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Simletubbies (TV Series)
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Name: Simletubbies (TV Series)
Genre: Children & family
Created by: Jeremia-Lecato
Number of chapters: None

Original run: 2020-Present
Status: In Production

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Simletubbies is a Windenburg-based British children's television show. It is heavily based on the real life Teletubbies. This focus on the multi-colored sim creatures called "Simletubbies" which are the sim versions of the Teletubbies, and antennas resembles plumbobs instead of having shapes.

Layout[edit | edit source]

This magical countryside land is called "Simletubby Land", it was located somewhere far away from Windslar, Windenburg. The house was almost based on the Teletubby house "Tubbytronic Superdome", it's called "Sim-Tubbytronic Superdome". This landscape filled with flowers, bushes, trees, large sized cottontail bunnies, and a magic windmill resembling a pinwheel (Like the original series of the Teletubbies).

Characters[edit | edit source]

All the characters mainly based on the real life characters from Teletubbies.

  • Dinky Linky is the first and purple Simletubby. He is the oldest one of the group. His favorite thing is a red bag, and his antenna is a purple plumbob.
  • Bipsy is the second and green Simletubby. He maybe stubborn, and possibly refuse to go along with the groups' opinion. His face is totally dark. His favorite thing is to wear his hat (Which is fully white instead of having a cow texture), and his antenna is a lime green plumbob.
  • Taa-Taa is the third and yellow Simletubby. She is very cheerful sweet, and loves to sing, dance, and laugh. Her favorite thing is a big orange bouncy ball, and her antenna is a yellow plumbob.
  • Bo is the fourth and red Simletubby. She is the youngest Simletubby of the group. Bo can speak in a soft voice and speaks English, Simlish, and Cantonese. Her favorite thing is to ride her blue scooter while she wears her helmet, and her antenna is a red plumbob.
  • Nee-Nee is sentient vacuum cleaner who acts as both the Simletubbies' guardian and housekeeper (A blue cat only rides on a robot vaccum). Like the real life original series, he never leaves out of this house.
  • Sun Baby is the sun in Simletubby Land who appears at the beginning and the ending. She acts as a wake-up call for the Simletubbies. She laughs and giggles while the Simletubbies playing around.
  • Voice Speakers are all devices resembling floor speaker stands. They all have random voices.
  • Bunnies are found throughout Simletubby Land, and are depicted by several Flemish Giant bunnies

Music[edit | edit source]

  • Simletubbies Theme Song - A song based on the 90s and 2010s theme song of the Teletubbies with The Sims 2 University/The Sims 3 Theme. This song has some childish country music elements.
  • TV Event Theme Song - A song based on the 90s and 2010s TV event theme song from Teletubbies with The Sims 2 University/The Sims 3 Theme. When the windmill spins, the music starts.
  • Magical Event Theme Song - A song containing elements of magical-themed Celtic music. When the windmill spins, the music starts.
  • Tubby Dag Dag Theme Song - A song based on the 90s and 2010s Tubby Bye Bye theme song from Teletubbies with The Sims 2 University/The Sims 3 Theme. The music start when the Simletubbies say "Dag dag!" while sun goes down.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Simletubbies is the child sim show based on the real life TV show Teletubbies.
  • Simletubbies is the sim version series of Teletubbies with the same action and segments (Intro from original and revival series, TV event from original and revival series, magical event from original series, Tubby bye bye from original and revival series).
  • Simletubbies is the only sim version series of Teletubbies which does not feature Dinky Linky, Bipsy, Taa-Taa being the missing Simletubbies, but Bo is usually the missing one during the opening.
  • Like the original series, the magic windmill resembles a pinwheel. It was surrounded by sparkles that are white instead of pink, like the revival series.
  • Unlike the original series and the revival series, the Simletubbies now have their own colors of their screens once each of them are chosen by the magic windmill during the TV event.
  • Unlike the original series and the revival series, the Simletubbies' antennas are mostly resembling plumbobs rather than having shapes such as, an inverted triangle, dipstick, curls, and circle (Just because they are the sim version of the Teletubbies).
  • Like the original version, Nee Nee is mainly blue instead of orange, pink, and gold, unlike the revival series. He is not as naughty as he is, like the revival series.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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