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Potter Family
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Potter Household
Name Potter Family
Members Martin, Jason, Kevin, Nicholas, Adrian and Danny
Number of generations 4 generations
Family connections Baker, Carpenter, Fisher, Gardener, Harper, Plummer, Taylor, Warlock and Wizard
Lot 737 S Main St
Funds §5,512
Net worth §208,443
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Neighborhood Fanon:The Genesis Project
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The Potter Family was started by Kyle Potter, one of the Original 8. It consists of his middle son Martin Potter, his youngest son Jason Potter, Martin's oldest son, Kevin Potter, Kevin's spouse Nicholas Potter who is from the Taylor family, and their sons Adrian and Danny Potter. Martin was sired by Chris Fisher. Jason was sired by Tyler Harper. Kevin was sired by David Harper. Timothy Taylor gave birth to Nicholas who was sired by Zack Baker.

Adam Warlock and twins Franklin Harper and Sebastian Wizard are Martin's younger sons. Adam was sired by Timothy Taylor and left with Ace Warlock to create the Warlock family. Franklin and Sebastian were sired by Zack Baker. Franklin left with Chad Harper to join the Harper family. Sebastian left with Lee Wizard to create the Wizard family.

Matt Baker gave birth to Kyle's oldest son Connor Baker in the Baker home. As such, information about Connor can be found on the Baker family page. Lance Taylor gave birth to Jason's oldest son Ed Taylor in the Taylor home, Drew Carpenter gave birth to Jason's middle son Jacob Taylor in the Carpenter home, and Nick Fisher gave birth to Jason's youngest son Caleb Carpenter in the Fisher home. As such, information about Ed, Jacob, and Caleb can be found on the Taylor, Carpenter, and Fisher family pages respectively.


After Kyle found himself in The Genesis Project, he tried developing his pottery skills before he was pregnant with Martin. He tried to tend to his home business of selling pottery to his neighbors, continue to develop his pottery skills, and care for his little son Martin after he was born. Connor was born to Matt two days before Martin, which was fine with Kyle since he wouldn't have to care for both boys. While Martin was a toddler, Kyle gave birth to his youngest son, Jason. By this time, he had greatly improved his pottery skills and was able to manage the home business somewhat, so it was a little easier to care for two little ones. Once Martin became a child, Kyle could focus on improving his pottery skill and growing his home business some more. By the time Martin was a teen and Jason was a child, Kyle was able to focus solely on the orders to provide for everyone in the neighborhood while Martin tended to the business and Jason played like the free child that he was. Martin also took a dab at pottery during slow periods. When Martin became a young adult and Jason a teen, Kyle decided to buy one of the lots that Tyler had to expand his pottery business. After Kyle became an elder, Jason became a young adult and the business really started to grow.

Shortly after Martin became an adult, he gave birth to Kevin sired by David Harper. A couple of days later Martin gave birth to Adam sired by Timothy Taylor. The following season, Martin gave birth to twins, Franklin and Sebastian, sired by Zack Baker. After a few crazy seasons of focusing on raising babies and toddlers, Martin and Jason were finally able to focus more on the family businesses rather than just keeping them afloat. Then as all of the boys reached the age of young adult, all but Kevin moved out to start their own families. Nicholas moved in to join the family and was quickly engaged to Kevin. The next season, Nicholas gave birth to their first son Adrian. It wasn't long before their second son Danny was born. Shortly after Kevin and Nicholas got married, they lost their third child in miscarriage. As a result, they decided not to have any more children.


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