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Pélagie Horsepurple
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Pélagie once was a shy girl at school, but she then became totally mad because of her beloved brother's death. This weakness begins to be exploited by her daughter Pâquerette, who has the darkest schemes in her mind...
Name Pélagie Horsepurple
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Elder Elder
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Dortheimer Family
Parents Gisèle Dortheimer, Yanis Lemarin Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Lucas Dortheimer MaleDeceased
Romances Roger Horsepurple MarriedDeceased
Marital status Widowed
Child(ren) Pâquerette Dortheimer Daughter, Perlanne Dortheimer Daughter
Trait Insane small Insane
Trait Unlucky small Unlucky
Trait Disciplined small Disciplined
Trait Eccentric small Eccentric
Trait Easily Impressed small Easily Impressed
Zodiac sign LibraLN Libra
Lifetime wish
LTW Paranormal Profiteer Paranormal Profiteer
Fav Egyptian Egyptian
Fav Pancakes Pancakes
Fav Blue Blue
Hair color Eye-custom Black and marine Blue
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Old Age
World Riverview
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Pélagie Horsepurple, née Dortheimer, is a member of the 12th generation of the large and dreaded Dortheimer family.

Pélagie Dortheimer was born to Gisèle Dortheimer and her late husband, who died before Pélagie was born. At the time of her birth, her mother was married to the rich doctor Jebidiah Wilson, who in fact was the target of Gisèle's vengeance (he once had an affair with her first husband). She also had a teen brother, Lucas, who was the once who took care of her the most.

One night, Gisèle starved Jebidiah, but the house was inadvertently set ablaze by Lucas while he was cooking. Lucas got Pélagie to safety but Gisèle couldn't escape from the flames and was burned to death. Lucas then had to raise his sister alone.

He bought a large house and hired a babysitter, Justin Ortez to take care of Pélagie while he was at school, and another one, François Berg, when Justin died. François and Lucas grew into young Adults and the two began dating, and finally married. They continued raising Pélagie as their own child.

When she was a teen, she was very shy and had almost no friends at school. She moreover was mocked by everyone since she was really unlucky and many bad and ridiculous things happened to her. François and Lucas were concerned about this, and the met an old policeman, Donald Horsepurple. He had a teenage son, named Roger, and they thought he would be a perfect boyfriend for Pélagie. They introduced the two to each other, and this was a huge success: Pélagie and Roger went steady together. Pélagie then gained some self-confidence.

Unfortunately, when she and Roger planned their wedding, Lucas and François died struck by a meteor. This caused Pélagie to madden a bit, acting strangely...

After the wedding, she took her husband's name, a first in the family history. She got a job in the most senseless career track ever: she became a ghosthunter. She tracked down Ghosts in the entire town and found tons of spirits. She preferred befriending the ghosts she encountered instead of sucking them up with the Banshee Banisher, and collected lesser spirits in her cellar. Every 8 similar lesser spirits she got, she transfigurated them into ghosts, changed their names to the most punny ones, like "Jeanne Aymar de Cela" ("J'en ai marre de cela", "I'm fed up with this" in English) or "Rose de Monparterre" ("Rose de mon Parterre", translated in to "Rose of my parterre"), and finally scattered the headstones into the town buildings, like the fire station or the laundromat, showing her childish and insane personality.

Pélagie also had a huge and unreasonable fear of banks, and she decided to secretely hide most of her fortune at her own home. She built an underground passageway beneath the house, and hid her money in treasure chests in the deepest room. She also loved her brother and brother-in-law very much, so she built an entirely golden room next to the treasure room and placed their urns into it to honor them. This underground section was very dangerous: She built a beautiful octogonal room with eight doors: the first one is the room's entrance. The other seven are colored with one the rainbow color each. Six of these hide either a deadly trap or a dead end: behind the red door were several fire traps, the orange one was hiding a huge pile of stones that hid a dead-end, the yellow and green ones were closing a room filled with electrical or dart traps, the indigo one hid a sarcophagus and a dangerous mummy insinde of it, and the Purple one, the deadliest one, locked itself at the very moment someone passed through it, the only thing to do was hoping someone would cry upon Gisèle's headstone, which is the only way to open it. Only one, the blue one, opened on the rest of the maze.

Pélagie and Roger had two daughters. The older one, Pâquerette, was very bright, but very egoistical and mean. She was incredibly jealous of her younger sister Perlanne, who was the favorite daughter. The two girls took back the old Dortheimer name.

She realized her lifetime wish of reaching the top of her career, but she then found out that her husband was cheating on her with another crazy woman, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes. However, unlike her quick-tempered mother, she forgave him and didn't kill or divorce him. This however began to strain their love for each other.

After all this, Pélagie needed some time off and decided to visit Egypt with her adventurous younger daughter Perlanne. While she was resting in their luxurious villa (which once belonged to a distant family member and great criminal Rénata Dorheimer, and which was sold to them by the latter's descendant Flora), Perlanne visited some tombs including Abu Simbel. And she there made a strange discovery: she heard the legend of the Eyes of Horus that would have been hidden there for ages but she was totally unable to find them despite having explored every single part of the temple. Perlanne also felt a strange, unnatural presence in that tomb, but could not find anybody. And everybody in town claimed that the temple has been unexplored for ages. Pélagie and Perlanne went back to Riverview without the precious artefacts.

When they came back home, Roger had vanished into thin air, and the locals were baffled by this sudden disappearance. They thought he fled Riverview with his mistress Meadow to an unknown destination. Pélagie was incredibly distraught over this and became bitter and even more insane than before, never leaving her house and quitting her yet successful job. Her daughters tried to comfort her by buying her some adorable kittens, that would later become her only friends.

She grew older and spend all her time stroking her cats, speaking to herself and to her brother's urn in the basement. However, one day, she noticed a strange object dangling from a wall, hidden behind the plants that grew anarchically in the octogonal rainbow room from the said basement. While approaching it, she suddenly found herself in an unknown underground passageway in front of an almost identical contraption. She walked through the passageway and found herself in a strange roome with three unnamed shrines in it. She turned around and saw her eldest daughter standing behind her.

Pâquerette then revealed her true colors, as a greedy and completely insane young woman. She has been obsessed with the gigantic family inheritance and no one could interfere with her getting the gold mine. When she knew that Roger and Meadow were in love, she immediately realized that if he died after Pélagie, he would inherit all the money since Pélagie refused to divorce, and after that, he would marry Meadow, granting HER the money that would be then lost forever. So she killed them while Pélagie and Perlanne were in Egypt in order to pervent such a disaventageous scenario. She had previously discovered the underground section of the house and made it bigger, and made the newly built passageway unaccessible to everyone thanks to the Eyes of Horus. She hid the shrines in that hidden part in order to lure everyone into thinking that Roger and Meadow fled.

She then explained how she got the Eyes of Horus. The idea was very clever: she had to get those eyes but she also had to leave no track of a single visit in the temple of Abu Simbel. Prior to the built of the hidden passage, she transfigurated a ghost, named Wandrina Rubystone, with the spirits her mother captured when she was a famous ghost hunter, and ordered her to go to Al Simhara and to get those eyes in the tomb, and since Wandrina was a spirit, she could pass through walls and get the Eyes of Horus without leaving a since trace of her passage. She also was the strange presence Perlanne felt while exploring the tomb. And when her job was over, Pâquerette send Wandrina straigh back to Underworld and put her shrine next to Meadow's and Roger's.

Pélagie was astonished and desperate, while Pâquerette continued her revelations. She was also setting a trap for her adventurous sister: she knew that if Perlanne learnt about the underground maze, she couldn't resist to the desire of exploring it, and then would fall into the deadly trap, and then Pâquerette would be the sole heir of the Dortheimer's fortune.

Pélagie was horrified and ran to the Eye of Horus to escape from the basement and to warn her beloved daughter, but she would never reach it, instead she reached the end of her lifespan at this very moment, and the Grim Reaper came to bring her to Underworld. The last words she heard from her demented daughter were "Don't worry, Ma, even if I'll first have to share the money with Perla', it won't last long until it becomes ALL MINE!"


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