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Fanon-Snickers Shirt
Gender TS2 Male Male
Species Hund Dog
Breed Keeshond
Shirt family
Owner(s) Rachel Shirt , Charlie Shear , Richard Shirt , Christina Shirt
Pet Trait Non-Destructive small Non-Destructive
Pet Trait Adventurous small Adventurous
Pet Trait Proud small Proud
Other Information
Game TS3 IconThe Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Neighborhood Bridgeport
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Snickers Shirt was dog owned by Shirt family .


When I started game there were husband nad wifeRichard Shirt and Christina Shirt with their daughter Rachel Shirt and dog Snicker Shirt . After days Rachel (as Young adult) found very good friend Charlie Shear and after 10 days they began more that best friends, they began pair and they had weeding but meanwhile happened too one sad think ; Snickers began elder and he died.

He was very strange dog, but he loved his family and his family loved him. Snickers died at home garden of Shirt family with his family.

Rest in peace Snickers.


  • This fanon dog is inspired by Snickers Shirt from Life-stream series of gameplayer Definitely Sims 3 Lover
  • His name is also a reference to the chocolate bar, Snickers. 
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