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Tianya and Vincent were accomplices, now they're bandmates, afterward the poisonous witch Xiwu has joined the band. Since the recent the mysterious Yutang joined, the whole band has been chaotic—Yutang seems doesn't know how to get along with people at all, often making outrageous bad things and seems doesn't know what he does, and the grouchy of Tianya the leader, the bad temper of Vincent, the gradually strange eyes of Xiwu that looking at Vincent...This discordant band seems to hide the deepest secrets—is there really had a former leader?
Members Tianya Sui,Vincent Ramirez,Xiwu Lan,Yutang Qi
Number of generations 1 generation
Family connections Wuren Sang
Lot The Band Hideout
Funds §1300
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other information
Game Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Bridgeport
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SINISTER SINS(aka SSS Band or 3S Band) is an alternative underground metal band, those bandmates together to convenient to gigs. They're relatively lack of unity, Yutang is be dislikes by others members(his traits also make him difficult to build relationship), other three are only acquaintance with each other, Xiwu has a crush on Vincent but he is unflirty. They live in a building what reform a small abandoned apartment, the back yard has a monument to the former leader and guitarist Wuren. He is enemy of Tianya after dead, acquaintance with Vincent, didn't know the two newest members.


Tianya: The elegant expression of "horizon".
Sui: A Chinese surname meaning "[archaic]remnant sacrifices", This's also the name of an ancient Chinese dynasty Sui dynasty.

Vincent: From the Roman name Vincentius, which was derived from Latin vincere meaning "to conquer".
Ramirez: A Spanish surname meaning "son of Ramiro".

Xiwu: Meaning "throatwort".
Lan: A Chinese surname meaning "blue".

Yutang: A common Chinese name combination of the 20th century and earlier, seems to be mostly common during the Republic of China era, meaning "jade palace", or the elegant expression of palace[archaic]. This's also the name of an acupoint.
Qi: A Chinese surname meaning "[archaic]numerous, ample". Usually used in place names.

Wuren: Meaning "no one, nobody, no people".
Sang: A Chinese surname meaning "mulberry".


  • Present leader/guitarist, former drummer: Tianya "Suicide" Sui
  • Pianist: Vincent "Asesino" Ramirez
  • Bassist: Xiwu "Poisoner" Lan
  • Present drummer: Yutang "Arsonist" Qi
  • Former leader/guitarist: Wuren "Mutilator" Sang(deceased)


  • None of them is mortal, include Wuren.
  • The external declare that Wuren was dead from accident, actually he was dead from negligent homicide.
  • Wuren was oldest, second is Tianya, third is Vincent, fourth is Yutang, Xiwu is youngest.
  • Thiers pseudonyms all are sins and have hint: "Suicide"first three letters same as Tianya's surname(although the pronunciations are different), corresponding to his despair-feeling; "Asesino" mean"assassin","killer", "muderer" in Spanish, Corresponding to Vincent's appearance and the hint of his surname; "Poisoner" is corresponding to Xiwu's poisonous witch identity; "Arsonist" is corresponding to Yutang is an inappropriate wizard; "Mutilator" is corresponding his death.
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