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Sunset Times
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Name: Sunset Times
Genre: Romance/Drama/Comedy
Created by: Starmoonie
Rating: PG-13
Number of chapters: Unknown

Original run: 7/24/12
Status: Running

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Owen Howard has moved into Sunset Valley when his parents needed to find new jobs and a bigger place to live. As far as he knows of, Sunset Valley is now under going some changes after a meteor struck the school two months before summer vacation. But now it is the start of summer for everyone and everyone is going through some deep emotional changes. Owen wants to be a famous writer and since the town is full of secrets, this is the place to get it from!


  • Owen Howard - Son of Scott and Liona Howard. Owen wants to be a famous writer or at least a librarian, he is known to get too nosy in others business.
  • Scott and Liona Howard - Owen's parents who just want their son to stay out of trouble and a girlfriend.
  • Mortimer Goth - Owen's closest friend. Mortimer is stuck between choosing Bella or Katherine to be his girlfriend and may eventually tell the two to take a hike since they constantly fight over him.
  • Bella Bachelor - The girl every boy wants in school. Bella is kind to a fault, she tends to use her beauty at times to get what she desires. Her best friend is Mortimer and her bff is Katherine even though the two fight for morty.
  • Matthew Saint - Enemy of Mortimer, Matthew is full of himself and wishes Mortimer and anyone related to just drop dead.
  • Katherine Heart - Bella's BFF and crush of Mortimer and Matthew, kathy is well known in town for dressing like an angel even though she has a dark side.
  • Alexander Goth - Son of Mortimer and Bella, Alex is a young intellect with an IQ over well...unknown yet.
  • Lucy Burb - Friends of both Nadia and Alex, Lucy is sweet and the type of girl to never be caught doing something evil. Lucy is also fighting with Nadia over Alex.
  • Nadia Saint - Daughter of Matthew and Katherine, Nadia is a genius and a sarcastic dark girl. She is often mistaken for the emo or goth type of Sim but she clearly just enjoys wearing dark colors.
  • Cecilia Mush - Daughter of Manny Jr. Mush and lover of all that is gold and sparkling. Cecilia is just as hot headed as Nadia but she just loves to be in spotlight in the eyes of Alex.
  • Atomia Zolft - A recent teacher of the now blown up school, Atomia wants nothing in her life but for things to go right. She was Holly Alto's old math tutor.
  • Principal Claudfield - The principal of the school and lover of all that is proper and technical. Claudfield is enemies with all parents who send their kids to private school.
  • The Group'e family - A family consisting of groupies.
  • And anyone else....



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