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Peggy Hawkins
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Name Peggy Hawkins
Gender TS2 Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Retired career Retired
Hawkins Family
Parents Hattie Drinkard Deceased, Lazarus Drinkard Deceased
Sibling(s) Lydia Spencer Female Deceased
Romances Trevor Hawkins Married Deceased, Carter Pewterschmidt Married
Child(ren) Trevor Landgraab Son, Jake Richards Son, Tammily Zest Daughter, Jennifer Huntington Daughter, Maurice Hawkins Son, Kevin Parham Son
Trait TS4 Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac
Trait TS4 Mean Mean
Trait TS4 Lazy Lazy
Trait TS4 Domestic Domestic
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blonde
Eye color TS2 Brown Eyes Brown
Skin color Skin-tan Tan
Body shape Fat Fat
Other Information
Game TS4 Icon The Sims 4
Playability Playable

Overview Edit

Peggy Hawkins is a pre-created, playable Sim who resides in Willow Creek. She is the matriarch of the extensive Hawkins family. The daughter of Riverview natives, Peggy moved to Willow Creek when she heard that her sister Lydia and her family lived there and wanted Peggy to come and stay with them for a period. It was there that Peggy began to establish firm roots in the community. Her two marriages produced six children, three adopted stepchildren, eleven grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. Through her sister, she has a niece, fellow Willow Creek native Alice Spencer-Kim, and a grandniece, Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis. She loves all of her progeny and had a hand in raising them all.

Early Life Edit

Peggy was born September 28th, 1920 to Lazarus and Hattie Drinkard. Her illegitimate half-sister Lydia was born 10 years after her. Growing up, Peggy was a studious and well-mannered little girl with the best attitude and a winning personality. Hattie insisted on entering Peggy in all the best beauty pageants in an effort to showcase her daughter's beauty to the world. Peggy quickly became Little Miss Riverview of 1927, all the way through Miss Riverview 1934. Though she enjoyed getting prizes and winning her mother's approval, the pageants were physically draining on Peggy's part. Her mother dressed her in suggestive outfits for the time period, which included high heels. The constant stomping in high heels (which Peggy was required to do in her tap dance routines) was hard on her feet, and caused her to walk with a permanent slight limp for the rest of her life. After a while, Peggy couldn't take the stress and strain anymore and confronted Hattie, telling her that she was too strict of a pageant mom and she needed to stop. Hattie, in a mess of tears, tried to defend her methods, saying that the pageants would be best for her and she should be "grateful" that Hattie cared enough about her to sign her up for such programs. But with the type of person Hattie is, she was quick to ignore any statement that made her look like less of a mother. The two quarreled, and Peggy vowed never to talk to her mother again.
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Peggy always had a stiff drink after each of her routines.

Career and First Marriage Edit

Peggy left home at the age of 20 after her fight with her mother. The streets were rough in 1940, but she did what she had to do to provide for herself. She began performing comedy routines at the Blue Velvet, a nightclub in Willow Creek, under the stage name Maggie Drinkard. Her style of comedy was raunchy and opinion-filled, which her audience adored. After each of her sets, she would sit and mingle with her audience, drinking and recapping the routine with them. It was through her "Fan Chats" as she called them that she met Trevor Hawkins, a truck driver who happened to be in town the night of one of her shows in 1942. The two really seemed to hit it off, and formed an instant connection. They began dating in 1943, and married in 1950. Daughter Tammily was born shortly after. 

Rather than just settle for one child, Peggy decided to devote herself to raising a family. She left her gig at the Blue Velvet, which ultimately led to the establishment almost shutting down, and had five more children by Trevor; sons Kevin (b.1952), Maurice (b. 1958), daughter Jennifer (b. 1970), and Trevor Jr. (born. 1980). Trevor Jr. was almost stillborn due to Peggy being in such advanced age (she was 59 at the time). With six children to raise, Peggy took up two jobs to provide for her family. By day, she worked countless hours as a secretary at the local library, and at night she worked security at the government building in the middle of town. It was a tiresome process, but she did it to provide for her family. In addition to her own six children, Peggy was responsible for raising her sister Lydia's daughter Alice Spencer-Kim, whom Lydia retained custody of after her divorce from Alice's father Dennis. This led to estrangement between the sisters that lasted up until Lydia's premature death at 50. After Alice married and moved out on her own, Tammily married Oasis Springs native Johnny Zest, who worked at the very nightclub that Peggy had worked at 10 years before Tammily's birth. The couple settled in Oasis Springs and had two children, son Reed and daughter Renee. One by one, Peggy's children branched off and started their own families; Jennifer married J Huntington III and had a daughter Selena, who in turn married Christopher Steel and had a daughter Natalie, Kevin married Atticus Parham and adopted two sons, Simon and Lautner, Maurice married Nina Caliente and has yet to have his own children, and Trevor Jr. married into a family of a higher caliber. He and his husband Malcolm adopted their daughter Brittany before Malcolm's father Geoffrey died of accidental overexertion. Everyone seemed to be doing so well with everything over the course of the next 40 years. Because she was the eldest, Tammily got the most attention. Peggy was heavily involved in the personal lives of the Zest family, and even went as far as to claim Tammily's nieces and nephews by marriage as her own grandchildren. As much as she loved Trevor, she had a rivalry with the Landgraabs since time immemorial. Peggy was a housekeeper when Landgraab matriarch Kitty was living there with her only son and daughter-in-law after the death of her husband, and Chester began to grow quite fond of Peggy, known formally as Margaret. Chester and Peggy began a secret affair, and whenever she didn't do a good job, Chester threatened to tell Queenie that Peggy was coming onto him. After a while, Peggy decided enough was enough. She made it known to the entire Landgraab family of what was going on between her and Chester, which ultimately led to her losing her job. She wasn't upset, however, becaused she knew that there were better things that she was destined to do. 

Matriarch StatusEdit

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