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Susan Richest
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'After going to college, Susan learned her real passion - cooking. She wants to finish her art major, become a cook and then prepare delicious meals for her old mother, and someday for her future children maybe...'
Name Susan Richest
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Education and Employment
Major Art.png Art
Year Freshmen
Parents Mrs. Richest, Richard RichestAdoptive
Romances Dirk Dreamer Ex-lover, Hugo Gonçalves Lovers
Child(ren) Bailey Richest Daughter
Zodiac sign Cancer.png Cancer
Aspiration  Family
Lifetime want
Have 6 Grandchildren.png Have 6 Grandchildren
Turn ons
Fitness.png Fitness
Skill Cooking.png Great Cook
Turn off Lycanthropy.png Lycanthropy
Hair color TS2 Red Hair.png Red
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes.png Grey
Skin color Skin-medium.png Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 University Icon.png The Sims 2: University
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Académie Le Tour
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Susan Richest (aka Susie) is the only and adopted daughter of Mrs. and Richard Richest. She is the heiress of her old mother's fortune.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Birth to child years[edit | edit source]

As a toddler, she was mostly raised by her mother, since her father was always going to the hot tub with other women, such as Nina Caliente. Her family also had the company of a maid, Lucy Hanby, a gardener, Calista Desprest, a butler, Zack Carr, and a nanny, Karen Gast.

She grew up very happy and made best friends with her mother. She quickly learned that her mother was a science addict and couldn't stop looking through the telescope. She became excited to learn about her mother's job, so she taught her some things. Susan also went shopping with her. She bought Susan "thousands" of clothes at Pleasantview's Downtown.

Some tension aroused between her mother and father since she grew older, but her parents quickly amended, even though her mother had found out Richard cheating on her. Susan witnessed the cheating. There was no hope for the couple and they divorced. Susan was furious and desperate, her mother tried to consolate her, but she couldn't. Susan started visiting her father's new home, where he was always partying with his lovers and friends, and she robbed his paper and threw his garbage away very often.

Later, her mother invited the headmaster to dinner in the house in order to get Susan in the local's private school. After the dinner, she ended up being accepted. This was a very happy event for the family. She got the best grades at school and she loved to do her homework because she was rather quick, as she had been successfully taught to study by her mother. At the new school, she also met Chloe Gonzaga, Lucy Burb and Marsha Bruenig.

Without Susan noticing, her mother got abducted by aliens at night while looking through the telescope, her favorite hobby. Susan also got abducted one time, unlike her mother, she disliked it. She finally realized that she would never be a scientist like her mother.

Due to her excellent grades, Susan was offered a gift by her mother, it was a television! She was very happy about it and placed the gift in her bedroom. She enjoyed watching movies, especially the ones that involved Drama, her mother preferred Science fiction ones, though.

Susan made friends with Chloe Gonzaga and Marsha Bruenig, and the three were inseparable, she brought them home many times to eat cake and talk.

Her mother bought a giant plant, named cowplant, which was apparently a gentle plant. But for some reason, her mother feared to have Susan close to it, so she tried to avoid getting her close.

Susan invited her nanny Karen Gast, her friends Chloe and Marsha, her father and Cassandra Goth, who was the recent friend of her mother, for the birthday party. Unfortunately, her best friends couldn't come, and the party happened to be a boredom, she didn't really get along with adults. However, she grew up very well. hahahaha

Teenage years and College[edit | edit source]

After growing up, Susan became a Family Sim. She bought, at Downtown, new clothes: many new dresses, tops, jeans and she later chose, at home, the clothing she would wear. She also dyed her hair brown with blonde highlights, and started wearing a long blue and flowery dress, opposed to her previous styling, mostly yellow.

Susan was more conscious about her mother's age, and she feared becoming an orphan or getting to college and leave her mother, dying alone. She exposed her concerns and Mrs. Richest comforted her by buying the Elixir of Life and drinking glasses of it.

When her mother invited Cassandra, married to Darren Dreamer, Dirk also came, whom Susan immediately considered a very attractive boy and very special. She befriended him and had her first kiss with him - a very special moment that as a family Sim she would never forget. She realized she was in love with him. She also learned he was very rebellious - the next night he invited her to sneak out, which she, hesitantantly, accepted. However, she feared her mother's reaction if they were caught. After all, the police caught them and took her back home, leaving her frustrated. Unlike what she had thought, her rigid mother understood.

By talking to her colleagues, she discovered that Dirk, her love, was going steady with Lilith Pleasant. This broke her heart, and she felt empathy for Lilith who was known to be the unhappiest girl in the town, and Susan couldn't take away the only person that girl might actually like in her life - Dirk. She broke up with Dirk, but forgave him for his betrayal.

Susan then thought of going to college: she was the best student in her class, was in the honor roll and had three scholarships. She was only afraid to leave her fragile mother alone and she would miss her. She didn't know what to choose for a speciality as well.

She finally decided to study in Académie Le Tour using her three scholarships. Mrs agreed with the choice, but cried over her leave. Susan waved farewell and was taken away by her father. They arrived at a dormitory where she had chosen to live and Richard then went away, crying. There, she changed her appearance: bought some new clothes, grew her hair and didn't dye it. While working at the kitchen with the employer at the dormitory she realized her real talent and passion - cooking! Therefore, she chose the art major, to later have access to the culinary career.

At university she didn't socialize that much as she was afraid of Social Bunny, she still talked to her roommates, though.

She did all her homeworks and the final project. Whenever she worked too hard or too much, she remembered her mother. So, she rang up to her everyday for a conversation.

Hugo Gonçalves, a teen from Pleasantview also came to university and joined Susan's community. He was a fitness enthusiastic. He flirted with her and they got a date that ran well, it was her first date and besides that, a dream date! She was absolutely enchanted. They made out and, later, woohooed for the first time. She got even happier and dreamed of marrying him and having hundreds and thousands of kids.

She rose to a 20/20 average on the semester and got a 20 grade in the final exam. This made her earn one more scholarship and got into the honor roll. She also worked a lot to keep up the appearances as well.

Her partner chose to dedicate himself to fitness while she dedicated herself to studies. The two had much fun together and the university years were being wonderful, till Susan discovered that she was pregnant (originally using Tombstone of Life and Death). Hugo was shocked and saddened by this, but Susan wasn't, it was a dream coming true, perhaps too early, though. She would have to sacrifice much time for the child, which could make her grades decline. Hugo didn't actually study to his exam. He got an 11 on it.

Bailey was born after Susan had completed her final project, Susan was delighted, but she worried to tell it to her parents, so she kept it a secret. Her fear of the conflict between motherhood and studies came true unfortunately, but she tried her best. However, she learned how to raise children thanks to some book tips.

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