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This is a page for the authors of Survival Island to contribute ideas. It contains spoilers so don't scroll down unless you want to ruin the surprise.


Chapter Author Chapter Release Date Done?
Chapter 18 Hurshbr Thursday 1 August Yes
Chapter 19 Blue12porcupine Monday 5 August Yes
Chapter 20 Spell-Caster Jr Thursday 8 August No

People ContestingEdit

People Contesting Riverview Barnacle Bay Hiddden Springs Luna Lakes Sunlit Tides Monte Vista Aurora Skies Sunset Valley Twinbrook Bridgeport Appaloosa Plains Starlight Shores Moonlight Falls
Person 1 Bob Newbie Bart Inkbeard Emmit Preston Carly Benton Piper Sparks Hudson Thomas Cassidy Wrede Holly Alto Jade Greenwood Kaitlen Ashenburg
Person 2 Laurel Grisby Jonah Lai Sidney Shawkti Jax Benton Ethan Tanner Khang Seng Karen Helgason VJ Alvi Chase Bayless Bronson Littler
Person 3 Maximus McDermott Serena Abe Charles Winterly Jareth Alto Sahan Diwan Teresa DeLuca Arvid Oss Lisa Bunch Newton Baker Jett Atkins
Person 4

Betty Simovitch

Patty Abe Annie Tong Christa Landgraab Abrianna King Rosaria Stefani Edvin Oss Michael Bachelor Shark Racket Elspeth Cook

Writers so far: Blue12porcupine, Spell-Caster Jr and Hurshbr (Contact Blue12porcupine if you want to join)

Characters Death LogEdit

  • Jonah Lai (murded by Maximus)
  • Maximus McDermott (exiled then died by Hunger)
  • Emmit Preston (ambushed by Barncle bay people)
  • Sidney Shawkti (ditto)
  • Charles Winterly (ditto)
  • Serana Abe (murdered by Patty Abe)
  • Christa Landgraaab (accindently killed by Carly Benton)
  • Jax Benton (Frightened by the ghost of Christa Landgraab)
  • Laurel Grisby (murdered by Cruz Mantigale)
  • Jacoby Grubb (metorite purposly killed by Alexander) 
  • Annie Tong (murdered by Elspeth Cook)
  • Elspeth Cook (murdered by Brian)
  • Holly Alto (Plague from Grim baby)

Approved IdeasEdit

  • This becomes a trilogy, ending with Alex II overthrowing his father and returning the land to normal.
  • He has a clone son - already written
  • Pearl Inkbeard as Alexander Nanny and she has a brother contesting, she could talk sense into Alexander II and could in the end help overthrow Alexander I 
  • Jonai Lai is sent to find food by the Barncle Bay people, he comes back and gives them the food where they run off and he looks to Riverview people for help. Max kills him and then he exiled by Riverview people and dies by hunger
  • When the Hidden Springs ship crahsed Annie hides in the ship scared and frightened, the other come out the ship and are ambushed and killed, Annie Tong comes out and survives
  • Carly and Jax agree to kill the rest of Lunar lake people when they are asleep, but Carly falls in love with Jareth. Jax tries to Jareth but Carly snatched the spear off and accidently kill by Carly. Jax is exiled and dies of fright when seeing the ghost of Christa
  • Laurel falls in love with Jacoby. Cruz doesn't want them to love each other and kills Laurel. Jacoby find a mega-phone and rants about Alexander cruel ways, he killed by a metorite. There is a small rebel but it is crushed in weeks
  • Elspeth Cook falls in love with the Grim Reaper and the Grim tells her to go a killing spree, she has a baby with the grim, but gets killed by Brian. Brian takes the baby to Sunnyset people were Holly hides it and looks after it, but the baby is curse. Its spreads the plague to Holly whos dies. Grim turns the baby into a child so she can look after herself. She goes on a killing spree

Ideas waiting for ApprovalEdit

  • Carly Benton's mother, Dahlia Benton, breaks in to Alexandra I's place and kidnaps Alexandra II to make Alexandra I let Carly out of the game
  • Halfway through the fight they could enter a wild beast onto the island, forcing the sims to find shelter, then someone could be killed by it
  • A pack of people could come acroos a greenhouse, full of plants and food. They all so hungry and the food is poinsououns, one sees a cake and eats but gets eaten by a cowplant another eats toxix jellybean and die. They leave of sadness and then another selfish team come in and drink the milk and they turn into an elder and die of old age, whilst another doesn't drink enough and turns into a baby
  • One could accumulate a megaphone and start shouting to Alexander saying he is tyant and Alexander could kill him
  • One could fall in quicksand and get buried alive
  • The water could electocute you and kill you
  • They could be a forest fire and kill a few
  • There could also be a blizzard and die of freezing
  • One could get struct by lightning
  • In the water one get kill by a shark or kraken
  • A couple die of thirst and starvation
  • A group of people could find an underground ancient tomb, they could go inside, one could die of a mummies curse, some could die being buried alive, one could be cursed into a toad and get eaten and one could die of transmutation
  • The vampire could die of sunlight
  • A couple could die of a hail storm
  • A plague could break out and some could die
  • One could electrocuted by a gnome
  • They could be a killer attack of flies
  • Some could get frighten by ghosts
  • One could die of falling Satellite, money or meteorite
  • One mental sim could die from running around with scissors
  • One could fall in a wishing well

Unpublished ChaptersEdit

Chapter 23 - The New ArrivalsEdit

Cassidy Wrede stood at the stern of the Aurora Skies ship. She was enjoying this cruise and loved the cool sea air. Soon, Karen Helgason appeared beside her. The two began talking, but then Cassidy noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

Lisa Bunch was feeling sea sick. She hung on the bars of the railing as hard as she could. Suddenly, someone screamed. Turning around, she saw Holly Alto staring off the front of the ship. Everyone looked forward, to see they were heading towards another ship. Michael Bachelor knew they couldn't turn in time, so he ran to the captain. The others barely had time to run for cover as the ship collided with the other.

Arvid and Edvin Oss were almost thrown of the deck as another ship crashed right into theirs. They saw Cassidy and Karen running towards the railing. They didn't have time to stop them as the girls jumped off. Knowing it was the only way to survive, they jumped too. After swimming for what seemed an hour, they noticed an island in the distance. With new hope, they swam as fast as they could.

Lisa awoke on a strange island. She noticed the others laying beside her, and woke them up. VJ Alvi headed off into a jungle with Holly to find food. Lisa stayed with Michael to find any drift wood they could use for tools. “It’s useless” Michael mumbled. Lisa screamed. Michael ran over to her to see four teenagers swimming through the ocean towards them. They looked angry, so Lisa and Michael fled into the jungle to find Holly and VJ.

Cassidy looked up to see a boy and a girl running into a jungle. “Look, there are others!” she shouted to Arvid, who was ahead of her. Everyone looked up, and were filled with new hope. When they waded onto the beach, they decided to go find those people, and hopefully others as well.

Lisa was running for her life. She didn’t stop to turn around. Only stopping when she was out of breath.. Looking around, she realised she was lost. “Michael!” she called. No answer. She began walking forward, but slipped and tumbled down a steep slope. She blacked out.

It was getting dark. Edvin decided that they all sleep in the trees to be safe. They all climbed up, and soon fell asleep. The island was silent. No one heard the package parachute from the sky. No one heard the ticking from inside.

Chapter 24 - ReunionEdit

Karen Helgason awoke first. As she got up, she froze, only just remembering they were high up in a tree. Shaking the others, they woke up slowly. Arvid Oss was climbing down when he spotted it. High up in a tree opposite to theirs, a harpoon and two daggers. He knew he had to get them. Arvid jumped; and barely grabbed the branch. He scrambled up the tree, and was about to grab the weapons, when Cassidy Wrede screamed. A huge tidal wave was crashing through the jungle, destroying everything in its path, and was heading their way. The wave hit Arvid's tree first. He only had time to see his brother, Edvin, fall into the rushing water, as he flushed out of the jungle.

Annie Tong woke up floating in sea water. Looking around, she noticed she was just at the edge of the jungle. Swimming back to her shipwreck, she noticed it was starting to float away. Heading into it, she grabbed her few possessions, her bow and arrows, her water bottle, and a few apples she had found, and headed out. As if by luck, Annie noticed a small lifeboat at the bottom of the shipwreck. Wondering how she had not spotted it earlier, she carefully lifted it out and set it onto the water. She put her items on board, and started rowing around the island, looking for others.

Holly Alto was struggling to stay above the water. VJ Alvi gave her a nearby branch to hold onto. It helped a little. The two stopped talking as they saw a girl rowing a life boat not so far away. The agreed to hijack the boat and swim away in it. When they were right beside it, VJ climbed on board. His weight made the boat unbalanced, and Annie Tong fell off, into the water. As VJ helped Holly onto the boat, a spear ripped through his chest. He fell face down into the ocean. Holly screamed. As she turned around, she saw Maximus McDermott standing on a floating log, with Patty Abe beside him. Holly jumped into the water, but before she could get away, Patty's knife lodged itself in her throat. Patty landed onto Annie's boat, and spotted someone swimming away from them. Maximus jumped after Annie Tong, and caught up to her. He held her under the water until she stopped moving. Maximus climbed onto the boat, and the two rowed away. Annie's lifeless body floated out to sea.

The water was rising. Michael Bachelor rose to the surface and headed to some logs that were wedged between some rocks. He climbed up and sat on them, thinking about what had happened. Suddenly he heard his name being called. He noticed Lisa Bunch swimming towards him, and he held out his hand to grab her. As he helped her up, a harpoon struck his heart. He fell forwards, onto Lisa. She pushed him off, and looked for his killer. Arvid Oss stood on a large rock, staring at Lisa. She took the ninja star she had found on the jungle floor out her pocket and threw it towards Arvid. It slit his throat and he fell into the ocean. The water around him turned scarlet. Lisa swam towards him and took two daggers out of his pockets. She swam away.

The island went silent. All that was heard was a ticking noise. Lisa saw them first. A boy and two girls. The boy was holding a box. The source of the ticking.

Bob Newbie stood with Laurel Grisby and Betty Simovitch on the last part of the island above sea level. In his hands held a bomb. A bomb that was set to go off in 5 minutes. Out of nowhere, Lisa Bunch grabbed the bomb and swam as fast as she could away from them. Laurel jumped in after her. Betty then saw Annie Tong's body float next to her, and stole her bow and arrows. Aiming carefully, she shot Lisa through the neck. As Laurel was about to reach the bomb, a rowboat sailed beside her and a boy put the bomb on the boat. As Laurel looked up, she saw it was Maximus McDermott. Her face filled with happiness when she saw him. Laurel held out her hand, so Maximus could pull her up, but Maximus ignored her and rowed the boat away. Laurel noticed a girl sitting beside him.

Karen Helgason rose to the surface. Screaming for the others, she noticed a girl and boy standing on the remaining part of the island. Looking around for something to use, she spotted a spear. Karen threw it, and it punctured the girl's leg, Betty Simovitch collapsed to the ground, with Bob rushing to help her. Karen silently swam over to them, and grabbed Bob's neck. The two wrestled on the ground, until Karen forced him into the ocean. The two kept fighting, while Betty bled out alone. Cassidy Wrede watched as Karen fought a boy in the ocean. She rushed in to help, but a silver arrow pierced her skull. Betty had managed to grab her bow, and aimed the next arrow at Karen. She fired, but Bob got in the way. Betty, managed to call his name before the arrow hit him. As Betty opened her eyes, she saw Bob swimming over to her, with Karen's body floating away. Bob had managed to move just in time, and now helped Betty with her leg.

Maximus knew he could use the bomb to his advantage. Him and Patty rowed quickly towards the centre of the now, fully sunken island. Halfway there, Patty screamed. Edvin Oss had jumped onto their boat. Before Maximus could attack him, Laurel Grisby closed her hands around his neck. Patty grabbed a knife, and lunged for Edvin, but Bob Newbie and Betty Simovitch tackled her into the water. The group kept fighting until the bomb started beeping. 30 seconds left. Edvin grabbed it and threw it as hard as he could. Laurel and Bob grabbed the oars and rowed for their life.

Jade Greenwood stood at the prow of the Twinbrook ship. Shark Racquet joined her, but noticed something flying towards the boat. Behind it, lay the remains of an island, that had sunk under the sea. All four Twinbrook members gathered around the object. ...1. The ship exploded. Maximus McDermott closed his eyes as the explosion consumed them.

Chapter 25: ThwartedEdit

Patty Abe stood, watching the explosion with horror and anger. Maximus McDermott was dead. She ran behind a rock, hiding from the flaming shrapnel. Her revenge was over. Maximus had died. She couldn't avenge her sister and Bart, it was too late. She would get her revenge instead on whichever contestant had killed Max. She would just kill them all. It was obvious that she wouldn't stop screaming at herself for running and leaving Serena behind until she had gotten her revenge.


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