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Oreo Newbie
Oreo Newbie photo.png
Gender Female Female
Age Adult Adult
Species Katze.png Cat
Breed Tuxedo Cat
Oreo, despite her name, doesn't actually like to eat sweet things. She likes to pretend she's a master butterfly hunter.
Family/Families Newbie family
Owners Dan Newbie, Betty Newbie, Amar Newbie, Andrew Newbie, Chase Newbie, Julius Newbie, Oscar Newbie, Roland Newbie, Alec Bigfoot, Justin Newbie, Evan Newbie
Progenitors Unknown
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon.png The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Fanon:SimVille

Oreo Newbie is a cat in SimVille who lives with the Newbie family.

Oreo is described as a friendly cat who gets along with her owners more or less, but occasionally views herself as a member of royalty rather than a furry companion. While she is conscious about public appearance and insists on using expensive items, she isn't wholly picky on everything.

Oreo is currently at the top of the Showbiz career, and makes more money per hour than many other Sims in the hood make per day. She has learned all of the pet commands and has mastered all of the positive pet behaviours.

Oreo is the only non-stray cat in SimVille and the only pet in the neighbourhood that has a job.



Genius High Doofus
Hyper Mid Lazy
Independent Low Friendly
Aggressive Mid Cowardly
Pigpen Mid Finicky


Image Interest Level
Pets interest.png Pets 4
Scary Things interest.png Scary Things 1
Food pet interest.png Food 8
Outside interest.png Outside 6
Sleeping interest.png Sleeping 7
Playtime interest.png Playtime 1
Weather interest.png Weather 1
Toys interest.png Toys 2
Animals interest.png Animals 5