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Pleasantview Problems- A Lulu Story

"Aww, we're moving AGAIN??" I complained. We had moved yesterday. To here. Sunset Valley. I hadn't met anyone. I guess that's a good thing, no one to miss. I have caramel hair, green eyes, braces, glasses, and constantly wear a white ironed shirt, blue- and -black tie, a pleated navy skirt, white socks with a navy lip, and black Mary Janes. Yep, pretty much fits the average "Everyday Nerd" category. And, yes, I'm smart.

"Yes Lulu, we're moving to Pleasantview," said Mom.

"Where's that!!?!?!?" I asked. What's Pleasantview? No idea. But it costs 2000 simoleons to move. Apparently it's super cheap and an opportunity we can't miss. I think it's a waste of simoleons, honest.

"It's in the "Two Neighborhoods". We live in the "Three Neighborhoods", Sunset Valley, Twinbrook, Sunlit Tides, Isla Paradiso, etc. The "Two Neighborhoods" are Pleasantview, Strangetown, SimValley, etc.," Mom explained.

Still confusing. I don't get it. Mom clearly was annoyed.

"The '2 Neighborhoods' are from ts2. The '3 Neighborhoods' are from ts3," explained Mom.

"Makes sense!!" I exclaimed happily.

Inside of PleasantviewEdit

"We're here!" exclaimed Mom.

"Beautiful," I mumbled unhappily. It sucked in Pleasantview. Where were the laughing kids I saw in Aurora Skies????

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