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Pippa Pho
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'Pippa is your average girl, she loves hanging out with her friends and having fun. However, this seemingly perfect girl has been through more twists and turns than you can think of. She is sick and tired of her surroundings. Will she upsticks and move home or will family keep her in her home town?'
Name Pippa Pho
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Kyran Pho , Poppy Pho
Sibling(s) Sydney Pho, Talia Pho
Romances Glen Bitan Ex-romance, Jeremy BitonPartners
Roommates Jeremy Biton, Sofie Telto, Autumn Pho
Pets Jez Biton, Pip Pho
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Dark Blue Eyes Dark Blue
Skin color Skin-light Light
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
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Pippa Pho is a young adult living in a small town in England (Custom Neighborhood). She lives with her boyfriend Jeremy Biton, her best friend Sofie Telto and her cousin Autumn Pho. She is about to leave town to go to a new university but is unsure whether to go or not. She is a family sim and her lifetime wish is to have 6 grandchildren.

Younger Years: Edit

When Pippa was born she had a very normal life. By the time she was 2 her little sister was born and a year before she was born her brother was. She spent most of her time at her aunties & uncle's house playing with her cousin, Autumn. She was taught how to walk and potty trained by her mum and taught to talk and study by her dad. By the time she was a child she had already learnt how to read. Needless to say she was very clever. Her mother & father decided to put her in to a boarding school just a few miles away from their home. Whilst in her first year she learnt how to play piano and was being given separate lessons for her acting skills as they were so advanced. She had established herself a friendship group consisting of 5 girls, Sofie Telto, Dawn Telto, Iris Sont, Katrina Sont & Raya Barr. Once she had graduated primary school and moved on to secondary school Sertacherwood Boarding school got a new head teacher called Phyliss Peterson. Once the new head had came her separate lessons stopped and her extra-curricular activities (Piano, Sport etc.) were stopped too. She got a job in the Showbiz career and as a result her grades deteriorated.

Teenage Years: Edit

When Pippa started secondary school she began to develop a crush on her brother's best friend Jeremy Biton. She experienced her first kiss with him but then they decided to stay friends. Ironically, she started to date Jeremy's cousin Glen in her second year of high school despite his bad reputation.

The Fire At Sertacherwood And Aftermath Edit

During the Christmas holidays Pippa and her friends decided to stay at the empty school with the approval from the headmistress. Whilst there Aidan found out about Iris' betrayal with Sydney and plotted with his mother to burn the school down with the friends inside. Once the fire started Pippa got stuck in the bathroom of her dorm and was saved by her brother Sydney exstingushing some of the flames subsequently ending their feud. Once Iris had found evidence of the crime belonging to Phyliss they went to court and Phyliss was found guilty, her son Aidan had no evidence against him and was never put on trial. It took a day for the jury to decide so whilst on their way to the verdict Iris and Pippa were both hit by a car at different times. As was Jeremy whilst trying to help Pippa. In the hospital Pippa decided to go steady with Jeremy but was shocked to find out he was in hospital. Eventually, Jeremy got better and they got together. Sofie found her real parents one being the new head teacher of Sertacherwood. By the time of her last year Pippa decided to go to a normal university despite her obvious talent in acting and her major knowledge in just about everything.

At University Edit

Whilst at university her cousin was abducted by Aidan but was later found by Mia Pop-Domran as her husband had just died and knew about the abductions. Raya's mother was also found and Sofie's foster mother was killed. After this happened Sofie moved in with Jeremy, Pippa and Autumn as her sister moved in with her fiance. Pippa was invited to the Greek house and was unsure whether to join. Jeremy proposed marriage to her and she unexpectedly declined as she had decided to join the Greek house.

Future Edit

Pippa is hoping to reach the top of the Showbiz career and have children and get married to Jeremy and adopt another dog.

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