This is "Rebirth of the Doctor", it is preceded by "Fate of the Doctor" and is followed by "The Relic of Youth".

Rebirth of the Doctor
Publisher(s) Bhind45
Series The Sims
Engine The Sims 3 Engine
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Creature Cybermen
Daleks (Flashback only)
TS3 Reflect

"Rebirth of the Doctor" is the upcoming premier of Season 2 of the Doctor Who: Sims 3 series while also a special celebrating 50 years of Doctor Who. It will be uploaded between five weeks in 2013. The special will feature the first appearances of the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, the Ninth Doctor, the First Doctor, Clara, Rose, UNIT, Susan, K9 and the Shadow in the Sims 3 series.

Cast Edit

Starring Edit

Also StarringEdit

  • Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor
  • David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor
  • Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor
  • William Hartnell as the First Doctor
  • Jenna Louise-Coleman as Clara Oswin
  • Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
  • Carol Ann Ford as Susan Foreman

Guest StarringEdit

  • French Stewart as the Genie
  • Nicholas Briggs as the Voice of the Daleks
  • Nicholas Briggs as the Voice of the Cybermen
  • John Leeson as the Voice of K9

Episodes Edit

Episodes Original Upload Dates

Notes Edit

  • The Mark II TARDIS last seen in "Catacomb" will return, although this time it belongs to the First Doctor.
  • The voice's of the formers Doctors and Companions are audio clips used from their time on Doctor Who.
  • All five episodes use a unique, while yet simple Opening Sequence. The sequence consists of the words "Doctor Who" quickly flashing and changing places then disappearing, then the words "Doctor Who the Sims III" slowly fading in.
  • Due to it being a special celebrating the shows past 50 years, it becomes the first serial to contain five episodes.
  • It will feature the first episode to be set in the future of Earth's history.
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