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SimVille Corner Stop
SimVille Corner Stop - neighbourhood view.png
SimVille Corner Stop as seen in the neighbourhood view.
SimVille Corner Stop - road map.png
The location of SimVille Corner Stop (red circle) in SimVille.
Lot type Community
Lot size 3x1
Number of floors 1
Neighborhood SimVille
Game The Sims 2

Leaving SimVille? Or just arrived? Either way, you should drop by to pick up some goodies! Open 24/7!

SimVille Corner Stop is an unowned community lot in SimVille. It was built entirely by K6ka.

SimVille Corner Stop was once located at the edge of SimVille, before the town expanded across the bridge. While this is no longer the case, the store's legacy continues.

The store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and largely intends to be a one-stop shop for groceries, clothing, magazines, and newspapers. Its proximity to a bus stop means that it is frequented by townies and other outside Sims before or after the long bus ride between Numenor Region Station and SimVille.

Original MTS post[]

The following was posted to ModTheSims on September 30, 2017. The original post can be found here.

SimVille Corner Stop

I mentioned the SimVille Corner Stop in my post about Serge Barb, and while most people probably got a good idea of what the lot does (It's a very small lot!), I think I'll go into some more depth about this dinky little lot, which shouldn't take too long to cover.

SimVille Corner Stop - neighbourhood view.png

Leaving SimVille? Or just arrived? Either way, you should drop by to pick up some goodies! Open 24/7!

At the intersection between SimVille Street and Mohawk Crescent sits the SimVille Corner Stop, a small store that once marked the edge of SimVille. Those who entered and exited the town were greeted by its presence, offering chips, sodas, and a bathroom break before or after long car rides. SimVille has since expanded beyond the New Guinea Bridge, although the store's legacy still lives on. Its proximity to several apartment buildings has also made it more of a place where the locals would hang out. It's pretty much a gas station... sans the gas.

SimVille Corner Stop - road map.png


An architect once gave the store the "Ugliest Building in SimVille" award, and he wasn't being nice. SimVille Corner Stop makes any elaborate home designer want to go hari kari with its "Spartan but effective" design, with many likening the storefront windows to be a "cheap, pathetic, ad hoc way of trying to make the place look nice." A tourist once called it the "glass box prison", while others have said that it made convenience stores look like a "place where ne'er-do-wells hang out."

SimVille Corner Stop exterior 1.png

SimVille Corner Stop exterior 2.png

SimVille Corner Stop exterior 5.png

Pretty design was never on the builder's mind, however, for the store was built to stock all the necessary things of life, conveniently located under one roof. It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and was mostly intended for visitors and the odd passerby. However, it has recently been more of a place for the locals, and as such, there is a seating area with an espresso bar on the Mohawk Crescent side of the lot.

SimVille Corner Stop exterior 3.png

SimVille Corner Stop exterior 4.png

SimVille Corner Stop outdoor seating area 1.png

SimVille Corner Stop outdoor seating area 2.png

There's a bus stop just west of the lot. A fair number of visitors take the bus to SimVille from Numenor Region Station, a good 4 km east of SimVille, so the corner stop happily provides the necessities for those Sims before they take off and explore the rest of SimVille. The fact that it's open 24/7 is a nice bonus for the bus drivers too, who can slip in and pick up a coffee at 3am.

Bus stops outside SimVille Corner Stop.png


There is nothing fancy about the interior of the store; just two rooms in the "Spartan but effective" design scheme.

SimVille Corner Stop interior isometric.png

If you walk in from the Mohawk Crescent side, you'll be greeted with a few freezers selling frozen groceries, some clothing racks, a changing booth, and a pay phone. There isn't any "fresh produce" to be found here, so you'll want a proper grocery store for that. However, if you live off frozen pizzas and TV dinners, SimVille Corner Stop has you covered.

SimVille Corner Stop groceries clothes changing booth pay phone.png

There are two arcade machines on the other side. The travelling family has something to keep the kids amused with while the parents buy some much needed supplies.

SimVille Corner Stop arcade machines.png

Turn around and you'll find two vending machines and an overhead TV. The TV's supposed to be tuned into the 24/7 news channel all the time, but townies frequently watch movies on it. Annoying. Since that was not the TV's intended purpose, however, there are no chairs or sofas, so if you wanna watch a two hour movie, you'll spend all two hours on your two feet. Your fault!

SimVille Corner Stop vending machines TV.png

Next to the TV is the counter with the cash register. Pet collars, video games, and cologne are sold here.

SimVille Corner Stop cashier collars games jewelery pinball.png

SimVille Corner Stop cashier games cologne.png

There's even a pinball machine.

SimVille Corner Stop cashier overhead.png

Across from the counters is a newspaper rack and a magazine stand.

SimVille Corner Stop newspapers magazines.png

A little further down is the photo booth and cell phone kiosk.

SimVille Corner Stop photo booth cell phone kiosk.png

The public bathrooms are nothing spectacular, but if you desperately need to go, you'll take anything.

SimVille Corner Stop bathrooms.png

All your basic shopping needs under one roof, how nice!


There's not much to this humble little lot, which was the whole point of the corner stop. There's nothing particularly fancy about it, only that it stocks the necessary essentials for most Sims to get by on, available around the clock. Those who demand an extravagant shopping experience should probably turn their attention to the much-nicer shops just down SimVille Street and avoid the corner stop like the plague. However, for the majority of Sims that just need some basic supplies, for the exhausted tourist or bus driver looking for a bag of chips and a toilet to use, or for the odd Sim that does their shopping at a quarter past three in the morning, SimVille Corner Stop has all they need, with only some of the extras.