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Pearl Trident
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Logo
Name Pearl Trident
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Teen Teen
Life state Mermaid Mermaid
Trident family
Parents Tristan Trident, Caroline Trident Deceased
Sibling(s) Marina Trident Female, Aqua Trident Female
Romances Steven CastellanPartners
Marital status Single
Trait Vegetarian small Vegetarian
Trait Good Sense of Humor small Good Sense of Humor
Trait Rebellious small Rebellious
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Fav Island Life Island Life
Fav Kelp Kelp
Fav Lilac Lilac
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Playability Playable
World Isla Paradiso
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Pearl Trident is a young mermaid from Isla Paradiso. She is the youngest daughter of Tristan Trident, ruler of the ocean, Pearl's Deep, and the youngest of the three sea princesses. Her oldest sister Marina is next in line to her father's throne.


She is very calm and patient, a trait that she inherited from her father, though now her father is strict and impatient. She also loves sea creatures and adventures. She can be very stubborn and rebellious, as she doesn't like being grounded or not being able to leave the castle grounds.


She is considered as a beautiful teenage mermaid. Her hair is as golden sunshine. Her lips are very red and her eyes are blue as the ocean. Her best feature is her skin. She has a very smooth and fair skin. She can be considered as the fairest mermaid in the ocean. Her skin is as fair as the rarest pearl found deep under the sea, thus gaining her name, 'Pearl'



Pearl was born during the low tide on Summer. Her mother the Queen gave birth to her in the shell palace. She was the youngest daughter of King Tristan, ruler of Pearl's Deep. She was born with eyes as blue as the ocean and skin as fair as the rarest pearl only to be found deep in the ocean, and therefore gained her name, Pearl. Her mother died when she was just six months. Queen Coraline was killed when they were celebrating Pearl's birth. She was hit by a houseboat. Her father was left grief-stricken, changing his personality from kind and patient to a strict figured father. He hated land dwellers from that day on.


Pearl grew up to be a nice and kind mergirl, traits that illustrate her father's former personality. She always felt different from other mergirls at a very young age. She has this talent to talk to sea creatures, especially dolphins. She took Dolphin Language at the merschool. She loves to explore the ocean, and even sometimes went up to the surface. But her father always scolds her for doing so. He worried that humans might see her and she could've been hit by a houseboat, like her mother did. But Pearl didn't listen. Sometimes at night when everyone's asleep, she would sneak out the palace grounds and would go up to the surface to see the beauty of landforms and volcanoes.


As a teenager, she is very rebellious, and would do anything to do what she wants. She still sneaks out every night to explore the ocean. One day she was arguing with her father about land dwellers. While her father thinks land dwellers are dangerous and vicious, she illustrates them as friendly and generous, as she always finds simolean coins in the ocean floor. She thinks land people might throw this coin to the sea to be given to the mermaids. Though unlike she thinks, land sims don't believe in mermaids. They can't even breath underwater. And they only throw coins because they are bored or wishing for a luck. One night on a full moon, she ran away from home. she dries her tail and her tail morphs to legs. She is aware that land dwellers had this tradition to cover their body, so she stole a white shirt and some shorts. She barely walks for the first time, but by time she gets used to it. One day she met a handsome land boy. His name is Steven Castellan. Pearl doesn't want to draw attention from land people, so she uses an alias as Penelope. Steven is very fond of Pearl, and they became besties. One day Steven admits his feelings for Pearl, and Pearl reciprocates it. Steven bought Pearl a purple T-shirt, and she wore it ever since. Her father sent the guards to search for Pearl, but no luck. From now on, Pearl stays on land. She sometimes misses the ocean, but she knows if she ever touch saltwater, storm will rage and the tide will grab her back to the ocean.

Powers and Magical abilitiesEdit

Basic Merpeople abilitiesEdit


She could turn herself to look like a land dweller by drying her tail, which would morph to legs, but when she came in contact with water again, her legs will morph back to her scaly golden tail. Mermaids need moonlight energy to transform for the first time. So if no full moon, no legs. Pearl does this on a full moon after an argument with her father.

Extended BreathholdEdit

She has the ability to hold her breath for almost 12 hours all the time, and each mid-day she would surface at the palace's air room, which is a special room that every merpeople has in their underwater cave house. It looks like an underwater cave with a pool entrance leading to air.


Like every merpeople, Pearl could make her self invisible so she could not be seen by those sneaky divers.

Volume reductionEdit

She could reduce a volume of an object like rocks to dust or a blue whale, or even she could enchant someone's voice by reducing his/her voice chord.


Pearl could control the water with her mind. Though she isn't very good at it.


Pearl could levitate objects with her mind. She could use this ability to defend herself from objects falling above her.


All merperson are born with this ability, though if one trained this power well, he/she could control stronger storm. Pearl isn't very good at this, but she ever use this to hold back the rain while she was on land, so she could spend time with Steven without getting splashed and pop a tail.

Special abilitiesEdit


She has this special ability boil water. It is a special ability that every merpeople who were born during Summer has.[1]


Every merpeople who were born during Summer has this ability. She could start a fire


Every merpeople who were born during Summer has this ability. She could sing a land dweller's clothes and could create electricity.

Other AbilitiesEdit

Dolphin LanguageEdit

Aqua could speak dolphin. She use this ability to talk to Marina's hunting dolphins.

Future visionsEdit

Her father gave her a scallop compact as her Birth Right which can be used to see the future.


Pearl has number of possessions, including her Birth Right

Birth RightEdit

Pearl's Birth Right is a scallop compact mirror. She uses her Birth Right to see the future. It contained her will and once it falls under the possession of another, the person that currently possess her Birth Right has full control over her will, and leaves her powerless.

Dolphin ToysEdit

She uses this toys made out of corals to tame sea creatures, not just dolphins. Marina's hunter dolphins loves to play with this.


  • Pearl is based on multiple figures. Pearl's personality and story is based on Ariel from Disney's "The Little Mermaid". Her bond with Marina, her oldest sister, is based on Anna and Elsa, from Disney's "Frozen". Her appearance is based upon Annabeth Chase from "Percy Jackson" series novels.
  • While she inherited most of her features from her mother, she inherited most of her personality from her father. She looks nothing like her father.
  • Pearl is a complete opposite from her eldest sister Marina. Pearl is warm and cheerful, whilst Marina is cold and fearful. Pearl was born during the low tide on Summer, where the water is warm, while Marina was born during the coldest winter, where the water was freezing. Pearl has heat and fire based powers over water, while Marina has cold and ice based powers over water.
  • Pearl is a vegetarian (due to her loving sea creatures) and hates eating fish and squid meat. She loves kelps from Mermaid Grotto, which she described as "crunchy"
  • Pearl's alias while she is on land is Penelope Dawson
  • Pearl has a pet seal named Shelby


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