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Strangetown-Veronaville Crossover Machinima Story

StrangeTown Monty (STM) is a Sims 2 Machinima Series by AldoHyde, based off Sims 2 default neighborhoods Strangetown and Veronaville. It has Simlish voiceovers with English subtitles.

Main Plot

Many Veronaville residents mysteriously die in the "Veronaville Disaster", leaving Antonio Monty & Bianca Monty the only adult survivors to unravel the conspiracy. Antonio's task requires him to remain in Veronaville, while Bianca heads to Strangetown. This decision becomes easier for Bianca after discovering that her long-time crush, Kent Capp, was among the fatalities.

Bianca is intelligent, friendly and trusting, which gives her a positive attitude when meeting most of the Strangetown residents. But what will the more shady figures in Strangetown want from her? Will she discover the true cause of the Disaster that killed off most of the Montys and Capps?

Prominent Sub-Plots

  • Bella Goth, a missing sim who somehow ends up in Strangetown.


STM is a scientific conspiracy and psychological drama. It is loosely based off concepts from Fringe (Fox Science Fiction TV Series), adapted for the Sims Universe.

The "Watcher"


Dr. Hyde

Most of the characters are pre-made from Strangetown and Veronaville. The most obvious exception is the Watcher, Dr. Prometheus Hyde, CEO of Hyde Dynamic, a science facility. The author inserts his sim-self to prevent others from copying his show, and to portray a "Watcher-Sim Dynamic", where characters are being played by a Sim "god".

Production Interval

New episodes of StrangeTown Monty appear on AldoHyde's YouTube channel approximately every 2-3 months, depending on the author's personal schedule.

Aired Episodes

Season 1 Season 2
1.00: Veronaville Disaster
"18 Ways to Kill a Sim"
1.01: Aftermath
1.02: Arrival
1.03: Dear Antonio
1.04: Apparition
1.05: Abducted
1.06: Order
1.07: Darkness
1.08: Mediator
1.09: Saved
1.10: Hyde Dynamic 1
1.11: Hyde Dynamic 2
2.01: Son of Capp
2.02: Nursery

StrangeTown Monty

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