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Bleeding red, bleeding red, bleeding red, I’m falling, suffocating, dreaming to death. Two broken souls destined to meet to endure chaotic eternity. Bonded by a secret, never tell. Forever falling in an everlasting hell.
Sora Yami at the end of his diary, Lollia - Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi (English Cover)

Sora Yami
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Name Sora Yami
Gender TS2 Male male
Age TS3-Teen teen
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Yami Family
Parents Chizuka Yami

Satoya Yami Deceased

Zodiac sign Aquarius (sign) aquarius
Aspiration  family
Hair color TS2 Black Hair black
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes brown
Skin color Skin-medium medium
Body shape Thin thin
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability unplayable
Neighborhood Crystal Springs
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Sora Yami is a pre-made Sim created by LadyLailah.

At the beginning of the game, he is already dead and can only be seen in his parents' memories and in the family tree. Strangely, the memory of his death is positive for his mother, while the memory of his birth is negative for her.

The circumstances of his death are unknown, there was not even a body. There are many indications that his parents killed him. His mother already had memories of his death when he disappeared and his death wasn't known yet.

His father kept dodging questions about his son's death, and often replied things that indicated he and Chizuka were responsible for Sora's death.

The night before his disappearance, he and Chizuka are said to have argued violently. After Sora disappeared and was pronounced dead, Chizuka and Satoya moved to a tiny neighborhood called Crystal Springs. Some people thought they moved there because they wanted to mourn Sora and want to be alone, while others theorized that they were hiding there and doing experiments on Sora's body.

Whatever it was, two things are now clear; First, Sora's death was not an accident. Second, Satoya and Chizuka have something to do with his death.

Biography Edit

Sora was born in Pleasantview and lived there with his parents and aunt. His relationship with his parents was pretty bad. His parents just quarreled all the time and mostly they let his anger out on him. At some point his aunt couldn't stand the whole argument between Sora's parents and moved out. So Sora no longer had anyone to spend his time with and was mostly alone.

He had no one to talk to at school either. Everyone in Pleasantview knew their parents and knew how much they always argued. The children in school took advantage of this to bully him. Sora spent his time studying and writing in his diary.

But at some point a new girl came into his class. Her name was Alice Larsson and they quickly became friends. Alice protected Sora from the other students and they spent a lot of time together.

However, Alice became more and more aggressive towards his classmates and people who just looked at him. And then, when they were teenagers, Alice admitted she loves him. However, Sora rejected her and told her that she was too aggressive for him. After that, Alice disappeared, and he never saw her again.

Then, seven days before his birthday, he suddenly disappeared. Nobody could explain why and especially how he disappeared. He had been in his room and suddenly he was gone - with no trace of a break-in. The only thing that suggested he wasn't going voluntarily was the blemished room and tons of blood.

It was confirmed that all of this was his blood and the police and the residents of Pleasantview quickly began looking for him - unsuccessfully. The search was eventually abandoned, and he was declared dead.

Trivia Edit

  • One of his last sentences in his diary is: "My parents are arguing again. [...] I see a girl's shadow. I don't know where she is, it seems like she is everywhere and yet nowhere [...] The shadow looks like her. I see her bloodthirsty smile. She is here to get me. To punish me." what could be an indication that it wasn't his parents who killed him.
    • It is possible that his murderer is Alice, since he makes it clear with the sentence "The shadow looks like her" that the shadow appears familiar to him. With "She is here to punish me", he could also mean she wants to take revenge on him for rejecting her.
  • There is an unplayable duplicate of him who is still alive in Crystal Springs. When I made the first Yami Family, it disappeared and I had to make a new Yami Family. In the SimPE, however, I could see that the first Yami family and the Sims are still included in the game files.
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