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Ran Away
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This is an ongoing Neighborhood story featuring the standard Maxis characters of Strangetown. The University is La Fiesta Tech. Families of consequence are given in-depth stories, births are cataloged at the bottom for families.

In the beginning...Edit

Johnny Smith heads off to college.

Nervous Subject has gotten back in touch with his mother, Olive Specter, and moved in to her house. He is thrilled to leave the Beakers.

What the Beakers have done to Nervous is discovered and publicized. They leave town and are never heard from again.

The Desert DormitoryEdit

Johnny Smith, Ophelia Nigmos, Stella Terrano, William Williamson, Klara Vonderstein, Blossom Moonbeam

College for Johnny Smith is like a dream. For the first time, he's meeting people his own age who understand where he's coming from as a young alien in a human world. The minute he lays eyes on Stella with her pearly green skin and black eyes like a deep abyss, he knew he was staring into the rest of his life.

Ophelia Nigmos does not grow up well, despite going to college giving her a platinum aspiration. It also doesn't help that Johnny is already there, and practically ignores her in favor of Stella Terrano. She can't figure it out, it's like everything they had together completely disappeared! It's not fair! She WILL get him for this...

William Williamson developed an instant dislike for Klara Vonderstein, and an instant attraction to Blossom Moonbeam. Blossom doesn't much like the way he teases Klara, but she's so flattered by his attention it's a little difficult to care too much.

Pollination Technician #9 (PT9) was nice enough to visit his son at the dorm right away. Johnny barely acknowledged his presence, but Ophelia took one look at him and got what she determined to be the best idea she's ever had.

The end of the first Freshman term arrived, Stella and Johnny both had a 4.0. Ophelia was forced to acknowledge her focus on her social life had taken a toll when she ended the term with a 3.5. It didn't change much though, her plan was in motion. Soon enough, Johnny Smith would wish he had never met her.

She began calling PT9 every night, and eventually invited him to her dorm where she locked the door to her room and threw herself at him. She then made quick work of his relationship with the aging Jenny Smith, and was engaged to PT9 post haste. Johnny however, did not seem to notice. A funny thing then happened to Ophelia when she saw Johnny's lack of jealousy or anger at his parent's divorce. She realized she didn't care. PT9 was more than giving and more than thoughtful, and wanted to take care of her. She decided that was plenty good enough for her.

Stella Terrano is a Knowledge sim, and Johnny was disappointed with how little attention he could get from her sometimes, but he relented. He wanted to show her they could have a relationship and still keep their grades up. He waited until they had finished their final, and told her this proves they are not shortchanging their education, so what is the harm if they get engaged, as long as they wait until after college to get married? Johnny had such a convincing argument, Stella couldn't say no. And besides, she loved Johnny. She was sure they could work it out.

The first few years of college passed uneventfully, only the occasional fight breaking out between Klara and William, of which the winnings were pretty much 50/50. The stress of it all got to Klara in the second half of sophomore year, and she ended up on academic probation. She never quite recovered, and was expelled in the second semester of junior year. That same semester, Blossom Moonbeam got academic probation and did not graduate with everyone else.

William Williamson carried a 2.6, Ophelia 3.7 Cum Laude, Johnny and Stella both 4.0 Summa Cum Laude.

Before leaving however, William proposed, and Blossom decided she'd have her first WooHoo before she graduated. While she was still sleeping, William moved back to Strangetown.

Ophelia immediately moved in with PT9, and Stella and Johnny got a place together, and William Williamson moved into a place of his own. Blossom Moonbeam, still in college, decided to move out of the dorm and into a separate house as she didn't want to still be there in the new term when a bunch of freshman moved in.

The Specter-Goth Family...Edit

Olive Specter is pleased as punch to have her son living with her, and retires to spend more time with him. Ophelia is preparing for college, studying up on whatever she can get her hands on. She's ready to leave home, and while she and her aunt don't have the best relationship, she's grateful for everything Olive did for her after her parents died. She gives her the gift of a beautiful, mature Laganaphyllis Simnovorii, which unfortunately eats Nervous before Ophelia can even get out the door. Oops...

Olive swallows her pride and calls her ex-boyfriend, the Grim Reaper. He cuts her a deal and for $8,312 he returns Nervous with a few minor adjustments. He's now completely neat, playful, and nice. Still very lazy though.

When Olive goes out to greet the Curious family who have moved into a mansion down the street, she meets the young Pascal Curious and is instantly taken with him. This scares her, as she hasn't been interested in anyone since her late husband Ichabod passed. She reacts by openly and loudly criticizing everything Pascal does, with little regard to the fact that she is in his home.

When she finally leaves and heads home, she has a conversation about the entire strange occurrence with Nervous. He gently chides her for being so foolish and encourages her to call Pascal and make amends. She does post haste, and Olive and Pascal find themselves in a love affair to rival the ages.

Nervous Subject is out to the market one morning, and runs into Bella Goth. The two of them hit it off and start dating, it becomes apparent to Nervous that Bella needs somewhere to stay, so he offers for her to stay with himself and Olive. Bella is at the top of the Slacker career, and her income helps out. Olive isn't too thrilled, but figures she won't be around much longer, and Nervous will need some company. Nevertheless, Olive delights in her small tortures of Bella with the joybuzzer or sometimes just plain old arguing.

Things are moving along just fine for them until an accident with the ReNuYuSenso Orb turns Bella into a cheese head. Surprisingly, this actually changes a lot of Bella's feelings, especially with regard to Nervous.

Olive lived long enough to maximize her Cooking skill and go with platinum aspiration. She also saw Nervous marry Bella. Bella was thrilled to get married, even though she pressured him into eloping in the dining room. She simply couldn't wait to be his wife! The marriage was less than Nervous had hoped, it turned into a negative memory. The family name changes to Goth.

Despite being a family oriented sim with a lifetime aspiration for graduating 3 kids from college, he has yet to want children with Bella. She's decided to spring them on him anyway.

Before Bella has a chance to get pregnant, Nervous gets abducted by aliens. He gives birth to a son he feels compelled to name Reaper. Bella, who got pregnant during day 3 of Nervous's gestation, gave birth to their daughter Dez right after Reaper grew to a toddler. Since Reaper's birthday, Nervous had wanted to have another baby, and so he welcomes his child with Bella.

The Smith Family...Edit

Johnny has gone to college and Jill is preparing for her turn. Things seem nice and quiet.

Jenny has decided to put herself up for promotion at work. She's glad PT9 is keeping himself occupied. He's been on the phone nightly with Johnny's old girlfriend, it's sweet he's become such a trusted figure for her, and it's too bad things didn't work out between her and Johnny.

The morning Jenny has finally worked up her skills and is asking for that promotion, she heads off to work like usual leaving a sleeping family behind her. PT9 waits patiently while his little girl get up and ready for school. The second the big yellow bus pulls away, he picks up the phone. With trembling fingers he dials the number of his son's school dorm. A familiar, sultry voice picks up. "I need to see you," he whispers, even though the house is empty. "I need to see you now, before she comes home."

Moments later, Ophelia Nigmos arrives. Her hair is tied up in little buns all over her head. He loves that style, Jenny could never carry it off. He leans in for a kiss when he sees the maid approach. Crap. He'd forgotten about her. He makes Ophelia a sandwich and they sit on the porch together for a while. Time was running out. After the maid left the phone rang, it was Johnny looking for Jill. "Why are you calling during school hours? You know she's not here." Johnny's reply was a quick "sorry" and a promise to call again tomorrow. Probably at the same time, too. Dingbat. So many interruptions!

Finally, they were alone. PT9 had purchased a little special something just for this occasion. He took Ophelia upstairs to the previously empty extra bedroom, where he had secretly purchased an antique Chinese bed. They were under the covers having a WooHoo before they could blink! Unfortunately, not before Jenny got home.

Jenny broke up with PT9 on the spot. She wasn't going to take that kind of business lying down! To think, she'd been so touched by his keeping in contact with that little homewrecker! She couldn't believe how stupid she had been. She kicked him out, but she couldn't bear to stay in that house of betrayal. She called her brother Pascal, who told her to immediately pack up and move in with he and her other two brothers, Vidcund and Lazlo. They would help her through this together.

The Curious Family...Edit

It's been an interesting week for the Curious brothers. Pascal was on his third day of alien related pregnancy when Vidcund was abducted. He was returned and it appeared no harm was done, until he tested his hCG levels and they were off the charts. He was pregnant. Never to be left the odd man out, Lazlo went looking for trouble at the telescope and found it the very next day!

Pascal gave birth to a little girl, Leela, while Vidcund had a boy he named Vincent (and swears it wasn't after himself. Right.) and Lazlo had two boys, whom he named Severin and Judas.

That afternoon a call came from their sister Jenny. Her husband had cheated on her, she had found him in bed with Ophelia, who had been Johnny's girlfriend at one time. She was heartbroken. She got the house, got everything, but couldn't stay there. Pascal offered that she come stay with them until she got back on her feet. Jill sold the house at auction to an anonymous bidder and moved in with the guys. It became immediately apparent their house was too small.

Lazlo moved out on his own with his boys to make some space the minute he heard Jenny was arriving with Jill. Jenny decided to take the money from the house sale and move the rest of them all to a new place. The guys agreed as they'd come to the realization their quirky little house wasn't exactly suited to raising children. They moved into a house best described as a fortress at 43 Road to Nowhere.

Jenny, Jill, and Leela all aged on the same night. Jenny did not age well, as she was still so upset from the divorce. Jill aged in platinum, and Leela of course didn't have an aspiration meter just yet.

Pascal met Olive Specter at the birthday, and had a massive amount of chemistry with her. She hates him, and spent all night yelling and poking at him. When he finally had enough and told her to leave, they had an intense goodbye kiss even though besides chemistry, after those interactions their relationship meter says they hate each other.

She begins to call him, and since their interactions go much more smoothly on the telephone, it isn't long before they've overcome that first meeting and made friends. Once friendship started, they didn't take a second to start dating. Pascal finally, at long last, has his first WooHoo.

The Curious-Singles Family...Edit

Lazlo starts a relationship with Lola Curious that goes quickly to marriage. They elope in the bedroom after Lola gets pregnant, and they begin raising Ember and Judas together.

On Lola's third day of pregnancy, Lazlo was abducted again. They decide with two toddlers and two more children on the way, to move to a larger house. Lola gave birth to another daughter, Pixie, and Lazlo gave birth to their third daughter, Noire. Since Noire was an accident, they decided to be more careful, and she would be the last child for a good long while.


Organized by last name, birthing parent listed first.


Leela (g) - Pascal via Pollination Technician

Vincent (b) - Vidcund via Pollination Technician

Ember (g), Judas (b), twins - Lazlo via Pollination Technician

Pixie (g) - Lola Singles-Curious + Lazlo

Noire (g) - Lazlo via Pollination Technician #88


Reaper (b) - Nervous Subject-Goth via Pollination Technician #59

Dez (g) - Bella + Nervous


Lycia (g), Lithia (g), twins - Buzz Grunt via Pollination Technician #14


Giger (b) - Stella + Johnny Smith


Ozzy (b), Chapel (g), twins - William via Pollination Technician #59

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