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Sunlit Tides
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A modern downtown gives way to a lush jungle sprinkled with exotic bungalows and waterfront vacation homes nestled between the gentle waves of the ocean and a sun kissed lagoon. Enjoy a picnic on the beach, plan a secret rendezvous at an island waterfall, or cozy up to a loved one in the shade of a palm tree and watch the sun sink into the sea. Will your Sims find true love, or just have fun trying?
Name Sunlit Tides
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Sunlit Tides is a neighborhood in The Sims 3, and it is a neighborhood that has some plot relevance to the fanon Time Paradox. Once a territory of SimNation, it was scouted by the Ecclesiarchy before an assassination of an important figure have shifted its allegiance to the Papal State.

Before Papal Control Edit

Sunlit Tides before its annexation by the Papal State seemed like a vacation paradise, having lush jungles, clean beaches, and plenty of resting spots to soothe a tired body. However, this beautiful appearance belied a rather grisly reality. While the criminal lord Alana Kahale hasn't blatantly ripped its residents off, her opponents saw conveniently unfortunate things happen to them. Of course, the government wasn't there to help: why should Kai help out those who may reveal the inner corruption of the local government? Because of this, new developments were limited, and all entrepreneurs were "persuaded" to pay protection fees, however small it was. The top law enforcer, Silas Allender, knew the conditions were bad. However, he was rendered powerless: Alana flouted all his espionage attempts, and Kai successfully kept the central SimNationian government away from Sunlit Tides as far as possible. Silas, having lost faith in the SimNationian government, sought out less orthodox ways to fix this problem until a newcomer arrived.

Ends Justify the Means Edit

The Papal States wished to find blueprints for a system to better help emulate Hellenic public baths, leading them to investigate the facilities in Sunlit Tides. The arrival of this newcomer instantly caught Silas's attention. He knew of Papal State's power: after all, he had the dossiers on the Papal individuals, and this was before Kallisto bombed Bridgeport. And so, Silas asked Kallisto to remove Alana for him and the community. Kallisto had no interest in doing it for nothing, and Silas offered the unthinkable: he offered information on the current political status (and how to get it to turn to the papacy), a deal that Kallisto accepts. In just few days, Kallisto managed to drop a Rod from God upon Alana's head, killing her. Afterwards, Kallisto establishes a temporary government with Silas's information, and proceeds to remove Kai from Sunlit Tides for good. With the corrupt Kahale family gone, Sunlit Tides' entrepreneur welcomed their saviors, who would later become their new rulers.

Developments Edit

The development of Sunlit Tides was halted quite a lot: the diplomatic relationship between Papal States and SimNation took a sharp dip after Kallisto bombed Bridgeport. However, pro-Papal witch cults were yet to start a civil war in Moonlight Falls against the anti-Papal leader Ezekiel Gretchyn and his friends in werewolves and supporters in pro-WooHoo population. So, during the relatively peaceful period, the mood between the two states started to cool down as Kallisto focused more on the new capital Heptanomis, while SimNation had a new challenge in the Aigyptian rebels who sought to relieve Al-Simhara from the sexualized, profane, and irreverent culture of Bridgeport. With SimNationian media focusing on the Aigyptians, it was possible for Papal States to establish a more stable government in Sunlit Tides. To man this government, the Ecclesiarchy dispatched Phthinophoria Eschateria, accompanied by three Plumbbots.

The initial developments went smoothly: the undeveloped land around the jut where the Naos-Stratopedon was located was quickly developed into an economic zone, having a few small houses built in the Hellenic fashion (with a touch of Byzantion) as well as emulating the entirety of the Balaneion from the blueprints provided by the Headquarters. Phthinophoria also saw to the construction of a simple alchemy consignment shop built in the Late Hellenic style, and also saw to the implementation of a plumbbot paradise, making Sunlit Tides the first functional neighborhood to possess one.

Immigrants have arrived with the cooperation from the Papal government: several witches have made residence in Sunlit Tides, more specifically choosing to live within the Naos-Stratopedon alongside Phthinophoria to further advance their skills under a capable mentor. Not only that, an environmentalist collector who wished to be a multidisciplinary artisan to avoid regular employment also have taken up residence in Sunlit Tides. Further immigration is expected as the neighborhood is further shaped into a more proper Papal province by those happy about the Papal policies.


Philopoimen to Epitrope: Heavy resistance, requesting scheduling of a conference.

However, the simmering resistance that was initially started by the Gym replacement scandal grew to encompass a new demographic when the pet craze blew into Sunlit Tides. People trying to adopt "cute" puppies and kittens witnessed mysterious and quick death of the puppies and kittens in merely a few days without any warning. By this time, they were well aware of the pet plague in Hekatonschoinos and PETDIE scandal that involved the Ecclesiarchy, and those afflicted with the suddle loss took to the streets to protest.

New Wave Edit

As the Ecclesiarchal development of the land took place, more people of diverse origins have arrived. With the Kalani family removed, a new "royal" family moved to take its place, namely the House of the Kamehameha, who were not only in an enmity with the former household, but also much more amicable. It would be the Kamehameha who would be the local favorites of the surfers, the romantics, and the party animals since the Kamehameha interest largely involved implanting Hawai'ian culture into Sunlit Tides, including feasts, tolerance and forgiveness, and most importantly less rigid lifestyle. Of course, this would put them in a rather difficult relationship with the Ecclesiarchal government, but given their popularity, some sort of compromise seems to be the best solution for both sides... for now.

Others are those who have linking to things unpopular in SimNation, namely Hellenism, open homosexuality, nerd things, and sex-negativity. As such, nerds, philhellenes, and the gays came to Sunlit Tides for a middle path: a world that isn't as rigid as the Patris-class regions such as Heptanomis and Sunset Valley, yet more open to their interests than the increasingly polemic parts of SimNation such as the university and Moonlight Falls.

List of New HouseholdsEdit

Families/Households with bold names denote the major houses competing for administratorship of Heptanomis.

Households currently in so farEdit

  • Ecclesiarchy, Sunlit Tides Chapter
Difficulty: 5 (With the Witch Guests)
Permanent Members: Phthinophoria Eschateria, Philopoimen, Antiochos, Apollon
Witch Guests: Lily Regette, Ellen Fennel, Celia Hickey
The Sunlit Tides Chapter is the newest of the Ecclesiarchal chapter, and it is forged primarily due to the need of some governance and nudging. So far, Phthinophoria did a good job, making the Papal presense felt immediately with quick developments. Will Phthinophoria make a great administrator?
  • Peribole Household
Difficulty: 1
Terra Peribole
At a glance, Terra makes for a very poor choice when it comes to melding with the islanders: Terra loves the cold rather than the heat, doesn't like exposure, and isn't really into hitting boys compared to an average young woman. So why is Terra here? Some argue that it was an Ecclesiarchal conspiracy. Others conclude that it was something about the new developments seeing that Terra took up residence in one of the new Greek-style buildings. Whatever the truth is, Terra will certainly not meld in harmoniously with the population, visually and thematically.

Households plannedEdit

  • Fire and Brimstones Household
Difficulty: 2
Edward Owens, Vincent Osborne
Religious preachers are generally associated with conservatism, and the Papacy is probably the least conservative entity there is. However, Owens and Osborne are not your typical religious preachers: they are heterodox preachers, liking the Papal promotion of academics (at least, a good portion of it) and the Papal disdain for romance. While what they preach isn't exactly Papal stuff, these preachers are savvy enough not to piss off the Ecclesiarchy...
  • Nerd Squad
Difficulty: 3
Soterios Fyssas, Martin Melanosmith, Wilhelmina Counelia, Tarma Pederastes, Alice Oumurgatroyd
A Papal Province isn't a proper province without its share of nerds. With the Papacy ensuring that the wants of the nerds will be catered to over that of socialites, jocks, and preps, nerds grew more assertive and open as the stigma of being a nerd over a jock or a prep basically disappeared. A bit of rebellious streak don't hurt, as long as the rebellious streak is aimed at the old establishment that is the SimNation. While in SimNation any Greek-themed naming is uncool, in Papal State it is the new cool. So we have these former students in SimNation wanting not only an escape, but also a new home where their quirks are welcomed. Also, a bit of the sun and beach won't hurt: after all, they could use a bit of mates, some of which aren't necessarily of the different gender...
  • Flamboyance
Difficulty: 2
Reese Bickham, Preston Hills, Pataxes Philometalleios
They are flamboyant. They are openly not heterosexual. Is there anything more to be said about them?
  • House of the Kamehameha
Difficulty: 4
Kuniuakea Kamehameha, Kalani Peleuli, Elizabeth Kaʻahumanu, Liloliho Kamehameha, Elizabeth Kina'u
This once great house is the remnant of a dynasty that ruled Hawai'i. Nonetheless, they aren't easily suppressed. Wishing to establish what would be a second Hawai'i with its feast and culture, the Kamehameha house will eventually need to deal with the Ecclesiarchy, perhaps through compromise.
  • Newcastle Family
Difficulty: 1
Norman Newcastle, a.k.a. King Mala
Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them, as Shakespeare speaks. In the case of Norman, he is all at the same time. An artistic genius since birth, Norman's artistic talent have drawn the attention of many who knew him. While the source of inspiration for him moved to Bridgeport, Norman moved to Sunlit Tides, where the noise of the masses won't bother him so much, all while he can render the great surroundings of the said neighborhood. He also wishes to have some sort of dominion, and to get on his bad side won't be good...
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