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I recently bought the Sims 3 Pets expansion pack, and was playing around in Appaloosa Plains when the idea for a new story hit me. I imagined this old ranch that had been passed down through generations, and was supposed to be smoothly passed down to a young teenage girl, who was an only child. But what if that girl refused to inherit the ranch, and follow her own path? Well, that's what this story is about! Enjoy! <3 Luvyalife1998 01:13, June 17, 2012 (UTC)


Prologue: (Abbie's POV) Have you ever wanted something so bad, it hurt? Like, you almost physically needed it? Well, that's how I felt when my parents decided that their stupid ranch was more important than what I wanted. Who cares about a bunch of dumb horses anyway? They can put them up for adoption or something. And I know plenty of wanna-be-cowboys who would take in a horse or two. Why are my parents so against this? All I know is that I'm getting out of this little hick town, whether my parents want it or not.

Chapter 1:Edit

Abbie Lynne Curtis woke bright and early on a warm, sunny July day, to the sound of birds sweetly singing and horses moving about in their pasture, nickering and neighing. She yawned, sat up slowly, and padded down the hallway's creaky wooden floors towards the very old kitchen. For nearly 10 years, her mornings had gone the same: wake up when the sun barely started to rise, scarf down a quick breakfast, and spend the next 2 hours before school caring for the ranch's dozens of horses. Abbie was never meant to be a farm girl, and was, quite frankly, bored out of her mind spending hours in a dirty old barn. The 17-year-old, from the moment she was born, was very dramatic and over-emotional. As she grew, she was in many of the school plays and was a natural on stage, parading all around and singing musical numbers without a hint of nervousness. When she was 9, her father took her to Bridgeport, the city of the stars, for a weekend and Abbie instantly was in awe of the bright lights and beauty of it. Yes, everyone knew that Abbie was meant to be a star.

She had the looks to match the talent, of course. Abbie was a very pretty girl, even as a teenager. She had a heart-shaped face, with plump, pink lips, a button nose, and wide blue eyes. Her reddish-brown hair hung in perfect ringlets down her back, and her skin was deeply tanned from hours of working outside on the ranch. Her curvy, feminine physique was inherited from her mother, and was about 5'7. Boys drooled over her, but Abbie had only had a few boyfriends, and it was never anything serious. She didn't want be stuck in Appaloosa with some cowboy; she wanted the fame, fortune, and dazzling lights of Bridgeport.

Unfortunately, her stubborn parents were set on having her inherit the old, run-down ranch from her when they died. The ranch was built almost 200 years ago, and passed down through the generations of the Curtis family. And, as Abbie was an only child, it only made sense she inherit the ranch from her parents. But why couldn't Abbie do what she wanted and leave this tiny hick town? She didn't understand the rules her family had set, and wanted out.

Stretching, Abbie stood in the archway of the ancient kitchen. The clock on the wall said it was only a quarter to six, and she sighed. That was another thing she hated about the country life: waking up so early.

Despite how early it was, her mother and father were already awake and fully alert, sitting at the breakfast table. Her mother held a steaming cup of coffee in her hands, while her father read the morning paper. As Abbie entered the room, Mrs. Curtis gave her daughter a tight smile and her father barely looked up from his paper. Ever since Abbie had brought up the idea of leaving the ranch to become an actress, her parents had been distant from her, and really moody, only really talking to her when they were arguing with her about staying.

Abbie decided to try to convince them, one last time, that her moving to Bridgeport was the best decision. Her 18th birthday was tomorrow, after all: why not? She hoped that she could finally get her parents to realize that Abbie was meant for the glamorous life of the rich and famous.

When Abbie opened her mouth to speak, her mother instantly snapped, "No."

"But you don't even know what I'm gonna ask!" Abbie yelled, annoyed. Her mother could be so stubborn.

"Yes, I do. And you're not moving to the city. You're staying here, and that's final." Mrs. Curtis laced her fingers around her cup of coffee and looked sternly at her daughter.

Abbie scowled at her mother, tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. Weren't parents supposed to let their kids follow their dreams? Angry, Abbie tore out of the kitchen and slammed the door to her bedroom, flinging herself fown on her tiny twin-size bed. Finally, she made up her mind: she was going to Bridgeport, and she didn't care what her parents thought!