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Shane's Sims 4 Save is a work in progress save file made by DarkSuicune2000.


What is this save file?

This save file comes with the citizens from Sunset Valley in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. It also comes with a populated Newcrest, and all new citizens in each other world!

What game packs do I need?

This save is completely base game compatible. The townies in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest are all made with Base Game only content. But Seasons is HIGHLY recommended, because some of the Sims will have premade Hot Weather and Cold Weather outfits made with Seasons content. (If you don't have Seasons, you won't see their hot/cold weather outfits anyway, but they may be shirtless/pantless.) Dine Out is also recommended as some worlds have restaurants in them. If you don't have Dine Out, the restaurant will probably just be empty.

There will be all new townies in each expansion pack world, and they're made only with items from that pack. (i.e. Sims and lots in Brindleton Bay will have Base Game and Cats and Dogs content.)

Why did you create this?

For a couple reasons. First being that I really don't like the premade lots and household stuff that are in game. I heard of other people creating save files, so I decided to embark on creating a save file with better families and better lots.

Second, when other people create save files, they often include content from every single expansion, game, and stuff pack that they have, even though this disregards the fact that most players don't have every expansion/game/stuff pack. So if you don't have every pack, items on lots and Sims will disappear, resulting in "naked" and bald Sims. (By naked I mean in the pink bra and underwear or black underwear they wear). I wanted to make an accessible save file for anyone, regardless what packs the player has.


My predicted release date for this save file is around 2020 or 2021.

World Maps


Families in the Save File

Deceased Sims

Willow Creek
Buried at Pleasant Rest Graveyard.

Buried at the Goth residence.

Oasis Springs
Buried at the Crumplebottom residence

Buried at the Whsipering Willows graveyard

  • Bryce Williams
  • Jacob Birdzell
  • Gloria Glenn
  • Gordon Glenn
  • Andrew Horne
  • Isaiah Bettencourt
  • Kirby Dean
  • Anita Dean
  • Robbie Chelsea
  • Bobbie Chelsea
  • April Appleseed
  • Aaron Appleseed
  • Zachary McKinney
  • Hunter Scott-Wacker
  • Ian Olson
  • Miles Collins

Buried at the Windenburg residence

  • Anya Windenburg

Brindleton Bay
Buried at the Deadgrass Graveyard

  • Gwayne Bayless
  • Skeet Bayless
  • Fly Bayless
  • Beverly Castor
  • Robert Castor
  • Max Racket
  • Magnolia Racket
  • Dennis Racket
  • Silver Racket

Urns at the Muenda residence

  • Patrick Peckenpaugh
  • Pearl Peckenpaugh
  • Pierre Peckenpaugh
  • Penny-Anne Peckenpaugh

Buried at the Kalawai'a residence

  • Kupuna Kalawai'a
  • Nana Kalawai'a
  • Iosula Mahelona
  • Opunui Mahelona
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