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Sims 3: Super Jeremia Lecato Adventure
To Be Announced
An adventure game.
Publisher(s) Jeremia Lecato Productions
Themes Adventure
Neighborhood All worlds


In Sunset Valley, Jeremia Lecato and his friends and family are having a picnic party, before Roman Zowanski and his evil siblings are taking over the world, and Roman himself kidnaps Shyanne Serra, and Roman's airship hand grabs Lecato and throws him back to the Riverview. And then he is about to rescue his friends and family from the Sunset Valley.


Jeremia Lecato

Jason Lecato

Jeff Waters

Feliscia Perez

Davon Wallace

Aliyah Wallace

Moe Wallace



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Minor CharactersEdit

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Worlds and BossesEdit

World Description Bosses
Riverview thumbnail
A grassy world with many buildings, trees, roads, and rivers. Mad SimPlant

Lenny Zowanski

Al Simhara thumbnail
Al Simhara
A desert world with three pyramids, Egyptian temples, palm trees, rivers, and lakes. And it also features a sphinx. Giant Rattle Snake

Morty Zowanski Jr.

Isla Paradiso thumbnail
Isla Paradiso
A tropical world with islands, cities and towns, buildings, palm trees, houseboats, and tropical beaches. Giant Psycho Kraken

Lawrence Zowanski

Auroraskies blog5
Aurora Skies
An Icelandic and snowy world with many buildings, snowy trees, roads, and waters. Ice Wizard

Wilona O. Zowanski

Shang Simla thumbnail
Shang Simla
A Chinese and forest world with Asian-themed buildings, trees, temples, and rivers. It also contains two town levels and many forest levels in this world. Asian Dragon

Issac Zowanski

Lucky Palms thumbnail
Lucky Palms
A mountainous desert world with many grasses, buildings, cliffs, giant mountains, roads, desert trees, and waters. Muscular Rock Man

Ron Zowanski

Sim-Place Skyway
A sky world with many clouds. This world took place in the daylight, the sunset, and it took place at the stormy place where is located at Luda's Gear-spinning Castle and Luda's Cloud-way Airship. Storm Fairy

Luda Von Zowanski

Sunset Valley
A grassland area similar to the same town name from Sims 3 the base game, containing destroyed buildings, creepy trees, lavas, and the castle of Roman Zowanski. It has been taken over by Roman's Clans and slowly transformed into Roman's image until eventually being surrounded by a super massive stormy tornado. By the time Lecato reaches the world, it has been transformed into a lava-based area. This world does not contain many volcanoes, but it also features a stormy clouds where it shoots more fiery meteors(replaced the volcanic debris) down to the sky after the thunder storm was effecting. Roman Zowanski

Lil' Roman

Bridgeport thumbnail
A secret and city world with many city buildings and roads. It was unlocked after beating Roman Zowanski's final battle. None


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