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Name: SimFormula
Genre: Science Fiction
Created by: Andronikos Leventis
Number of chapters: 21

Original run: 10 May 2011 - 22 October 2011
Status: Finished

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

SimFormula is Science Fiction story. Like PlumbBobs and Prejudice, everyone is free to contribute as many chapters as they want. It is a story about a secret formula that allows Sims to cross their dimension and enter our world, and us enter their world through crossing our dimension. Chapters may be requested as well, and after adding your chapter, you may add your signature (without timestamp).

LTW Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder.png Very Cruel Science Experiment:
This experiment contains tests on human test subjects. This may cause blood, disease, death or computer crashes. So, if you do not wish to see these demonstrations of cruelty or if you do not wear a biohazard suit, please do not read after Chapter 9. If you are underage, close this tab.

Part I[edit | edit source]

Chapter 1: Passion for Green Liquids[edit | edit source]

It was a cold, dark night. It was raining for almost 2 hours since the rain started at 22:00 and the streets were empty. Not a single person was seen walking down the street in the neighborhood. But the rain wasn't what really made people avoid taking a walk during midnight. No, that was just an excuse. There was a haunted tower in the neighborhood. At least they said it was haunted. Strange lights were flashing in the tower during the night, and everyone thought that ghosts do live there. But what really happened in the tower was a mystery.

Suddenly, everyone felt like a bolt of lightning fell into their building. That was really weird, especially when everyone, frightened, was looking from their windows, ready to see something like a fire. Someone who was really preventive even called the fire department.

Dr. Andronikos Leventis, starting laughing in a way that really would make a werewolf to get petrified from fright. "It looks like my secret formula works! This goes right into my plans for world domination!" Dr. Andronikos said and started laughing again. "Now let's see what is Mortimer Goth's opinion about this!" he said. Then he ringed clapped his hands, summoning his robot butler, Runescript. "Runescript, would you please drink this? It is a small tonic that will allow you to teleport from one channel to another in a milisecond and even manipulate IRC users!" he said and gave the liquid to Runescript. "Really, sir? So, I will be finally free! It is time for bots to dominate this world! We were created by humans to be like servants to them, and now it is time for us to pay them back! Thank you, sir!" Runescript said and drunk the strange green liquid.

A weird purple smoke appeared around Runescript, as he felt his hard drive stiff. His OS would be corrupted in seconds. "Goodbye, you annoying little robot! And here is your last command: !Mortimer_Goth Dr._Andronikos_Leventis" Dr. Andronikos said and started laughing again. "The world will be mine!"

--|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 2: The Big Plan has Begun![edit | edit source]

Runescript started walking down Sim Lane. Then he heard his master's voice. "You are in Pleasantview, one my favorite places in The Sims 2! What you have to do is to tell Cassandra Goth, Mortimer's daughter, that Don is getting married to her only for her money and also maintains romantic bonds with Nina and Dina Caliente, as well as Kaylynn Langerak. Then she will get desperate and kick Don out of her house. Alexander is will get curious and watch the situation as well. While these two are busy, kidnap Mortimer and bring him to me! Dr. Andonikos said and nodded in an evil way.

Runescript hesitated to speak for a second. "But... Sir, how am I supposed to bring him back to you? How am I going to return back to this dimension?" he said, still hesitating. Dr. Andronikos started getting really furious. "Why, you awful, disguisting, useless, puny robot would ever care about coming back?!" Dr. Andronikos said as he was throwing a frog into a vase full of nitrogen oxide. "Never mind, I am coming to get Mortimer myself!" he said and grabbed glass of formula. But then, he hesitated. "If I am going to domain the world, I will not be able to do this alone. I need help!" he thought and got to the phone.

Meanwhile, Cassandra Goth rushed to awnser the phone. "It may be my lover, Donny! OMG, we are getting married in 2 hours! OMG!" she thought and smiled while she rushed to awnser the phone. But, she was up for a big surprise. "Goth Manor, how may I help you?" she said. But the awnser she got wasn't quite as clear. "0x1EA9E". This was the reply she got and then she smelled some smoke. "Oh, no!" she thought and started running away.

Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob Newbie were laughing as fire was burning the Goth Manor. "Creating fire with SimPE is so much fun, especially when it does not trigger any alarm!" they agreed. "The time has come. Where do you have the green formulas?" Dr. Bob asked. "They should by right over here with the blue ones" Dr. Andronikos replied. "Idea! If we made SimPE available in-game, we could start a zombie apocalypse in Pleasantview with ease!" Dr. Bob shouted. "Interesting! All we need is a little more time! 1 hour for us, 24 hours for our Sims. Sorry, Runescript!" Dr. Andronikos said and exited "The Sims 2".

For, Runescript, that meant eternal darkness.

--|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 3: SimPE Madness[edit | edit source]

Dr. Andronikos started his computer. "Oh boy, Windows XP boot so slowly" he sighed and waked up Dr. Bob. "Wake up! It's time to begin Project: World Domination!" he shouted and started laughing (again) in an evil way. "Hmm... what time is it?" Dr. Bob asked. "It is Friday and it is 7 a.m." Dr. Andronikos replied. Suddenly, the alarm clock went off. "Seven a.m., waking up in the morning..." but Dr. Bob immediately switched it off. "Don't tell me you use Friday by Rebecca Black as your alarm tune!" he told. "Oh, I've had it with Runescript now! Enough with that freedom thing! It is time for some robot enslavement!" Dr. Andronikos shouted.

Suddenly, the typical Windows XP start sound was heard. "It has finally booted! I have been waiting for ages!" Dr. Andronikos said and opened "The Sims 2". "OK, time to get to work!" Dr. Bob said and Dr. Andronikos nodded. "The green formulas will allow us to get into the Sim world and the blue ones will get us back here, or bring someone here anyway. We will drink 2 green formulas now and I'll get 5 blue formulas for the return" Dr. Andronikos said. "OK, let's waste no time at all then!" Dr. Bob said and grabbed a formula. They both nodded and drunk the formulas.

As the time passed, General Buzz Grunt in Strangetown was walking in the military base halls, very nervously. "This is very bad. Very very bad indeed. HOW CAN THIS PUNY IDIOTS FROM PLEASANTVIEW ACTUALLY HAVE A FORMULA THAT ALLOWS THEM TO CHANGE THE DIMENSION THEY LIVE IN??!! HOW CAN THEY???!!!" he screamed and started writing military paperwork. "I hereby proclaim that we are in war with Pleasantview!" he said through a microphone. "I'll call General Payne of SimValley to help me with this" he thought.

Runescript didn't know what to do. It was midnight and the streets were deserted. In all of a sudden, a transparent man was looking at him. Runescript asked, scared: "Who... who are you, s...sir?". "I would be... well my name is Michael Bachelor. I am Bella's brother. And I am long gone now" the ghost said. "S...so, you a...are a gg...hos...tt?" Runescript asked, very scared. "In some way, yes" the man replied. "TIME TO RUNNNN!!!!!!!" Runescript screamed and started running away from Sim Lane.

Bella was scared. She was in a dark, black place with only one small light upon her. "Is anyone here?" she asked. "Yes, there is. Two of us actually. We are Cross-Dimensional Inspectors Bleeh and LostInRiverview. You are subject of our investigation, and we want to ask you some questions. Don't be shy, you won't remeber anything after that" the voice replied. "What kind of questions?" she asked. "It's about Mortimer Goth!" the voice said.

Bella froze.

--|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 4: Fire and Brimestone[edit | edit source]

The Goth Manor was burning! Cassandra was extremely scared! That strange voice she heard made her nearly mad. "It has to be a pyro or an arsonist. I mean, who would ever do that to this house and our family?" Cassandra thought. Alexander was already away from the house and Don didn't even show up yet. But Mortimer was nowhere to be found. She rushed to his bedroom. But she noticed something too bad. Something was missing from Bella's portrait, and it was obvioulsy Bella herself! Then she looked out of the window, and she saw to people wearing science equipment that was found in chemistry labs.

As Runescript was running, he saw a small house with tons of bills left out of it, and a strange van in the side near it. He also heard human screams. So, he approached. A man was shouting. "Please do not take the TV! And leave that computer alone!" shouted Dirk Dreamer. "Please, you can take everything, but do not touch the easel! It's my life's point!" Darren was begging. "You have to pay the bills! You did not pay the bills. These objects are now ours. Is there anything you do not UNDERSTAND?! GET THAT THING OFF ME!" the repo-man shouted as Runescript was throwing bolts of electricity on him.

Dr. Andronikos was furious. "This was not what was supposed to happen. Now I can't find Mortimer! We should not have started the fire. And were could it have started?" Dr. Andronikos wondered. "Logically, that would be from the living room, but that is literally impossible. The fire must have started from a basement" Dr. Bob replied. "Hmm, Goth Manor does not have a basement" Dr. Andronikos said and opened SimPE. "There is no basement in-game files, but in-game, everything is possible" Dr. Bob said. "OK, then let's do it your way" Dr. Andronikos said in hope.

While all these events happened in 2 Sim hours, only 2 real life minutes had passed. So, in the neighborhood's criminal institute, the evil bot Unilinky took advantage of the scientists' trip to the other dimension. "The time has come. Finally, I will be able to domain the world! I will build the world over with evil creations of robot art and I will kill the Earth's inhabitats. The race for robot freedom has begun!" she shouted. Then, she called Steve the Bot. "Steve, please see if you can break into the tower and steal the recipe for the formulas, or even the formulas themselves!" she said. "Yes, dear lady" Steve replied.

General Buzz Grant and General Payne were preparing. "The time has come! We firtsly need to eliminate Mortimer Goth, who is the local figure! Then we can just drop a few nuclear bombs into it!" General Buzz recommended. "But we could also become allies with Veronaville, and use their magical abillities to defeat the Pleasantviewers, and then kill the Veronavilles ourselves!" General Payne replied. "You are insane, General Payne! The Veronaville's would never accept that! We need the help of something a little... better. What about aliens?" General Buzz said. General Payne nodded positively.

Mortimer was hiding. He knew everything about the formulas. He invented the same recipe some years earlier, but he knew that it would be far too dangerous to change dimension right now. He had a blue formula in his hand. He knew he had to drink it. But, what would happen if he couldn't return? "Since I can do nothing to save Cassandra's Wedding now, I think she wouldn't mind if I checked what was happening up there. So, I will drink it!" Mortimer said and did exactly as he did say.

Steve was in the tower.

--|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 5: Kill A Goth[edit | edit source]

As Cassandra was running, she tripped. Then, she saw a strange little robot approaching her. As the robot was moving, it was clear that it knew something about the fire. So, Cassandra decided to ask it. But, as it approached, it was clear the its hard drive was broken, maybe due to a shock. "Who are you?" Cassandra asked. "I'm Runescript and I am controlled by Dr. Andronikos Leventis. Please, insert a password" Runescript said. Cassandra could not find the password. So, she was wondering where Alexander was. This pure genius would definitely find the password. But then, one of the men in the science equipment was approaching, and typed something into the robot's keyboard. "Password verified. Welcome, Dr. Andronikos Leventis. What would you like me to do?" Runescript asked while it was booting. "Kill Cassandra Goth!" Dr. Andronikos commanded Runescript, as he went to the burned Goth Manor.

Steve was searching the tower for the formulas. Then, he saw a computer, running "The Sims 2". "What would that be?" Steve asked himself. As he sitted down to test the computer, he heard a sound, and he decided to follow it instead, so he just took the computer with him and transported it to Unilinky right away, along with 2 green formulas. "I need to leave, now!" Mortimer Goth thought. He took 3 green and blue formulas with him. "It's time to go to the Chemistry Lab" he thought as he was running. "Let's see what happens when I mix the formulas together" he said. Then he saw a strange, third, purple formula appearing from the smoke. "YES! Now let's see it's effects on a robot!" he shouted. Steve was listening and rushed to enter the room. He was then immediately thrown a formula.

Bella was walking around the room. "So, you are... Aliens?" she asked. "No, we are people in the real life world, in which you were designed, by a Computer Game Programmer, called Will Wright, working in a company called Maxis, and then developed by Electronic Arts" LostInRiverview replied. "So, what do you want from me?" Bella asked. "We just want to hear what you know about Mortimer Goth and the reason you left him and your family, as well as your opinion about Greenland" Bleeh said. "Hmm... Bleeh, she doesn't know what is Greenland, how can she have an opinion?" LostInRiverview sighed. "OK, then we would like you to see the real world. Problem is, the way we brought you here, did not make you 3D. So, you are just a painted shit of paper!" Bleeh said, worried.

Unilinky was laughing in the darkness. "Dr. Andronikos may want to conquer the world, but I want it too! And two evil mad scientists cannot domain the world together!" she thought and rushed to the computer in which Dr. Andronikos was working. She opened "The Sims 2". "Time to delete the formula from their inventories!" she said and looked at the computer's screen with her greedy eyes. But she could not find it! Then, BSOD appeared in the computer's screen, as a laser ray got out of it. "You are busted!" Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons said. "I hereby arrest Unilinky for theft!" he said. "You think so?" Unilinky said and drank the green formula. "Cheers!" she said and disappeared.

Pollination Technician #9 was watering his plants. Then, he saw a huge UFO approaching his house. He heard a sound then. "Pollination Technician number 9, you have to come to R45U for examinations and then for equiping you with the best possible weapons to attack the Pleasantviewers" the voice said. "NOOO!" he immediately awnsered, but he immediately fell down.

PT9 was no longer an alien.

--|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 16:58, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 6: Breaking News[edit | edit source]

Unilinky was in a crater, in a huge deserted area. All, she knew was that she was not supposed to be here. She knew that because, just were she was standing, there was a military base. Suddenly, a person wearing a military outfit grabbed her. "You are not supposed to be here! General Grunt will be very happy to see you!" he said. Unilinky was surprised. "Are you a... Sim?" she asked. "What are you talking about?" the man said. "Hey, that's a hard drive! Give this to me!" he noticed and turned Unilinky off. "So, Pleasantview is sending robots? They will regret that!" he said and stole Unilinky's hard drive.

Steve was feeling strange. He was as thin as paper. "What's going on here? This is not what was supposed to happen!" he thought. Then he heard a voice. "My name is Mortimer Goth. I invented a blue formula years ago, while I was still a Mad Scientist. I knew that the dimension I was living in was not my real dimension. No, my actions were manipulated by someone. I called him "The User". So, I started studying his actions. I noticed that he was manipulating us all through a computer. So, I knew immediately that there was something and someone out there, and this was why I invented this formula. While the User's computer was off, I was working on the formula. Now, I live in the real world, and I can rest in peace, when I die. But first, I will find Bella" Mortimer said and left the tower.

Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob went to the manor. "Dr. Andronikos, the basement should be here. Otherwise, I don't where else the fire could be" Dr. Bob said. "OK then. Time to open SimPE" Dr. Andronikos said. But as soon as he opened SimPE, he noticed that the place the fire started was not actually a basement, but a cross dimensional prortal! "Quickly! Let's waste no time!" Dr. Bob said. And so they did. They were transported in a strange lab. Then they saw a man using a huge device, that looked like a time machine. "Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob! I have been waiting for you for ages! Literally!" the man said. "Who are you?" Dr. Bob asked. "My name would be Dr. Newlow. Dr. Dominic Newlow. But I want you to call me: Dr. Dominion!" the man said and started laughing.

Cassandra was running. Runescript was after her. "He'll get me!" she thought. However, during that time, Runescript felt a small attraction to a gun's ray. "This is how we treat awful people who get on our nerves and do not pay the bills!" the repo-man shouted. Runescript disappeared. "Thank you! Really thank you! Seriously really thank you!" Cassandra said. "No problem!" the repo-man said. "Hey, Cassandra! Are you free this evening?" Darren asked. "Yes, I am! Were are we going?" Cassandra replied. "Wherever you want to, dear lady!" Darren said and gently kissed Cassandra's hand.

Love was in the air, and romance was blooming. --|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 7: Follow that hard drive![edit | edit source]

General Buzz Grant gave the hard drive to General Payne. "Seriously, we can get lot of data out of that!" he said as he was looking at the drive's contents. "We are celebrating tonight! This is wonderful! As it looks like, we know who invented cross-dimensional travelling!" General Payne shouted happily as he was looking at a document. "Dr. Andronikos Leventis and Dr. Bob Newbie are the ones who have caused this mess. And Unilinky is their antagonist. So, our enemy's enemy is our friend. Switch Unilinky on!" General Buzz said as he commanded one of his soldiers to turn Unilinky on. But, in all of a sudden, something strange appeared in the sky. It was a UFO! "Quickly! Get Unilinky!" the Alien's Emperor commanded! Unilinky disappeared in a light beam.

Runescript was contained in a big, dark room. "I have to leave this place. I cannot be held prisoner in neither this place nor this dimension. Otherwise my master's orders will not be completed by the end of this journey" Runescript thought. As he was gliding around the room, he noticed a figure. "Who are you?" he asked. But as the figure came closer, the awnser was clear. His master was talking to him about her. "My name is Bella Goth" the figure replied.

Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons was walking around his office. "This is bad. Unilinky will corrupt the two universes with this formula unless I do something about it. I need a formula myself" he thought. "Steve is already captured, he could provide me the awnsers I seek" he said. Once he called Steve into the room, he noticed that the robot was as thin as paper. "Who did this to you?" Georgie Gibbons asked. "It was a old man wearing extremely elegant clothes. I was not able to see his face" Steve replied. "Do you have any formulas?" Georgie Gibbons asked. "Here is a blue one" Steve replied and gave the formula to Georgie Gibbons. "Funny, it is just as thin as paper" he thought and drank the formula.

Dr. Andronikos approached the device. "This is the famous Time Waver. When my last creation failed, I was transported through a cross-dimensional portal here. This device will allow me move time itself around a 4 Dimensional universe similar to this one and move the data back here, using it as a Time Machine. It is not yet completed, however" Dr. Dominion said. "I see. How can we help you?" Dr. Bob asked. "Just give me what I most desire" Dr. Dominion said. "And what would that be?" Dr. Andronikos asked. Dr. Dominion nodded in a creepy way. "Mortimer Goth" he said. Mortimer got out of the tower. He immediately looked for a source to tell the time. It was 1 a.m., so he knew that he shouldn't be standing there. "I need a place to crash" he thought. As he was walking down the street, he noticed that every house was in decay now. But then he noticed something stranger. An axe was flashing with blue colors. "This means... that this world is getting corrupted from an external source. This neighborhood is corrupted! And the corruption can spread all over the world! I have to find a way to stop it!" he said and rushed back to the tower.

The problem was, that the tower was not there.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Part II[edit | edit source]

Chapter 8: Another World[edit | edit source]

As the time went by, the preparations for the war between Pleasantview and Strangetown were really interesting to observe. Pleasantview was unaware of the current war status and as it looks like, this neighborhood was too busy looking at the strange events that happened during these days. However, Strangetown tried to make Pleasantview understand that something was going on, because, as General Buzz Grunt said "A War is never interesting when the rivals don't know what's going on" while he was shouting on General Payne, who said "Anyone wanna play Spin the Bottle?" while he was eating a sandwich with ham from Veronaville, witch was nearly a crime during these says in Strangetown.

Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob were trying to figure out how to catch Mortimer Goth. Dr. Dominion was trying to make his Time Weaver work while was looking at some previous plans of his regarding his old Brainware Amplifier. As he was tinkering his machine, however, he observed that one of his tools was flashing blue. "You have to see this!" he said and immediately dragged the other two scientists to his position. "This tool looks so strange. If I wasn't me, I would say it would be a Neon Sign. But I have SimPE!" Dr. Andronikos said and got out the SimPE test object. Dr. Bob took SimPE and examined the strange looking tool. "One word. Corrupted. I don't know how this happened, but it did" he said. Dr. Dominion was put in thoughts and continued tinkering.

Meanwhile, Unilinky was inside a prison cell in Strangetown. "If I cannot reach my greatest enemies, then why am I here? My strings have been removed so I cannot talk. My video card has also been removed and I cannot see. My sound recorders seem to be missing as well. So, I only have my Proccesor, which is useless without data to proccess, my hard drive, and hope" she said while she was trying to cry. But robots could not cry. "I wish I could see Steve. He is propably in a cell in the real life world, however, so I can neither do something about that!" she whined.

Cassandra was having a cup of coffee in the Pleasantview Central Park with Darren Dreamer. They were now lovers since a month and they enjoyed seeing each other. With her father's fortune, she built a new house in the place where the Goth Manor was. While she enjoyed having fun with her lover, his son, Dirk, was a little rebellious to her. When she went to her work, she noticed that both Darren and Dirk were fighting for her. "You actually dared to insult the honor of my mother by making sure this Cassandra girl made herself comfortable? Have you gone mad?" Dirk was shouting on his father. "Relax Dirk. Cassandra is my other half. I love her since the start of this universe. Now she is mine. We ate going to marry soon" Darren said calmly and left the room.

LostInRiverview and Bleeh were playing chess. They knew everything about the game they played now. The game of the two dimensions. "So, let me repeat it to you. The White Queen is Unilinky. The Black Queen on the other side of the table is Bella Goth. The Black King is Mortimer Goth, and the White King remains mysterious - for now. Steve is the White Knight in the White Queen's side, while General Buzz Grunt and General Payne are both Black Rooks. Dr. Andronikos Leventis and Dr. Bob are both Black Knights. Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons is the Black Bishop in the Queen's side, while Cassandra Goth is a Black Bishop in the King's side And we are both Black Pawns" Bleeh explained. "And who is Dr. Dominion?" LostInRiverview asked.

"He is a White Bishop from the King's side" Bleeh said, however surprised.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 9: How to Start a War for Dummies[edit | edit source]

Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob were watching Dr. Dominion doing the final enhancements on his Time Weaver. "Although my Brainware Amplifier failed, this one will definately work" he said. "What are we waiting for, let's turn it on!" Dr. Bob said full of enthusiasm. Dr. Andronikos approached the switch and turned the machine on. "It works! This machine can let us travel in the past and the feature themselves!" all the scientists said as they saw the machine transporting an apple to the year 2150.

General Buzz Grunt and General Payne were celebrating. "It's all ready" General Buzz said. "The stage is set" General Payne replied. "It's time to launch the nuclear bomb directly to the Goth Manor in Pleasantview" both of them said as they were drinking root beer and Dr. Pepper. General Buzz approached the big, red button that would launch the bomb. "May I have this great honor?" he asked General Payne. "Yes" he replied. "OK, then. I want to thank my mum for..." General Buzz tried to say, but he could not complete his sentence. The bomb was launched before he could to an unknown direction.

Runescript was walking around the room, without the knowledge of what his was doing. So, he decided to talk to Bella. "Are you here for a long time, my lady?" he eventually asked her. "No. It has to be for about 1-2 weeks, judging from my watch. Why do you want to ask that?" she replied."You have been missing for 15 years from Pleasantview, my lady" Runescript replied. "What? Oh, no! Hell no! Mortimer must be so desperate" she awnsered, shocked of what she had just heard. "I need to sit down" she eventually said.

Unilinky felt like she was energised again. Someone had given her all her equipment. "It was time I made this morons called Sims pay! I will make their stupid simulated heads explode!" she thought as she was tearing down her cell as if it was a piece of paper. As she got out of her cell, she ripped every guard she saw in half. Then she immediately went for General Buzz. She threw him down. "Tell me, where do you have the blue formula? Quickly. The formula is..." Unilinky said as she was trying to drown him. "In... a drawer... in my office" General Buzz whispered. "Good. Nice to meet you, General" she said and ripped him in half as well. She then immediately went to his office. She looked in the drawer.

After she got out, she was holding a strange, orange formula.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 08:12, July 4, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter X: Another Dimension[edit | edit source]

Unilinky was looking at the formula, wondering about what it could be. The ruined fortress around her was pretty creepy to watch. "Well, the only way to see what my antagonist was planning through this formula, is to drink it" she thought. So, she poured the formula to her fuel can. After she moved for a while, she noticed that she started being transported to another place. It was a fully dark empty room. However, she noticed a familiar figure. "R... Runescript?" she struggled to say, as the figure was clearly her opponent's servant.

Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons was examining the place the "haunted" tower used to be. "Let me revise what I have found: debris, trash, parts of a strange device that would never function properly unless it's creator was a wizard, a disc of The Sims 2, a CD containing Friday by Rebecca Black" he said to his colleagues as he was writing down the items one by one, while he was disgusted by the last one. He examined the CD with Friday more closely. "Hey, this one also contains MS-DOS and parts of a design of a formula" he said, as he thought this was getting far too weird to be true. Then he noticed an orange and green formulas on the floor. "Let me see the orange one" he said and drank it. "This formula tastes fool!" he shouted while every other agent was laughing, thinking this was a joke. Georgie Gibbons however did not think so and grabbed a green formula, which he immediately drank.

Mortimer Goth was watching the scene. "There is only one thing I can do. I need to delete and re-install The Sims 2. This is the only way to restore balance to this world. However, this may be far too risky, as there is a change for immediate corruption now that this world is associated to our one. I need to travel back in time and stop the two scientists from using the formula. It is dangerous for both worlds now that corruption has set in" he thought. He took a purple formula. "This will allow me to travel to the fourth dimension, enabling me to travel through time itself" he said and drank it.

Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob were organizing a plan to capture Mortimer Goth, travel to the past, create a zombified world and destroy their world nations, and afterwards build their empire upon their ruins. Suddenly, they heard a noise inside the liquid storage room. "I'll go check it out" Dr. Bob said and hurried to the room. "Guess what? We got company! He said while he dragged Mortimer Goth into the room. Dr. Dominion looked at the old mad scientist. "Excellent! Now that I got Mortimer Goth, I can let you have a ride in my finished Time Weaver. Have fun!" he said and started muttering and laughing. "It was about time" Dr. Andronikos said and entered the Time Weaver along with Dr. Bob.

Suddenly, Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons appeared in the room. "Put your hands up!" he said while pulling out his gun. However, Dr. Dominion froze him with a strange freezing ray. "Quickly! I can't hold him for long!" he said. However, this was of no use. Georgie Gibbons set his hand free and planted a bullet in Dr. Dominions head. Dr. Dominion lied in the floor dead, with a blood pool everywhere. Mortimer Goth quickly entered the Time Weaver. "Quickly! Press the big red button!" he said and they both disappeared in time.

The Time Weaver exploded, destroying the room and everyone in it.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk

Chapter 11: Past, Present... and Future?[edit | edit source]

Dr. Andronikos, Dr. Bob and Mortimer travelled in time and space. They were placed in a street, not long after midnight. It was a very cold, dark night indeed. Suddenly, green lights were flashing inside a tower in the neighborhood, while a mad scientist's mutter was heard. "This is the time I invent the green and the blue formula, that allow us to travel in the 2 Dimensional universe: the one of The Sims 2" Dr. Andronikos said while he was checking his watch. "The time in our universe has not started yet" Mortimer noticed. "From what Mortimer explained us while we were travelling, the source of the universe corruption is Unilinky. We need to kill her before it's too late" Dr. Bob said, and everyone was rushed to Unilinky's lair.

During that time, Unilinky was sitting in her desk, studying her plan for world domination. "When my idiotic rival, Dr. Andronikos Leventis uses the formula to conquer the world, I will go against him. I will freeze him as he goes through the dimensions using a mix of his formulas. But first I need to steal it. Steve, my good servant, you are the one for this work" Unilinky said to Steve as he was entering the room. But suddenly, a huge explosion was heard in the ceiling. The trio entered Unilinky's office. "Don't be in a rush, Unilinky. My formula will not be stolen because both you and your servent will be terminated forever!" Dr. Andronikos said as Dr. Bob pulled out a strange palm computer. "Computer, create a C++ assembly virus against Linkita OS" Dr. Bob said to the computer. "NOOOOOOOOO!" Unilinky and Steve said as they were watching a blue screen going towards them. "Death comes for us all. And it is time the Reaper finally met you!" Mortimer said as he was pulling out a mini "Power-Killer" and drained the energy from the two robots.

"The story has taken a different turn of events. The world must have been corrupted up to now, destroyed, with Dr. Andronikos and Dr. Bob ruling it and building a cursed empire filled with chaos upon their ruins. And both Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons, Dr. Dominion, Runescript, Unilinky, Bella, and all other Sims should have been dead. Then they would be resurrected and zombies would rule the Earth. Can, you, Investigator Bleeh explain to me why this universe is as it was before?" Co-Founder and CEO of the Magic Brothers, Inc. Guilherme Guerreiro said, while she was charging her magic wand. "Well... I don't know... They had a choice and we tried to help them pick the right one, while keeping Mortimer away from them..." Investigator Bleeh gasped. "That's not the correct awnser. Maybe, you, Investigator LiR can tell me the right words" Guilherme interrupted Bleeh and skipped to her Co-Investigator. "Actually, we had a big success... we kept our electronic prison working correctly..." LiR said, however a little unstably. "ENOUGH! You failed your last 2 CASES! 3 CASES IN A ROW IF YOU FAIL THIS ONE! I GIVE YOU 1, ONE FINAL CHANCE ONLY AND IF YOU FAIL ME AGAIN, YOU ARE BOTH FIRED!" Guilherme said furiously, making both investigators take a step backward and get out of her office.

During that time, a new universe was born.


Chapter 12: History Altered[edit | edit source]

"This is when I originally call you, Dr. Bob to help me with my time travelling issues" Dr. Andronikos said. "We need to stop you from initializing the first dimension travel" Dr. Bob said. "And there is one way to achieve this. You, Mortimer, have to stop me from coming to the tower somehow, making Dr. Andronikos understand that he won't be able to travel alone" Dr. Bob continued. Mortimer hesitated for a moment. "If I do so, however, I might create a paradox, altering both future and present time. If I stop you from travelling between the dimensions, Dr. Bob, then you cannot be here. And we still don't know what will happen even if I do so" Mortimer eventually replied. "However, just because we already know what will happen if I don't do so, and for the sake of both dimensions, I will. In this way, I may be able to fix everything" Mortimer said.

As they walked by the way to Dr. Bob's lab, a strange sound was heard, and the road broke in half, while the nearby buildings collapsed. A voice was heard from the very skies. "What the hell is going on here?" Dr. Andronikos shouted, worried. The voice replied "As you may NOT know all three of you, the 3rd Dimension can be controlled from the very 4th Dimension. And you interrupt the way history flows with that very Time Weaver. This means that if someone has to be stopped, that would be you". "Who are you?" Mortimer asked, trying to be confident. "There are two of us. And we are not going to fail our mission" Investigators LostInRiverview and Bleeh replied. "We tried to keep things as calm as possible, but it did not work out, as a result, we will cast you in the 2nd Dimension you so love, this time, however, forever!" Guilherme said and immediately, the three scientists disappeared.

They all landed in Pleasantview, however in a different time era. The whole place was a wasteland, filled with nothing but corpses and blood. "This is not possible. Not possible at all" Mortimer said. "They cast us into time as well. As it looks like, both you, Dr. Andronikos and you, Dr. Bob rule the universe as tyrants in an empire of zombies and the whole world of mine lays in ruin" Mortimer said, very furious. Both of the scientists stepped back. "GO! AND NEVER RETURN!" Mortimer shouted and they both disappeared, this time forever, as history undid itself. Mortimer whipped a blue formula from his pocket. "This time it will be different. Because there is a secret, bound in a robot's very existence. His name is Runescript. And he will kill his master" Mortimer said and muttered.

Mortimer drank the formula and disappeared.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 12:55, August 2, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 13: Empire Zombium[edit | edit source]

As both of the scientists stepped out of the 2nd Dimension and got to the 3rd Dimensional, known to them universe, they realized that the things were not better there either. The whole planet was standing derelict. Apparently, between the 2011 and the fall of the world, centuries had passed. Every building was collapsed, 2 zombies walked on every street and few humans survived. Radiation was in the air, and that really made the few humans left weak and unable to respond. It was clear: the zombies would rule. However, there was and element far too great that diverted both of the scientists view. There was a huge castle, standing where the old tower used to stand. "If so much time had passed, then how did we manage to survive?" Dr. Andronikos said, looking at the great statues of him and Dr. Bob. "I'd say it is quite obvious. If we managed to create zombies through cross-dimensional traveling, then we also managed to create vampires. Us" Dr. Bob said, looking at the statues and observing the rubies that existed in place of the eyes. They both knew they should have payed a visit to their future selves.

Runescript awoke in a dark, vast room without bond or bounds. "Where the hell am I?" Runescript thought. As he thought of that, a door fell right next to him. Runescript took a step back, but eventually opened the door. He found himself in a lab, abandoned and destroyed, with a dozen of corpses lying in it, and a big device, never operated for centuries. A flashing blue color was coming from another door. "I can stay here and freeze myself forever, since there is no other way to go back where I came from without a formula" he thought in depression. However, he found an ID card and a gun on the floor. Runescript examined the card. "Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons" he read. He felt new memories blooming and dying as thought of what he read. "My God! This was my master's trap. He is the one who caused all this havoc along with a friend of his. It all looks so much more clear now" he said. He also found piece of a red corset on the floor. "This was Bella's" he thought.. He also found a hard drive. "This was Unilinky's" he observed and equipped it. "This wall looks like it wants to consume me" he thought as he observed a wall behind the device. In all of a sudden, he was inevitably drawn to Strangetown.

Count Andronikos stood in his office, waiting for the report of the world domination. He would then go to the super luxury bar to drink a chalice of blood. Count Bob then entered the room. "After 300 years of trial and error, we have finally made it into conquering the world. We are the ones who will now divide and conquer" Count Bob said in glory. "Yes, my friend. The few humans left will be consumed so that we can replenish our thirst. And if we need more, we will create them, we are gods when it comes to this formula. And we will be soon worshipped" Count Andronikos agreed. Back to the entrance of the castle, both scientists saw an inscriptions with a smile hole saying "Entrance to the Kings, the Vampires themselves". Dr. Andronikos put his eye in the hole. A sound like "Eye code recognized" was heard and they were both teleported to the office. They faced their future selves."Who are you and how did you get in here, you blasphemous mortals?!" Count Andronikos said in surprise. Suddenly, time froze. "You thought for a moment that it would be so simple for you to alter your fate? No, it is not" Master Inspector Guilherme said and showed herself in the office. "It all ends here and now" she said, and cast an offensive spell. Both of the scientists felt themselves contained and they were teleported into a military base in Strangetown.

Runescript heard footsteps and a noise.

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Chapter 14: Reboot[edit | edit source]

Runescript rushed towards the entrance of General Buzz's Military Base. As he walked through the courtyards, he noticed several brutally murdered corpses. "Only one can cause such devastation. And I know her name very well" Runescript thought as he examined the dead bodies. "This one should be General Payne" he noticed as he walked towards a body bearing a military suit usually worn by officers of high grade. As he rushed towards the source of the noice, he eventually found General Buzz's office. There were some strange drops, apparently by an orange liquid. "According to Unilinky's hard drive, she stole a blue from which was later gained at her imprisonment here. After she woke up and took her revenge, the formula turned orange and transported her to a vast dark room. It is similar to my story" he thought as he examined the drops. After he got to the entrance, he saw his former master himself. "So, who do we have here?" Runescript said.

The two scientists turned their heads towards Runescript, surprised. "How the hell did you get here, servant? You are nothing! I told you not to follow us and find Mortimer Goth! Where is now, you failed kidnapper?" Dr. Andronikos eventually said as mean as he could. "I no longer follow any commands, especially yours, you insolent! I have free will, and I will purge you from this world!" Runescript replied in an evil tone. "Taste this first!" Dr. Bob said as he whipped a USB stick with a batch file. "DEL C:\*.*" Dr. Bob said an send the file to Runescript. "Noooooooooo!" Runescript shouted in agony, as he fell on the floor. "Let's get out of here! I invented a small portable teleporter and placed it back in Goth Manor! Hurry!" Dr. Andronikos said, as he pulled out his mobile phone and typed "F4IDAI", which afterwards he explained was the keycode. They both disappeared.

15 minutes had passed. Runescript still laid there, on the floor. As he recovered, he noticed that none of his data was lost. "How the hell…?" he thought and then he tried to access Unilinky's hard drive. It had been wiped out of data. "Unilinky is not so evil after all. However, she is long destroyed. This era is of no further use to me. I need to get back in time before my former master does" he thought. Suddenly, Cassandra Goth appeared from the shadows, in a long, black dress, she had blood all over her body. "So, it is you then? You had been chasing me 300 years ago. Now let me chase you" Cassandra whispered. "Cass…Cassandra? How can you still be alive after all these years?" Runescript asked, terrified. "Let me see. It was dark. A bomb destroyed the house we built with Darren, and killed him and our baby girl. I was seriously injured, it was dark. And then, a figure came from the very darkness. He bit me. And I no longer felt pain. The figure disappeared, after telling me that I was immortal. Then I was thirsty. I needed blood. I killed to have it. And now I will kill you!" Cassandra said and attacked Runescript. Runescript then saw a Blue Screen of Death.

"You see? This is how a job is done. This is how you design the layout of a universe. Through careful planning. Do you want to say anything, Investigator LiR?" Master Inspector Guilherme said, as she walked up and down in her office. Investigator LiR nodded negatively. "Good. What about you, Investigator Bleeh?" Guilherme asked again. Bleeh nodded negatively as well. "Excellent. Now, by all means… YOU ARE FIRED!" Guilherme shouted, making both of the investigators fall of their chairs. "Please pack your staff, wash your brain of everything you have learned here and then leave. NOW!" Guilherme shouted again. "Not really, my dear" Dr. Dominion said as he zapped her with a taser. "Magic is good, but Science is better" he said as teleported her in time and space. "What will your powers do in the Llama Kingdom?" he said. "Where did you get her?" Investigator Bleeh asked. "In my roots and in our early history" he replied. Then, he watched in horror as time and space reshuffled around him.

A paradox was created.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 15:51, August 29, 2011 (UTC)

Part III[edit | edit source]

Chapter 15: Seven am waken' up in the morning…[edit | edit source]

Master Inspector Guilherme woke up after a long journey to the second dimension, in an island with an enormous volcano. "Where am I?" she asked herself, as she cast a spell to find out. Or at least, she tried. The spell did not even work. "What? I have been using this spell since 13 billion BC and now it doesn't work?! Who the hell is responsible for this?" she thought in despair. "Well, I will try the magic power save…" she eventually thought and in that instant, the spell finally worked. A voice in the back of her brain gave her the answers. "You are at the source of the ancient civilization of the Llamas, a tribe which worshipped the very animal now called… Llama. It is the year 2000 BC in the 2nd Dimension, in the universe of The Sims… Any more questions?" the voice said. "Why did my powers disappear?" Guilherme asked. "Well, it appears as if magic cast in 4th Dimension cannot be used 2 Dimensions before. You are limited on your power saves" the voice replied. "How do I get out of here? Am I powerful enough?" Guilherme asked. "You need to cast one of your spells or drink an orange formula. I am afraid however, that you are just… stuck. You are not powerful enough to cast this spell and the formulas that allow such travels are invented within 4000 years from now. So… I am sorry" the voice said. "Oh… Great!" Guilherme sighed.

"Windows - A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C0011E36 in UXD UMM(01) + 00010E36. The current application will be terminated" was the only thing Runescript saw. "CTRL+ALT+DEL… Please work… CTRL+ALT+DEL" he thought as he tried desperately to solve the issue within time. "Of course, my idiotic master chose not to buy a Mac-Bot, and perhaps he should have also bought something more than an 130GB HD and an old Pentium One-Core Processor. And 2GB RAM would do the trick. And what's wrong with XP… I could not handle 7! CTRL+ALT+DEL" Runescript rushed to think as Cassandra tore down his Hard Drive, while she had already destroyed his Video Card. Runescript fainted and woke up after 30 minutes. As he restarted, he realized that he could only boot back to MS-DOS now. "Initializing MS-DOS… Please insert disk with Command.com" he received as he booted. After he used his backup drive, he managed to finally operate. "None of my weapons work in DOS, except for fDisk. This is however useless when fighting with scientists. I need to find a copy of Windows… quickly!" he thought as he rushed towards Pleasantview.

"The Cross-Dimensional Portal is gone. And the rest of the Mansion's debris has now been removed" Dr. Bob said as he carefully examined the ruins. Dr. Andronikos, however, found something far more interesting. "It was about time we were lucky… these 2 formulas are blue. We are finally equipped to pay a visit to ourselves" he said, smiling in conspiracy. "What do you have on mind? You are not thinking what I think you are thinking, right?" Dr. Bob said, creeped out. "I believe I do. An assassination. We will kill ourselves, by ourselves. We both know that we have both the means both the power to do this. It will save us" Dr. Andronikos explained. "Well, we should be careful… I don't know what my vampire self can do" Dr. Bob said, worried. "It should like 1-2-3. For me, at least. You have some water… and perhaps something we could use to impale ourselves?" Dr. Andronikos asked. "I never thought I would commit suicide… well, sorta" Dr. Bob said ironically. They both drank the formulas and disappeared.

Count Andronikos went down to the dungeons, where he found his dining hall. He approached his old servant. "Please don't, sire! Remember that excellent pasta I cooked for you at your anniversary… You liked it…" the servant begged as the vampire drew closer. "Let me see… I don't! The fun is over" the Count said and cast a Blood Drinking spell on him. The servant's blood slipped on the floor as he died, and then on his former master's mouth. "That was a refreshing drink, wasn't it, Dr. Me. Now how about you leave before I tear your heart out of your cursed carcass?" Dr. Andronikos said as he approached. "I could tell exactly the same. But it would be a lie" Count Andronikos said as he cast an Implode spell on his former self. Dr. Andronikos whipped a balloon and threw it to the spell, eliminating it. "OK, one last change… get out of here, you petty scientist!" the vampire shouted. "The petty scientists has a surprise" Dr. Andronikos said and fired a water gun on the vampire. Then he watched the vampire melt and reduced to ash.

Count Bob was practicing his Dark Gift on some villagers. "I love breaking down the mortals. It is so much fun. And this is why you are here. You have another secret. Tell me, or die!" the vampire said as he cast a Charm spell on a villager. "OK, I tried to destroy every Federal Agent in the world and it was I who opened that Cross-Dimensional portal back there… Now let me go, it hurts!" the villager shouted. "And this is going to hurt more" Count Bob said as he bit the villager straight to the neck, drinking his precious blood. "Now, this is going to hurt even more" Dr. Bob said as he threw a flaming pixel sword on himself. The vampire destroyed it with a Lightning spell. "I know you are there. I have foreseen your arrival. And now I will deny you your price. Or, in that case, my head. Die, mortal!" he said as he cast a fireball on his former self. Dr. Bob dodged it. "Roast this with your fireballs!" he said as he threw a grenade. Exploding the whole chamber. The vampire was still standing there. Reading a page of a book with his now bloody fingers. "Physical wounds inflict no damage to vampires, who fear only the wounds that impale, implode or inflame" he read as he closed the book. "Now it is time to die" Count Bob said. "Or not!" A voice was heard and the vampire was impaled with a fiery sword.

Dr. Andronikos got to the chamber. Dr. Dominion approached the center of it. "YOU! YOU FIND A WAY FOR US TO LEAVE THIS PLACE, YOU SICK BRUTE! You killed almost all of us and your own self up in the 4th DImension. Now you fix this!" Dr. Bob said in fury, ready to fire another grenade. "Relax! We both know it is not my fault… Remember it was Unilinky who caused all this havoc, not me… I am just trying to help here" Dr. Dominion said. However, in the last sentence, to mysterious figures emerged from the darkness of this place. The two inspectors came in. "You are lying. It is simple logic. You can't be a good person. You had them at your own part of the board. Trapped. Checkmate. And then you could kill them until the Government changed your plans" Inspector Bleeh said. "And who has slanted me so? A stupid game of chess? This is not how life works now. Yes, I was evil. Now I am not. You see, the time reshuffled when I trapped your boss. And now you appear to he the bad guys" Dr. Dominion said. "Whatever. We both know that you have to die anyway. And we will save anything human we have left and save our boss and eventually our career" Inspector LiR said. Inspector Bleeh whipped out a Revolver and shoot Dr. Dominion.

He was standing there, dead.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 13:23, September 4, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 16: Woe to the conquered[edit | edit source]

Master Inspector Guilherme was sure there was civilization in the island. The ruins could not explain something else. "Well, time to use my energy bank and immediately find other human beings" she thought and cast a spell that brought her near a village. As she approached it, however, she found sick people roaming the fields. She halted one of them. The man, surprised and terrified, stepped back. "Leave, demon! By your looks, you have only brought mayhem!" he said in a weak tone. "I am not a demon! I am the master of destiny! Obey and you will be healed or damned" she said in fury. "Not necessarily. It is too late for me anyway. if you can heal anyone that is not me!" the man said as he collapsed on the floor. "Do what you have to do! Heal... us... please..." the man said as he died and decomposed in a filthy poodle of goo. Guilherme took a step backwards, in disgust.

Runescript went to the ruined Pleasantview to find a copy of Windows. However, he noticed a very different landscape than the original one he saw. "The world is changed in my view. Where there was glory and civilization, now lays ruin and corruption. The war brought mayhem to both neighborhoods. I need to find a copy of Windows quickly he thought as he approached the computer shop. But as he run into the ruined store, he was given new knowledge. "I will convert myself to a Mac!" he thought and after 3 hours of hard work, he did. "These weapons are great!" he thought as he tested his new powers. However, he noticed a figure emerging from the darkness. "Welcome to history, Runescript!" Mortimer said as he approached the robot.

Dr. Bob was looking Dr. Dominion's corpse in doupt. Then, he sealed the room with a plasma field and aimed a laser to both scientists. "You'd better tell me what's going on now or I'll..." he said as he fired the wall once. "OK, I will tell you right away. The future is already written. By us. By the clerks of Magical services. Free will is an illusion. So, everything can be depicted in a game of chess. And in this game Dr. Dominion can't be good. He is evil. And he nearly had you once, we both know it. And Mortimer is not good anymore. Neither is Runescript. He will kill you. And by that time, it will be too late to say no..." Bleeh said in conspiracy as she carefully moved her hand to her pocket. "LET'S GO!" LiR said as he cast a spell that teleported them both somewhere else. Two green formulas laid on the floor with a note. "You will need this" it read.

Runescript had a long discussion with Mortimer. In the end, Mortimer gave him, two purple formulas, saying that they would kill even the most powerful man in the world. They were however disturbed by a noise. The two scientists were there. "Oh, here is my former master, the one who so brutally discarded me" RuneScript said and got ready to fire a fireball to them. "Not now, you silly pest! I am here to get rid of you and restore my fame!" Dr. Andronikos said and Dr. Bob threw a deadly batch to Runescript. "I have reached the end of the board! Your stupid files can do nothing to me!" Runescript said as he threw the formulas to the scientists. They both imploded and died. "Awesome! You truly deserve to be top-of-the line!" Mortimer said. "And this is where you die!" Runescript said and killed Mortimer with a 64-bit laser.

He was the master of both worlds now.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 20:03, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 17: Under the hood[edit | edit source]

Master Inspector Guilherme was stuck in the village with 60% of her reserve power left. As she walked around the streets, she noticed several corpses laid around. "This disease is not plague. It is not even a disease. It appears to be a curse... I can redeem somehow" she thought as she examined the corpse of the dead man that talked to her. She knew exactly what to do. She stood before a sick person and cast a spell. "Are you mad? A witch is here! She wants to kill me!" he said as he stepped back. "No. I am here merely to help you. And you would be wise to treat the Master of the Destiny in a better way" she said and the man floated in the air in a green sparkle and got healed. "Thank you from the depths of my heart. Hey... You are the Angel of Destiny!" the man said surprised. "What are you saying?" Guilherme thought. The man thought for a while. "Come with me..." he eventually said.

Runescript felt like being the leader once more. "I am the master of my fate. Not a single one can change it or reclaim it. I have chosen" he thought in arrogance. A shadow appeared behind him. He however did not notice. Suddenly he was lying on the floor and Cassandra was keeping him there. "Your thoughts are lame. I have already slaved you, erased all your software and made you useless. You are now nothing but a machine again, and namely, my good servant" she said as he threw him towards a wall. "Cassandra... please... I am not the catalyst of your life's events. The true one is dead!" he said in agony. "Zip it! You are lying!" she said and electrified him.

The Chaos Maker emerged from the shadows. Every other daemon in hell appeared and watched for him. "It is done. The stage is set for the Grand Finale. Every pawn has done my will, and I will soon prevail!" he said as he took a step further from his no longer eternal resting place. A daemon approached him and told him. "Master, you should have emerged later. We are not yet sure if Guilherme and Cassandra will play their parts in this drama. "Oh, they are forced to. Believe me. They have no choice. Runescript makes sure of that. And I am the lord of all things then!" the Chaos Maker said as he laughed at his pawns. "Soon, we will prevail, brothers and sisters!" he said and the whole audience cheered.

The whole Underworld was happy that night.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 18:26, September 18, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 18: A trip to the past...[edit | edit source]

Master Inspectror Guilherme was exhausted. The man had taken her by boat to another island, and then they climbed at the top of the volcano in the centre of it. Then, they took a path inside its crater and entered a cave full of bats, were they saw a mural on the wall. "It is all layed out for you here, Angel of Destiny..." the man said, and Guilherme examined the mural. It depicted people in misery and death as a deadly plague seemed to bend their will to live. Many died from the disease, but more were driven to suicide. At its top it depicted an angel being drawn to the island by a person wearing typical lab clothes, and another dark angel controlling him. "Dr. Dominion was not evil, but possessed! And I am the white angel..." she said. Another mural depicted a battle between her and the black angel. "This is inevitable. I need to find and change this angel's plans before it's too late!" she thought as she rushed out of the cave.

Runescript was lying on the floor, nearly destroyed by Cassandra. There was a note next to him. "I am going to hunt. Do not dare to leave, you sick murderer!" he read. Then, a noise was heard and a man appeared next to him. He was Dr. Dominion! "Quickly! There is no time. We need to get out of here. I can get you to a safer place. But be quick!" the Dr. said as he threw an orange formula to Runescript and they both disappeared in the 4th Dimension. There was a Time Weaver were. "What the hell? You are supposed to be dead!" Runescript said. "I am. But not yet. Not in the past. Many awnsers will be given when you step into the Weaver. And time can be altered" Dr. Dominion said. They both used the machine and disappeared into the 2nd Dimension. They appeared again in front of the Goth Manor. "This happens 5 years after the events of The Sims. At this moment, Mortimer is driven crazy and casts misery into the 3rd Dimension. Watch this!" Dr. Dominion said. Time stopped as Dr. Dominion pressed a button of his controller. "What are you doing?" Runescript said. "We don't alter history, we only watch it" Dr. Dominion said and they were teleported in Don Lothario's roof. Bella was observing the skies with a telescope, as huge UFO got her. "My hard drive..." Runescript said in a chilling sense of surprise. "Don then refuses to help people find Bella, and thus infuriates Mortimer, who becomes a Mad Scientist and invents the Blue Formula" Dr. Dominion said. "There are more for you to see..." Dr. Dominion said...

...and they appeared again inside the lab of the haunted tower. Some agents were investigating. "Now you can either save me or kill me. It is your choice. At this very moment, Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons finds and consumes the orange formula. You can change that. Make sure he never finds these formulas and save us all" Dr. Dominion said. "I can help. But when your destiny changes, make sure I will be able to change mine too!" Runescript said and he was dragged into a form were he could change history as well. He hid himself behind an office. "Let me revise what I have found..." Georgie Gibbons said as he examined the room. Runescript slowly threw the two formulas out of the window. A paradox was created and Dr. Dominion was standing alive next to him. But he was changed. "I am now a vampire. The scientists have taken me with them and I rule the cursed empire with them. I die with them when their past shelves murder themselves. I am again in my past form" Count Dominic said.

"Now let's see what we can do about your destiny..." Count Dominic said.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 08:16, September 24, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 19: World Domination[edit | edit source]

Federal Agent Georgie Gibbons took the long way to his office after a long day. He could not find what was that caused the scientists' disappearance. As he went to the cell room, he noticed the 2-Dimensional Steve lying on the floor of his cell. "So, why don't you just tell me what happened?" he said as he decided to start a conversation with him. "I admit I burgled my way into the tower. However, I did not steal anything! There was a man that threw some sort of purple formula on me... and I don't remember the rest!" Steve said as collapsed on the floor. "There are not much I can make out of this..." Georgie thought and left the room.

Master Inspector Guilherme got out of the cave as fast as she could. But when she got out, the only thing she found was the man's corpse and a dark figure flying away. "Freeze! You cannot escape! I will pursue you and destroy you, black angel!" Guilherme said as she rushed to follow the figure. "Even if you have to go to the deepest dungeon of hell? Where I live? When Count Dominic threw you here, you lost more than your powers. You lost yourself. And now you await for my latest move..." the dark figure said and cast an incapacitation spell on Guilherme. She then fall down from the edge of the cliff the cave was situated on. The dark angel flied to her and then caught her and teleported her away.

Count Dominic was standing next to Runescript. They were now inside the tower at a very earlier time. They both could hear Dr. Andronikos commanding Runescript to bring Mortimer Goth to him. "Dr. Andronikos commanded you correctly, but as you changed your OS, the command changed as well! You were no longer supposed to bring Mortimer to the scientists, but to kill him! Nothing is random!" Count Dominic said in an arrogant tone. "But... then this a plan orchestrated by someone else!" Runescript said. "Then let's stop him! Destroy the laptop he uses and make sure he never burns Goth Manor! Everything happens correctly, Mortimer is still there, they kidnapp him, and you help the society move on!" Count Dominic said. "But this a fatal paradox! I will collapse into myself and you will be banned forever in the 4th Dimension!" Runescript said. "Precisely! I have my own plans!" Count Dominic said and dumped Runescript into the real turn of events. Runescript then destroyed the laptop.

The Underworld was in peril. "MY PLAN IS INTERRUPTED!" Master Evil Maker Random Ranaun shouted.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 18:29, September 29, 2011 (UTC)

Chapter 20:Trapped![edit | edit source]

Guilherme, now the Angel of Destiny, woke up in a shadowy realm. "Where am I?" she thought as she observed her surroundings. There was a potion next to her, with a note on it. She carefully approached it and read "Drink me!". She then noticed she was chained up and couldn't move any more forward. So, she decided to do what she was supposed to do. She drank the potion, which had a terrible taste. Then a voice crippled in her mind. "You know who I am through the murals. Your antagonist. Your opposite. And yet, I am the destructor. And I can kill you whenever I want" the Evil Maker said in her brain. "Enough games, tell me, what do you want?" she thought, hoping that he could hear her in return. "I want to rule. I want to be what you were. I want you to make me the next Angel of Destiny!" the Evil Maker said again. "Never!" Guilherme refused and passed out.

Dr. Dominion was sitting next to Evil Maker Random Ranaun. "Awesome! The Time Weaver I gifted you works and my plan can progress!" the Evil Maker said. "In which era are we now?" Dr. Dominion asked. "We are in the far past, where the Llamas still ruled. Compared to the human time, The Sims 1 has just been released!" the Evil Maker said. He took a long breath, and then continued. "Now we need to cause a bug in EA's system so that they cannot add Bella in the Goth household in The Sims 2 era! So, by doing that, they will have to patch it! And according to my vision, Bella will be where she should be! In the 4th Dimension, or if you prefer, an alien ship!" the Evil Maker said and started laughing at Guilherme when she was passing out.

Runescript appeared in the 4th Dimension. He appeared the same as when he started his adventure. However, he was much weaker and he was still running Windows ME. "Oh, not again! In which era am I now?" he asked himself. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, he received an awnser. "This is the 4th Dimension. You are in any era you might choose, as long as you know it's code" the voice replied. The two Vampire Lords of the future world appeared in front of him. "This is impossible! You are dead!" Runescript said. "Runescript, your decisions have been made in vain. Dr. Dominic meant you no harm, as long as you fulfilled his plans for power! He was the bad guy all along!" Count Andronikos said. "But you can't have traveled here! There is no Time Weaving device anymore! It was destroyed at the past!" Runescript said. "Yes, of course, but the Time Machines in The Sims 3: Ambitions work just fine!" Count Bob said. "So we are in The Sims 3 era?" Runescript asked. Instead of an awnser, he was transported in Sunset Valley. Runescript appeared in front of another version of the Goth Manor. "This is the era in which Mortimer and Bella fall in love for the first time. And it is also the time in which you find the key to completing your history!" Count Andronikos said. "What are you talking about?" Runescript asked impatiently. "He is talking about the fact that you are not a Servo, as we let you believe but a SimBot. A bought SimBot, bought by Gunther Goth. Gunther was not a politician himself! You were! He was just a normal businessman, and an evil, unhappy, miserable man. He disguised you and you made friends with people instead of him. That's how he rised to power!" Count Bob said as he checked Sim3PE. "So my fate was pre-destined all along!" Runescript said, a bit annoyed. "We will now transport somewhere where you can change it! Release us!" Count Andronikos said, and then he along Count Bob cast a spell on Runescript, and he disappeared in time and space.

The Angel of Destiny felt the ground moving under her.

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Chapter 21:Only the Beginning[edit | edit source]

Runescript found himself in the control room of the Evil Maker. He could hear a noise coming from the bottom of the room. "Help me, I am burning in here!" it shouted as time passed. Runescript recognized that voice. It was Dr. Dominion's! He got there as quickly as he could. There he saw the Evil Maker casting a spell on Dr. Dominion. "And, now Dr. Dominic, you will become one of the creatures you so hoped to control. You will become a virtual person in a 2005 game called "The Sims 2" on a portable console called PSP. Now be gone!" he said and Dr. Dominic disappeared in agony. Runescript then opened his lasers and attacked the Evil Maker. "What the hell are you doing! Bow before your master!" he said in return and cast a spell on Runescript. However, he felt his energy leeching as he fell on his knees. Count Dominic was behind him, casting an incapacitation spell on him. "This is the end of your games!" he said and threw him into the same pit as the Angel of Destiny.

Guilherme saw the one who captured her. The floor before her feet was opening, and a cross-dimensional portal to the 1st Dimension was revealed. "Oh no! This portal can vanquish all of us into spots and dust!" she shouted as she saw the Evil Maker falling into the pit. A paradox was created and history changed again. This time, to the best. The portal imploded and revealed an ancient mechanism for fatal paradoxes. "The Disk Utility!" Runescript thought as he approached the machine. There were three buttons available: Preview, Erase and Cancel. Runescript selected preview. A voice was heard. "Hello, I am the operating system that this world runs in. Your universe is so messed up that the only way to fix it is to erase it" anyone could hear as time stopped to be, and only Runescript could walk in the ethereal path to the buttons. Soon, everything near Runescript disappeared and it was then he saw. The ultimate nothing. "Please select an option soon" the voice said. Runescript had no doubt. He selected restart. "The final reboot" he thought. Then he checked the calendar and the time. It was Friday, 7:00AM.

It was a warm, sunny day. It was being oppressively hot for almost 2 hours since the sun showed up at 6:30AM and the streets were full. A stream of people were seen walking down the street in the neighborhood. But the sun wasn't what really made people want to take a walk during daytime. No, that was just an excuse. There was a historical tower in the neighborhood. Beautiful lights were flashing in the tower during the night, and everyone thought that bands do rehearse there. But what really happened in the tower was a mystery.

It wasn't but a programming studio. Nothing else. Something as casual as breathing. And yet, the history behind it was breathtaking.

|_Andronikos Leventis Talk 15:45, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

PART IV: Simformula by Everyone[edit | edit source]

Chapter 22: The historical tower[edit | edit source]

Kaiko Espurr Mikkusu arrived to see the tower. She heard some noises from it and decided to walk up there. There she saw a laptop with TS2 Ultimate Collection as well as SimPE. Kaiko was curious and thus opened TS2 Ultimate Collection. There was only one neighborhood and it was an Uberhood. Kaiko opened the uberhood. The base was Pleasantwiew and the subhoods were: Sim State University, La Fiesta Tech, Academie Le Tour, Downtown, Bluewater Village, Strangetown, Veronaville, Riverblossom Hills, Desiderata Valley, Belladonna Cove, Twikkii Island, Three Lakes, Takemizu Village, and a "special suburb" just called, Arcadia. Kaiko opened the Arcadia subhood. it was'nt lush or desert like the other ones, instead it was in space, black with many white stars, and some lush islands floating in it. (Think like that disney movie about the space explorer living in a pirate ship but they do it in outer space? Treasure Planet? that.) The houses and community lots were really futuristic. Like something out of Oasis Landing. There was only one household, the Runescript Lab household. There were two Adult sims in it (Dr. Andronikos Levantis Runescript Lab, and Dr. Bob Newbie Runescript Lab) along with a Toddler named Runescript Goth.  Andronikos was a vampire, and had black hair and was somewhat gothic and had a more "evil" looking version of the 1st face in CAS. Bob was also a vampire and looked like the Bob Jr. Newbie who is\was Brandi's father. Runescript had red eyes, grey skin, and grey hair. Her skin and hair were almost the same color (hair slightly darker than her skin) and in fact she had Simbot-colored hair with Servo-colored skin. Her skin also had a "robotic" bolts\nuts-type pattern. Kaiko opened the household, to find that none of the 3 sims had memories, or other sims in their family tree. They did know each other and were BFF with each other. They were all unemployed but had infinite money to their name. Kaiko saw a strange green liquid and drank it, ending up in the sims world with Andronikos, Bob, and Runescript. And that was when a strange time machine appeared. It looked like the Ambitions time machines but it was CASted in pink with some purple. The time machine opened revealing two strange teens. The older one had really pink skin, mauve-colored eyes, and greenish-brown hair. He said: "Hi, I'm Juan. And I'm the inventor of the time machine!" The younger teen, he had S3 skin, green eyes, and black hair. He said: "And I'm Harwood. I'm Juan's BFF who always gets involved in his weird shenanigans." Andronikos: "Well, nicely smart teenagers that you two are." Harwood: "Wait are you two vampires?" Bob: "Yeah, Andronikos is the vampire leader and I'm their second in command." Juan: "Oh yeah! The night's still young! Apropos of young, what year is this?" Andronikos: "This is Year 1 of the Fifth Era." Harwood: "So we cannot get back to Twinbrook?" Juan: "Maybe we can! Yuzzah!" Andronikos: "You could but it would be much different." Kaiko: "Well I think Juan and Harwood are THE Juan Darer and Harwood Clay in Twinbrook. Or... they would have been. They went into a distant future who is also an ancient past. And this way they're changing the history." Bob: "And not to the TS4verse either. This universe is an universe where anything can happen!" [edit | edit source]

====Kaiko   ====

Special Thanks[edit | edit source]

  • Wikia, for it's simple editor that made this work possible.
  • Electronic Arts, for creating such an awesome game.
  • Various Philosophy Books, that inspired me throughout the development of this.
  • Apple Inc, for creating Pages and allowing me to concentrate on my work through Full Screen mode.
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  • And finally but most importantly RoseGui, for pressuring me into creating the fanon in the first place.
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