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Ran Away
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Shirt Family
Name Shirt Family
Number of generations 2 generations
Shirt family
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When daughter of workoholic Christina and Perfectionist Richard grew up , she can start family her own with her husband Charlie and two daughters Miley and Kattnis , but when they began center of Shirt family , what will happen with old Christina and Richard?
Name Shirt family
Members Rachel Shirt , Charlie Shear , Richard Shirt , Christina Shirt , Miley Shirt , Katnnis Shirt
Funds §128,700
Difficulty level Difficulty5
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Neighborhood Bridgeport
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History and descriptionEdit

When I started game there were husband nad wife Richard Shirt and Christina Shirt with their daughter Rachel Shirt and dog Snicker Shirt . After days Rachel (as Young adult) found very good friend Charlie Shear and after 10 days they began more that best friends, they began pair and they had weeding but meavhile happened too one sad think ; Snickers began elder and he died. Rachel is owner of Rachel´s Paradise resort (named after her) and Charlie is member of music band The puppies . Charlie was alive a lot of generations after his adoptive parents died because he had unique and powerful single-serving meal Ambrosia . He ate this food every day before he began Adult, a lot of times. But when he met Rachel Shirt ,he didn´t wanted be undeadly, he just wanted to be with her. They were just friends and after many days (i think that it was about 10 days) they began pair, and they had weeding. She had secret relationship with Kevin Breese !!! Rachel wasn´t sure if she want that, but she started and it happened . Charlie found that secret reletationship and few day he did´t want just talk with Rachel. After few days he forgave Rachel because he really love her and her really love him. They moved to another house .In wither Christina began Elder and in same day Rachel began pregnant . She had two girls; Miley Shirt and Katnnis Shirt and they grew up, now they are learning their toddlers skills

Family treeEdit

Fanon-Shirt family - faimly tree



  • This fanon family is partially inspired by Life-stream series of gameplayer Definitely Sims 3 Lover
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