This is "Part Three" of Enigma of the Dead, it is preceded by "Outbreak" and "Nemesis" and is followed by "Duel".

Enigma of the Dead:
Part Three: Siege
Doctor Who - Enigmatic 10
The Doctor and Charles run out of the Store only to find that they are surrounded by Zombies.
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Creature The Master
TS3 Reflect

Enigma of the Dead: "Siege" (Part Three) is a Doctor Who: Sims 3 episode, that will be uploaded sometime in 2013.




Music ComposersEdit

  • Christophe Beck
  • Dan Gardopée
  • Jeff Martin
  • Dido - Here with Me (Music Theme)

Music NotesEdit

  • The music heard in the store is a music track used from the Sims 1.
  • The music heard when the Zombies are rising from their graves is from the original Unreal Tournament game.


  • A Siege is when enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies. This refers to the Doctor, Charles and the Master trapped in the store which is surrounded by Zombies.

Production NotesEdit

  • Katarina Jones does not appear in this episode. She won't appear again until "Nirvana". This is the first episode she has not appeared in. Despite this, she is still credited on the opening title sequence. This also makes the first time that all the credited cast don't appear in an episode.
  • This episode makes the Doctor the only character to appear in all episodes.
  • This episode is the first one to have no guest stars at all.
  • In the store, everything outside the windows is actually in fact all a green screen.
  • The scene with the Zombies crawling outer the graveyard, was originally filmed for "Nemesis", however, there was no where for the scene to fit, and so the scene was inserted into this episode.


  • The Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver is used for the first time since "Nemesis". However, like in "Astray" and "Nemesis" it is only heard and not seen.
  • The voice of the Master was achieved by using Audio Clips from episodes such as The Time Monster
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