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Bella Goth versus Katherine Saint
Serious Look
Name: Bella Goth versus Katherine Saint
Series: The Sunsets Today
Written by: Starmoonie
Release date: 6/20/12

Next chapter: Bella Goth versus Katherine Saint Conclusion

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Bella and Katherine have always had a huge hatred for each other after Bella's marriage to Mortimer, but the two never actually fought each other until their husbands decided to plan the two a vacation for the two together.

Note: That picture will be changed -,-

Chapter OneEdit

-Arriving in Champs Le Sims-

Bella:; Man I can not believe Mortimer thought I wanted to go on a vacation for Mother's day with her!

Katherine: Oh man I hope she better stay on her of the room.

The two were anxious to get this trip over with so they can go home back to their families. Bella sat next a queen sized bed since she thought it was much more comfortable than the other bed they hotel gave her. Katherine watched how Bella was happy to unpack her things, it almost seem she didn't have a care iin the world if she didn't even get to go home.

Katherine: Bella dear....are you serious? The hotel specifically gave us the other beds for a reason.

Bella: Oh stop being such a goody-two-shoes Kathy, oh remember that? Kathy!

Katherine: Hmph..

Bella: Oh come on Kathy, we used to be best friends until Mortimer....why can't we go back to the way things were?

Katherine: Oh I don't know Belle maybe it's because I found out you loved his money more than him! Bella, I know Mortimer is kind of naive but please don't mess with the man's heart. A woman can never get over heart break but a man takes it a little bit more seriously....

Bella: You don't know that...

Katherine oh yeah...ask your brother and Holly rejecting him.

Chapter TwoEdit

-In the Nectary-

Bella and Katherine took some time and sampled the Nectar in the factory but eventually a small conversation broke out into something bigger.

Katherine: Hey Belle...I was thinking about what yo said last night...I want us to be friends again.

Bella: That's great Kare Bear! *similing*

Katherine: Don't call me that! We were friends like that! *laughs*

The two we now getting closer to becoming friends again but Bella said the worng thing to turn everything into mud.

Bella: Hey Katherine, If your accusing me of loving Mortimer because of his money...then why do you love him?

Katherine: Mortimer was the first boy I met who actually liked my voice besides my father. He didn't laugh or called me names because it was squeaky, he found it cute.

Bella: Yeah but that when we were kids, Mortimer doesn't talk about you now.

Katherine: Who said he had to? And why would he talk about another woman in front of his wife?!

Bella: Then why would you think he would leave me for you!


Bella: Face it Katherine you know you were thinking about it and you know It will never happen! I mean you obviously married Matthew for money.

Katherine: Ha! I have inheritance from my family, you barely get anything from yours since you isolated your family from you life until the few months of their deaths.

Bella: HOW DARE YOU! my family was important to me I would never do something like that!

Katherine: Oh yes you would.

The two kept arguing back and forth until a local came to them and told them the place was closing and that the two should exit. The women glared at each other the whole ride back to their hotel room.

Chapter ThreeEdit

That night Katherine was awake on the balcony of the hotel room not wanting to be in same room as her. Bella came out to see her to try to talk some sense in her to come inside since it was going to rain.

Bella: Kathy please come ins-

Katherine: Oh shut up, don't come out here acting like you care if I get wet because you know you'll just end up wanting to act like the good girl.

Bella: Good? Katherine my life is full of father lost his job because he couldn't keep up so my bro-

Katherine: What? Don't give me that...Bella your father cheated on your mother with a co-worker and then he tried to brake the relationship off with her because he knew he really loved your mother deep down. So that woman got mad and fired him out of the result, you are using your father for your sorrow. know I feel sorry for you. You always think your better than me! YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE GOOD GIRL WHILE I'M LOOKED AT AS THE HUSSY!

Katherine: YOU ARE A HUSSY!

Bella slapped Katherine across the face with fury, katherine knew she'd do that and she went and slapped her back. The two were soon enough brawling on the balconey for everyone to see. Lucky for them no one was out at the time to see them, Bella dn Katherine was soon trying to pull each other's hair out but then the rain came pouring on them and the two broke it up.

Katherine: *panting* I swear that I'll expose you of what a liar you are!

Bella: *catching her breath* Yeah...L-let's see....

End of this part.

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