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Name: Search
Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure, Scifi
Created by: WikiBuilder1147

Original run: 1 - 3 Oct 2014
Status: Running

Preceded by: Escape
Succeeded by: Persuasion

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Search is the sixth episode of the Revolution series by WikiBuilder1147. It depicts the adventures of a group of youngsters as they fight against the oppressive regime under which they live their lives in constant scrutiny and fear.

Previously on Revolution…Edit

After rescuing Miami and making their getaway, Ben and the others set up camp in a cave some distance from the prison complex from which they had escaped. Now, after an uneasy night's rest, Ben must face yet another challenge…

Chapter 1Edit

Ben Faulkner found himself surrounded by his teachers and classmates. Mr Rilkins, the gym teacher, the history teacher - they were all there. Miami, Alexander, and a lot of other kids were present too. All of them in the same room. The students were sitting at their desks. Rilkins was writing on the board. The history teacher was spouting yet another sleep-inducing lecture. The gym teacher was shouting louder than he ever had before. Ben's fellow classmates were all studiously and meticulously reading and turning the page to read more. They wrote in their notebooks everything they could find.

Then the noise coming from the teachers suddenly ceased. Rilkins' attention shifted to Ben. The other teachers turned their eyes upon him as well, drilling holes into Ben's skull.

"Why aren't you taking notes, boy?" Rilkins screamed. "The Government does not like you!"

Ben could feel the intensity of Rilkins' rage. Then, the whole class stopped writing simultaneously. Ben's classmates heads all, at the same time, turned to stare at Ben. Everyone in the room had the same evil, sadistic smile on their face.

"Surrender to the Government, Ben," Miami growled.

"Or you shall face the consequences," Alex barked.

Everyone then began to chant repeatedly. "The Government does not like you!" Their bodies began to morph and distort. The thirty-two people in the room contorted towards a singularity of darkness and despair. And from this rose the face of the President. Ben found himself petrified. Glued to his seat.

"THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT LIKE YOU!" the President furiously proclaimed. He opened his mouth in a loud mocking cackle. The contents of the room, desks, maps, walls and all, began to surge into the mouth of the President. Ben could feel himself being dragged into the maw of the monster that was before him. He was sucked into the black hole. Everything was dark…

Chapter 2Edit

He awoke, heart thumping madly, finding himself no longer in the nightmare in which he was encapsulated the night before. Ben sighed with relief. Then, he came to the realisation that he had reentered the terrifying incubus of reality.

As he sleepily exited his sleeping bag, he checked the camp. The fire had since died down, leaving only a mound of embers, some still red with life. The jeep had not been stolen (thank the heavens). The bottles of fuel had not disappeared overnight, and neither had any of their other belongings. Harry was there, and so was Alex. And Miami…Miami?

Ben leapt out of his sleeping bag in panic; all the composure and confidence that he had built in the seconds before had collapsed entirely.

"Alex, Harry, wake up!" he screamed. "WAKE UP! Miami's run off!"

"What?!" Alex cried, suddenly jerking up. Harry was more fluid in his movement.

"Oh no," he said, sitting up. "Get your weapons and get in the car! Now! We have no time to lose!" Ben, Alex and Harry scrambled to gather their belongings and after refuelling the jeep, they sped off, leaving their camp behind.

Harry was driving, with Alex once again behind the machine gun. Ben readied his rifle, inserting a fresh magazine. He also did so with Harry's gun.

"Thanks, Ben," Harry said.

"How are we going to find Miami?" asked Ben. "She could be anywhere by now."

"I suggest we search for the nearest Government encampment," said Alex. "If Miami went on foot, then she'd only be able to cover a few kilometres an hour. So, logic dictates that she'd search for the nearest encampment so she can rest and relay information."

"Good thinking," said Harry. He activated the jeep's locator.

"Please locate nearest Government encampment," he asked politely.

"Nearest Government encampment…Camp Victor-Charlie-624 located twenty kilometres to the east, grid A3, sector Delta-Omega-4," said the locator. A map appeared on the locator's screen, pinpointing their destination in respect to their position.

"Thank you," said Harry as the trio accelerated into the distance.

Chapter 3Edit

"The camp is about two kilometres away," said Harry. "We're almost there. Get your guns ready." Harry swerved onto another road, taking them up a hill. Around ten minutes later, he turned off the road and hid the jeep in some trees before switching off the engine.

"Camp Victor-Charlie-624," Harry whispered. Below the jeep was a cliff. It was not a terribly large drop, but they were high enough such that toppling over would mean certain death. Beyond that was a large camp, bustling with activity - namely drills, patrols and a whole lot of shouting.

Harry got out of his seat and went to the back. There was a compartment. He flipped it open and removed the rocket launcher from it.

Ben surveyed the area. He noticed that several guard towers dotted the camp precinct. Government soldiers walked back and forth, jealously patrolling their fortress as large cats guard their territory. Then, something caught their attention. Ben, Alex and Harry were intrigued as well.

"FREEZE!" someone shouted.


"What's a little girl like you doin' out here anyway?" someone else asked.

A reply came. A familiar voice.

"I'm here to relay important information on the whereabouts of three dangerous fugitives going by the names of Ben Faulkner, Alexander Townsend, and Harry Miller," Miami said. "I am an agent authorised by the Federal Government."

"Three," Harry fingered. Ben readied the rocket launcher, aiming for the guard tower closest to the centre of the camp.

After a pause, the guard allowed Miami to enter.

"I need to see your commanding officer," said Miami. A soldier ran into a large building in the north wing of the camp.


A burly officer strolled out with the soldier to meet Miami. He laughed.

"A girl? Carrying extremely sensitive information?" the officer guffawed.

"Yes, Captain," said the soldier who had brought him out of his quarters. "This…Miami Hodgson…allegedly carries explicit orders from the Government. She has Level 4 security clearance on her card."

"One." Harry restarted the engine of the Jeep.

"Well, spit it out!" said the captain. "Where are the fugitives?"

"Faulkner, Townsend and Miller were all heading in a westerly direction from Internment Camp Roger-Alpha-9," said Miami. "They were last camped at a cave several tens of kilometres to the west south west of the camp. Based on the fugitives' behavioural patterns, I have come to the conclusion that my presence here will result in--"

"Fire!" Harry cried. Ben unleashed the rocket. Harry stepped on the accelerator.

"Wait, are you crazy?" Ben cried. The jeep shot off the clifftop, as the projectile Ben had just fired sped towards its target.

"YES!" Harry screamed back.

Ben couldn't look. He was about to die.

He could hear screams.



Then, a loud explosion.

The jeep landed with a loud crash. Ben expected to feel excruciating pain, but didn't. Instead, he still felt the wind whipping at his face and hair. He opened his eyes.

Alex was blasting away with his machine gun, taking care not to shoot Miami. Harry got a small cloth bag ready.

"Ben, take over!" Harry said. He climbed into the back seat. Ben, after sighing with relief, quickly but carefully replaced Harry in the driver's seat. He placed his hands on the steering wheel. He was tall enough such that his feet could just touch the pedals. He pressed on the accelerator and the jeep sped towards Miami. All the while Alex continued to shoot the soldiers rushing towards them.

Harry, as they neared Miami, pulled the bag over her head and pulled her onto the jeep. After securing her onto a seat with seat belts and some rope, Harry grabbed the rocket launcher. After preparing another rocket, he shot at another guard tower, making it collapse.

The captain and many of the senior officers were crushed.

"Let's get the hell out of here!" Harry cried. Ben made a U-turn in the centre of the camp and charged towards the entrance. The gates had since been destroyed by the falling guard tower. After making their exit, Ben, Alex, Harry and Miami left the camp in chaos and destruction. They continued at full speed down the road, back towards their cave.

To be continued…

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