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Saint Isles
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'The mysterious island that had sunk into the ocean centuries ago has been relocated and created into the same place as before. Saint Isles provide mainly family-oriented things to do and lots of places to party. The Island is haunted though by the town's main couple, Martin and Charitina Saint.'
Name Saint Isles
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Saint Isles is a Sims 3 CAW created by Starmoonie.

Description[edit | edit source]

Families are welcome and the elderly are cared for dearly here!

The Saint Isles have been relocated after it's mysterious sinking in to the great blue near the coast of Bridgeport. It's a isle mainly for vacationers and retirees who need to get away from it all. Saint Isles has the same look as it did with the old one but some changes were made to attract tourists. The isle is owned by the great great great granddaughter Peaches Saint who runs most of the exports. Newcomers are warned not to head into the underground mining near the reconstructed Saint castle due to large amounts of gasses and dangerous construction.

Lots[edit | edit source]

Residential Lots[edit | edit source]

Community Lots[edit | edit source]

Families[edit | edit source]

Difficulty: 1
Doe Bound
Doe crashed on this island a couple of years back and is struggling to find out who she is and why is she on this island.
Difficulty: 2
Mrytle Janhouser, Hans Janhouser
Strict and with a plan to keep the island free of meat eaters, Myrtle and Hans are dedicated on convincing others veggie is the way to go; only problem is if their message would get to anyone?
Difficulty: 4
Eve Turner, Bailey Turner, Picky Fickle, Donna Rock
Four women who have goals in their lives to take over something in this world have bond together to help each other under one roof. Except two have gone completely crazy and seems to be starting trouble with the other two over a room they want. Now it's a war; two against two, who will come on top?
Difficulty: 4
Drex Mush, Susan Mush, May Mush, Unborn baby Mush
Drex and Susan moved to the Isle to get away from the drama in Bridgeport. When Susan found out she was pregnant with their second child she quit her job and became a stay at home mother. May isn't looking forward to the new baby and hopes her mother and father won't forget about her.
Difficulty: 1
Brittany Moon
I really didn't want to move on an island but I needed to get a break from all the crud going on in the world. Will I survive the heat or throw my self in the ocean?
Difficulty: 4
Ted Patches, Fiona Patches, Damien Patches, Rose Patches
After Ted and Fiona broke up they decided it was best to just live together out of harmony or just for the kids sake. Damien going steady with the neighborhood bad girl is making his parents a bit frustrated since they are so focused on what they want to do than him or Rose. Will Damien have to be the responsible one in the house; or will he end up running away?
Difficulty: 1
Peaches Saint
The owner of the island and most of the markets, Peaches does not care for the government and their corruptible ways. She does however still believe in stealing from others to give to the poor...Can Peaches keep her island free of the money grubbers?
Difficulty: 2
Daniel Stansford, Molly Stansford
After a successful business run in their fishing careers, both Daniel and Molly are ready to retire on this island and soak some sun on their bodies.
Difficulty: 4
Tosh Stone, George Fickle, Kevin Newbie, Prince Walsh
How can a bad boy, coward, genius, and a self absorbed drama queen live together under one roof?.....Sports. These men love sports more than anything...well except women. Will they find the right gal or let men in jockstraps ruin their lives?
Difficulty: 2
Koki Turmoil, Poki Turmoil
After a time traveling mishap, Koki and her girlfriend Poki have found themselves on this island far-no centuries away from home. Can they adapt in a place with out the comfort of a water generated powered home?
Difficulty: 3
Mickey Wanchester, Joe Wanchester, Mable Wanchester
After the death of his wife, Mickey is now a single parent raising two kids on a low income. Joe wants to spend his time watching the skies dreaming too much failing school while Mable is out late at night with Damien vandalizing Sim's properties. How can Mickey handle all this stress?
Difficulty: 1
Mel Hart
Mel likes computers and selling homes, he made a business with it and tried to convince Peaches to make an investment to his newest idea. But being turned down by her over a couple of times Mel is now out for revenge by destroying the value of homes on the island. With the help of his two henchmen; will Mel get what he wants?
Difficulty: 3
Patrick Zune, Anne Zune, Moe Zune
After a painful divorce Anne now lives with her father again and has custody of her son Moe. Patrick really didn't expect her daughter would need his help since he thought she was a dependent woman but he would never turn his back on her. Now that his grandson if closer, may be it is time for him to bond with him.
Difficulty: 1
Paul Zuckle
Paul grew tired of Anne and wanted to start a new life with out the thought of having a nagging wife behind him 24/7. Will Paul find happiness or will he remarry Anne again?

Deceased Sims[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pete's Bowl-a-rama is based on the bowling alley in the game Silent Hill 2.
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