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Name: Suddenly
Genre: Fiction
Rating: E for Everyone
Number of chapters: 3

Status: Complete

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Introduction Edit

This story is about Juanita Blanco's life in my game. Her break-up with Barrington Diamond really effected her.

Main CharactersEdit

Juanita Blanco [Hawkins]

Barrington Diamond

Misty Blanco (horse)

Bella Blanco (horse)

Fisher Blanco [Hawkins]

Derek Hawkins

Joseph Hawkins

Minor CharactersEdit


Jacoby Grubb (babysitter)


It was a great day to be outside; the sun was shining and there was not one cloud in sight. Juanita had just gotten home from work where she discovered being nauseous. She went to the doctors to find out what was wrong. The doctor had a big surprise.

“Your pregnant”, the doctor insisted. Could it be true…Could this be happening? Yes it could! Juanita ran home to tell Barrington right away.

“Barrington, I’ve got great news!” Juanita said. “What is it dear?” Barrington asked. Without any hesitation, Juanita yelled “I’m pregnant!” Barrington went over to Juanita and yelled, “WHAT! You must be kidding me, I wasn’t ready for children, I mean were not even married yet.” “I know, but this just happened, I couldn’t have controlled it”, Juanita said in a calm voice. “I can’t deal with this right now, I just can’t”, Barrington said. Barrington walked outside with rage and he didn’t turn back. Juanita ran outside and tried to calm him down. “Look, I know this is all sudden and all, but this is what we were destined to do.” “Juanita, I thought you disliked children.” Barrington had said. Juanita said, “I did, but then I thought that it would be nice to know what they are like. That’s all there is to it.”

“I wanted someone who would do things that I want, and not to have to ruin it by becoming pregnant. I mean, this is just way too much. Juanita we need to break up.” “WHAT! Because of a baby, wow you have issues.” Juanita got her things and she moved out right away.

There was a house for sale and Juanita went to check it out. It was great for an expectant mother, so she bought it. She settled in right away. She was ready to live the way she wanted to.


During her months of pregnant, Juanita did tons of things. She adopted a horse, because she always wanted one. She named it Misty and she led Misty threw her horse childhood. Misty missed her mother very much, but she eventually got used to Juanita. Months later Juanita adopted another horse. This one was an adult and Juanita named her Bella.

A couple of months later, Juanita welcomed little Fisher into the world. Fisher weighed 7.5 pounds at birth. Juanita was very happy. She decided it was time to meet someone new to date. She flirted with the now young adult Jacoby Grubb, only to find out that he wasn’t interested. Not long after she met a new man. His name is Derek Hawkins (I made him in CAS). They began dating right away. They knew they were right for each other.

Juanita and Derek went to Egypt for a while to get to know each other, while Fisher was at home. By now Juanita put Misty and Bella up for adoption, because they were too much work. Derek had been unemployed, until he met Juanita. He saw that she was a single mother in need so he got a job. He started teaching in the education career. After they left Egypt, they went back home to their normal lives. A year later, the adults of the family went back to Egypt, only to Juanita’s surprise that Derek proposed and Juanita said yes right away.


They married and went to Egypt again for their honeymoon. By now Juanita has 3 visa points in Egypt, so she bought a vacation home, which was big enough to hold about 30 families. Months later Juanita discovered that she was carrying her 2nd child. The family moved to a new house in town to start over. The house was beautiful.

Months later, Joseph was born. He looked just like his dad. Juanita decided that she was done with kids. Fisher reached his childhood years and he had very good grades. He eventually turned into a very good teen and he began dating Kim Parrott (the daughter of Jazlyn Parrott and Kanoa Parrott). He learned how to drive and then he went to the prom with Kim. They were living the life.

The End!

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