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Robert & Ada
Name: Robert & Ada
Genre: Romance/Drama
Created by: Bakerychaz, AsherÉire, Pidgeoraptor7, RoseGui, Waikikamukow, ColinThePanda,, PaigeRhian, Woganhemlock.
Number of chapters: 15, will be 16.

Original run: 9 July 2012 - TBA
Status: Under Construction

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Robert & Ada (also known as R & A) is a romantic fan fiction created by Bakerychaz. It is a fan fiction where any contributor could add a chapter. Thanks to AsherÉire, Pidgeoraptor7, RoseGui, Waikikamukow, ColinThePanda,, PaigeRhian and Woganhemlock for adding chapters! We are going to create a chapter where Robert gets a cowplant as a wedding gift, so anyone who wants to add that chapter is welcome to!

Characters Edit

  • Robert Quentin is the boyfriend of Ada, and is preparing to propose to her. She seems annoyed at the time, and he has to put the proposal on hold.
  • Ada McLoughlin is the Scottish girlfriend of Robert. She has been annoyed by her mother Maggie McLoughlin because she is pressuring Ada to get married. Ada is unaware of Robert's upcoming proposal.
  • Maggie McLoughlin is the divorced mother of Ada and is pressuring her to marry.
  • Rufus Daley is one of Robert's roommates, and is a little bit of an oddball. He is dating his other roomie, Mariana.
  • Mariana Cruz is Robert's other roommate and ex-girlfriend. Though they broke up do to having nothing in common, they maintained a friendly relationship. She is dating Rufus.
  • Leah Spencer is Robert's crazy ex-girlfriend. She is obsessed with him.

Chapter 1: Robert's Introduction Edit

(by Bakerychaz)

Here, we start. I'm Robert and I'm divorced from my ex-wife Phoebe Quentin. I've met a girl, Ada, the love of my life. I'm going to propose to her, but she's been irritable recently and I'm putting the proposal on hold. I have no children but I want some. I have a job in the Journalism career, at Level 6. I am NOT friends with Phoebe, she cheated on me and broke my heart. I have a dog named Rose, who is a dachshund. Well, that's pretty much my life: boring, normal, unexciting.

Chapter 2: Ada's ThoughtsEdit

(by AsherÉire)

There are times when I wish some people would stay out my my business. Correction: out of Robert and I's business. I wish my mother would stay out of my love live. She is constantly pressuring me to marry Robert. Well, she's divorced, because her mother rushed her marriage with my father. I guess I've been a little grouchy lately. I've snapped at Robert a few times, and I'm thinking of a way to make it up to him.

Chapter 3: Robert's PerseveranceEdit

(by Pidgeoraptor7)

You know how I said my life was uneventful? Well, I must have been under a spell when I said so, because in my house there's always something odd going on.

I woke up to find Rose on my bed. Which I expected; I heard there were supposed to be thunderstorms last night, and she always jumps up with me on those nights. But after yawning a few times, I got up, and stepped on an unpleasant surprise. And no, it wasn't doggie doo doo, as Phoebe used to call it. It was Rufus's face. He groaned under the pressure of my foot.

Rufus Daley is one if my roomies. He and his girlfriend, who was my first girlfriend (if you could call it that), Mariana, live with me after their house was set on fire by a psycho-killer. Ever since the incident, Rufus has become a bit insane, but is otherwise a really nice guy to be around. He's a bit of a couch potato, but if you meet him you'd love him. His antics are always hilarious.

Mariana is a real sweetheart. She was my first girlfriend, but we never really were compatible. We were always friends though, ever since Kindergarten. She's a real fitness nut, and is a little easy to aggravate. However, she bears a soft spot for Rufus.

I almost screamed at Rufus, sleeping on the floor of my bedroom.

The phone rang. It was a grueling effort to get to the source of the ringing after just getting up, but I got to it, nonetheless. And it was no surprise that Ada answered my tired "Hello?"

"Oh hi, Robert," she said. She didn't sound too full of vigor either. "Did I wake you?"

"No," I said. "That was of my own doing. Oh, hey, want to go out somewhere tonight?"

"Sure, Robert, where would you have in mind?"

"Uh, meet me at the restaurant you brought me to last time, uh, Jack's Tavern."

"Okay, sure, I'll meet you there."

The line went dead. I was ecstatic. This was the night I was going to propose to Ada. We had been seeing each other for a while, and I thought the time was right. That night I got into my nicest casual wear, which really didn't have too much of a casual air. I walked out to my car, and as I was getting in, I was greeted by a swerving car, roughly two feet away from me, barreling down the road.

Chapter 4: Leah SpencerEdit

(by RoseGui)

Robert looked at the car as it parked beside a tree. He couldn't recognize who was getting out because of the fog, but it was definitely a woman wearing a red dress with a shiny gold purse.

The woman came closer. "Oh, no," he thought. She was Leah Spencer, an old high-school colleague who had been obsessed with him since then.

"Robert...", she said crying, "Why did you do this to me?".

"Did what?"

"Marry that stuck-up, vain b... leave me for her. And now, see the result. You're divorced."

"It would never work out, Leah. Now, please..."

She interrupted him, shouting "WHY? WHY, ROBERT?". Anyone in the neighborhood could hear her.

"BECAUSE YOU'RE OBESSED WITH ME, LEAH! I simply can't stand it!", Robert couldn't control himself this time, he had everything ready to propose to the woman of his dreams and Leah was ruining his night.

Desperately, Leah sobbed, "I... am rich! I can give you anything you need! Please, please!"

"No, no. Sorry.", he wondered what would happen if she knew about Ada.

Furiously, Leah restarted the argument, "Are you with another woman??!!!!".

Robert didn't respond.

"I WILL FIND OUT WHO SHE IS. I SWEAR. YOU'LL BE MINE.", after saying this, Leah ran to her car and drived away speedily.

Robert now feared for his lover, Ada. He was clueless of what to do now. Would he propose to her still this night?

Chapter 5: WaitingEdit

(by Waikikamukow)

I'm tired of waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting for my paycheck to come through. Waiting for my mother to keep out of my love life. And waiting for Robert to arrive. My goodness! He's never late for anything - a very punctual man. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pick it up and find it is Robert.

"Where are you?" I asked. "You are very late!"

"I'm sorry, Ada. It's...". He hesitated.

"What? What is it, Robert?"

"It's... It's Rose." He said, almost a whisper. "She's in... the hospital."

"Why? What happened to her?" I had so many questions to ask.

"Look, Ada, I don't have any time to talk about this right now. I'm sorry, I have to call our date off."

"Robert! I am coming over right now, okay?" I demanded. I wasn't normally a demanding person, but my mother has been more annoying than usual this past month, and it's having an affect on me.

"No, Ada, please! You have to underst-"

I hung up. I didn't want to listen to his stories. I hailed a cab and was dropped off outside of Robert's house. I knew that Rufus and Mariana were out, so hopefully I could have a little intimacy time with Robert. I knocked on the door and waited. And waited. And waited. Just more waiting to add to my list. I realised the door was open, so I turned the knob and walked inside. The lights were on. I walked to the kitchen and picked up Rose's food bowl, the same colour as her beautiful name.

I heard a noise. It sounded like feet. "Robert?" I called out.

I saw Rose, running towards me. She gave out a bark as I put down her food bowl. I started to feel the anger rise up in me, but I wasn't exactly sure why. I got out my phone and dialed Robert's number.

"Robert, we need to talk."

Chapter 6: ThreatsEdit

(by AsherÉire)

"Not now." he says "I'll be home in a few minutes. I need to discuss something something important." My stomach lurches. What does he need to talk about? I'm the one who needs to know why he lied. I collapse on the sofa in the living room. Rose leaps on top of me and falls asleep. I gently stroking her soft fur when she uses my legs as a launching pad. She rushes to the back door. Robert's there, looking absoloutely terrified. I open the door for him and he scrambles inside. He's sweating heavily and he looks like he crawled through an army obstacle course.

"Robert? Why did you lie to me? And why are you in this state?" I demand.

"Leah..." he whimpers "It was Leah..."

"Who's Leah?" I'm starting to lost my temper. Is he seeing another woman.

"She's a woman who has more than a crush on me- she's obsessed... she wanted to be with me, and she's guessed I'm with you, but she doesn't know who you are... I fear she's lost the plot... I think she's dangerous... I've cut through different people's back gardens in case she was following me... and-" Robert's phone goes off. He pulls it out and his eyes widen even more- if that's possbile. "No way..." He's shaking really badly. He curses and continues to read... Robert looks at me and says: "We're leaving now!" And he darts upstairs.

It takes me about ten minutes to find out what's going on. Leah's been sending death threats. She managed to get a hold of Robert's number and now she's resorting to blackmail. Robert's calling the police and I'm sitting with his dog.

It seems like everyone is against Robert and I being together.

Chapter 7: Fear and PsychopathsEdit

(By ColinThePanda)

Oh man, Ada is so mad at me right now! There's just no time to explain though! We must hide and fast. I think I can hear Leah coming through the door...

"Robert, did you-"

"Shh!" I hushed to Ada. She didn't look to happy at me interrupting her, but we really had to be quiet. I think I could hear Leah shouting downstairs. How did she find where I live?

"Roooobert!! I know you're in here, I caught up with some friends on my way here!" I heard Leah scream "They suggested that I should come and visit them in their new home, and they also said that you're their roommate..."

Crap! She must've bumped in to Mariana and Rufus! I always thought that Rufus would be the death of me some day.

"Come out Robert, and we can be together! Me and you, we can have children! We could be happy!" Exclaimed Leah. I think she's taking this way too far! She is nuts! "C'mon Robert! WE WILL BE TOGETHER! EVEN IF I HAVE TO KILL SOMEBODY!"

Chapter 8: The Days AfterEdit

(by A Wikia Contributor/Chickadee)

"Hi honey", Robert says as he greets me."Did you hear about Leah?" "No, why", I reply. I hope she gets thrown in prison for the next 10 years! Uh oh! I leap from the table, not even touching the ground as I race through the restaurant looking for the bathroom.

I think I am alright now. I walk back to the table, my eyes trying to avoid everyone because they're all staring at me.

"Ada, are you alright?!", Robert asks," I can drive you home if you'd like me to." "I'm fine, really, I am", I reply with a big dumb smile on my face. I hope I'm ok. I've been throwing up for the past few days, even before the incident with Leah. We finish our dinner and Robert tells me that Leah is being set free in an about a week or so,yay. He can see the look of disappointment on my face and says,"We can get through this together, and remember, no matter how hard things get, I will always love you."

The next morning I go to the store and buy a Pregnancy test, not that I think I'm pregnant, but you can never be too safe with things like this.

So, I don't plan on telling Robert anything till I get the results, I think it's time to check.


Chapter 9: Poison Edit

(By PaigeRhian)

Negative. Was it bad that I felt relief at this moment? Robert wants children, he made that perfectly clear when we got engaged. I suppose I won't tell him I even took a test. I suppose I'll have to tell him at some point as I don't have a car and need him to drive me to the hospital as I keep throwing up. By the time we had arrived at the hospital I felt really groggy. I asked Robert to not come in as I couldn't bear for him to see me throwing up and sweating. Eventually I finished vomiting and sat on the chair next to the doctor's desk. "From what you have described" the doctor said, "You seem to have a severe case of food poisoning. The average food poisoning is down to lack of quality in food. However, you're case seems to be... Deliberate." I instantly thought about Leah, which is a thought I disregarded as she had been in prison for the past 3 months. The last time I went to a restaurant was when we got engaged. I can't cook. Literally. The last time I tried to cook I nearly burned the house down. Robert thought I was so... Robert. I looked out the window to see him scowling at the prices of hospital food. Was my fiance, my one true love, trying to kill me...?

Chapter 10: A New Problem Edit

(by Bakerychaz)

I just remembered. Mother cooked me lunch two nights ago! Was she trying to kill me? She usually makes great food. I noticed that the food tasted a bit, well...bad. Anyway, the suspects don't really matter. It's about me getting well. This food poisoning is worse than I thought. I've got severe stomach pains, headaches, among others. I know it's not possible for me to be pregnant 'cause it said negative on the test, but I might take another one just in case.

Also, Mariana and Rufus came to visit me in the hospital, and were very supportive. They have news apparently, but they said that they didn't want to tell us until I'm better.

Leah is really getting on my nerves. I'm worried she'll kill me and then marry Robert against his will. My life isn't easy.

I'm just about to look at the pregnancy test results. It's...positive. I can't believe this. This is just great. My mother's been annoying me about marrying Robert, I'm worried about being killed by a psychopath and I have severe food poisoning. When should I tell Robert?

Chapter 11:There's a ShockerEdit

(by Pidgeoraptor7)

I couldn't even recognize myself in the mirror.

Ada has been avoiding me for a week since she left the hospital. No calls, no nothing. I've been neglecting my personal hygiene. I haven't showered in at least three days, and haven't shaved in four. My normally well-kept hair was an unrecognizable blob.

I didn't know if it was her fear of Leah, or if she just didn't want to risk getting out of bed for anything except the bathroom. Rufus and Mariana seemed sworn to secrecy about her condition. And I was beginning to lose control of my life. I always considered Ada the one. Now, I wasn't sure. Maybe Leah and I could work it out...

NO! my subconscious screamed, as I snapped back into reality. Leah and I would never work out. The doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, Ada was there.

"Robert!" she said. "What's happened to you?"

"I-I've been missing you so much..." I answered, and she leaned over and kissed me. When I pulled away, Ada took my hands in hers, and kissed me again.

"Robert, I have a few things to tell you,"

"Anything, Ada," I said. I leaned in to kiss her again, but she pushed me away.

"Robert," I'm sorry for not visiting you. I've been so weak from this food poisoning, and I'm sorry for not telling you. I'm probably going to regret this in the morning. But, Robert, I'm... I'm pregnant. With your child." Ada looked me in the eyes, and gave me a genuine smile. She put my hand on her stomach, and I felt the kick of a growing life. A life that I created. That we created.

I bid Ada farewell, and as she looked back she waved. On the sidewalk, she turned, blew me a kiss, and then...


Ada fell to the ground, singed, as the lightning retreated back into the sky. I ran over to her, unaware of what had happened and in a state of total shock. The tears streamed freely down my face, catching in my beard as the rain began to fall. I checked Ada's pulse; she was still breathing. But the baby...

The baby.

Chapter 12: Weather MachinesEdit

(by Woganhemlock)

"Ahahaha!" A shrill voice pierced the night air. I turned around and saw Leah standing by her car.

"You... what have you done?" I screamed at her.

"It seems that weather machine I bought works... now she's gone, we'll be together... forever... and there's nothing you can do about it!" she yelled out at me, with a deranged quality to her voice, and ran towards me and grabbed me.

I pushed her away swiftly. "Wha? Get off me! What are you thinking? She's pregnant! Didn't you know that? You're willing to risk a child's life to get to me? You're not just obsessed, you're a sick freak! I wish I never met you!"

"But, we'll be perfect together..."

"No, we won't and we never will be together... please leave..." I called an ambulance, and when I turned around Leah had driven off. As I heard the ambulance pull up I couldn't help but think about what else Leah might try to make me her own.

Chapter 13: In the Ambulance Edit

(by Bakerychaz)

Ada was lying in the ambulance, unconscious with Robert by her side.

"Ada" said a distraught Robert.

"Rob..." said Ada, awakening.

"Leah had a weather machine. She sent that lightning bolt to you. She's insane"

"I..know. The baby..."

"There's not much chance the baby's alive"

Ada burst into tears.

"I love you, Ada. And I always will. No matter what happens"

"I love you too"

"If the baby's alive or dead, I'll still love you. If Leah injures us, I'll still love you. If you get struck by a lightning bolt, I'll still love you"

The two arrived at the hospital and the doctor did a test to see if the baby was still alive.

The doctor said "The results are in. Ms. McLoughlin, Mr. Quentin, the baby is..."

Chapter 14: DreamsEdit

(by AsherÉire)

Robert woke up in a cold sweat. That was by far the worst dream he had ever had! Weather machines... too much had been going on. Ever since Ada told him she was carrying his baby, he feared Leah even more, but even so, who would be in possession of something as powerful as a weather machine? Bizarre.

Ada stirred beside him. "Dreams again?" she asked softly. He nodded, hoping she wouldn't ask anymore questions. "About Leah, still?" He nodded again.

"Leah's gone now, so there's nothing to worry about." Ada gently touched his face.

The bedroom door was pushed open and Rose dived onto the bed, before snuggling under a gap in the sheets.

"So," Robert said. "what do you want to do today?"

Ada didn't even need to think. "Party." she replied. "Party like we've never done before. It's our wedding day, after all."

Robert grinned his big grin. Things would turn out right in the end.

Chapter 15: The Wedding Edit

Robert went to get changed into his tuxedo. His best man was Rufus.

"I still can't believe I'm marrying Ada" said Robert.

"She's lovely, Robert. You're lucky to have her"

Ada was getting into her wedding dress, with maid-of-honour Mariana at her side.

"Are you nervous, Ada?"

"Not really. I'm marrying Robert"

1 hour later,

Robert and Ada were walking down the aisle.

And 15 minutes after that, the couple were husband and wife.

"I love you, Ada" whispered Robert to Ada.

"I love you too, Robert"

They could see all of their friends in the audience. Maggie smiled at her daughter.

They were married.

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