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Shane's Sims 4 Save is a work in progress save file made by DarkSuicune2000.


What is this save file?[]

This is a base game compatible save file. You don't need any packs to use this file.

Willow Creek and Oasis Spring bring back the townies from Sunset Valley in The Sims 3. The other worlds have all new households and townies and some allusions.

What expansion packs do I need?[]

This save is fairly base game compatible. The townies in Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, and Newcrest are all made with Base Game only content. There will be all new townies in each expansion pack world, and they're made only with items from that pack. (i.e. Sims and lots in Brindleton Bay will have only Base Game and Cats and Dogs content.)

Seasons is highly recommended, because some of the Sims will have premade Hot Weather and Cold Weather outfits made with Seasons content. (If you don't have Seasons, you won't see their hot/cold weather outfits anyway, but they may be shirtless/pantless.)

Dine Out is also recommended as some worlds have restaurants in them. If you don't have Dine Out, the lot will just be empty.

If you don't have these recommended packs and later get them after having the Save File, I suggest that you re-download the file after buying the packs.

Why did you create this?[]

For a couple reasons. First being that I really don't like the premade lots and household stuff that are in game. I heard of other people creating save files, so I decided to embark on creating a save file with better families and better lots.

Second, when other people create save files, they often include content from every single expansion, game, and stuff pack that they have, even though this disregards the fact that most players don't have every expansion/game/stuff pack. So if you don't have every pack, items on lots and Sims will disappear, resulting in "naked" and bald Sims. (By naked I mean in the underwear and/or bra they wear). I wanted to make an accessible save file for anyone, regardless what packs the player has.


Download here.



  • Henford On Bagley will remain unchanged in this save file.

Families in the Save File[]

Willow Creek[]

Alto family

  • Alto family
Nick Alto, Vita Alto, Holly Alto
The Altos are new money. Their unscrupulous business practices have gotten them far in this town. Unofficially, they own most of the local shops. But how did their daughter become such a Goody Two-Shoes?

Alvi family

  • Alvi family
Iqbal Alvi, VJ Alvi, Miraj Alvi
Young Miraj Alvi wishes that his teenage brother would stop giving their dad such a hard time. Is there some way he can help the two make amends?

Bachelor family

  • Bachelor family
Simis Bachelor, Jocasta Bachelor, Michael Bachelor, Bella Bachelor
The Bachelors are a tightly knit family and Simis sees to it that everything – and everyone – is in its place. Now if only the other neighborhood kids were as well behaved as his Michael and Bella.

Bunch family

  • Bunch family
Jack Bunch, Judy Bunch, Ethan Bunch, Lisa Bunch, Arlo Bunch, Darlene Bunch
Here’s the story: Two working parents juggle family, household chores, and their careers while their four children run wild. What is the right balance for this family of six to stay sane?

Clavell family

  • Clavell family
Buster Clavell, Bessie Clavell, Xander Clavell
Xander Clavell is a party animal still living in his parents’ house. Buster is tired of Xander’s mooching and wants him out. Will Bessie have to choose between her son and her husband?

Goth family

  • Goth family
Gunther Goth, Cornelia Goth, Mortimer Goth
The Goths have lived in town since time immemorial. The aura of gloom from the nearby cemetery suits them, but can a young boy named Mortimer grow up to be well-adjusted in such a place?

Jolina family

  • Jolina family
Jamie Jolina
Jamie Jolina is as intelligent as she is beautiful. Can she prove to the world that the two traits can coexist?

Keaton family

  • Keaton family
Marty Keaton, Justine Keaton
Avid outdoorsy Sims, Marty and Justine Keaton both have active careers and active hobbies. What effect will the impending arrival of their first child have on their lifestyle?

Landgraab family

  • Landgraab family
Geoffrey Landgraab, Nancy Landgraab, Malcolm Landgraab
The Landgraabs are old money. Nancy’s family more or less founded the town, so it was no surprise that when she married Geoffrey, it was Geoffrey who changed his last name, not Nancy. Will young Malcolm be a mild-mannered doctor like his father or a voracious business tycoon like his mother?

Langerak family

  • Langerak family
Kaylynn Langerak, Zelda Mae, Dustin Langerak, Parker Langerak, Iliana Langerak
Kaylynn Langerak cleans up after her brother and stay-at-home dad while her mother works all day. Now Kaylynn’s Aunt Zelda has arrived with a jungle of half-dead plants in tow and things are messier than ever!

Ursine family

  • Ursine family
Claire Ursine
Claire Ursine is a reclusive angler living by the ocean. Since she lives alone, she is hopeful that no one will notice her unexpectedly changing waistline.

Oasis Springs[]

Andrews family

  • Andrews family
Beau Andrews, Victoria Andrews
Beau Andrews is an insensitive slob who spends most of his time watching television. Victoria is an artistic bookworm who spends most of her time reading. How is it that these two seem to be living happily ever after?

Crumplebottom family

  • Crumplebottom family
Agnes Crumplebottom
Agnes Crumplebottom hadn’t even changed her last name to her husband’s when an unfortunate accident on her honeymoon ended their marriage. Between her growing bitterness and her husband’s ghost scaring away gentlemen callers, only the bravest Sim would ever even try to win her heart and fortune now.

Frio family

  • Frio family
Connor Frio, Jared Frio
The Frio brothers are cool – but in very different ways. Connor is shy and seems aloof; Jared is downright cold to people after he befriends them. Can anything be done to change them into the next level of cool: awesome?

Hart family

  • Hart family
Gus Hart, Dorie Hart, Bebe Hart
Bebe Hart has a hard time as the only responsible person in the entire Hart lineage. It’s no secret in the neighborhood that both of her parents are slightly insane, so Bebe feels that the neighbor’s eyes have been scrutinizing her for ages, just waiting to see if she’ll crack too.

Kennedy family

  • Kennedy family
Erin Kennedy
Erin Kennedy is a long-term military woman who was recently transferred to town. Making friends has always been difficult for her, and she worried that things might be the same in this town. Will her fears come true?

Koffi family

  • Koffi family
Gobias Koffi
Gobias Koffi is a well-meaning single Sim who just hasn't met the right women. Is this because he actually prefers the company of his male friends?

Roomies household

  • Roomies household
Tamara Donner, Emma Hatch, Stiles McGraw, Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Blair Wainwright
Can five young adults from five different backgrounds really stand living together in a single house? Just about every personality is represented in this wacky household...but who is the exceedingly plain guy who doesn’t socialize with others? And how did he manage to get his own room?

Sekemoto family

  • Sekemoto family
Yumi Sekemoto, Leighton Sekemoto, Sam Sekemoto
Yumi Sekemoto has recently moved in with her son, Leighton, to help him raise his toddler, Sam.

Single Moms household

  • Single Moms household
Fiona McIrish, River McIrish, Molly French, Sandi French
Fiona McIrish is used to living alone with her teenage daughter, River. But when Fiona’s best friend needed a place to live with her own young daughter, Fiona readily invited the two to live in her home. Will Molly be the perfect housemate or Fiona’s biggest regret?

Steel family

  • Steel family
Christopher Steel
Christopher Steel is lucky by nature. Things have always come easily for him, which is starting to get boring. Now that he’s in a brand new town with no friends or job, how will he fare?

Wainwright household

  • Wainwright family
Susan Wainwright, Boyd Wainwright
Susan and Boyd are techno geniuses who spend all of their available time with electronics. When their daughter, Blair, was a child, they bought every toy she asked for in the hopes that she would amuse herself and give them more free time for their hobbies. Now that Blair has moved out on her own, the Wainwrights are thinking of converting her old room for their next big project...

Wan-Goddard family

  • Wan-Goddard family
Pauline Wan, Hank Goddard
Pauline and Hank are certain that they will be 2-gether 4-ever because they have so much in common: parties, the beach, and music. The only question is whether they can maintain their lifestyle.

Wolff family

  • Wolff family
Thornton Wolff, Morgana Wolff
Both the arts and having children are very important to Morgana Wolff, but she has just learned that her new husband, Thornton, actively dislikes both. Oops. Can these newlyweds save their young marriage? Should they even try?

Working Friends household

  • Working Friends household
Madison VanWatson, Monika Morris, Tori Kimura, Ayesha Ansari
Four women trying to make their way in the world have come together to share this house. Madison and Monica are best friends forever, Tori is a best-friend wannabe, and Ayesha is the tomboy who couldn’t care less.


Chelsea-Dennis family

  • Chelsea-Dennis family
Susie Chelsea, Thomas Dennis, Riley Chelsea-Dennis, Michelle Williams
Susie Chelsea and Thomas Dennis lived together for years. Susie's freelancing in art alongside Thomas's job in technology helped keep them afloat for years so they could support their son Riley. Now that Susie's freeloading half-sister Michelle moved in with her, who knows what craziness is bound to happen?

Dean family

  • Dean family
John Dean, Carol Dean, Arthur Dean, Grace Dean, Sawyer Dean, Colby Dean, Ashli Dean
Grace and Arthur Dean are raising their three kids. The teenage Sawyer loves to read, write, and wants to be a journalist someday. Colby and Ashli are a couple of rambunctious scamps who love playing in the park with other kids. With the Dean grandparents, John and Carol, having moved in, Sawyer's starting to date, and the kids are starting to act up, will the parents realize how crowded the house feels?

Hawkins family

  • Hawkins-Smallwood family
Pamela Hawkins, Regina Smallwood, Tim Smallwood, Flo Hawkins, Rachel Smallwood
When Pamela settled down and had a family, she wanted her daughters Regina and Flo to have a better life than she did. Regina is trying to break into the fashion industry and wants to be successful but her younger sister Flo is lazy and just wants to play video games. They're all worried that Regina and Tim's daughter, little Rachel will take after Flo's lazy ways.

Jett family

  • Jett family
Nathaniel Jett, Carmen Jett, Micah Jett, Christine Jett
Nathaniel spends his work days as a personal trainer at the gym, Carmen spends her work at the easel making almost masterpieces. While their son Micah is programming and studying rocket science, they don't know he also is dating a local boy in town who wants to be a writer. Will they freak out when they find out their baby is dating already? And why does Christine hang out so much with Micah's boyfriend's little brother?

Mack family

  • Mack family
Celia Mack, Henry Andrew Mack, Andi Mack
Celia and "Ham" Mack are raising their artistic and creative daughter Andi, who spends all her time in her "Andi Shack." They really felt like they raised this one right. One problem, they are keeping a huge secret from her. She's not their daughter, she's their granddaughter, and her supposed older "sister" is really her mom.
  • Nicholson family
Guillermo Nicholson, Grayson Nicholson, Martina Nicholson, Lennie Nicholson
Guillermo and Grayson were two husbands living together, Guillermo a businessman, Grayson a stylist. They adopted Grayson's cousin's daughter Martina when they learned Martina's birth parents kicked her out for being trans. They adopted their younger child Lennie, who was an orphan and being harassed for being non-binary. Martina wants to become a stylist like her father and Lennie wants to become a comedian. The Nicholsons are a close clan, who always will stick together no matter what.

Quinn family

  • Quinn family
Bex Mack, Bowie Quinn
Musicians Bex Mack and Bowie Quinn live just next to Bex's parents and little sister Andi. However, Bex feels guilt that she has to keep secret that Andi actually isn't actually her sister. Andi is Bex and Bowie's daughter.

Magnolia Promenade[]

Simovitch family

  • Simovitch family
Terrence Simovitch, Abigail Simovitch
Terrence Simovitch is the chief detective of Magnolia Promenade, and his daughter Abigail is studying science to become a doctor or scientist. She still hasn't decided yet.

McDonough family

  • McDonough family
Vernon McDonough, Cameron McDonough
Vernon and Cameron are both hard-working husbands living in a small house in the center of Magnolia Promenade. Vernon's a serious doctor, while Cameron's a clumsy scientist. They are tired of city representatives trying to come and buy their house just so the city can plop a retail shop here. When will they realize that no means no?


Anderson family

  • Anderson family
Robin Anderson, Elise Anderson, Jeanne Rivers
After graduating, Jeanne Rivers moved out of her mother's house due to them fighting day in and day out due to their incombatibility. So she moved in with her old-school grandparents, Elise and Robin Anderson, in their nice, beautiful ranch-style home. Now, she can focus on her freelance artist career in peace while trying to save up to move into the big city!

The Bachelorette household

  • The Bachelorette household
Angelina Banks
Angelina Banks is the heartbreaker of Windenburg. You name 'em, she's dated 'em. Nobody even notices that she's sixty years old. It goes to show that money (and some surgery) can buy you happiness.

Cyrus & Axel household

  • Cyrus & Axel household
Cyrus Dow, Axel Dow, Athena Dow
Cyrus wants to be a writer, Axel wants to be a successful businessman. Together, they are a power couple ready to take on the world. However, household funds have been struggling ever since Cyrus's parents kicked him out after he started dating Axel, but these two loving fathers will do whatever they can to make Athena's childhood as loving as it should be.

Dow family

  • Dow family
Taylor Dow, Holden Dow, Meredith Dow, Channing Dow
Taylor and Holden are high up in the ranks as businesspeople, and are hoping their children, Meredith and Channing follow in their footsteps, unlike their first son.

Goldstein family

  • Goldstein family
Gavin Goldstein, Annabelle Goldstein, Betty Goldstein
While the father, Gavin does DJ-ing gigs around town and the mom, Annabelle frequents her mommy group, the daughter of the family, Betty is really studious and wants to become a lawyer one day. Her parents worry that she spends too much time studying and that she will have problems making friends.

Lane family

  • Lane family
Leslie Lane, Malakai Lane, Amira Lane
Leslie Lane always felt that she was unwanted in life. She was put up for adoption as an infant, and grew up in an orphanage. Growing up, she took solace in her music and dreamed of becoming a famous DJ one day. Now, her dream has become a reality, as she headlines the hottest parties throughout the discothèques of Windenburg.

Parks family

  • Parks family
Paris Parks, Lucille Parks, Delta Parks, Eileen Parks
Paris and Lucille were rabid party-goers back in the day, but have settled down and now have two great children. Their oldest, Delta, even wants to become a DJ when they grow up. But ever since Delta came out as non-binary, there has been animosity between their parents and them. Maybe Delta and their parents will never understand each other. Luckily, their relationship with their little sister Eileen is (and will always be) solid as rock.

Pritchett family

  • Pritchett family
Aaliyah Pritchett, Everett Pritchett, Brook Pritchett, Zachary Pritchett
The Pritchett family are new in town. Aaliyah Pritchett moved to Windenburg to escape the dangerous situation with her ex-spouse she was in. Nobody knows much about her past, and Aaliyah wants to keep it that way. So she is focusing on raising her twin teens, Everett and Brook and young dinosaur-obsessed boy, Zachary.

Roth family

  • Roth family
Tyronne Roth, Justine Roth, Cassidy Roth, Sara Roth, Morty Roth
Having recently moved to Windenburg has had a wonderful effect on the Roths! Cassidy and Sara have had no trouble fitting into the social clubs of the town and grandparents Tyronne and Justine love living with their grandson so close and to watch him grow up. People are saying that they saw Stella Chesterson and Morty hanging out a lot recently. Could this develop into anything in the future?

Windenburg family

  • Windenburg family
Jeannette Windenburg, Jason Windenburg, Diana Windenburg, Josie Windenburg, Rhett Windenburg, Ryleigh Windenburg, Jaxton Windenburg
The Windenburgs have a long history in this town. Jeannette's late mother founded the town, and left a huge legacy behind. But nowadays, the Windenburg house is packed with teenage drama! Rhett and Josie are your typical popular kids who are in every school activity, making fun of the less popular teens. Ryleigh is a smart girl who wants to be an economist. And last but certainly not least, Jaxton is the black sheep of the family who doesn't know where he fits in or where he belongs.

San Myshuno[]

First Family household

  • First Family household
Maxwell Myshuno, Maya Myshuno, Jean Myshuno, Eve Myshuno, LeRoy Myshuno
Maxwell Myshuno has been the National Leader of SimNation for decades, and is part of one of the most iconic national families. His grandfather founded San Myshuno and Maxwell has ridden off his fame. The mysterious death of his late wife Amalia, the abandonment his second son, and his marriage to a much younger woman caused people to say he does not embody family values like they thought he did, and they are starting to question his leadership abilities.

Gal Pals household

  • Gal Pals household
Riley J. Dennis, Fiona Morgan
Riley and Fiona got their start on the internet, running an online blog called "Gal Pals" about their relationship. However, they've been subject to a lot of harassment recently and are starting to lose fans. How will they continue to support their lives when their main method of income is decreasing?

Greenwood family

  • Greenwood family
Ebony Greenwood, Jamari Greenwood, Audra Greenwood
Ebony is a musician trying to raise her two creative children. Jamari, a computer geek, is always struggling to find time to work on his programming skills because he always has to babysit his little sister, Audra.

Holmes family

  • Holmes family
Tatum Holmes, Rhea Holmes, Alaina Holmes
Tatum and Rhea Holmes are a successful couple raising their young daughter Alaina in San Myshuno. Tatum is an pro athlete and Rhea is an art critic who enjoys music in her spare time.

Jessie and The Ross Kids household

  • Jessie and The Ross Kids household
Jessie Prescott, Bertram Winkle, Emma Ross, Luke Ross, Ravi Ross, Zuri Ross
The Ross kids are reckless and crazy, so what's better than a nanny from StrangerVille to help whip them into shape? Jessie Prescott never imaged being the nanny to four children who make more money from their week allowance than she has made in her lifetime, but she couldn't be happier. That is, until she lands her dream acting role and stops being a struggling actress. Emma, Luke, Ravi, and Zuri can be a pain in the neck, but it just feels like a party every day in the Ross Penthouse.

Karlie & Elsie household

  • Karlie & Elsie household
Karlie Lang, Elsie Bouchard
Karlie has everything she dreamed in life, a nice big apartment, an organized office, and her dream job as a social media star! But one thing she's missing, is love. Will she find it out there in the big city, with the support of her music-loving bestie, Elsie?

Knauss family

  • Knauss family
Alisatr Knauss, Charlotte Knauss
Alistar and Charlotte are rich and in retirement. They're the parents of Geoffrey Landgraab who honestly only got this much money after Geoffrey married into the Landgraab family and he sent them a ton of money as a present. Now they're living it large. Lucky them.

Lyons family

  • Lyons family
Holden Lyons, Rocky Lyons, Winter Lyons, Paisley Lyons
Rocky is a musically inclined Sim, and Holden is an aspiring comedian. They both have two daughters, their child Winter and toddler Paisley. They are excited to see where the city takes them.

Myshuno family

  • Myshuno family
Maxwell Myshuno Jr., Bailey Myshuno, Maxwell Myshuno III, Primrose Myshuno, Evangeline Myshuno
Maxwell Myshuno Jr. is the favored son of Leader Maxwell Myshuno, and is to inherit most of his wealth upon his death. Maxwell Jr. pretty much agrees with his father on everything. His wife is the perfect conservative trophy wife who is against her daughters learning anything but homemaking skills. And Maxwell Myshuno III is known for being the most obnoxious of the Myshuno grandchildren as he disrupts civilians by pranking them to boost his SimTube fame.

Perez-Quiñonez family

  • Perez-Quiñonez household
Estrella Perez-Quiñonez
Being a female politician comes with its challenges. but Estrella is tired of the sleazy politicians who only seem to be getting richer and richer with each empty promise. Growing up poor, she never could have dreamed of being a councilwoman like she is now and is hoping to make a more accessible world.

Ritter household

  • Ritter family
Rylan Ritter
Rylan recently moved to the big city to make it as a computer progrmmer, but his unflirty nature also makes it hard for him to find a lover. Living in his tiny apartment has made it hard for him to breathe in this big city that he feels like wants to eat him whole.

Sanderson family

  • Sanderson family
Ainsley Sanderson, Eric Sanderson, Kayla Sanderson, Elaine Sanderson, Alex Sanderson
Ainsley Myshuno is the second son of National Leader Maxwell Myshuno. He was known for his interest in charity and philanthropy in his young adult years. However, when he told his father he was gay, he was abandoned. However, this inspired Ainsley to set up a charity for unfairly abandoned children. His marriage to Eric and three great children have turned his life around for the better.

Sun household

  • Sun household
Spenser Sun
Spenser Sun, a professional athlete, moved to San Myshuno to experience all the rich cultural attractions that the city has to offer.
  • Valentino-Moreno family
Kiera Moreno, Dusty Valentino, Kimber Valoreno
Hipsters Kiera Moreno and Dusty Valentino have been having trouble making ends meet recently, and had to move to a super cheap apartment. Their neighbors are nice and all, but the apartment is near collapse! Is such a place suitable to raise their daughter, Kimber?

Woodall household

  • Woodall household
Cameron Woodall
Cameron Woodall ended up moving to San Myshuno to evade some, um... responsibilities. In a new town, can he become the town Casanova he wants to be? Or will the city ladies not tolerate his nonsensical lifestyle?

Brindleton Bay[]

Buckley family

  • Buckley family
Nathan Buckley, Garth, Otis
Nathan is trying to make it as an artist, and loves to take on the town with his lazy cat, Garth, and excitable dog Otis.

Castor family

  • Castor family
Robbie Castor, Meggie Castor, Hunter Castor, Ricky Castor, Azy Castor, Rusty, Wolf, Bud
The Castor family moved from Twinbrook decades ago to the Bay, known for being the hillbillies in town, except for Ricky; who is nothing like his family at all. Their family history is pretty confusing, and anyone who has ever tried to track it down has only been led in circles. The conflicts between Ricky, his brother and parents drive little Azy crazy. Will this family and their rabid dogs survive?

Purr-Snic-Kitty family.

  • Purr-Snic-Kitty family
Roman Persnickety, Kaydence Persnickety, Joanne Persnickety, Mango Persnickety, Speckles Persnickety, Kia Persnickety
The Persnickety family loves pets, and specifically cats. Roman and Kaydence have owned many cats throughout their lives but now they have three cats meowing around the house. Their daughter Joanne also loves cats but would like a dog. Roman is thinking about it but is so busy working at his veterinarian office and won't have time to take care of it. Joanne wants to show that she's responsible enough to take care of it herself.

Retired Folk household.

  • Retired Folk household
Jeffrey Castor, Chase Castor, Tay Bayless, Lolly Bayless, Tasha, Dixie, Max, Honey
Chase and Jeffrey Castor moved in with Tay and Lolly Bayless for their retirement days. All four of them grew up in Twinbrook and the Castor's son ended up marrying the Bayless's daughter and having children with her, making the family tree more of a family wreath. Although they don't approve of Robbie and Maggie's marriage, they don't judge and still love their grandchildren because "families should be stickin' together," according to Tay. (He still doesn't understand apostrophes.)

Meskin family

  • Meskin family
Junaid Meskin, Yusra Meskin, Aleema Meskin, Talia, Kaia.
Comedian Junaid and writer Yusra both want to raise their bright daughter Aleema in a nice environment by the water with their cat Talia and dog Kaia, so they moved to Brindleton Bay.

Prescott family

  • Prescott family
Nigel Prescott, Gertrude Prescott, Maisy Prescott, Daisy Prescott, Winston, Gemma Lou.
Nigel likes cats, Gertrude likes dogs. Nigel's the president of a pet store company. That's why Gertrude married him. They have two twin daughters who are never up to any good. They kind of seem a little creepy to be honest...

Del Sol Valley[]

Beri family

  • Beri family
Cheri Beri, Clay Beri, Barry Beri, Meri Beri
Cheri Beri is the biggest rapper in all of the Sims world, known for her provocative music videos and rivalry with Raini Bow and the rest of Squad 7. Her husband Clay is an actor and fitness Simstagram model. Her son Barry is a spoiled brat and is a little mean like her mom. Barry has a kids vlog channel on SimTube where he uploads prank videos. Young Meri is only a toddler, but is very clingy to her parents. Who knows what will become of these celebrities when a scandalous secret gets out?

Castellanos family

  • Castellanos family
Emiliano Castellanos, Serena Castellanos, Raul Castellanos, Colleen Castellanos.
Emiliano and Serena are two hard-working parents with their artistic son Raul, and their young daughter Colleen, who has the initiative and confidence of a future world leader.

Family Vloggers household

  • Family Vloggers household
Orla Tiburones, Mira Tiburones, Naomi Swift, Tyler Swift
When Orla and Naomi got married, it brought together two great families... Perfect for the views! Orla and Noami are getting popular posting videos on Sim-Tube, as we know, couple channels get more views. Noami's 14 year old son Tyler prefers to save the drama for the school theatre, and intends to become an amazing actor one day. Orla's nine year old daughter Mira is just a spoiled brat who loves attention, especially when she went viral after posting a video of her singing about baby sharks...

Ross family

  • Ross family
Morgan Ross, Christina Ross
World famous supermodel turned business-woman Christina Ross moved to Del Sol Valley after her husband Morgan got a job as a director and actor in next installment of his Galactopus movies. leaving their four children behind in San Myshuno in a big penthouse with the Nanny and the Butler. The big house, the fame, the lifestyle- it's all great! But is it worth them never being around for their children?

Smith family

  • Smith family
Austin Smith, Georgia Smith, Madeline Smith, Tess Smith
This nuclear family looks like they walked straight out of the middle of last century, but that's just their style. Austin is a moderately successful businessman while Georgia is trying to get back into the acting game like she was in the olden days. Madeline wants to become a famous painter, but her parents want her to get a "real job" like a doctor or something. Tess just wants to have a normal life but her kind of famous parents make that hard for her.

Squad 7

  • Squad 7
H.H. Hall, Audrina Woo, Vance Simdow, Raini Bow
Squad Seven is the seventh attempt at creating a squad of famous people in Del Sol Valley. It is comprised of four individuals. H.H. is a makeup artist creating a name for himself on the internet. Audrina Woo is a style influencer who loves to design clothes and trends for the world to follow. Vance Simdow is a serious actor, and has starred in the Game of Thorns TV show adaptation. Raini Bow is a famous LGBT singer hoping to express her feelings through her songs. Together, they slay.


2049 Roommates household

  • 2049 Roommates household
Sophia Reed, Isaac Reed, Thaddeus Fink, Zachary Brandt
The year was 2049, and these four had just graduated university and went to move to StrangerVille for a fun time. They moved into a house that was built on the area where the plane had crashed just thirty years earlier. Suddenly, one day, heard a loud woosh and a flash of light and they woke up and they were in the year 2019. Now, they live a generation behind back to when their parents were first in University. They don't know what happened or how they will get back.

Muenda family

  • Muenda family
Lerato Muenda, Peponi Muenda, Olive Muenda, Willow Muenda
Lerato and Peponi are known for their famous meat pot pies, but many townsfolk are increasingly suspicious of their odd behavior and how many people have gone missing near their residence. Is it a coincidence? And can Olive and Willow grow well up in such a scrutinized environment?

Eastman family

  • Eastman family
Nora Eastman, Jeanette Eastman, Nico Eastman
Nora recently moved to StrangerVille with her cowgirl wife Jeanette. She hates the judgement of her family from the snooty rich people in the town, but is willing to put up with it because Strangerville has one of the best military bases in all of the country. Their son, Nico, loves aliens and hopes to meet one someday.

Grogner family

  • Grogner family
Keaton Grogner, Lyla Grogner, Char Grogner, Déchirée Grogner, Sean Grogner
Military father Keaton has a beautiful family and is in the best shape of his life. Yet he is always paranoid about the town he lives in. While his wife stays at home taking care of the kids, he thinks he's getting closer to discovering the secrets of StrangerVille. His teenage daughter, Char, wants to follow his military footsteps someday. Her little sister Déchirée doesn't care one bit about military and loves playing with the youngest baby brother Sean, who is quite the charmer for his age.

Peckenpaugh family

  • Peckenpaugh family
Priscilla Peckenpaugh, Patty Peckenpaugh, Pierre Peckenpaugh Jr.
Priscilla's been down in the dumps because her entire family has completely disappeared. It's one of the many mysteries of StrangerVille, where in the world her son Patrick, daughter-in-law Pearl, grandson Pierre, and granddaughter-in-law Penny-Anne went. Now she is stuck raising her great-grandchildren all by herself, which at the ripe old age of 70, is proving to be very strenuous on her. In case something happens, she has her protected panic room underground, but it has been untouched for decades.

Personson household

  • Personson household
Humanica Personson
Humanica Personson is a real life actual human who is a living, breathing, inconspicuous human being! She loves breathing the human air and walking in the earthly ground, while speaking the human language with other fellow human beings! She also goes to her regular human being job where she does normal human being work activities with her human co-workers. She gets up at the early human hour of Six A.M. every humane earthly morning!


  • Cortez family
Nathaniel Cortez
Nathaniel Cortez is a fisherman who enjoys his simple life. In his freetime, he likes to study nature. But college and a fancy job was never for him. Although he wouldn't mind meeting somebody, platonically or otherwise.

Kalawai'a Clan family

  • Kalawai'a Clan family
Kaikane Kalawai'a, Iwalani Kalawai'a, Kaleho Kalawai'a, Leilani Kalawai'a, Pauahi Kalawai'a, Anuhea Kalawai'a, Anakoni Kalawai'a, Hanini Kalawai'a
The Kalawai'a clan have lived in Sulani since time imemmorial. Kaikane's grandfather was the chief of the tribe and passed down his knowledge and wisdom through the generations. Now with Kaleho and Leinani raising four kids, they are considering building a modern house for the family to live to join the rest of the world. But will this come at the expense of the last of indigenous Sulani culture and break Kaikane and Iwalani's heart to know their descedants left behind their culture..

Kealoha household

  • Kealoha household
Makoa Kealoha
Makoa is a single man who moved to Sulani to help their dirty beach crisis, but also for the relaxing tropical beach vibes in Sulani that no doubt make him feel at paradise.

Save The Turtles!

  • Save The Turtles! family
Pierce Lawrence, Elena Acosta, Maya L'Acosta
Pierce Lawrence and Elena Acosta are avid conservationists who are passionate about saving the planet and save the beautiful turtles from extinction. Their daughter Maya also likes to advertise their business by always wearing shirts with turtles on them. On their days off, they relax on their deck tanning and listening to the waves crash on the ocean shore. Nobody knows that for Pierce, the crisis hits closer to home as he spent his childhood swimming with the turtles in the sea.


Fink family

  • Fink family
Michael Fink, Sherwin Fink, Clyde Fink
Michael and Sherwin Fink both met at Britechester University and are proud alumni of the school. After graduation, Michael became a private attorney and Sherwin became a professor of his own Alma Mater. They both have a son, Clyde Fink. Clyde wants to rebel his family's expectations and go to Foxbury to study Robotics but he's afraid to tell his UBrite-loving parents that he's actually more of a Lobster. Although, his red clothing and Foxbury decor in his bedroom might give his secret away.

Super-Mom household

  • Super-Mom household
Cassidy McClain, Jordan McWoodall
Cassidy McClain has had a tough few years. Her parents died in a tragic fire and her child's father broke up with her after she got pregnant with her son Jordan and moved to the city. Her dreams of studying Computer Science and becoming an engineer were dashed. Now that she has her own place and is a little more settled, she is planning on going to school to pursue her dreams. Can she maintain school, a part-time job, and take care of her son at the same time? Only time will tell.

Mt. Komorebi[]

Coming soon...

Evergreen Harbor[]

BFF household SS4S.png
  • BFF household
Hunter McHenry, Kennedy Reyna
Kennedy and Hunter have been best friends since elementary school and are now trying to make it as adults fresh out of high school. Hunter wants to work in the tech field and Reyna in music.

Hasting family

  • Hasting household
Dawn Hasting, Chester Hasting, Curtis Hasting, Teagan Hasting, Kelly Hasting
The mom Dawn loves to do what she can to help the environment while she paints and sells her art. The dad Chester is a furniture maker. Their teen son Curtis loves to game and do creative endeavors like his mother, however sometimes he cares too much about his appearance. Middle child Teagan loves to spend her free time drawing or playing with her youngest sister, Kelly. This family is very close-knit.

Gresham family

  • Gresham household
Marshall Gresham
Marshall left his parent's home to become a furniture fabricator / candle maker and is pursuing his dreams. Yeah, his tiny home is crowded, but he still enjoys to do what he loves.
Lemons household.png
  • Lemons household
Lila Lemons
Lila Lemons is one of the richest Sims in Evergreen Harbor. She moved here in the initerest of industrializing and modernizing the town, starting with her own house. Will people agree with her? Or will they want to keep the green reputation the town has?

Oakes household

  • Oakes household
Mason Oakes
Mason moved to a cheap apartment after his writing career took off. He's recently entered his first relation with his girlfriend, Kennedy. Will he be willing to let someone new in his life after a life of keeping to himself?

Currently not in World" Families[]

Great-Grandma Chen

  • Great-Grandma Chen household
Meihui Chen
Meihui Chen was a world traveler, and now she is enjoying her retirement. She loves to visit her great-granddaughter.

40 Year Old Grump

  • 40 Year Old Grump household
Greg Chelsea
Greg Chelsea was once in a happy relationship with his girlfriend Grace Glenn, and their daughter Susie Chelsea. But after becoming an abusive jerk, they broke up and Greg barely saw his daughter ever again. Now she is married and has a kid, and she wants nothing to do with him. Can Greg patch things up with his daughter before it's too late?

Rush household

  • Rush household
Mike Rush
Mike is a kind, hardworking individual with a unique sense of style. He is looking for a freelance career and someone to date.

Mixologist Legend

  • Mixologist Legend
Persephone Del Mar
Persephone Del Mar wants to follow her dreams as a mixologist! She has the most fun mixing drinks to her heart's content!