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Philetairos Attalides
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Philetairos, the friendly, party-loving, family-centered, and cooky and bookish at the same time, is quite the affable guy. And few people would expect that this unassuming man is the head of the Attalid household.
Name Philetairos Attalides
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult.png Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon.png Normal
Parents None
Sibling(s) Eumenes Attalides Younger brother, Polyxena Attalida, Stratonike Attalida
Romances Parthenope Attalida wife
Child(ren) Olympias Attalida daughter, Thetis Attalida daughter
Trait Natural Cook small.png Natural Cook
Trait Bookworm small.png Bookworm
Trait Family-Oriented small.png Family-Oriented
Trait Party Animal small.png Party Animal
Trait Workaholic small.png Workaholic
Zodiac sign CancerLN.png Cancer
Lifetime wish
LTW Celebrated Five-Star Chef.png Celebrated Five-Star Chef
Fav Classical.png Classical
Fav Cobbler.png Cobbler
Fav Purple.png Purple
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3.jpg Black
Eye color Eye-brown.png Brown
Skin color Light skin-TS3.png Light
Body shape Fit Fit
Social Standing
Celebrity status
3 stars
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon.png The Sims 3
Playability Playable
World Fanon:Hekatonschoinos
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Philetairos Attalides (Alias Philetaerus of Pergamon, Philetairos of Tieion) is the head of the Attalid family and works in the level 9 Culinary career. Philetairos is also one of the Attalid household's legion of party animals, and Philetairos is too eager to make a name for himself in the neighborhood. Although not even close to being considered skilled compared to the likes of Hypatia or his sister-in-law Stratonike, he is still above the average sim when excluding the extreme outliers that are the core members of the Union of the Insane: He mas mastered cooking, and has 5 points in Athletic skill, 1 point in Logic, 2 points in Nectar Making, and 3 points in Martial Arts.

Philetairos is also the great host of parties, having hosted plenty of parties and attracted enough sims even when hosting a party that conflicts with the timing set by a similar party hosted by the Union of the Insane. He also works in the 9th level Culinary career, serving as the Chef de cuisine of the Bistro.

He is also one of the central conflict points between Achaia and Thessalonike: Achaia and Thessalonike are both after his attention, and they have given one too many flower to Philetairos: which is not helped by the fact that he is married.

Pergamene Court[edit | edit source]

His coming established the Pergamene Court, which was essentially an excuse for the party-loving Attalids to host parties frequently while looking good doing it, while it served as a predecessor to Kallisto's current policy of populace appeasement via public entertainment. The Pergamene court was centered around the Attalid palace-resort at the Stoney Falls, having the atrium connected to the main room, which leads to the residential quarters upstairs, the dining room right nearby, and the private Gymnasion as well as the secondary study supplemented by Martial Arts training equipment acquired from China. The upper floor, the residential area, consists of the sleeping quarters, as well as a primary chamber connecting all the quarters and the main study, where Stratonike spent most of her time. Pergamene Court was also a chief patron of Chinese art, the atrium being graced by presence of stone lion statues of Chinese origins, and also a patron of nectar making, Parthenope pursuing the art to further strengthen their position as the center of social life. Although most of the Pergamenes were neutral to invention, Philetairos and others soon approved of it when they realized that Stratonike created a Simbot, which was significant as the Pergamene court had another exotic item to share with the commoners.

Despite the Pergamene splendor (they had wealth far greater than that of the Altos or the Landgraabs), the Pergamene Court contributed little to technology and arts, aside from Stratonike who started the Simbot craze in which Kallisto was a part of: Parthenope's experimentation met with little success, yielding products of decent albeit not of noteworthy quality, and the nectar for the most part did not make it to the parties, even when Stratonike introduced the life fruits to the Pergamene Court. However, the Pergamenes were good at acquiring foreign books: Philetairos for one possesses the book Advanced Nectary, absent even in the later household such as the Union of the Insane (and lost in the Scholars' Alliance).

Philetairos however with Parthenope had children, twins Olympias and Thetis: Olympias would grow to be a mommy's daughter, Thetis a daddy's daughter: Olympias more interested in technical arts, athletic and logical minded as well as being disciplined and frugal on top of that, while Thetis grew to be much more artistical, inheriting Philetairos' bookish streak, as well as becoming the first virtuoso of the Attalids.

Beauty 4[edit | edit source]

Soon, however, the Attalid parties were to be replaced by the arrival of the Beauty 4 under Demetria, who led parties as distinguished as their Attalid counterpart. Attalids weren't upset by the upstarts: In fact, they were quite eager not only to attend these parties, but also to befriend them, and the Beauty 4 regularly paid visits in respect to the Attalids, and Philetairos and the like took them well in: Philetairos' cooking was widely known among the neighborhood, and those who knew the now aging Alkmaionids as well made comparisons between Philetairos and Andromeda, both having mastered cooking. Kallisto was initially not in line with the mainstream, until Kallisto met the likeminded Stratonike, and was thoroughly impressed into befriending the Attalids, while studying the Pergamene modus operandi: Kallisto was clearly interested in Stratonike's art of invention, particularly the Simbot, as well as the Nectar making, which Kallisto thought was fascinating.

Pergamene recession and recovery[edit | edit source]

However, the Pergamene partying streak receded very much after Stratonike's departure, even though Stratonike was minimal in party presence: In fact, the Pergamene slump was so that the Pergamene did not host any party until the establishment of the Union of the Insane. In the second timeline, the Pergamene residence is much less grandiose, reduced to a smaller house despite the fact that they could afford to have a bigger house, but their partying streak once again sparked up with Kallistrata, whose nectar was one of the best in the neighborhood. In fact, the Pergamene court was already making moves to get that trade agreement for Kallistrata's nectar, some of them having a market value of over 1000 simoleons. Due to the unmaterialistic nature of the Union of the Insane, Kallistrata offered very generous terms, offering nectar at base price, exciting the Pergamenes (particularly Parthenope) to no end. The Pergamene hosted parties rather frequently, always inviting their friends in the Union of the Insane, even before the nectar agreement was made.

Philetairos however was sought after by both Achaia and Thessalonike; which was ironic since all of them had romantic/marital partners. Although Thessalonike had the better relationship (maybe due to their zodiac compatibility), Thessalonike was pretty much removed from the system when Thessalonike got married to her long-lasting boyfriend Dave Ramsey, while Achaia was still open, although Achaia moved to Christopher Steel's house, reducing potential for Philetairos to be swayed.

However, the Attalid relations with the Alkmaionids were souring, especially with the deterioration of relations between Andromeda and Philetairos, once friends and now disgusted at each other. However, Philetairos now is at one of the best outside friends of the Union, alongside Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, Tiffany Dennis, and Thornton Wolff.

Pergamene Exoticism[edit | edit source]


The Pergamene love of foreign stuff sooner or later got them involved in the Hekatonschoinos region. Kallisto had always planned on building an academy there for Martial Arts, and this alone, in addition to the true rumors that the Sunset Valley's Palace of Pella-Syrakousai was not complete, already got them pumped up. There, Philetairos built a lavish dwelling, lavish to a point where they decided to stay there, rather than using it according to the original intent to use it as an vacation home. Not only that, the Pergamenes were regular visitors to parties, although when Tessa was recalled Philetairos responded to a sudden lack of parties by hosting one himself. Philetairos did not have any suspiscion that Tessa was one of the Church members: Philetairos didn't even need to consider such possibilities, since he simply did not care. However, Philetairos complained that Kallisto was too anti-party: Philetairos complained after finding out Kallisto's Loner trait (and Kallisto's revelations) that Kallisto robbed the spirit of party and politicization of party is to blaspheme against the spirit of parties. Needless to say, the brief conflict brought a temporary scare, although Kallisto decided to gift it off, giving Philetairos a pricey nectar from Kallistrata's large industry.

Philetairos visits the Academy, the Stratotike Palaistra.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Philetairos soon grew rather restless, since the Palace had not generated something even close to a party in Sunset Valley. Needless to say, Philetairos wished to return, hoping that Kallisto would revamp the capital world so that there is a bustling population eager to take advantage of the huge palace complex of the Palace of Pella-Syrakousai. Philetairos was quite surprised to hear that the Hekatonschoinos Chapter has due to some circumstances give an extended stay at the Sunset Valley. Not missing the chance, Philetairos ordered the emigration of the Attalids to Sunset Valley.

However, Philetairos was contacted by Kallisto regarding the renovation of Hekatonschoinos, and eagerly jumped in, only to be turned back due to the same issues. Kallisto reminded Philetairos of the issue, and made a covenant to get them settled in as soon as the world was fully operational. As such. the Attalids were to settle somewhere else for a time being, choosing to jump to the other Church-controlled region of Sunset Valley. In turn, alongside other pro-Greek immigration, further fueled the anti-Greek sentiments of the Patriot Party.

However, the failure of the second renovation started to unsettle Philetairos, and he and the party-loving Attalids headed towards Bridgeport. By then, Bridgeport was quite aware of Kallisto's disdain for their culture, and with Antigone there there has been movements to resist potential Ecclesiarchal incursions, sentiments shared by a few, mostly vampires such as Elvira Slayer and Jessica Talon who disliked the Ecclesiarchal disdain for night life, as well as the likes of Tom Wordy, who believed the Ecclesiarchy a whole bunch of uncool hokey. Now Philetairos could only hope that Kallisto would somehow fix up her neighborhood... since due to Kallisto's attack Philetairos is seen along with most of the Greek as uncool by the standing powers of Bridgeport (minus the Greeks like Demetria and Antigone themselves, however). This also doesn't take into account Kallisto's profuse apology over a friendly fire situation on Parthenope. Now that Kallisto has solved the problem, Philetairos is more than happy to be a resident of the Papal State, although by then most of their party loving tendencies were sapped.

Philetairos et al. had a special resort built built there, although some of the members started to grow tired of it and moved into prebuilt buildings, such as the Attic houses which were relatively cheap.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Philetairos is the only sim in the entire fanon to have the Legendary Host Lifetime reward.
  • The historical Philetairos is nothing like this sim physically: the historical Philetairos was fat and was probably of eunuch origins, while Philetairos in the fanon is the only sim to have actually had children the normal way.
  • Second historical inaccuracy is in the Attalid household as a whole: Philetairos is the older brother of Eumenes in the fanon: in history, Eumenes II (which the sim is taking the role of) is the son of Attalos I, who himself was the adopted son of Eumenes I, who himself was a brother to Philetairos. Essentially, Philetairos is pulled 2 generations back. Similarly, Eumenes II has a wife by the name of Stratonike, although the Stratonike in the fanon has nothing to do with that Stratonike, or does she have any resemblance in role or traits to any of the Stratonikes' in history.
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