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Pâquerette Dortheimer
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Pâquerette has always been a greedy young miser, but she really has become a threat to her family when she learnt how much her mother has...
Name Pâquerette Dortheimer
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Ghost icon Ghost
Dortheimer Family
Parents Pélagie Horsepurple, Roger Horsepurple Both Deceased
Sibling(s) Perlanne Dortheimer
Marital status Single
Child(ren) None
Pets Pénélope
Trait Equestrian small Equestrian
Trait Frugal small Frugal
Trait Insane small Insane
Trait Evil small Evil
Trait Mean Spirited small Mean Spirited
Zodiac sign AriesLN Aries
Lifetime wish
LTW Gold Digger Gold Digger
Fav Classical Classical
Fav Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie
Fav Green Green
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Skin color Light skin-TS3 Light
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Deceased
Cause of death Starvation
World Riverview
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Pâquerette Dortheimer is a member of the 13th generation of the wealthy and dreaded Dortheimer legacy. She is so far along with Marigold Dortheimer the evillest, nastiest member of the family.

Pâquerette was born to Pélagie and Roger Horsepurple in the quiet town of Riverview. Her mother was one of the Dortheimer heirs being excessively rich, and she was also a famous ghost hunter. She quickly got a younger sister, Perlanne.

She developped a massive greed while she was still very young, and she had no friends at school. She only cared about herself and her money. She was incredibly jealous of her sister, who was the favorite, nice daughter, but no one ever noticed this hatred, not even Perlanne. She also was very curious and discovered the secret passageway her mother build beneath the house, which contained among others the shrine of Pélagie's brother Lucas.

Her stinginess and her jealousy drove her to madness when she became a teen, and her only goal in life was to see her sister pushing up daisies and to fully inherit her mother's wealth. Then her entire life revolved around this objective. However, many contigencies tended to thwart this plan. And Pâquerette thoroughtly strived to eliminate these embarrassing troubles.

The first one appeared a little time prior her birthday. Her father was caught cheating on Pélagie with a local, Meadow Carpenter-Rhodes, but her mother refused to divorce him. Pâquerette feared that if Pélagie died before Roger, he would inherit the gold mine, since the two were married, and then everything would belong to Meadow after his death if they got married. And Pâquerette wouldn't have inherited a single penny. She therefore had to avoid this scenario, and decided to simply kill off her father and his mistress. But she had to be careful.

The opportunity to achieve this goal came when her mother and sister, who was really adventurous, went to Egypt together. She served the two lovebirds some waffles filled with digitalis, killing them. She had to get rid of the corpses, but what if someone found it? She then remembered the underground maze beneath the house. She built some new and hidden passages and had to make them inaccessible. She had truly no idea of how, but learnt about the legends of the Eyes of Horus thanks to a postcard received from her sister, telling that she would search those in the Abu Simbel tomb. Pâquerette had to find them before her sister, she had not to be seen in Al Simhara, and moreover, she had to leave no trace of a recent exploration. So she transfigurated a ghost, Wandrina Rubystone, with the lesser spirits her mother caught as a ghosthunter, and send her immedialtely to Al Simhara. Wandrina arrived barely before Perlanne and had just enough time to escape with the precious artefacts not to be seen by Perlanne. And when she came back, Pâquerette send her straight back in her shrine, and pervented her and her victim's ghosts to ever show up. She hid the three urns into the deepest segment of the maze, placed one Eye of Horus here and go back to the old part of the underground complex. She then condemned the passage behind a very thick wall and placed the other eye of Horus behind large and dense plants in the main, octogonal room from the hidden basement, called the Rainbow Room (described on Pélagie's page).

The locals noticed the disappearance of Roger and Meadow, but they thought they fled Riverview to be happy together somewhere else. And no one ever doubted that the two were dead and buried beneath the Dortheimer's mansion. And when Perlanne and Pélagie came back, Pâquerette feigned distraughtness and tried hypocritically to comfort the two; even buying Pélagie some adorable kittens. Her mother was so saddened by the thought her husband fled that she shut herself into her home and spend her entire time speaking crazily to herself, stroking her cats and visiting her brother's urn in the basement.

Pâquerette then began to set up a deadly trap to her sister in the maze, since she knew that if Perlanne learnt about the maze, she would automatically explore it as an experienced adventurer. And then, Pâquerette would be the sole heir of her mother's money. However, the setting was incredibly long, and moreover, while approaching death, Pélagie, who was visiting her brother, remarked the Eye of Horus behind the plants, and was teleported to the secret area. Hopefully for Pâquerette, she witnessed the event and followed her to keep her silent about her discoveries. She explained everything to Pélagie when the latter saw the urns, and while she was trying to escape, Pélagie suddenly reached the end of her life when the Grim Reaper came to take her. Pâquerette however forgot to "lock" her shrine like she did for Meadow, Wandrina and Roger, and moved it to the main part of the house. She was buried in the family cemetery next to her mother.

That's how Pâquerette and Perlanne both inherited one half of the family fortune each. Pâquerette bought a black horse, Pénélope, and build a large barn to take care of her. However, this was proven to be a mistake, as the beautiful and talented horse attracted a successful jockey named Lucien de la Grange, who fell in love with Perlanne, and the two married. Seeing this as another threat to her money, as Lucien could inherit Perlanne's money instead of her (besides Pâquerette, Perlanne had no immediate family). And she found herself in the obligation of icing her new brother-in-law. She succeeded, even if her sister had enough time to get pregnant with her daughter, Pervenche.

There she decided that time had come to finally get rid of her sister since the latter's daughter was too young to inherit anything and showed her the passageway to the maze, claiming she just discovered it. She followed her, eagerly waiting for Perlanne falling into her elecrical trap. However, when they came upon the Rainbow room, the ghost of their mother showed up and warned Perlanne about the creepy fate that awaited her. Seeing her plan definitely wrecked, Pâquerette lost the last, tiny part of her sanity and pounced on Perlanne. A huge brawl ensued, during which Pâquerette was projected through the purple door, which locked itself and hid a dead end. Pélagie told her daughter the only way to open it is to cry upon Pélagie's mother Gisèle's grave. However, Perlanne felt that her wretched sister did not deserve it and Pâquerette therefore starved to death in her purple jail.

Perlanne didn't even bother to take her urn to the cemetery, and her ghost was thus trapped in the room until a descendant from Pervenche came upon it and found back her grave...

Pâquerette's Deathly ReturnEdit

Many many years passed after those tragic events. However, Pervenche's great-great granddaughter Marlena was a very curious woman and discovered the underground maze that had been sealed for a century, and went through the rotten old traps, the dead plants, decrepit walls and broken decorations. She even found the dusty remains of the Eye of Horus. And amidst these creepy scenery, she found the exceptionally well preserved Rainbow Room. Marlena wondered HOW this room could be so neat and beautiful while every other parts of the underground basement was in ruins. It seemed that the last person that came in this room was there less than 1 day ago! She also noticed the locked purple room, but after all this time, the lock was too old and rusted despite being in the Rainbow Room (as if someone tried to force it) and broke as soon as Marlena touched it. She entered the room and found Pâquerette's gravestone. She then was immediately greeted by Pâquerette's vengeful, wrathful soul, who immediately killed her and took her body, then locking Marlena's spirit in the purple room. She then finally got out after all these years of consignement, firmly decided to get the Dortheimer's inheritance.

When she saw how the house had become after this century, she immediately realized that the family's wealth had increased a lot. The mansion gained two floors and many luxury items, thanks to the very hard work from Pervenche and her offsprings. One of her granddaughters, Pulchérie, even became the leader of the free world. As soon as she discovered how much the family fortune increased over the years, she elaborated an ingenious plan in order to own it.

When Marlena's mother Priscilla saw Pâquerette in her daughter's body, she immediately realized that there was something wrong with her daughter, but the idea of Marlena's body being possessed by the spirit of her evil great-great-great aunt didn't even come in her mind. Marlena effectively was a snobbish but ultimately nice and flirty woman, while Pâquerette was cunning, evil and greedy.

Pâquerette began to search how many siblings Marlena had, and found out that Marlena's sisters Sirena and Sibel went on a vacation in Sunlit Tides together. And her cousin Pétronille passed away electrocuted some time ago. And since Pâquerette did not accept to share the money a century ago, she surely wouldn't accept to do so this time. And once does not count, she decided to send her two great-great-great-nieces straight into their coffins. She joined them at the beach, surprising them while they were walking up a cliff, and threw them crashing onto the rocks below. No one even suspected that Sirena and Sibel were pushed, as Pâquerette/Marlena convinced she arrived at the island after their death, and found them down the cliff. Effectively, Pâquerette, even if she was in a living body, kept some abilities she had when she was a lonesome ghost in her purple prison, including hypnosis. She then got back to Riverview and thought about a way of icing Priscilla in order to finally get the money she wanted to possess for the past century.

Back home, she planned her great-great-nieces demise, but had to be cautious, as she still had lost some abilities she had as a ghost (invisibility, intangibility, and the other qualities that would be very useful to anyone who want to commit a crime), and hypnosis was not enough to keep justice at bay. However, it was enough to send someone after her target. She therefore send an average Sim, Marcelo Bagley, a rogue swindler from town, after Priscilla in order to kill her. And when the latter was dead and Marcelo was in jail, Pâquerette was eager to read her victim's will, and had once again a terrible surprise.

When Pâquerette had searched for prospective relatives to Marlena, she couldn't find anyone besides Sirena, Sibel and Pétronille. However, she ignored that Pétronille in fact had a denied sister, named Pascaline, who had been denied because of her life choices: she had become a ghosthunter and her aristocratic, uptight family could not accept it (which was kind of hypocritical, as their ancestor Pélagie gained fame and mountains of cash thanks to this job) and she went away. After that, the family decided to erase Pascaline from their genealogy.

However, Priscilla noticed that something was really wrong with the one she thought was her daughter and decided to secretely remove Marlena from her will, and bequeathed all her money to the only other person from her immediate family, even if she was denied.

When she saw her money slip once again through her evil claws, Pâquerette became ireful as it had ever been even killing the notary with her bare hand in an incredible fit of rage and went in search of the last person who stand between her and the fortune.

Pascaline arrived to the manor to take possession of her inheritance, and there met her old cousin she had not seen for years. She noticed that Marlena/Pâquerette was really mad at her, but wasn't surprised at all. Time passed as Pâquerette spend her time brooding revenge on Irmgarde, and she finally decided to use hypnosis like she did for Priscilla. However, she sadistically wanted to make Pascaline suffer and decided to mesmerize her directly but to leave her consciousness. However, she was so mad that she forgot that Pascaline was a ghosthunter.

She thus hypnotized Pascaline one night and tried to make her jump from the attic window, but just before the jump, Pascaline turned around and smashed Pâquerette in the face. And then she revealed that her career as a ghost Hunter made her immune to ghostly mesmerizing, and that she realized what was going on when she tried to hypnotize her. She then asked her bogus cousin who she really was. Pâquerette revealed her true, ghastly nature and rammed on Pascaline in order to kill her the same way she did with Marlena. However, Pascaline was able to thwart her attack, and send Pâquerette straight back to her urn. She followed the ghost as it was being pulled to its urn in the purple room. She saw the gravestone of her real cousin here, freeing her spirit. And when Pâquerette was finally back in the urn she wasn't ever supposed to leave, Pascaline threw it against the wall, shattering it and vanquishing the evil Pâquerette Dortheimer once and for all.
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