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Ran Away
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Pleasantview: undoubtedly the most famous suburban neighborhood in all of SimNation. Caked in scandals, affairs, and ignominy, Pleasantview is almost a laughing stock to the rest of SimNation for its seemingly-perfect outward appearance and awful, awful underbelly. The tales of Pleasantview may not be wonderful or touching, but they are interesting to say the least.

Read on, if you want to hear takes of love, betrayal, mystery, hatred, and jealousy. Read on, if you want to hear the Pleasantview Stories.

Basic SynopsisEdit

Pleasantview Stories follows the lives of the citizens of Pleasantview, a suburban neighborhood filled with scandals and the like. Throughout it many characters will be forced to redefine themselves and the matter of affairs they've been put in.

The Goth Family is the oldest and wealthiest family. Mortimer has made a fortune in scientific discoveries, along with having inherited mass sums from pevious generations. He is an old, aging man who is far older than he should have been, thanks to an error when he tested his Elixir of Life. He lives with a young adult daughter, Cassandra, and a child son, Alexander. Alexander is a genius, and Cassandra is engaged to the town Cassanova; a relationship Mortimer disapproves of.

The Pleasant Family is upper-middle class. Daniel and his wife, Mary-Sue, have been married for a long time--a bit too long. They have two twin teenage daughters, Angela and Lilith, who absolutey despise each other. Angela is bright and popular, but she holds a dark secret. Lilith is rebellious, and ignored by her family. The girls fight constantly, as do Daniel and Mary-Sue.

The Broke Family consists of widow Brandi Broke, trying to raise her toddler son and control her rebellious teenage son, who happens to be dating Angela Pleasant (though the two have nothing in common). Her husband has died, tossing the family into financial turmoil. The Dreamer Family is made up of widower Darren Dreamer, who has a huge crush on Cassandra, and his son Dirk, who is dating Lilith Pleasant (though the two have nothing in common).

The Oldie Family are Mary-Sue's adoptive parents. The Burb Family consists of Daniel's sister, Jennifer, and her husband, John. John wants to have kids and make a huge family, while Jennifer plans on advancing in her career in modeling. They have an adorable, friendly daughter, Lucy.

Now there are some newcomers disturbing the peace: The Caliente Sisters have their eyes on Mortimer Goth, but their interest might be more on his wallet than on him. Don Lothario may be a complete slob and even a jerk, but he gets all the ladies. Will he be able to keep them under control?!

Pleasantview Stories recounts their lives as many of them elope, break up, elope once more, and commit all sorts of juicy, scandalous infidelities. There are currently three episodes, and four more under construction, in the first season.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1: Anticipation

Episode 2: Don's Love(s)

Episode 3: Pleasant Days

Episode 4: The Less Fortunate

Episode 5: The Most Fortunate

Episode 6: Burbs in the 'burbs

Episode 7: New Arrivals

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