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Sammy Headshot


"Being happily married to a mermaid wasn't weird at all, Sammy thought it was pretty cool. Now living in her dream beach side estate, Sammy has it all in the palm of her hand"
Name Sammy Alle
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Human
Romances Fanon:Nalani Mahi'ai Married

Jordan MayerDivorced

Ulrike FaustDivorced

Venessa Jeong DeceasedMarried

Marital status Seeing Someone
Child(ren) Fanon:Alita Jeong Daughter

Fanon:Helen Fyres-Faust Daughter

Fanon:Rodrick Mayer Son

Trait TS4 Creative Creative
Trait TS4 Self-Assured Self-Assured
Trait TS4 Romantic Romantic
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS4 EP7 Island Living Icon The Sims 4: Island Living
Playability Playable
World Sulani

Sammy Alle is the Protagonist of Fanon:Sammy's World. She was the Owner of her popular Electronic Store that made her the most wealthiest woman in the city. Later during season 14, she loses the entire company to her ex-wife, Jordan Mayer after cheating on her with her new flame Fanon:Leila IIIes. During the Finale, she proposes to Leila, though later in the Upcoming season 15, she calls off the engagement and runs off to start a new life alone in her Beach House.

Later in the season she marries the mermaid Fanon:Nalani Mahi'ai and had a daughter with her.

Moving to Windenburg & Meeting UrikeEdit

Sammy Alle's story in Season 1 starts when she moved from Willow Creek to the town of Windenburg where she got a small painting job , eventually meeting her co-worker, Ulrike Faust at a club by the ocean front. Ulrike was minding her own business, At first Ulrike wasn't looking for anyone, but thought that Sammy trying to win her over with a free drink was a smooth move. Sammy expresses the “light in her eyes called her over” Ulrike explains that if she wants a date, she must get to know her better. Ulrike walks off to go to the bathroom and Sammy follows her and gets yanked in and Ulrike corners her, hoping that telling her off will get her to back off. Though when she breaks and kisses her without any reason why, Ulrike apologizes, but Sammy is too caught up in the moment to care as she pulled Ulrike back into the kiss.



When they parted, Ulrike complimented her kissing ability. Sammy guided Ulrike out of the Bathroom toward the entrance of the club and walked toward Ulrike and her roommates house. No words were spoken between the two before they reached her place. Ulrike opened the door and walked in, turning and looking at Sammy, whom just stood there. Ulrike pulled her in and i, up into her bedroom then introduced herself, Sammy did the same and talks about finding true love and starting a family while walking closer to Ulrike, whom didn't move away. Sammy placed a hand on her face and explained that they could make a relationship work. Ulrike grabs her and kisses her deeply, placing her down on her bed, the rest of the moment is history.

Once morning came, Sammy awoke in Ulrike's bed and saw their clothes all over the floor. She got her clothes on and raced down stairs as she smelt fresh coffee coming from the kitchen. When she walks in Ulrike greets her but insists if shes gonna stay or run off. Sammy sits down and Ulrike brings her coffee to her. She puts her sugar and milk in. Ulrike explains that last night was amazing, but wonders why she never saw her before. Sammy makes a joke about it, making Ulrike snort.The 2 make friendship and start secretly dating, though slowly becoming a real couple by the end of Season 2.


Ulrike & Sammy

Broken Promises & PaoloEdit

As Sammy's World: Season 3 comes around, Sammy and Ulrike have been together for a long time and have decided to try tying the knot, though Sammy gets caught up in the sights of, resident party animal, Paolo Rocca whom at the time was single and needing no one to have fun other then his pals of Party Haus. She desperately tried getting with him, then realizing she was engaged (at the time she didn't care), went behind Ulrike's back, seeing Paolo for a while. Paolo and Sammy hit it off, though forgetting completely that she was yet to marry Ulrike. She comes down to the decision to call off the relationship with her and decides to be with Paolo.


Paolo & Sammy

Tragedy StrikesEdit

In the Season Finale, Sammy and Paolo get engaged and have a son 1 year later. Sadly during Sammy's World: Season 5, when their son was only 4 years old, he was struck by a car, stopping their relationship. They take full custody of their son's death and a Million dollar settlement was settled between the 2 and they broke off their relationship, being just friends, as the loss of their son would only cripple their engagement.

Penny Pizzazz & Reuniting with UlrikeEdit

In Sammy's World: City Living, Sammy Alle had been single for the last few months after her and Paolo split up, she hopes that maybe she could be happy again. When she moves to San Myshuno, She gets a job in the Social media career and meets her Co-worker Penny Pizzazz. The 2 become temporary roommates as she didn't have a lot of money to live anywhere. The 2 have a first date at the art museum in the Arts Quarter and enjoy a couple drinks before heading out back to her apartment and order take out.


Sammy & Penny Selfie

A few weeks go by and Sammy starts feeling different toward Penny. Her heart beats fast every time shes around, she gets nervous about if she feels the same way. When Sammy addresses her feelings however, Penny expresses herself back and the 2 start a steady relationship. Some time later, Sammy takes the biggest chance and proposes to Penny on their 1 year Anniversary. Penny cries tears of joy and accepts, making Sammy the happiest woman on the earth.


Sammy & Penny Kiss

The Engagement lasts some time before Sammy Alle gets back together with her ex, Ulrike, throwing Penny in a long-lasting rage. Though evan their reunion doesn't last till Sammy breaks it off again and moves away to Newcrest to make a company for herself, Sammy's Electronics.


Sammy & Ulrike 2nd attempt at their relationship

Marriage, Fallout's & DismayEdit

In Season 6 through Season 7, Sammy and Ulrike finally make the relationship work out and eventually finally get married and have a daughter named Helen. She focuses her time on her company and her family. Though Ulrike prefers her home then working. Slowly over time, their marriage starts to deteriorate and fall apart, sparking a divorce between them, which angers Helen and she runs off with her girlfriend (at the time) Morgan Fyres.


Helen & her Fiance' Morgan Fyres

A New romance with Venessa JeongEdit

In Season 8 through Season 10 Sammy focuses on her company and making it large in the town. Her business is making her richer and wiser. The business soon becomes noticed in the city of Del Sol Valley Where Venessa Jeong gets curious about the woman and desires to know who she is.


Venessa hoping she'll find Sammy

When Sammy Alle gets a phone call by a lady named Venessa, she insists she will pick her up at the airport and put a roof over her head. Sammy backs her up and explains she got her Lamborghini back and she can drive to her house when she arrives there. Venessa is so excited that she confesses her truest feelings about Sammy, which shocks her, but says that they should take this slow, which Venessa agrees to. When Sammy finally arrives at the airport and has her car departed, she meets Venessa at the front and drives her to her house where she will be staying. Sammy is disgruntled when they arrive, but deals with the small cramped house.


Sammy Arrives at Venessa's house

Sammy and Venessa the next day go out to the museum and have a small date, which goes splendid. During the date, Venessa confesses that she will no longer want to wait for Sammy to fall in love with her. She makes the first move and kisses her. As the date comes to a close, Sammy insists that they should be getting home, Venessa makes one more attempt to win her over, and asks her to be her girlfriend, which Sammy accepts right there on the spot.

Sammy and Venessa the next day go out to the museum and have a small date, which goes splendid. During the date, Venessa confesses that she will no longer want to wait for Sammy to fall in love with her. She makes the first move and kisses her. As the date comes to a close, Sammy insists that they should be getting home, Venessa makes one more attempt to win her over, and asks her to be her girlfriend, which Sammy accepts right there on the spot.

12-27-18 11-14-19 AM

Sammy & Venessa Selfie


Living up in the Pinnacles, Alita & the strange disappearance of VenessaEdit

Some time later, the 2 get married and move up to The Pinnacles and raise their one and only daughter, Fanon:Alita Jeong.


Wedding Day


They are happy for the next 20 years till a strange fog rolls in a few days after Venessa gets on a bus to Sunset Valley for a commercial. Alita is happily married to her wife, Paris, whom thought her mother's disappearance was weird and strange.

Alita prays to the gods above that her mother is returned home safely. Later the next night, the entire city is overrun by zombie-like people whom had these huge smiles across their faces that almost seemed possessed more then creepy. Sammy rushes out of town in her car to Oasis Springs where, surprisingly, no one is affected. Everyone was boarded up in their houses hoping that the infection would just roll off and continue somewhere else. Sammy was confused and more scared hoping her daughters are safe.

Sammy's World: StrangervilleEdit

Somewhere in the town of Strange town, a woman is also dealing with the creepy possessed people.


Alice Asking a Lady

Her friend Erwin also decided to join in on the mystery of the weird possessed individuals. She hijacks an abandoned car and races with Erwin to Oasis Springs, where she meets Sammy Alle as she has a mission to find her missing wife. While Erwin stays in a motel in town, Alice stays with Sammy in her run down trailer, which she tried fixing. She explains that there HAS to be a way to solve this mystery, and a way to stop the infection from spreading. Alice gets the idea to drive her and Erwin back to Strange town where they will make headquarters for this particular mission. Some time later, the 2 become closer and eventually kiss and keep their relationship secret.


First Kiss

They make themselves comfortable get ready to head out to town to see exactly how "Weird" this infection is". When they head into town however, Alice spots her friend Jess Sigworth walking around weirdly. Jess seems to be out of it, Alice thinks to herself. She needs to figure this out and quickly.


Possessed Jess

Once they poke around long enough, they are led to the secret lab outside of town. They race there and find a way in through the back door. Sammy and Alice finally find a way in and make themselves down toward the testing room where the antidote is possibly made.


Now or Never

Alice gets turned around and travels through a dense tunnel which makes her disoriented and dizzy, when she makes herself out however she faints, feeling different and eventually becomes possessed like the others.


Possessed Alice

Sammy races against time to find a antidote to cure the infected or it will become out of control. She collects a bunch of spores and races back to the lab and makes a few practice antidotes before making the real cure. When everyone is finally cured along with Alice and Jess, everything is under control. Sammy begs for Alice to run away with he back to Myshuno, but she declines, explaining that Strange town needs her to keep the infection under control. Sammy understands and thanks her for being the best thing she needed when her wife wasn't, she heads back to San Myshuno, 2 remaining friends.


Alice & Sammy remain friends


Jordan & Living back in WindenburgEdit

Sammy Alle moves back to San Myshuno and meets Jordan Mayer, a new girl trying to make it big in the city. Sammy Alle immediately falls for her looks and her bubbly personality.


Sammy & Jordan introducing themselves


Sammy and Jordan had several dates before making it official at the romance festival. They were always together when they went out and did things. Jordan always gave her the benefit of the doubt when things arose and tried shoving its ugly face in Sammy's way. Jordan was always supportive in several times when Sammy needed it most. Before long the 2 were inseparable and Sammy truly thought she found her Venessa 2.0. They eventually got married and had a son, whom married and had a daughter. Jordan and Sammy saw long years of happiness, till they decided to take a vacation away from the town of Windenburg.

03-17-19 2-21-13 PM

Sammy being kissed by her former wife

Arriving to SulaniEdit

When they arrived and got to their suite, they got themselves settled and looked around. Jordan saw a welcome basket and read the message that was on top. Inside was champagne, 2 wine glasses and a few really nice soaps that she thought smelt great. Jordan loved the bed, it was so comfy and so lightweight that she fell asleep.

Falling for Leila IllesEdit

Sammy went down to the Bar she saw a little while ago to grab a drink, then it happened like it did so many times before. She spots a attractive blonde woman that turns and blushes beet red seeing her. She asks if she was gonna sit down right beside her, which Sammy nods and sits down, ordering her drink. The woman, named Fanon:Leila IIIes, is overly excited that the famous Sammy Alle came to Sulani and is sitting right beside her. She tried asking a question but all that came out was a squeak that made Sammy turn and look at her. She asked if she was okay and if she needed anything, the Leila nodded and ran off. When her drink arrived, the guy asked why she was acting weird. Sammy just met her, even she didn't know.

06-26-19 3-14-31 PM

Leila Shrugging off her Sheepishness

Sammy walked out back and found Leila staring out to the ocean. Sammy snuck up and apologized for spooking her like that. Leila apologizes back and admits she's never seen a beauty like herself on the island before. Sammy blushed and thanked her for the compliment. The woman turned to look at Sammy with a desire burning in her eyes, though Sammy knew that it would be cheating, the woman desperately wanted to be felt by her, kissed by her, loved by her. She bent herself to press a finger on her lips, she slightly grinned and grabbed her butt, making the woman squeal.

She blushed cherry red and stared at her, neither to grab her and connect their lips to together or to back off and hope this never happens again. Leila decided against it and wrapped herself around Sammy. Sammy couldn't flinch fast enough as her grip was so tight around her neck. The kiss lasted in her head an eternity and knew there was no backing out now. Jordan would be awake and would catch her kissing some woman she barely knew. She broke away from the kiss and looked around the corner of the bar but didn't see Jordan. She sighed with relief, but Leila was confused about what she was looking for.

Sammy explained that she was married and loved her wife, that this is wrong and hopes to pretend it never happened. Leila became disappointed but tried again to pry Sammy free, claiming she could love her better then her wife could. Sammy retorts and claims that might not be likely as shes been married for 20+ years. Leila is enraged and thinks why this woman is with someone she wants most. Sammy started getting the feeling that she was a creepy over-needed fan that's looking for freebies, she stepped away and asked if she was, which she replied no, Sammy became calm again. She claims that when she saw her walking over, she “became infatuated”. Sammy giggled to herself for being so naive and idiotic. Sammy asking what the woman wanted, a luxury car, a yacht or a limousine, but she replied with 2 simple words, “You're Love”.

Sammy explains that she has to be shared, and this between them classifies as an affair. Leila replies that she deserves the sand, the surf and the heat. Sammy thought about it, saying goodbye to her family and friends, not to mention leaving her daughters behind. But she knew that this was what she wanted. She proposed that she would set for a new suite in a different hotel for her and Leila as she kissed her forehead and ran off.

The Night That Changed Everything & divorcing JordanEdit

Once they arrived at their new hotel suite. They got up and put their clothes aside. Sammy and Leila made moments until falling asleep in each-others arms till the morning came.

06-26-19 3-08-58 PM

Sammy & Leila steaming rendezvous

When Sammy awoke, her phone rang, it was Jordan. She worryingly wondered why she never came back to the suite. She lied, saying there was an emergency back in the city and she had to make a special trip back. Jordan was relieved that she was okay. They said their goodbyes and hung up. Leila asked who called, which she replied it was her wife. Sammy lied to her face in order to keep the affair a secret till divorce papers could be delivered.

06-26-19 3-05-19 PM

Leila comforting Sammy after Lying to her wife

Leila seemed surprised that she would just do that to her wife. She enjoyed last night and that she's surprised her skills. Sammy thanks her ex-wife Ulrike for the skills. Leila asks how many times Sammy has been married, she replied twice, soon to be 3 times. After she explains everything, Leila thinks that's insane. Sammy explains about Venessa and woman felt bad that she was doing this to her and her wife.Sammy retorts and corrects her, soon-to-be-Ex-wife. Leila couldn't believe that she would divorce her wife for her, which she thought was alright. Sammy thought to herself about the possibilities here on Sulani. A beach-side house built with her glorious hands and contains all her pleasures. She thought that she needed a break from marriage all together as if she cant have Venessa, no one can have her. Sammy realized that all she needs is the beach, the sand and the woman beside her. Leila asked if she was going to move to Sulani with her, she replies yes, but to do this undercover as not to make it a whole big mess.

Sammy jolts out of bed to make a few calls. She called one and got good news from that, then called another. Sammy talked on the phone for what seemed like a while, saying stuff that Leila knew was actually happening. After finding out that she had a deceased son, Leila nearly balled and got her clothes on and ran out the door. When Sammy got off the phone, she went to find her, but was upset to see she was gone, she thought about how stupid she was, thinking to herself that this was another love on the run.

Once she got a call from her son, she explained herself about why this is all happening and how its affected her. She tried making it short and sweet, that this divorce is needed, but mostly that she cheated and that she believes that she is not ready to get or even be married. Her son begged her not to do this and that they can fix this marriage by going through counselling. Sammy wouldn't listen, telling her son to protect his mother and his step-sisters, till she hung up, which psychologically & emotionally damaged him.

Moving to Sulani and a fresh new startEdit

It's been 2 weeks since shes been in Sulani, and she's already made progress in building her dream beach-side home. She tried looking for Leila, but to no avail. She tried looking for her at the bar and eventually the guy said that she was down by the beach. When she found her, she embraced her from the back, pleading her not to run away.

06-25-19 7-30-43 PM

Sammy asking Leila to move in with her.

When she explains everything, Leila is a lot more relieved in hearing that she's finally divorced. Sammy hopes that when the beach side house is built, she can move in. Leila is surprised at this offer and accepts immediately.

Living Together & Getting to know each otherEdit


Sammy & Leila begin Officially DatingEdit


Season Finale: EngagementEdit

After New Year's ends in Sulani and spring comes around the corner. Sammy believes that Leila might be her last chance to be happily married without anything ruining her chances of successfully being happy. When she goes into town to a jewelry store and picks out the most expensive ring, she makes the decision that when the time is right, she will propose to her. Once Sammy takes Leila on a date to her signature formal Restaurant, she makes the date special. Once the 2 have eaten, Sammy stands Leila up in front of everyone and gives an emotional speech then proposing to her.

06-26-19 4-40-27 PM

Leila wearing the 50 thousand dollar engagement ring.

Leila admires the ring the rest of the night till the 2 get home and have a good moment together that reminds them of the day they first met.

06-26-19 3-11-41 PM

Sammy & Leila sharing a passionate kiss

Sammy Breaks up the engagementEdit


Meeting NalaniEdit



Image Name Relationship level
Maxis Nalani Nalani Mahi'ai| Wife
Leila Series Headshot Leila IIIes Ex-Girlfriend,Bad Romance
Helen Headshot Helen Faust Daughter, Good Friends
Rodrick Thumbnail Rodrick Mayer Son, Good Friends
Alita Headshot Alita Jeong Daughter, Good Friend
Jordan Head Jordan Mayer Ex-Wife, Divorced


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