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Sw0rd Family
Cycl0n3 and Crystal 10
Name Sw0rd Family
Number of generations 3 generations

Every story has to have a beginning. This one starts in Sunset Valley and involves a young reporter named Cycl0n3 Sw0rd and the newcomer to the town, Crystal Tillman. Cycl0n3 was well known around town for his interesting yet controversial stories. Crystal came from Bridgeport to ensue a career in science, which was her passion.

Cycl0n3 was sitting at the park practicing his chess one day when he looked up and saw a beautiful girl looking confused and was walking across the park. He asked if he could help her. She told him that she was new and was wondering where most people hung out since she wanted to meet new people. Cycl0n3 told her the park was a good place and he introduced himself as Cycl0n3 Sw0rd. Crystal remarked at how interesting his name was. He told her that it was his gaming name and that he hated his real name. There was something about this young man that intrigued Crystal, but she couldn't say what. Maybe it was his appearance, or maybe it was something more. The more Cycl0n3 talked to her, the more she wanted to know more about him. She found out that he worked at Doo Peas Corporate Tower as an Investigative Reporter. Crystal informed him that she was new to town and just got employed as a Test Subject at the Landgraab Industries Science Facility, but what she really wanted to be was a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder and then perhaps a Mad Scientist. That made Cycl0n3 give her an odd glance due to the reputation of Mad Scientists as being mentally unstable. Crystal dismissed that claim and told him she had to go home since it was late and she was tired. Cycl0n3 asked Crystal for her phone number and Crystal complied happily. Her first friend in this new town. How exciting!

A few days later, to Crystal's surprise, she received a call from Cycl0n3 asking her on a date. She accepted and they went to the Little Corsican Bistro. The food there was delicious and Cycl0n3 and Crystal had a wonderful time talking and getting to know each other better. Afterward, Cycl0n3 made fun of Crystal's appearance, which at first put Crystal off, but she then told him how she knew that she wasn't pretty, but hoped to find someone who could accept her in spite of her appearance. Cycl0n3 then surprised Crystal with a kiss on her lips. She was shocked since he just insulted her and now he was kissing her. She kissed him back and knew that this was the guy for her. After the kiss, he then made fun of her voice, in which Crystal joked and made her voice even lower, making her sound funny. Cycl0n3 laughed and then asked Crystal if they could go steady. Crystal accepted and then Cycl0ne kissed her good night.

After a few dates, Crystal asked Cycl0n3 to move in with her, in which he agreed. Crystal was so elated since she was deeply in love with Cycl0n3. Crystal knew this was the right move. After a few months, and with them happily living together, Crystal announced her promotion to Creature-Robot Cross Breeder, which was one job position lower than Mad Scientist. That wasn't the only surprise Crystal had- she then proposed marriage to Cycl0n3, much to his surprise. He accepted and they were finally engaged.

A year later, they were married in a private ceremony and Crystal finally became a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder and then later a Mad Scientist, while Cycl0n3 was a Star News Anchor. Due to hard work on both sides, they made it to the top of their careers. They lived happily together for many years, enjoying each others' company. They eventually had enough money to buy themselves a beautiful large house, which was an upgrade from the small house they had previously. There they spent many more years in happy marriage, enjoying everyday with each other.

After a long while, they decided to have a baby, so they tried and succeeded. Cycl0n3 wanted a boy, while Crystal was unsure what she wanted. To her, she just wanted a baby. She had very bad nausea during the first part of the pregnancy and had a lot of cravings. After a successful pregnancy, she had a baby girl named Veronica. Veronica had the friendly trait of her mother and the genius trait from both parents. She was a very good baby who behaved very well and was loved dearly by both Crystal and Cycl0n3.

When Veronica was two years old, Crystal and Cycl0n3 decided to have another child. While they both wanted a boy, they knew they would be happy with whatever they got. They could still dream, right? Crystal had a much easier pregnancy this time. She only had mild nauseousness and a few cravings. Her main complaint was that her back hurt almost all the time. To both of their surprise, they had a baby girl. They named her Victoria. She was a very fussy little baby who always wanted the attention of her parents. Cycl0n3 and Crystal loved her dearly.

While Veronica did very well in school and had an easy time with her homework, Victoria struggled and while she still got an A, she had to work very hard for it. They both looked up to their parents, but Veronica was closer to her mother, while Victoria was closer to her father.

Time passed and the two girls are now teenagers. While Veronica knows what she wants in life, Victoria is uncertain as to her future.

Crystal and Cycl0n3 finally decided to have two more children. They wanted a boy. Their third child was a beautiful baby girl named Vanessa. She was a very good baby. When she was still a baby, Crystal was pregnant with her fourth child. To everyone's surprise, this baby was a boy and they named him Vincent. After all this time, the family felt complete. Crystal was so happy with all of her children. She eventually became a grandmother when her youngest daughter, Vanessa had her baby named Cyrus. The house was starting to get a tad bit cramped with everyone living there, but they were a very happy family.

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