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Steinhaus family
The Steinhaus family used to be a small and modest foreign family. Now a few generations later and thanks to Kenji's "all-seeing eye", is the family one of the richest and most well known families of all Sunset Valley. How will this effect the generations to come?
Members Sharif Steinhaus, Ciara Frio, Kenji Steinhaus, Sam Steinhaus, Lexa Steinhaus, Mira Steinhaus
Lot Pondcentric
Funds §1,110,082
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Fanon:Sunset Valley

The Steinhaus family is a rather large and extremly wealthy family who can be found in Sunset Valley, a world of The Sims 3. They thank their wealth to third generation patriarch Kenji Steinhaus, who won the lottery of a whopping 1,000,000 Simoleons thanks to his "all-seeing eye" and a little help from the future.

The family has an Germanic background, most likely from Germany. Their last name Steinhaus means literally Stonehouse.

The family has been connected through marriage with the Frio family and the Elfman family.


Steinhaus familyEdit

Frio familyEdit

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  • The Steinhaus family was randomly generated in my game. Even though I play my game in Dutch and not in Deutsch, it still gave them a German last name.
  • I only got invested in the family as I saw that Adriënna had a kick ass haircolor that she would often give on to her descendants.
  • I often switch around households and try to leave some things happen by chance or send them in a certain direction, that's why most things in my Sunset Valley happen at random.
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