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Port Piston is a custom world neighborhood built for The Sims 3 and expansion packs.

Port Piston
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'A bustling maritime settlement, Port Piston fuses old and new with its low brick port buildings on the one hand, and its quaint cityscapes on the other.'
Name Port Piston
Game(s) TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
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Description[edit | edit source]

Port Piston lies in the Pasimfic Ocean between Bridgeport and Champs Les Sims. A bustling maritime settlement, Port Piston fuses old and new with its low brick port buildings on the one hand, and its quaint cityscapes on the other. Simbots and other technological marvels are common sights in Port Piston, and fashion is decidedly archaic of late. A lively pirate town lurks far out on the peninsula, bumping with bars and parties.

Map[edit | edit source]

1 - Portside · 2 - Ferrous Hill · 3 - Piston Plateau · 4 - Cranial Landing · 5 - Botropolis · 6 - Valley of Saint Sebaceous · 7 - Seahorse Plains · 8 - Sea Shanty Village

Onomatology[edit | edit source]

  • Port - A town or city with a harbour or access to navigable water where ships load or unload. (OED)
  • Piston - A disc or short cylinder fitting closely within a tube in which it moves up and down against a liquid or gas, used in an internal-combustion engine to derive motion, or in a pump to impart motion. (OED)

History[edit | edit source]

Many moons ago Admiral Landgraab harboured at the then uninhabited Port Piston on his journeys between Sim Nation and France. The island's rocky coves provided shelter from high seas Soon a bustling port town established itself because the island sat reasonably central to several shipping routes. The small, prosperous town of Portside flourished, but at the same time pirates established themselves on the far end of the island, hoping to plunder goods as ships came and left the ports. As the world beyond the island raced forward technologically, Port Pistoners tended to implement new technologies in archaic designs, and soon the island's innovation and unique aesthetic made it a technological hub in the Pasimfic Ocean. Nowadays a veritable city at sea, Port Piston bustles with its own unique flavour. Portside's low brick level set just metres above sea level contrasts starkly against the ornate towers of Botropolis on a coastal plateau, and above everything is the majestic Cranial Rock Landing where Sims can find the rare and mysterious Deathfish.

Old Port Town

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

One of the most influential families in Port Piston is the Loftsprocket family who spend a lot of time travelling in airships like the Betsy Blue. Consequently, the Loftsprockets have built up a small fortune, and an adventurous streak.

Lots[edit | edit source]

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Families[edit | edit source]

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