on Bella now chatting on the phone with Mortimer. She was discussing about the marriage and where they should have it. I couldn't bare watching my love marry such an awful woman! Bella was my friend....someone I trusted...but when we became older, she changed....a lot.

Bella hanged up the phone and turned my way.

Bella: Kathy you haven't answered my question, Do you think your dating Matthew only because he's rich or for love?

Katherine: Love of course! My family has money as well! My mother was a vampire and vampires live on stacks of Simoleons! Plus my father is an all time chef! How could you think I'm dating Matthew for his money?!

Bella: Well then don't make assumptions about me then...*smirking*

Katherine: *grabbing a knife and showing it off in Bella's face* You hurt Mortimer....I will come for you, do you understand?

Bella was afraid of Katherine, the two knew they would never really hurt each other. But Bella knew if Katherine would lay a finger on her old best friend, she'll find someone to do it for her. Bella smacked the knife out of her hand and told Katherine to get out.

I left looking back at her, she stood in the window of her room and watched me walk away. These arguments of ours was going on since we found out when both of us liked Mortimer. I thought she had a simple crush like I did at first but romance blossomed when we eased dropped on a conversation he had with a group of friends in high school about liking a certain girl in school. Come to figure out it was BELLA and the two started dating the next day. I hated her...I was jealous she had Mortimer...I hated her because everyone never suspected her of doing wrong. If only someone saw her for what she really was....

Arriving back at home my mother said Joana left me an urgent message and was to call her back immediately.

Katherine: *speaking in the phone with Joana* What is it Josie?

Joana:....Katherine....I'm getting MARRIED! *squealing like a child*

Katherine: Marriage?! Already? I never knew John was the type you CAN marry, he seems so....energetic ya' know?

Joana: I know I know! I'm hosting a bachelorette party at the chapel were getting married at, come there at 5 okay?

Katherine: Ugh don't mention "Bachelor"....Wait at 5? Today? Joana I- *click*

Joana hanged up quickly, she was just too excited about her engagement to John. I was happy she was getting married to him, they seem so perfect for each other. I shouldn't wait any longer, it's almost 4 I should get dressed and head out, I know which church she is talking about.

-At the Church-

I rolled up in my father's car to the chapel, Manny's 24/7 Dive Bar and Chapel. Manny was such a little prick. He was always scheming on poor unsuspecting Sims in Sunset Valley, but he has ties with the Saint family since it was Matthew who bailed him out of jail and gave him another chance. Matthew,..people say your evil but you still have a heart. You and Mortimer may be enemies but still you wouldn't hurt him in anyway, you see him as another brother...don't you love?

I pulled my self together and walked in, Bella was sitting at a table with Victoria Andrews stuffing her face. I decided not to interact with her and keep my eye on making Joana happy on her bachelorette party.

Joana: Kathy! Oh my my goodness I'm glad your here! *placing her arms around me* Look at that! *pointing to two male party entertainers* I knew you had to do something with them!

Katherine: Wait me?!? I have no ide-

Ulanda: It was actually me dear..

Joana: MOM?!

Ulanda: I called them to spice this party up!

Both Joana and I turned our heads away to the entertainers to avoid speaking back at her.

Joana: I've heard you and Bella are in...a disagreement?

Katherine: Yes...but I-

Joana: Go over to her and settle this out..I don't want my friends starting a ruckus on my special day.

She was right, I had to settle an agreement to keep our little dispute down until after her wedding. Then after that I'll just corner her in the bathroom and beat her down. I went and grabbed a plate of food and sat next to her at the table, she was chatting with Victoria who seemed to have gone deaf and wasn't making eye contact at all with her.

Katherine: Bella....can we agree to keep quiet about our talk quiet until after this wedding?

Bella: Sure, but then what? Will you come again at me and attack me?

Katherine: You should talk. *now chewing on some turkey*

Bella: Hm, okay. Well now that we are talking can I ask you of something?

Katherine: What?

Bella: How about we both put our names on both of our gifts to Joana and John at their wedding?

I was going to take the spoon out my mouth and shove it down her throat, but Victoria was near us and I didn't want anyone to witness me attack her.

Katherine: Your serious right? *glaring up at her*

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