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Sepp Rossi
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Sepp Rossi has been away from Monte Vista for too long. How much does he know about this place?
Name Sepp Rossi
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult.png Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Sim
Rossi family
Parents Constanzo Rossi, Adalina Rossi
Aspiration  Knowledge
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair.png Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes.png Brown
Skin color Skin-tan.png Tan
Body shape Thin Average
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Monte Vista
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Sepp Rossi is a minor recurring character in the StrangeTown Monty (STM) machinima series.

Sepp is the Sim incarnation of Rossi, the green racing car of GTR98, so he is one of the Racing Men. Unlike the Three Kings of Hyde Dynamic, who are ambiguously implied to be CAS descendants of canonical Sims 3 characters / families...

Sepp Rossi has an actual (albeit ambiguous) canonical presence in the Sims 3, as Unborn baby Rossi, the first child of the then-incumbent Mayor of Monte Vista(1), born around the same time as Bianca Monty, Kent Capp, and fellow racer RM Morgen (formerly Unborn baby Cassat).

Despite being a Hyde Dynamic Racing Man, Rossi is not a Hyde Dynamic employee, because Hyde does not like to drive the Rossi car as much as he likes to drive the cars of Xu, Ivanov and Baptiste. It is therefore ironic that Rossi gets his own fanon page as a sim before these three.

Name Significance[edit | edit source]

"Sepp" is derived from the Italian name "Giuseppe", which was what Constanzo and Adalina Rossi originally named their son.

"Sepp" refers to:

So both Rossi and Baptiste have Fringe-inspired first names. The last names "Bishop" and "Baptiste" are too similar for the author to resist naming the Red Racing Man "Walter Baptiste".

As Fringe ended its run in early 2013, the author misses having "Walter" and "Sep(p)" on the screen at the same time, so an entire episode featuring Baptiste and Rossi was necessary.

Narrow Escape[edit | edit source]

In STM, Sepp Rossi, Bianca Monty and Kent Capp are all the same age, but for obvious reasons, only the first two were in the same playgroup as toddlers. As the Rossi family moved away from Monte Vista, Sepp's life was not damaged by the Feud like how Bianca's and Kent's were.

Sepp's parents treated him well, and allowed him to pursue his own path in life(2). However, the former Mayor and his wife ensured that Sepp knew how bad the situation was in Monte Vista / Veronaville, so he would be grateful to have escaped the Feud.

Due to the strength of his Vehicle Enthusiast trait and mildly flamboyant manner, Sepp Rossi has never given off the vibe of being the heir of a prominent politician. However, his political family background helped greatly in developing his oratorical skills.

Home Tracks[edit | edit source]

The first of the other racers that Sepp Rossi met was Roberts, a fellow student in their school in Three Lakes. The two young men drove laps together in the mountains, and were soon joined by other regular racers of the same age group, but of different nationalities / ethnicities.

Among the Original 8, only 6 of them have full "Home Tracks", where regular races take place:

Ivanov - Sim Petersburg
Baptiste - Twikkii Island
Lumiere - Champs Les Sims
Roberts - Three Lakes
Ahmed - Al Simhara
Xu - Shang Simla

Rossi (Monte Vista native) and Morgen (Roaring Heights native, formerly Unborn baby Cassat) do not have their Home Tracks represented, hence are perpetual guests on the 6 main tracks. The 9th Racer, Prometheus Hyde, is the first of the CAS racers.

During a race in Twikkii Island, Sepp's parents were horrified to hear that his car fell into the lava. However, Sepp made light of the entire matter, getting rid of his "Singed" moodlet by having a shower, sustaining no injuries at all. Then his parents knew that something in their son's physiology has changed, when he started racing regularly with the other guys.

Constanzo and Adalina suspect that this has something to do with the 9th racer, THAT young man who seems to be able to literally turn blue whenever he wishes...

Alternate Universe (PVCS vs STM)[edit | edit source]

In the Football Universe, Sepp Rossi and his Roaring Heights counterpart, RM Morgen, are Dressing Room guards of the STM and PVCS teams respectively, in both the 2015 and 2035 Matches. Players who have been Red-Carded may face their wrath, if they misbehave under their watch...

Alternate Universe (STSYC)[edit | edit source]

Being of non-Strangetown origin, Rossi does not fight in the Battle of Strangetown, but makes a cameo appearance.

Notes:[edit | edit source]

(1) The Canonical Mayor: It's NOT Gunther Goth, Nick/Vita Alto, or any of the Landgraabs who are canonically the Mayor in Sims 3 Sunset Valley. Not even Dwayne Wolff starts off as the canonical Mayor of Moonlight Falls.

On the other hand, Constanzo Rossi is canonically the Mayor of Monte Vista, so his firstborn can legitimately and unambiguously claim to be born "when their father was the Mayor".

(2) If only Kent Capp's parents had the Rossis' attitude...

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