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Rosaura Garvouis
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Headshot originalRosaurafinalappearance
Bright, but very short attention-spanned Rosaura is known for her wandering mind. Nobody ever knows what she is thinking or feeling, she's just that disconnected sometimes. Whatever she is looking for, she doesn't seem to be finding it in her day by day she seems to be drifting away from her home. People wonder what's greater: Rosaura's courage for reading those haunting stories, or her fear of responsibility.
Name Rosaura Garvouis
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Normal
Education and Employment
Unemployed Unemployed
Garvouis family
Parents Wyatt Garvouis, Melanie Garvouis
Sibling(s) Bianca Garvouis Female, Alphonse Garvouis Male
Romances Gladsten FarmwellLove Deceased, Jules MacDuff Fell in Love with -Sim-
Child(ren) Ariadne Garvouis Daughter
Trait Absent-Minded small Absent-Minded
Trait Genius small Genius
Trait Supernatural Fan small Supernatural Fan
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Trait Commitment Issues small Commitment Issues
Zodiac sign AquariusLN Aquarius
Lifetime wish
LTW Alchemy Artisan Alchemy Artisan
Fav Kids Kids
Fav Spaghetti Spaghetti
Fav Pink Pink
Hair color Haircolor2-TS3 Light Brown
Eye color Eye-green Green
Skin color Tan skin-TS3 Tan
Body shape Thin Average
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Mummy's Curse
World Moonlight Falls
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Rosaura Garvouis is the first daughter of Wyatt and Melanie Garvouis, and considered the 3rd generation heiress of the Garvouis family, until leaving them to never return. In fact, she was considered the heiress for a second time after having already left the town, but still did not inherit, since nobody in her family knew her whereabouts.


Birth to Childhood yearsEdit

Rosaura was born at the Country Care General Hospital, in the quiet town of Riverview. Her father was a brave Fire Chief, while her mother was ascending in Politics. When Rosaura was born, the family was already quite influential and famous.

She was quite the family's joy, and even nicknamed her the sparkling Rosaura, as she was very cute, always looking curious about her surroundings. Between job tasks and dirty diapers, her mother managed to teach her all her toddler skills, and Rosaura ended up growing up well.

Rosaura had the full attention of her then retired grandparents, Isaac and Constance, who loved her. However, this affection would be short-lived, as both would die when Rosaura was in her early SimDays of childhood, making it difficult for her to recall moments of them.

During this period, she wasn't actually given much attention to, except by her aunt, Ursula. Her parents were very much focussed on their careers. Rosaura, however, couldn't understand how one could keep doing the same task or meeting the same people everyday and not get bored. She got bored all the time in the huge mansion and even at school. Not only could she not focus on any task at hand at school, her mind kept wandering when people talked to her, and this was noted by teachers. Her somewhat odd behavior was also noted by guests when Melanie threw her fundraising parties.

This was because Rosaura, despite being super intelligent, had a very short attention span.

Her parents did not understand why she had become such an uninterested child, from her previous seemingly curious and vigiliant personality she had as baby. They thought they were lacking as parents. Still, Rosaura's uncle's erratic behavior concerned them much more, than did Rosaura. Rosaura was also very scared of her uncle, as she had once caught a glimpse of him seemingly talking alone, outside the manor. And wherever he passed, fire seemed to start, literally and figuratively.

However, to compensate their perceived shortcomings, Wyatt gave his Rosaura a the lastest XS 4258 laptop model from the Landgraab Industries - what most people in Riverview had never even seen before. He explained the multiple uses to her - for example: she could play chess online, research homework questions, do work projects with SimWord, and even chat with her friends on her free time.

Rosaura was initially very excited with her new present, but, as always, the excitement quickly began to wear off - and she felt was running out of options. However, when she watched a terror movie on television with vampires and witches, she felt for the first time completely engrossed in something. The movie fascinated her so much, she had to immediately research it.

She quickly stumbled upon a Forum for terror movie fans, where she made a profile. She loved posting and reading fan fictions. And although her parents were somewhat worried about her eyes being glued to the ecran all the time, they were relieved that something had finally caught the attention of their daughter, entertaing her when they couldn't.

GladToBeWell17 was a regular profile name that popped up in the forum. She was hooked on his fan fiction. She learned that he was a high school student already, and that he had made a minor appearance on the first terror movie she had watched, also her favorite. After reading his profile, she gave it a chance and the two began chatting.

Rosaura was saddened to learn her new friend lived very far from her, so they couldn't meet in real life, and she wished to do so. He not only wrote great fan fiction, he also told the most entertaining stories. Better, he claimed them to be real, which she, at first, laughed off.

However, the stories about vampires, werewolves and witches he crossed paths with were becoming more and more credible, as he even started showing her pictures he would take of creatures he saw. Rosaura, only a child at the time, started believing and chatting with him became her favorite pastime. Each story and pictured piqued up her curiosity, she wanted to know more and more, coming to the forum every single night.

Teenage YearsEdit

The gullible Rosaura grew up into a teen moderately well. She became very much at odds with her mother for steering away from her studies, telling Rosaura of how responsible she ought to be - something Rosaura couldn't comprehend.

Rosaura was then informed by her parents: she was to inherit all of Garvouis family's property, be responsible for it and, possibly, be Riverview's ruler, after her mother had worked her way to change a law. This law dictated that, under no circumstances, should a female inherit, passing the titles to closest male in the bloodline instead.

Rosaura had never seen it coming - she was not aware of how much responsibility her family actually had over the neighborhood up to that point. Aware of her father's feud with her uncle, she also was very much afraid of her uncle would unleash his wrath unleashing his wrath on her sooner or later. She was deeply afraid on taking up this such big commitmment.

Frightened, she sought solace online, telling her friend of recent events. He told her they all definitely added up to some kind of sorcery, and that she had to leave. She began to piece various events together: her uncle seemingly talking alone; objects moving around; the big rectangular box she stumbled across on the garage when she was young, that her father explained that was just a telephone box, but she could never open it; a crazy woman, whom her aunt claimed to be a relative, who dressed like she was living in some medieval court and then disappeared.

Rosaura finally believed the supernatural to be real, and she indeed was fascinated by it, did not want to fall victim to it, however.

Convinced by GlabToBeWell, she was going to find everything she longed for and possibly even a cure for her family's erratic behavior, she decided she would leave. Together, they planned her escape. She also learned his real name, Gladsten Farmwell, and address.

On a quiet night, while everybody was already asleep, Rosaura would prepare a small bag with some essential items and a few clothes. She snuck out of her room, tiptoeing to the manor's backdoor, only to leave and never look behind. [1] She would never meet her late sibilings, born after her disappearance. [2]

Young Adult and AdulthoodEdit

Arriving in Moonlight Falls made Rosaura felt an immediate sense of relief. The neighborhood looked calm druing, but indeed she had arrived during the night and couldn't help but feel a strange marvel. The dark forest, the fog, everything.

Rosaura started out living by herself in a small house. She was very weirded out that Gladsten did not want to meet up to a week. He claimed he was becoming a werewolf, and couldn't turn up in the Sun.

Rosaura did not know any skills, being used to having butlers and maids taking care of her family. She started go fishing for survival. Thankfully, she observed she was not well known there and got a part-time job at the bookstore, though she did go by a shortened version of her name, Rosa D'Gar.

Not knowing how to handle cooking, she burnt her kitchen and couldn't place her food anywhere, asking Gladsten for assistance.

They finally met up. She was astonished at his virile, fierce yet tender apperance. She observed he was also much older. She was charmed and went to live together with him. However, there was only one bed they could sleep in. He also had the habit of locking doors and he was building a basement, while she lived there.

Rosaura found herself creeped out by a message she accidentally opened on his personal computer. She also questioned his claim of being a werewolf, and did not want to dig any deeper. So, she moved out.

On her new house, she wanted to learn alchemy after learning of an Alchemy shop she frequented. She bought an alchemy station and tried many, many recipes over the days. She was determined to become a witch.

However, she found that smells of the ingredients mixed together only made her dizzy, nauseous and "spell casting" made her feel like fainting. She was very upset, almost starting to believe the supernatural could be a hoax, but not ready to let it go. She focussed on her job, and whenever she could, she would take a book about Alchemy or magic with her, when her boss was in a good mood.

She was almost an adult when she got pregnant with her child. She was dating Jules MacDuff. When her baby girl was born, she decided she had had enough. She never liked being fixed in one place, and went travelling. She made successive trips to Champs Les Sims and Al Simhara, even coming across a mummy after taking up many challenges. She also gained many Relics. However, a feeling of fogginess started followed her everywhere, after she stole gold from a tomb, on her last trip to Al Simhara.

Despite her reckless spending and trips to other countries, she managed to take care of her baby daughter. A sudden change of job to unsucessful fortune telling would put a strain on the finances, though. [3]

She asked Jules, and his father, also her friend, for sustain, and they allowed Rosaura to move in with them with her baby.

She raised her lovely daughter Ariadne in that big home. Despite her general detachment from people, she found herself very connected to her child. However, she was finding herself to progressively become used to a sense of fogginess that was leading to very poor work performance, being fired. She still insisted on not going serious with Jules, which also put a straint their relationship, since he wanted to become serious and have a family.

Rosaura would aimlessly try to research on alchemy books what could be happening to her. The death of Gladsten by natural causes left her heart-broken, to the point of keeping his grave with her whereever she went, which creeped out even her close friend Belinda. Her grief was profound.

The fogginess only went stronger day by day, and believing something was about to happen, she decided to dress on her favorite outfit and spend all her day with her daughter.

She would perish during the night, to a Mummy's Curse, to which she did not find a cure.

Ironically, Rosaura, a previous supernatural fan and enthusiast, had grown more skeptical of supernatural as time went by, would not live long enough to realize her daughter was a witch herself. [4]





  • Rosaura was four days away from becoming an elder when she passed away. Her daughter was just two days away from becoming a teenager.
  • Rosaura's body shape is similar to her mom in terms of muscle tone and weight, however, she is more shaped like an hourglass than her mother, having a bigger top.
  • Ironically, Rosaura did not want to assume responsibility for her family, only to later in life have to plead for assistance to another rich family, to whom she was not related. Had she not cut off ties with her family, things could have been different.
  • Rosaura actually inherited her short attention span from her father Wyatt and grandmother Constance. However, hers affected her more deeply.
  • Due to her death type, Rosaura's commitment issues trait got replaced with Evil.
  • Most of what is written about her is based on actual gameplay, but with added details and relations to make her storyline.


  1. She would never write them any letter or note, regarding her disappearance. Oddly, the note Ursula received was actually written and forged by Gladsten.
  2. Bianca and Alphonse would be conceived after her disappearance, in an attempt to have a male heir, should the law allowing females to inherit not be passed. And also to prevent Insane Alfred from being the heir.
  3. Rosaura couldn't stay on the same career path for long. However, she was already at the top of her part-time job, earning 102§ per hour, whereas fortune telling only paid 20§ per hour at level 1.
  4. Unknown to her, Rosaura had been living in a house where half the family had magical powers. She would never learn of such as they did not trust her enough. The door to a secret room was also always locked.
  5. Originally, Rosaura inherited her hair color from her grandmother Constance. However, both her parents had very light - blonde hair. When I realized this error in genetics, I decided to correct it and change her hair color to a light brown, almost dirty blonde, if you want.


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Strangely, Rosaura is said to grieve Gladsten Farmwell's death very deeply despite their somewhat odd relationship. It is also said they shared the same bed, but no mention ever of romantic interaction.
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